this is so crappy ugh


Some more of the no.6xyoi au! 

Admittedly inukashi could never reach the level of pure teenage rage Plisetsky possesses, but some self driven motives might be a bit relatable lol. Also I have no freaking explanation for shion’s transformation

EDIT: edited inukashi’s skin tone since I’d got it totally wrong argh. 

this is just upsetting

so apparently my art has been reposted?? and i’m telling you it’s not a good feeling… 

why.. why would people even do this?? can’t they empathize with the artists and think how it must feel to steal all their hard work away and just.. do this??

well apparently not. where do they even find this if not from the source???

and don’t even give me the excuse that artists should feel “flattered” because no. this is NOT a form of flattery. reblogging from the source and adding cute tags that is a form of flattery. this just makes me feel upset and there is that feeling of regret in sharing my work.

well i guess it’s time to put in that huge watermark then because i really don’t want this to happen again.


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun