this is so cool not to be totally into myself but i am

ID #49720

Name: Maddie
Age: 17
Country: USA

well talking about myself has never been a strong point but here it goes!!!
im 17, and i live in the united states. i love dogs with all of my heart and sunsets are entirely too important to me. i run track and play soccer, work backstage in the music department of my school, and spend too much of my time worrying about grades. this year im a junior and once i graduate i’d really love to travel and meet new people.
the idea of having a friend someone else has always fascinated me and hopefully i don’t bore anyone too much before that happens. email or snail mail would be cool, and sharing book and movie and show suggestions and lil photos or objects is totally a cute thing!!
i guess a disclaimer would be i’ve had to deal with mental issues like depression and anxiety for the majority of my short life so i can be a mess. i apologize in advance

Preferences: preferably ages around mine; more than 14 but less than 20. if you believe reverse racism is real, inequality doesn’t exist, or trump isn’t crazy then i really wish you wouldn’t and im not looking to be your friend at all

Okay, so it has come to my attention that my best internet buddy pinkipie125 has deactivated :( She was one of the partners for the-sterling-home-for-children blog. Pinkie had the wonderful idea to start this adoption blog for TS4. Our other partner seems to have left as well, which is totally cool. This just means that I am now left to start up this blog by myself. Which is fine, I love independent work. I’d really like to honor Pinkie and her great idea so if I have trouble running the adoption blog alone, I might need some help. Anyways, I don’t need anyone quite yet but I may soon.

I will deactivate the shared blog and make another one as a side blog so keep your eyes peeled

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Hey! Just wanted to say an article about G. megalepis is making waves thru my local reptile community, and it made me giggle a tad because I've said "oh hey I follow him on Tumblr!" quite a bit the last few days. Freaky/awesome/cool lizard! But it makes me glad to see your name in places other than herpetology journals. Continue to make waves, good sir, and I'll continue to stand and applaud from a distance. (Peace & love)

Thanks! I am totally overwhelmed myself. This week has been crazy. The reception has been better than we could ever have hoped. In no small portion because PeerJ was so great with getting the article out to the press.

There should be a new species of frog coming out in the next week or two from me and my colleagues as well! Keep your eyes peeled!

So who watches Emmerdale with their family??? And who is nervous about having to act like a Normal Person™ while watching the wedding week episodes?!?

I’m almost tempted to just come out to my family as being a massive Robron shipper (I mean my sister knows, and my parents know I like them, but there’s liking something a normal amount and then…..this)

I fear I’m not going to be able to keep my cool during wedding week and just totally out myself as being Robron Trash™. I’m actually genuinely nervous about it LOL.

I would also like to remind all first year grad students that I cried my eyes out after my first day of class. And when my very confused boyfriend came home I literally yelled “Why did you let me do this to myself?!” 

And yet, here I am. Second year. Still stressed but more confident. With a cool research project that I’m excited about (even if I have no idea what I’m doing). And definitely a changed person from who I was this time last year. 

So for all of you feeling completely overwhelmed, it’s normal. You’ll get through it and I am totally here if you need to rant about how scary, stressful and annoying grad school is. 

I get it. You’re not alone. 

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it's 8:37pm and i just want to cry i'm so fucking lonely. y'know i used to have a lot of internet friends 4-5 years ago but we all grew apart, like normal people/friendships do after a while. Now, I want to hang out with internet friends again on skype at like 3am and do funny things together. i want to be a part of something, but i don't know where to find any on the internet, and joining a weird group chat that i don't know of is not cool too... my struggles, yeah.

i totally feel you, i tend to feel a bit lost in this community as well. but hey, you could start messaging those old friends again or maybe get in contact with some new bloggers who you find interesting or something! join a few nets if you feel like it cause you know, every friendship starts with being strangers right?

(why am i giving the advice i don’t take myself)
(tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about!)

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"Heeey, ~daze! I'm Marisa! Check out my awesome broomstick, I can go everywhere with it! See?" Marisa mounts the broomstick and kicks off, soon the broom is hovering in the air. "Cool, right?"

Tae: That is truly amazing! I have never seen anything like it! Oh, how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tae, and I am the mayor of Golden!

Cam: Whoa! That’s totally awesome! Hiya, I’m Cam! Nice to meet someone so cool! 

Maren: (She gasps, her eyes widening) How… do you do that?! That’s so cool! I can’t believe I g-get to see this! (She runs up to Marisa, shaking her hand) It’s an honor to meet you! 

so i found myself digging @gregzillagt‘s rad redesign of sonic so much that i had to take a swing at it

seeing as i am a sonic cd/ova design loving guy myself this was totally up my alley - also sonic sporting cute red neckwear to match his shoes is always an absolute plus in my book

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Ok so normally I wouldn't ask but you said you wanted questions and I'm a little tipsy so I have to ask, are you still a virgin? Cause if you are it's cool, I'm 20 and still a virgin, and it is so fucking hard to be past 19 and a virgin cause I still wanna get to know a guy before I have sex with him and it's just ASSUMED that you are supposed to have sex after the 3rd date or be fuckbuddies but I want a solid emotional relationship. It's rough man what do you think?

