this is so clear! it's a miracle!


1. C O C O N U T O I L that bitch is a lifesaver!! buy yrself a big old jar of organic pure coconut oil (its cheap!) and rub that shit on your eyebrows before you got to sleep theyll be thick & bomb!! do the same w yr eyelashes!!! got stretch marks? first of all those bitches are normal & natural & u should totally love yourself & them but if you wanna fade em/make me less noticeable rub coconut oil into em every night that shit works miracles! use it as shaving cream for silky smooth skin or even just rub it all over ya bod after you shave!!
2. treat yo self to a face mask every night you deserve it! they can be pricey but it’s so worth it, yr skin will be soft and glowy and clear and feel hella refreshed!! i swear by
-rosy cheeks by lush: that shit smells so good and it’ll make ya face soft & rose scented!!
-love lettuce by lush: aaa its so soothing & it feels like an exfoliater!! love that shit
-clay mask deep pore cleanser by zion health: omg i use this shit every night it is so fucking refreshing… be warned if youve got sensitive skin it burns a lil bit but it feels so good & clears up skin!
3. cliché but skincare is so important! i use neutrogena rapid clear daily pads & neutrogena oil‑free acne moisturizer in pink grapefruit every single morning bc ive got hella acne… i wipe the pads on my forehead & chin & let that settle in and then moisturize my whole face!!
4. massage bars from lush are h e a v e n l y i use tender is the night every day!! but if you can’t afford that then tbh coconut oil has the same effect!
5. sugar scrubs work wonders on yr lips!! exfoliate those fuckers then throw on hella lip balm you’ll thank me later!
6. shave in the morning!! hair grows quick so don’t shave the night before & let all ya hair grow back before you even go out!! (also- ALWAYS use a new, sharp razor!!

that’s all for now ! have fun bein hoes!! love yourself!!

So basically THIS happened in the Luci-verse 35 years ago:
  • God: so I need you to engineer a human miracle baby for me
  • Amenadiel: k Dad
  • God: I have specific requests; first of all, she has to be good, like, inherently good, golden-ray-of-light-through-a-window good, is that clear?
  • Amenadiel: yes Dad
  • God: but she also gonna be tough and take no one's shit, especially if it's coming from his future soulmate which you totally don't know btw, ok?
  • Amenadiel: fine, is that all?
  • God: one more thing
  • God: she has to be smol
  • God: I've already written ffs about her and her soulmate where the height difference is. so. cUTE.
  • God: she has to be smol son, it's paramount

god theres people already patting themselves on the back for reblogging those posts and saying “haha tumblr did all the search efforts FOR the actual searchers xD!!!!” so like lets be perfectly clear, all of you who were sending snapchats and stuff to the fucking kidnappers and doing the dumbest shit possible were Not helping and its probably a miracle that you didnt make the situation much worse by alerting the kidnappers to the search efforts like that. 

if a situation like this happens again please for the love of god use your damn brains bc it probably wont go so well next time

  • Akashi: Let’s be clear: I don’t love Kuroko, okay? I just…miss him when he’s not around, think about him all the time, and I imagine us one day running towards each other in slow motion and I’m wearing a black tuxedo.
  • GoM: So who's telling him?
Kidnapped (Again)

~ Day 8 - Front Seat’s For People That Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Bloody Numpties ~

Lol I can’t write for shit sorryyyyyy please don’t throw me out I love Baz too much

Also sorry if the bold and italics thingamabobs come out funny - I’m on my phone and was only just told how the HTML thing works this morning (about the same time I started writing woops)


Kidnapped (Again)


“Crowley, Snow! I’m flammable, you know! Are you trying to burn down the entire forest and take me and the numpties with you?”

He shrugs his shoulders and his wings fade away. (Well, they’re still there of course, they’re just invisible now.) “It’s your fault for being kidnapped by them. Again. Was one time not enough for you?”

