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Modern witches who keep their potions in empty water bottles and tupperware with their purpose scrawled on them in sharpie. Witches who buy cute little bottles from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s so that their potion cabinet will look cute. Witches who’s spell books are messy, thoughtless, scribbled in notebooks with like five different pen colors on one page bc they kept losing their pen, ironically while writing a pen finding spell. Witches who brew potions in hello kitty tea kettles and pikachu pots. Witches who have spells in the notes folder of their phone, and who enchant their phones and wallets so they won’t lose them. Just give me all the cute, modern witches. Give me all of them.


(170115 SEVENTEEN Fansign Fan Account) 
A fan asked some of the Seventeen members to write a heart-warming message to Vernon who just turned 20 years old (Korean age)~


Joshua: Vernon I love you my brother from another mother ♡
Hoshi: Just follow hyung~
Jun: Hansol-ah, do your best in your 20s.
Dino: Congrats.
The8: Lets play together~
Wonwoo: History book (T/N: according to the fan, wonwoo really wants him to read a history book… but hansol only reads books that are in english..

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I hate lighting, what even is lighting; I DON’T KNOW-

How do you even draw wheatley fu-