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How to give a vampire a headache

Some context. Classic WoD campaign, Chicago. A group of hapless neonates, freshly arrived to the city and accused of pretty much treason, we’ve been given 48 hours to investigate and try to save our asses. I play a Tremere investigator and we also have a Gangrel forest ranger, a Brujah gangbanger, a Toreador tattoo artist and a Giovanni emo teenaged hacker.

We’ve all been rolling pretty spectacularly bad all night and chuckles at our fails abound. Earlier I had made a low roll on an Intelligence + Occult roll to identify whether a ghoul was under another vampire’s thrall (despite my high stats on both the dice just hated me). Later on, our Giovanni has another look at the ghoul and rolls high in the same. The following occurs.

ST: You’ve rolled high enough, [Giovanni] and you identify something in her behavior as suspicious that reminds you of what you’ve read about the Dominate discipline.

[Giovanni]: I’m pretty sure she’s dominated.

ST: [turns to me] [Tremere], you rolled real bad earlier so you’re still convinced that she’s not and that [Giovanni] is wrong.

[Giovanni]: Here, I’ll explain it to you in short words.

(They both happen to have the highest Intelligence stats in the coterie)

Me: I listen to his arguments and explanations. I elect to ignore the fact that he’s patronizing me.

OOC Me: [Tremere] is just 100% done with these dice rolls so he’s like, whatever, maybe he’s right.

ST: [Giovanni] Roll me a Manipulation + Expression. Difficulty [Tremere]’s Willpower. [he succeeds] Excellent, [Tremere] what [Giovanni] tells you shakes something loose in that ginger head of yours and you recall a detail you recently read in the many, many books your Sire made you read through as part of your training. [gets technical about how Dominate 3 can be undone by someone of appropriate power and experience, things my character really ought to know]

OOC Me: [I am so done with my shitty rolls] [Tremere] makes a face as realization sets in and it’s so humiliating he thumps his head against the nearest wall. [Jokingly] Do I roll for head-desking?

ST: …Do it.

Party: [sniggering]

OOC Me: Well shit. [rolls… and botches so spectacularly I am speechless]

[Gangrel]: All those 1s…

ST: Well, somehow your irritation makes you overdo it and instead of a simple boop you straight up head-butt the wall. Roll to soak the damage.

OOC Me: OH MY GOD. [I roll my crappy soak… and botch spectacularly again] NO!

ST: Congratulations, your Tremere takes 2 bashing damage from the wall. You have a sizeable bump on your head and a headache.

OOC Me: …….I need a mortal to take some aspirin so I can bite them.

Party: [just dying]

“I said I wouldn’t cry.”

WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS IS but it’s mostly inspired by this by @kcgane thanks dude you’re an inspiration :’)

where the supervillain finds out the hero’s secret identity but upon further investigation discovers that the hero needs a friend. like wow, like this hero has a pretty crappy life. and is super naive to the horrors of the general public. so the villain actually has a crisis of villainy. and decides to befriend the hero’s alterego because that hero needs a friend

“so you’ve been really chummy with that barista. are you planning a heist?”

“no, they’re just really nice. i’m allowed to be nice to people”

“you’re never nice. and i’ve known you since we met in juvie.”

“shut up. don’t ruin this for me”

“oh my god, you like them!”


“did you just let us get caught?”

“hey, they legitimately stopped us”

“oh my god, are you proud that that supernerd foiled us?”

“hey, they’re not a nerd!”

“i am never teaming up with you again. just so you know”

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Hey, I'm so sorry if this has already been done but can you guys put up descriptions and meanings for each characters tattoos? They all look really great, I'm especially in love with Yahaba's. Thank you❤️❤️

Akaashi’s tattoos: 

Akaashi’s tattoo basically describes his love for theatrics and dance.


Yahaba’s mother was a social activist and trees mean a lot to him.


Kuroo’s two favorite things in one: Cats and music. The tattoo is a cat combined with a treble clef.

Daichi and Suga:

Both of them have matching infinite symbols tattooed onto their wrists. Daichi on his left and Suga on his right.