I am lol so i totally understand where you’re coming from. The pressure to be sexually experienced by a certain age is incredible and really damaging to someone’s self esteem (idk maybe that’s just my experience). But you are completely within your rights to wait as long as you want to develop your relationship. 

I know that for myself I wouldn’t be able to have sex with anyone I didn’t have a strong emotional connection with and trust completely and that goes back to my own self esteem and intimacy issues. Everyone has a different relationship with sex and for some people casual sex is something they enjoy and for others they need a romantic relationship and emotional investment. 

Yeah I agree with you it’s really rough sometimes, I think there’s a post somewhere that’s sums it up really well about how the worst part is getting older and feeling more and more “wrong” and being embarrassed by the thought of having to like explain yourself to any future partners. But there really is nothing wrong with you for being a virgin or for wanting meaningful sex. I hope that you get the connection and relationship you’re looking for because you totally deserve it! 

;;psa; so, as anyone who’s been here for 5 seconds will know, i play michael as jewish. like hella jewish. but it’s always been the sort of thing that only ever comes up when it’s relevant, and honestly that’s not cool. his faith is a huge part of his character, so i’ve been steadily trying to work more and more lil jewish things into threads. like blessings, and traditions, and terminology. but psa alert i myself am not jewish!! if ever i’m going to incorporate something, i’ll spend the better part of an entire day researching and researching it to mkae sure i’m getting it right and getting it in context, but sooner or later i know i’m probably going to slip up and make an absolute tit of myself. so if any of my follower are jewish, or know anything about judaic laws/traditions/whatever and notice me doing something wrong, whether it’s an incorrect hebrew term or a total misunderstanding of something, pls come call me out over it on im bc it’s the only way i’m going to learn!! i’m literally giving you permission to yell @ me so pls let’s hope i don’t get anything wrong any time soon

Small tiny rant bare with me

I am sick of body shaming and negativity. I had a co-worker tell me he won’t date a chick unless she’s above a 8 won’t fuck her if she isn’t at least a 6. So out of curiosity I asked him what he’d rate me…. he told me a 4 maybe 5. At first I felt disgusted…. with myself. Yeah I know then I asked him do you like me as a person? Which he said Yeah I’m totally cool. Wtf. First off fuck the number system I’m a 10 in my book. Yes I have pale skin that flushes to easy and I am 186lb yep that’s right boys and girls I’m not tiny I’m a size 13/14 jeans a size large shirt I’m a 36 ddd or 38 dd my ass has cellulite I have stretch marks from a my size b having a child. I’m not a size 2 model and you know what that size 2 model is just as beautiful as a size 16 size 24 model or everyday person. My Co worker is a nice guy… sometimes. But with women he’s a pig. That’s why I decided to show what I look like without makeup so my followers known that I’m a real person I’m not some plastic photoshoped idea of a girl. This isn’t porn or a magazine I’m not airbrushed we all have flaws love for them or don’t follow me.

Rewatching Antibug

I’m pretty sure Invisible Sabrina just threw the shoes into Adrien’s front yard

I think I’ve seen Chloé writing with both her hands. Say what you will about this girl, it’s pretty cool that she’s ambidextrous

I love how 101% unimpressed Alix looks

Usually Chloé jumps at the chance to accuse her classmates of things they didn’t do, but this time she made sure to tell the teacher it wasn’t Mylène. Is this… character development???

Ms Mendeleiev is so great. “I don’t care if you’re literally being attacked by an akumatized villain right now, just sit down and do your work omg”

Sabrina’s graffiti is legendary tbh

It looks like Nathanaël’s phone background is a Ladybug comic, that’s awesome

I love how even the teacher got the message

Adrien stop modeliing oh my gosh



Tag yourself I’m the mayor (also… those suspicious honeycombs are back…)

I really, really wanna see this guy akumatized

Ay Fu what’s up

“Um… hello? I’m here too? Anyone gonna notice me? No? Okay…”

Is it weird to want to adopt someone who’s older than you


This camera angle terrifies me tbh

Poor Sabrina doesn’t even get a costume upgrade as a villain, nor does she have the episode named after her. We don’t even get to see her being akumatized. Eh well at least she can do karate now

I found Jean Duparc, he’s an amateur reporter now, good for him

Dude literally just closed the window and now he gets to open it again. He must be having such a good day.

She just blew a kiss at Ladybug , what did I tell you

Sabrina doesn’t even look surprised that Chloé’s been akumatized. She’s probably like “about time”

I like your watch Roger

LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS. #lettikkieat2k16

Okay but how the heck did she manage to do this

He looks like he’s planning on beating someone up with the staff

What do you mean Chat Noir isn’t an actual cat?

I love the Anti-Charm music


She just fricking rips the earrings out of her ears, surely that must hurt?

