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…you guys dont know what i went through just to post this. my computer died 5 times, my files got lost even though i saved them, i had to buy a new computer(at least i got one for cheap) bc this one is so crappy omfg but it ended up turning on again anyways so at least i didnt lose all these drawings-but i had to buy a new one for school anyways..m this computer hasnt been charging(i charged it for 3 days not using it andi turned it on and it was only at 3 percent????!) like this computer though… its so problematic….this has been the worst so far but it always blacks out or wont charge

-anyways, for outerds’ request about the hesitant kiss, I based it off the viral “First Kiss” video on youtube that has awkward strangers kiss


oh sehun for ch-e-nyeol

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Lucas, I love your new scarf! It looks great on you!

Lucas: It’s really fluffy and warm!

Claus: …(Resist the urge. RESIST THE URGE, CLAUS.)


Let’s listen to Boyfriend! (insp.)


teaser # 9 | hunhan

My universe is you,  my entire world is you. All I wanted was to keep you by my side and spend the rest of my life knowing that you’ll be here…with me. But the world was cruel. Now I’m gonna go and take you back. No matter what happens  — I’m going to take you back.

Our Beating Hearts
Ollie Martin
Our Beating Hearts

Is this all a dream, or have I woken up?

I swear I’ve seen him, that’d be just my luck.
Am I letting him in, have I dug myself in much too deep?

I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours next
We’ve got our secrets, and I try to respect
your will to keep silent and make me feel so goddamn stressed

We sleep in these dorm rooms and wonder all day
Adding ‘man’ to a phrase makes it negative gay
But that means jacksquat since I crave his embrace
Oh god, I just realized where I have seen his face.

I’m always alone, I’m used to it all
So when I met him, I was shocked by the fall
And how quickly I managed to realize that I liked his ass

He has some friends, he hardly even knows
It was them who had trapped us under the mistletoe
We’ve stood in the cold air, our fires so different and low.

We sleep in these dorm rooms and wonder all day
At night I’m with him, to keep his nightmares at bay
And I know I can’t tell him since he’s my best friend
about how I fell for him, I can’t let this end…. I can’t let this end.

I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours first
We’ve got our secrets, and I know it must hurt
But seeing you this way, so scared and alone, I’ll make it all stop.

We sleep in these dorm rooms and wonder all day
We hope that the other keeps their promise to stay
Always with each other sounds pretty damn rad
Forever together doesn’t sound half bad.

My heart beats like a drum x4

Original song titled “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against. Art used as album art belongs to johannathemad. Fanfic series belongs to ownly-lownly. Rewrite of the lyrics belongs to me.

I’m kinda sick and using a lower voice was a bit hard, so I sound really crappy omfg I’m sorry.