A splatter of stars across the left side of his neck. (Rihanna’s tattoo just seemed really cool to me lmao)

Do you ever think there was a time when Korren of the Air Ashari, Vox Machina’s Only Living Capable Father, looked at Vax and went.  “Well shit, my daughter’s boyfriend has a crappy dad.  He is my son now.”  And looked at Vex.  “I can hardly adopt one without the other.”  And then at Percy, and “This one has a dead dad.  He is my second son.”  And then at Pike and Grog, “Oh my god, why do none of these children have qualified parents!  They are all mine now!”

BTS React to learning S/O had an abusive mom

@datbossbloggergrl : Bts reaction to you having a abusive mom? Thank you💜

I changed it slightly, where S/O is in a good position in life (got away from abusive mom). This way I don’t have to write about anyone going through current abuse, it will be more like a ‘yeah I had a shitty mom, but I took care of myself and found a better life.’ sort of deal. 

I hope you still like it, even though it’s a little different. 

Note: Deals with past abuse so please be aware of this. If this is triggering or uncomfortable for you please skip reading this! 

If you think this needs a ‘read more’ just let me know! I didn’t get explicit with details so I think it might be okay. If it bothers anyone though tell me and I’ll fix it. 


“Hey jagiya, the strangest thing happened today.”

“I got a call from someone claiming to be your mother, she wants to come for a visit.”

You stop dead in your tracks. “Seokjin. Did you tell her our address?”

He notices how weird you’re acting about it, and give you a funny look. 

“Noooo, but I suggested we get lunch sometime, at that cute little cafe we like. Was that not ok?”

“It’s ok, I haven’t told you… I don’t have the best relationship with my mother. Short story is she wasn’t very nice to me growing up.”

“I don’t have anything to do with her anymore. It’s just easier that way.”

“I didn’t know, I’ll block her number, don’t worry.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t have the kind of mother you should have had.”

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“We’ve been dating a while now, how come I haven’t met your mom?”

“You’ve met my parents 50x over by now.”

“Well, I don’t see/speak to my mom anymore. She worked all of the time and was never home. I didn’t really know her all that well, just that I obviously wasn’t very important to her.”

He would feel bad about bringing it up, apologizing. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. I knew you had a good reason.”

“I’m glad you got away from that environment.”

“If I ever make you feel neglected, just tell me straight up. I would never do it intentionally, but I know I get lost in my ideas sometimes.”

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He notices it one day while you’re both watching a movie, you flinching when the mother slaps the child for misbehaving. 

“Babe, everything okay?”

“Yeah… just brings up bad memories.”

“Bad memories? What do you mean?”

“My mom used to hit me a lot when I was a child. It’s not a big deal, I grew up and moved away from her. I’m okay, don’t worry.”

“Are you serious? Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”

He would scoot closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and kissing the side of your head. 

“Lets turn this off and watch something else, this is a stupid movie anyway.”

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When he finds out what a crappy childhood you have, he would do his best to comfort you. 

“Well, despite them you turned out to be amazing. That’s all thanks to you, no one else.”

“You decided you weren’t going to be like her. You’re already 1000x a better person.”

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J Hope:

When you finally tell him what you went through as a child, he would get teary eyed. 

“I can’t believe that there are such cruel people in this world.”

“It’s not hard to be kind.”

He would wrap himself around you, nuzzling into your cheek with his nose. 

“Don’t even think about her anymore. She doesn’t even deserve to occupy one second of your thoughts.”

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He knows you struggle with it, always wondering why your mom treated you that way, or wondering if you did something to cause her to be so mean. 

“Some people are just evil. There doesn’t have to be a reason.”

“It’s on her for treating her child like that. She wasn’t a mom, not really. Mom’s don’t abuse their children.”

“I’m sorry you grew up dealing with that. But you know my mom adores you.”

He would nudge your shoulder with his, smiling. “I love you so much, I’ll even share her with you. You can even call her eomma.”

“Joonie, she’ll look at me like I’m crazy.”

“No she won’t. She loves you, she already calls you her future daughter-in-law to her friends.”

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“It’s hard for me to understand people like that.”

“Even during tough times, my family has always treated me well. How can you mistreat your own flesh and blood?”

He would hold your hand, squeezing it in reassurance. 

‘The good thing is that’s in the past, and you don’t ever have to see her again.”

“I’m going to treat you so well, you’ll burst from having such a happy life, just watch.”