He teases me with that damned smirk on his face and I hate it. (I love it and I just want to lick it and kiss it until his lips swell and throb until they’re plump and delicious-)

“You’re staring. Didn’t it work?” I snap out of my daydream and look towards Snow, gesturing towards the space where his wings should be.

“No it’s fine, they’re fine. All gone.” He looks at me and that smirk is replaced with concern as he steps closer (and closer) to me. His face is so close to mine now, so close I can almost hear his heartbeat-

“You’ve gone pale. Did they give you any blood at all? They didn’t trap you in a coffin again, did they?” My eyes snap back to his. (So blue and I want to drown in them and drown him with kisses-)

He places a hand on my forehead and I can feel it throbbing, hear his energy and life pulsating through his hand, his wrist, his neck-

My reaction is instantaneous. “Don’t touch me!”

There’s a shocked silence before I turn away in a effort to block him out. Or, more accurately, block out my want, my need for Simon Snow. (I can’t. It’s always there.)

I can feel him hesitate before he replies. “It’s been three days Baz. You need blood. I’ll… I’ll be here.”

He’s always so kind and thoughtful and I hate him for it. (I love him because of it.)

“Whatever.” I walk off to find a place to summon a deer, leaving Snow behind.

I wait until he’s out of sight (but not out of mind) before I cast a spell. “Doe!” Low and behold, a deer strides through the trees moments later.

My magick’s definitely improved since graduation and I can now cast spells that used to only work when I was drunk off Simon’s magickal energy. This is especially useful in situations like these, when I’m blood-starved and lack the energy to hunt. (Even if Simon Snow was just standing there beside me, irresistibly stunning-)

I drink.

My mind wanders over to him. Simon Snow. (It always does when I’m like this. Hungry. He keeps me anchored. He keeps me sane.)

It would be an understatement to say that Snow has simply ‘improved’ his magickal skills since sprouting wings and a tail. He spent weeks upon weeks with Bunce, researching past events that could answer the question how what happened, happened. At first it was just Bunce’s curiosity and Snow was fairly at peace with the idea of being a Normal. Then she found out that there was a possibility that there was still magick inside him.

Needless to say, he took more of an interest then.

He can’t cast spells like other mages (not that he could really cast them before anyways), but he is able to make his wings and tail disappear. It took an awful lot of concentration at first (and several instances where only parts of his wings or tail vanished, which makes for a very awkward tube journey), but he’s almost mastered it now. Bunce is probably ecstatic about it as she doesn’t have to waste her precious time and skills on such a simple cloaking spell every few hours.

His flight has also progressed vastly and I enjoy (Snow will never know how much) watching him perform loops in the air and glide through the clouds, his stupid smile plastered on his giddy face.

And then there’s the fire.

It’s all Bunce’s fault. She came up with some grand theory that because the magick within Snow came from his mental image of a dragon, he should have the magickal capability of real dragons, such as flight. And breathing fire.

Two weeks later, he sets Fiona’s fucking kitchen on fire.

Thank Crowley she was out all week; I would never have been able to clear all the scorch marks in time. (Although, it was more like one giant scorch mark all over the kitchen walls, floor and ceiling as opposed to several scorch marks…)

Once I’ve sobered up, I drop the deer’s lifeless body onto the ground and crouch down, running a finger along its throat. Not a single drop of blood is left.


Was I so far gone that I couldn’t stop from drinking every damned drop? How could I lose control so easily? Crowley, only three days without blood and I’m completely unable to control the urge. It’s a fucking miracle I managed to walk away from Snow without draining him dry. If he had arrived only a day later- (No. Don’t even think about that.)

I walk through the trees and into the clearing where Snow is waiting for me, true to his word.

“Hey.” He says. I don’t need to see him to know he smiling.


It’s quiet for a few moments, when suddenly there’s curly hair, almost silvery in the moonlight, brushing against my face and strong arms are flung around my waist.

Just as I move to place my arms around him too, he steps back and throws a fist into my shoulder.