Ngl I still think this look is super suspicious

Alix is totally spying on them

Chloé cares, I repeat, Chloé cares. If she keeps up the good work then maybe, just maybe, she’ll deserve whatever those honeycombs in her room are foreshadowing

This is still lowkey suspicious tho

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Tonight's Supernatural episode made me think about your rewrites. I won't say any specifics because I don't want to spoil the show for anyone, but since lucifer is an angel, would the reader have any aspect of angel powers? Or strictly demon powers? Just a thought. By the way I just want to say that I loved the last episode so much and am excited for more!! :)

I’m a few episodes behind myself, so I do appreciate you not giving any specific details! You know, the great thing about this show is that anything and everything is possible! I think it would be really cool for something like this to come up in season eleven and twelve when Lucifer comes back from the cage. Right now I’m strictly working on her demon side, but after this, I’m totally willing to play around with other things you guys might want to see. Ah, thank you so much! I’m so happy you guys enjoyed it so much! ☺

i used to be incredibly anxious and afraid of having orgasms around people i was seeing or fucking and it feels really good to have moved past that now. i would fake every damn orgasm and pretend i could cum from sex and i felt so fucking ashamed of myself and i did that for like 8 years and now i am almost totally comfortable having real orgasms and not faking and idk what changed in me besides confidence but ya its cool the end

Oh man

Oh man. Like. Today I feel mildly anxious,, like, for no good reason,,, there’s so much stuff to process why is there so much to process? My bag is too full and there’s work and revision and then I hate this free bc there’s never anyone in to talk to and feel calmer
And idk if making a post is even helpful? Like am I helping myself really? I’m just so stressed out last night I freaked out about the existence of tiny people which is not something to be stressed about y'feel?
Like I only calmed down momentarily when I emailed my teacher like,, it feels productive I guess?? And she’s chill, I like this teacher
Psychology teachers are meant to be cool because they have an insight to behaviour and care about humanity and stuff and this is definitely her
And one of the things she is totally for is being open because that always helps, and so here’s me being open because it should help and I suppose it’s definitely not hindering, but I’ve always been very open no matter what and sometimes I’m scared that I’m just bothering people and there’s so many people out there with worse problems who can keep it to themselves so why can’t I? But then I have to remember that it’s not necessarily good that they keep it in, they should be encouraged to talk

i’m just… romancing this female character in this video game bc i’m such a Good Ally™. plus, she’s really cool, and i want to be her. yeah, that’s it.
… why am i reading smut about her? well, i just. i can empathize with her more, to put myself in her position. the effect is doubled when she’s with a woman, of course… that’s totally normal though. i’m glad that i can be so Open-minded™,,,,,,

Hello my fello friends!

After a long time struggling with myself, I finally decided to open up commission slots. I am in need of a binder. And as you may have guessed, I don’t have enough money to afford a proper binder. I need to order it by myself, I don’t want my parents to know about it. So these commissions would mean a lot to me, of course.

If you can’t afford a commission (or you just don’t wanna commission me, which is totally fine, tbh i wouldn’t even commission myself): 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REBLOG THIS it would mean SO much to me!

Okay, so I made some cool examples for possible commissions!

Simple, kinda sketchy drawing 3€

As you can see, there’s not much shading going on here, but they make cute icons ‘n stuff like that!

Head to waist 6€ 

Done on one layer in photoshop, very artsy, mhmmm.

Full colored drawing 10€ 

Don’t worry, I can draw fullbody pics, too! I just didn’t have any good examples to show you, sorry. 

Every additional character is free, the fancy extra wishes too! (I just really need the money, haha)

The only thing I won’t draw is Hentai or any other nsfw stuff. 

If you are, by any chance, interested in commissioning me, just contact me via e-mail: 

Thank you very much for your attention, have a lovely day! ♥

More of my armless lizard Basilisk child. I did the thing that rebornica did with all their Dreamscape Characters, because I thoguht it was cool and I’m completely unoriginal in every way plz murder me.

But yeah I was going to have this boy have something to do with venom but when I saw Darren was poison I started to think about it more. And If  was being honest with myself  Lucan is more acid than he is poison, so I swapped him from poison to acid.

Btw that basilisk in back is TOTALLY based off the one in Harry Potter, like I am completely unoriginal but it just looks SO GOOD.

1. Xiumin

“No…no problem…it’s…it’s alright…”

2. Luhan

Y/N: I’m so sorry…oppaa, I am really sorry…

“You’re lucky you’re cute…”

3. Kris

“What the-…How the hell did you do even do that?! It can’t be repaired…nope…out of my wardrobe, don’t come near my clothes…”

4. $uho

“Don’t worry, I’ll just buy myself another one…”

5. Lay

“Well…um….I’ll just have to get over it…”

6. Baekhyun

*it’s only clothing, Baek, get over it…*

‘I’m fine, I’m fine…it’s totally cool…“

7. Chen

"Out of everything, why did you have to cook in this one? My favourite?”

8. Chanyeol

“That was my favourite hat….was….”

9. D.O.

“That’s OK…It’s only a T-shirt….”

10. Tao

“My Gucci…how could you….”

11. Kai

“It’s OK, I know you didn’t do it on purpose…but I do expect chicken as compensation tonight…”

12. Sehun

“And what if I accidentally set your favourite shirt on fire?!”


I don’t know what I did, haha, but I hope you liked it! :)