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Series: Soulmate au bts and svt
Member: Suga (bts)
Genre: fluff with a touch of not fluff but not quite angst
Prompt:  You can feel the other’s emotions to a certain extent, but only when they’re feeling it at an extreme or intense level
A/N: this one feels a bit rushed hsdfhe sorry,, im trying to make these aus as equal in length to each other as possible so no one feels like their bias is getting less than someone else’s
Find the tag for this series here: x

  • Okay so like you hadn’t felt much from your soulmate over the years
  • Like of course you’d felt happiness sometimes and sometimes sadness when he hit the extremes but overall it hadn’t been much of big deal
  • You figured it was mostly you giving him emotions because ever since you turned like nine or so you got something from him extremely rarely?? It was a bit odd to be completely honest,,
  • Until you woke up one morning and you had this little pit of longing in your chest 
  • And like??? It didn’t belong to you and you quickly realized it must belong to your soulmate and you were like oh boy,,,
  • You figured it was just a bad day but at the same time something about it didn’t seem like a “bad day” 
  • You did your best to ignore it, hoping it would be gone by the next day
  • But of course it wasn’t, and it didn’t leave the day after that either
  • Weeks started to pass by and other emotions were tagging along with this loneliness, and it didn’t affect you much as it was him, but the feelings were still there
  • There was the anxiety that would keep you on edge, not enough to make you have a panic attack, but just enough to make you jump slightly when someone said your name 
  • Plus the sadness that would make the tears spring into your eyes spontaneously, which would send your concern levels skyrocketing up every single time
  • Not to mention you got a ton of weird and worried looks from your friends whenever you would randomly look like you were about to burst into tears 
  • There was also this?? frustration??? the was feeling so strongly that it made your arms itch and you damn near bit people’s heads off when they talked to you too much 
  • And after a month passed, you were pretty damn worried about your soulmate
  • You’d never met him but you knew he was important to you regardless of this, and your heart ached for him cause clearly he was going through some shit,,
  • You started keeping a log of what you felt from him, cause some days were better than others, and you stayed up late to write in it and watch the stars and just silently wish for things to get better for him 
  • You wrote him little notes in this log, full of all the questions you wish you could ask him and little notes of encouragement 
  • You reminded him that you cared about him and you hoped this depressive period in his life would end and that his life would become easier
  • You scribbled down how much you wanted to be by his side, holding his hand and supporting him so things wouldn’t be so hard on him, because it really did feel like he was all alone in this 
  • As the months went on, you started doing things that were fun and exciting to try and make him feel your own happiness, hoping it would ease him somewhat 
  • You went to amusement parks, took your friends on overnight trips, watched comedy movies, spent time doing things that always made you happy specifically 
  • And sometimes it worked!!! You would feel the burden on his chest lighten a bit because of you,,
  • But alas the life of a student demands that you study and focus on getting into college 
  • Also a student’s wallet doesn’t exactly scream big money lmao rip 
  • Sadly, the months blurred into years, and you adjusted to having a little stone of sadness in your chest caused by him 
  • You still tried to help when you could of course,, and you wrote in your log daily,,, but studying and writing entrance exams to colleges and working at part time jobs and internships were also calling for you 
  • So a lot of the time the best you could do was stay optimistic and hope your connection managed to communicate that you cared about him 
  • The day things began to change was full of rain and gloomy skies
  • Despite the grayness to the world, you woke up with a certain lightness in your chest that you hadn’t felt in a long time
  • He had good days, but not one in a long time, so you silently hoped that this one would be good for him 
  • You would’ve dwelled on it longer if it weren’t for studies and several part time jobs calling for you that day
  • So you were heading about your day, job at a grocery store in the morning, studying for your upcoming exams from 11-12:30, then writing a college essay until 2, then off to your next part time job at a cafe until around 8 
  • Busy busy busy !! So much busy you couldn’t focus much on anything but what you were doing right in the moment 
  • Luckily when you got to the cafe business was pretty slow so you had room to breathe a little in between serving tables
  • You were halfway through taking an order when you suddenly froze
  • A strange feeling was filling your chest,,, a feeling you hadn’t felt from him in a long time