He punched me.

Simon Snow punched me.

Before I can protest, he starts yelling. “Don’t you ever let yourself get kidnapped by fucking numpties again! Do you know how fucking worried I was? Merlin, what if I hadn’t arrived in time? You could have starved. Starved. What the fuck did you do to make fucking numpties want to slowly starve you to death?”

I shrug, not wanting to appear weaker than I already feel. “Well, a few of their own were killed in my last escapade, if you’re looking for motive.”

His cheeks puff out and he looks like he’s about to yell at me again, but he slumps instead, resigned. I guess he hasn’t the energy to argue with me, which makes a change. “Yeah, Fiona mentioned that.”

I blink. “Who?”

“Fiona.” He frowns like it’s the most obvious answer in the world. “You’re aunt? You know, the one that dresses in leather. She seems proper badass.”

My mouth hangs open. “When and why were you talking with my aunt?”

“Yesterday. And today. I figured since she found you when you went missing last time, she could help out, you know. ”

I reel at the fact that Simon Snow and my Aunt worked together to find me. (My aunt Fiona who doesn’t know I’m dating Simon Snow.) I almost miss it when he says “She’s waiting in the car now.”

I stare at him. “What?”

“The car? How else did we get here? That’s how the spell works isn’t it? She spelled the sat nav with ’I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found’ since we didn’t want to waste time using the traditional map method. Hence, she travelled by car. She drove, I flew.”

I have no words to say as I follow Simon through the forest. This whole situation is so surreal, that I’m actually surprised to see Fiona’s red MG parked haphazardly on the side of the road.



She stalks towards me from the car, her features livid. “Really? Twice? Twice? Do you think I have nothing better to do with my time except rescue you from bloody numpties? Jesus Baz.”

I roll my eyes and ignore her, reaching for the car door, silently hoping that she forgets about Snow and doesn’t ask any awkward questions.

“Oh no. Oh no you do not.” She slaps my hand away and points to the back seat. “Front seat is for people that haven’t been kidnapped by bloody numpties. Back seat. Now.”

I hold my head high, refusing to cower under Fiona in front of Simon. (I still go to the back seat though.)

“Simon!” Fiona exclaims. She’s smiling now, that grin she gets when she’s planning something mischievous. “Would you like the honour of sitting in the front seat? Considering you’ve never had the misfortune to be kidnapped by numpties?”

“He was kidnapped by goblins.” I mutter, opening the back door.

“And you were kidnapped by numpties. Who are stupid. Back. Now.”

Snow laughs and nods. “Sure.”

I don’t like where this could end up.

After we’ve all clambered into our seats, Fiona starts driving.

“So, Simon,” she starts off slowly. “What were your intentions two months ago when you and Baz stayed over at my house, alone, with no adults?”

Oh holy mother of Crowley and Merlin and shit fuck my fucking life.

“And am I going to have to relegate you to the back seat because you almost burned my kitchen to the ground?”

I see Simon’s ears turn red and he starts to stutter. I reach for my wand.

“Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch you even think about casting ’Shut up and drive’ and I will ruin your life.”

“And how would you do that?” I don’t move away from my wand.

“You remember Zacharias, right?”

I frown. “What’s your ex got to do with anything?”

From my position in the back, I can just about notice her lip curling upwards. “You saw him after I cast ’Your sex is on fire’. You tell me.”

(Crowley, Fiona. You scare the shit out of me sometimes.)

I scrap the wand.


Whether you’re plotting, messing around, or genuinely in love Basil, I’ll support you all the way.

I’ll be to you what Tasha couldn’t.

I love spring and summer winter can eat an ass

Like here its been mild autumn weather for a few months snd spring weather this month

But winter here is so sucky bc its just constant sleety rain and everything’s cold forever
But like never snow unless a miracle happens

Just gale force winters and rain

Like we usually only get like 3 days of relentless heat if we get any here the rest of summer is mild rain with a sky that actually has a sun in it sometimes

Whereas I’m pretty sure in winter ragnorok could start and wed be none the wiser

Hate full cloud coverage constantly forever

Spring and summer bring light and clear skies!

  • "And if it's not right, you have to put it right!"
  • "Is the first word... tomato?"
  • "Should have thought of that before you made a pact with Satan and decided to steal my cake!"
  • "I didn't know they were the flaming Russian mafia, did I?"
  • "But I didn't do anything! That's not right."
  • "The teacher's clearly falling short."
  • "Moby Dick? Easy, grandma!"
  • "We're told we have to do what we're told but surely, sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty."
  • "Sometimes you have to make a little bit of mischief."
  • "Am I... am I... look, am I fat?"
  • "Do all those brains in your head give you a headache? I mean, it's got to hurt, all squished in there..."
  • "The endings are often a little bit gory..."
  • "She keeps trying to tell me stories! Who wants stories?!"
  • "The tiniest mite packs the mightiest sting!"
  • "Stop scaring your mother with that book!"
  • "Oh, you stupid man..."
  • "You mustn't let a little thing like 'little' stop you!"
  • "Cinderella, in the cellar, didn't have to do much as far as I could tell."
  • "I am off to bleach my roots, and I shan't be talking to you for the rest of the evening, you horrid little man!"
  • "Imagine what I can do to a horrible, squeaky little goblin like you."
  • "Nobody else is gonna put it right for me!"
  • "Maybe your largeness is a bit like the TARDIS -- considerably roomier inside."
  • "No one is as handsome, strong as me!"
  • "Where's the revenge section?"
  • "Give me more cake!"
  • "Mum, would you like to hear a story?"
  • "Just because you find that life's not fair, it doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it!"
  • "Love and fate and a touch of stupidity robbed them of their hope of living happily."
  • "You can be all cynical, but it's a truth empirical -- there's never been a miracle as me."
  • "Extra strong? Keep out of reach of children? Hmm..."
  • "Even if you're little, you can do a lot."
  • "You thickheaded twit-brain!"
  • "Russians are nocturnal. I saw it on a programme last night."
  • "I'm so very, flaming clever."
  • "Take out your hockey stick and use it as a sword!"
  • "Nobody but me is gonna change my story!"
  • "Ever since the day Doc chopped the umbilical cord, it's been clear there's no peer for a miracle like me!"
  • "Good hair means a good brain."
  • "You can pretend you're an elf!"
  • "Dinners don't microwave themselves, you know!"
  • "I think it's probably for the best if we're best friends!"
  • "It seems there are millions of these 'one in a millions' these days..."
  • "Oh, I look nice. You don't!"
  • "Mum says I'm an angel sent down from the sky!"
All is Forgiven

Request – “You and Taehyung had a car accident. Tae nothing happened but you were seriously injured and taken to hospital. Taehyung constantly blamed himself and other members trying to support him. Happy ending.”

Word Count: 1207

“Taehyung I think you should let me drive.”

“What no way, I just got my license.”

“Yeah but we’re going to be driving on the freeway.”

“Don’t worry about it Y/N.”

“Are you sure?”


“If you get uncomfortable at any point, let me know we can switch.”

He sighs at your persistence, “Y/N, believe me, it’ll be fine.”

You huff, “If you say so.”

At some point you notice Taehyung driving just a little too quickly for your liking, “Hey, Taehyung.”

He smiles and turns to look at you, “Yes?”

“Keep your eyes on the road! You’re driving a bit quickly, please stay within the speed limit.”


Taehyungs eyes widen and you follow to see where he’s looking. Quickly, he attempts to press down on the brakes. You know it’s far too late, there is no way for the car to swerve safely into another lane without crashing. You swiftly unlock the doors, and turn on the emergency lights, somehow also managing to unbuckle Taehyungs seatbelt.

“Hey, what are you-“

“Do not brace for impact, Tae!”