  • It tingled and made your heart feel warmer and a smile slowly spread across your face before you kept writing the order down
  • He was finally hopeful and you were Shook
  • But no seriously 
  • You couldn’t help but feel overjoyed about it because holy shit this incredibly important person in my life has been sad for so long and something good must have happened!!!
  • And you’ve got a spring in your step and you can’t seem to stop smiling and your coworkers are looking at you like lmao what got into them but you’re just :D
  • Little do you know that your soulmate had finally found an end to his battles with his parents and difficult trainee days because his debut date had finally been set 
  • Your best friend was working part time at Bighit around the time his group was debuting,, 
  • So you heard a little bit about BTS once they came out, watched a couple performances, but you were still just,,,
  • Well you were really busy,,, as mentioned before
  • It didn’t leave much time for yourself to be honest and your friends were nagging you to quit one job and just have a job and an internship and you promised them that you would once you were presented with a better internship
  • After nearly a year of you still working a crappy schedule, your best friend was like “Well Fuck This” and basically begged their boss to offer you an internship
  • When you found out you were like !!! oh my god are you forreal and they were like yES now quit one of your shitty jobs bitch 
  • So you of course you followed up with your promise and quit your job at the grocery store and started your internship at Bighit
  • For some reason, whenever you went to the building your chest felt a bit,,, fuzzy
  • It was really strange and you couldn’t really quite figure out why so you tried to just ignore it and focus on your work instead, wanting to be the best possible intern you could be 
  • You didn’t meet BTS for a while actually, which is why you couldn’t figure out the reason behind it
  • You were mostly running errands for stylists before they had to tend to the boys, getting coffee for the managers, doing paperwork in a back office area,,, things like that
  • You’d seen a few of the members walking around and said hi to them once or twice, Jimin had helped you find Bang PD one time, but overall you didn’t interact with them a lot
  • They called you the nice intern cause you were super friendly to them and one time you bought Tae a candy bar before you found out they were supposed to be dieting LMAO 
  • But as fate would have it,,, you always just missed Suga 
  • He heard of you from the members and for some reason the mention of your name had his stomach doing little flips and he found himself on alert for you around the building
  • Somehow though, you guys would always just run parallel to each other, never really seeing each other despite working in the same building???
  • This literally went on for like three months oh my god 
  • But then came the day when you were asked to find Suga and bring him to the practice room and they told you he was probably in the studio or looking for some lunch
  • They showed you a photo of him and off you went
  • You wandered around, saving his studio for last but inevitably that’s where you had to go, and for some reason you felt like,,, hella nervous to knock on the door 
  • Like yeah it was a little nerve-wracking to talk to idols especially ones you hadn’t met yet but you liked to think you had it pretty much down by then??
  • But you knocked and heard his voice call come in so you opened the door
  • And you opened it and you called his name softly and he felt his heart skip a beat for SOME REASON gee wonder what that reason could be
  • He turned and then he just froze
  • And you froze
  • And now you’re both frozen good job guys 
  • No but seriously you both felt instantly overwhelmed 
  • Because with one look into each other’s eyes, you knew you had finally found your soulmate
  • If that look alone wasn’t enough, the mutual rush of feelings in your chests certainly was 
  • You swallowed a lump in your throat at the love engulfing your chest and making you feel all warm and tingly, your hands shaking slightly 
  • Part of you was kicking yourself for working in the same building as your soulmate for three months but a larger part of you was shushing that part because it didn’t matter
  • Here he was, feeling the same thing you felt, and you knew that now that you had each other you didn’t have to let go 
  • Suga was the first to break the silence bless him
  • “Hi” was all he said but it had you breaking into a wide smile that he couldn’t help but find himself mirroring 
  • “Hey” you replied and it snowballed from there
  • Yoongi found himself standing up and shutting the door behind you and just pulling you tight into his arms 
  • Of course you returned the hug, feeling relief at finally being able to be in his arms after years of wanting nothing more than to be at his side and telling him it was going to be okay
  • “I’m so glad you’re okay,” you whispered and he chuckled softly, burying his face in your hair and taking a deep breath
  • “I’m so glad you’re here”
  • Sadly your moment didn’t last very long because you suddenly remembered OH WAIT YOU HAVE TO BE AT THE PRACTICE ROOM RN 
  • But you exchanged numbers with him and he promised to call when he got back to the dorms because you were supposed to head home within the hour 
  • You were walking in a happy daze for the rest of the day, finally wandering back home with some food and checking your phone between like every other bite 
  • It was late when he was finally able to call, and he apologized several times for it but you assured him you had a day off tomorrow and you wanted nothing more than to talk to him for a while
  • So you did,,, well you guys wound up talking nearly the whole night actually
  • He explained that he had been in a rut for so long because he really wanted to be an idol but his parents weren’t being supportive,,, on top of that he struggled with mental illnesses and harsh trainee life,,,
  • But he had finally become hopeful when Bighit told him there was going to be a debut date and he and his brothers could finally begin making music to show the world 
  • And the conversations developed from there, telling each other about your childhoods and your favorite things and what you were in school for and every little thing you two could think of
  • You finally fell asleep after 15 minutes of him telling you that you sounded tired and nagging you to just hang up and go to sleep
  • The relationship developed slowly from there, but you were content with the pace 
  • He called you everyday, even if he saw you that day (yes Min Yoongi would actually do this he (kinda) said so in an interview so don’t fight me on this)
  • Sometimes these conversations lasted hours and hours and sometimes they didn’t because he was busy but at least he made an effort to have them with you everyday
  • He honestly felt so lucky to have you,, you supported him every step of the way as his career advanced 
  • Sometimes he began to feel a bit more burdened and questioned if he could really go the distance, but you were always there to wrap him up in your arms and remind him how far they had come already and that they were talented enough to achieve anything
  • You were his anchor really,,, and every time your relationship made a milestone, it just felt natural 
  • Okay but real talk you two always laughed and cringed about the fact that you were sO CLOSE to meeting for THREE MONTHS and it didn’t happen
  • Whenever you two would talk about it he’d laugh and hold you close and just thank his lucky stars that he had you now 
  • He’s grateful you get along with his members and honestly his members are so grateful for you because the man has worked so hard for so long and it’s so OBVIOUS that he’s in love with you 
  • Rapmon will randomly thank you and Suga is just Namjoon s top-
  • Does Suga write love songs about you? You bet your ass he does 
  • Does he randomly drop the bomb that he’s already met you in a live interview? You bet your ass he does
  • You: sdjfhej MIN YOONGI
  • Suga: Okay listen it was an accident I swear they were asking about soulmates but I didn’t even mention your name okay it’s not that bad-
  • Forreal though you guys are so in love and even if you aren’t the most pda people around others everyone can see it because there’s basically hearts in your eyes when you look at each other 
  • You did wind up showing him your notebook from when he was really depressed and honestly he finds it touching??
  • Like you cared enough to track his moods and write him letters,,, he actually kept the notebook because those notes meant a lot to him
  • It let him know that you were looking out for him and supporting him even before you met
  • Please continue to support him reader the gummy bear man deserves it
Pidge finds Matt
  • Matt: oh thank god, you brought my glasses I haven't been able to see anything since I was captured rebelling against a alien empire isn't easy when you're half blind
  • Matt: *takes glasses from Pidge*
  • Pidge: wait--
  • Matt: *happily puts on glasses, but then frowns*
  • Pidge:
  • Matt: Katie why am I still blind?
  • Pidge: ...I may have taken out your prescription lenses to use your glasses as part of my disguise so I could infiltrate the garrison to look for you and Dad
  • Matt: oh
  • Pidge:
  • Matt:
  • Pidge:
  • Matt: Katie why???


We have people literally sitting on the ground???? Me and three other people are sitting in chairs without a desk??? The lady on the PA was like “apologies we can’t do furniture accommodations right now we know there are classes with 50 students but we can’t move chairs or desks until after school” and I’m like BRUH

You knowingly put 50 kids into one classroom and just forgot to accommodate for that??? Also WHY ARE THESE CLASSES EVEN THAT BIG???? THERE HAS GOT TO BE SOME SORT OF FIRE SAFETY VIOLATION HERE

I very clearly remember when we held our MUN conference we were told “we can’t have more than X amount of delegates otherwise we’ll violate fire safety codes” and YET

How the fuck am I supposed to defend my piece of shit school when they’re knowingly so bad???? Oh my god

And this is summer school too so you got kids from all over who’re seeing how crappy our school is and I don’t blame them at all