As soon as you reach for your seatbelt, you feel the impact of the crash and everything goes black.

Taehyung abruptly wakes up, drenched in sweat. He feels a sharp pain in his neck and winces.

“You’re awake? Jimin go call the nurse.”

Taehyung turns to see Hoseok smiling at him, “Take it easy, you need to rest a little.”

“What happened?”

“You were with Y/N and had a car accident.”

His eyes widen, “Where’s Y/N? Is she okay?!”

Hoseoks smile falters for a split second, “Sort of.”

“Sort of? What exactly happened? What is her condition?”

An unfamiliar man’s voice is heard, “Oh, looks like you’re up.”

Hoseok and Taehyung look at the man walking in with Jimin, “Are you the nurse?”

“That’s correct. Young man, I need you to leave for a little while as I chat with your friend here.”

Hoseok nods and stands, “We’re going back to the dorm, but Namjoon and Seokjin will be here with your parents later. Jungkook and Yoongi hyung will come visit tomorrow since you have limited visiting hours.”

The two boys leave and the nurse smiles at you, “How are you feeling?”

“Alright for the most part but there is this sharp pain in the back of neck.”

“I’m here to give you a quick shot for the pain.”

Taehyung nods and extends his arm.

“You’ll be resting here for two to three nights, but we also suggest you have ibuprofen every four hours when you are discharged, it’s to help with the muscle pain you’ll be feeling. Oh, also take some time off work, you need to rest for about another couple of days.”

Taehyung nods, “So, essentially, I’m alright.”

The nurse nods and pulls the needle out, “That is indeed correct, to be quite honest, it is a surprise that you are in the condition you are in. According to the emergency personals on scene, it was easy to get you out of your vehicle, and when we were checking to see if you had gotten hurt internally, your muscles were perfectly fine. Usually there would be a few tears but you had all precautions taken care of, which is rare but is also helping you lead to your recovery.”



“Where is Y/N?”

“Oh our other patient, Y/N, is still being treated, so far all injuries are deemed almost life threating. Officials had a hard time pulling Y/N out of the vehicle. However, do not worry, we are doing everything we can to save them, rest assured, they most likely will be fine.”

He bows, “Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

“This is all my fault… If only I had listened!”

“If only…”

He trails off, suddenly feeling groggy.

As soon as he realize what’s happening he scoffs, the shot was to help him go back to sleep.

“Y/N…I’m sorry…”

“My son!” Taehyung cracks open his eye to see his parents along with Namjoon and Seokjin.


“How are you feeling!?” How could you make me worry! You aren’t too hurt, right? Who let you drive at the speed you were going at, are you crazy!?”

“I’m fine and I’m sorry.”

“Oh, my son…”

“It’s all my fault! I should have listened! I shouldn’t have even drove! Y/N tried to make sure I was safe and that’s why I’m alright right now!”

Namjoon steps in, “Tae, calm down, its okay. Y/N is going to be alright.”

“How do you know, hyung?”

Seokjin clears his throat, “We went to go see Y/N before you because you were asleep and well, the doctors directed us to them first. The doctor said it’s a miracle that they had even woken up.”

“Wait, so you guys saw Y/N? What did they say?”

“We saw Y/N but just like you, Y/N was asleep.”

He pauses before continuing, “Unfortunately Y/N will be discharged a lot later, and will have to be rehabilitated to walk again, but in a few months we should expect to see them again.”

A tear rolls down his face and his mother quickly wraps her son into a hug, “It’s alright, everything is going to be alright.”

Taehyungs father speaks up, “You made a mistake, it happens, and you are regretting, which means you understand your faults. Since you do, try to do something positive instead.”

“Like what?”

“Try to help Y/N when they get back and make sure you explain yourself and hopefully they forgive you.”

Tears continue to fall, staining his mother’s shirt, he nods, “I will try to help Y/N out as much as I can.”

4 Months Later

“Y/N, todays the day you get discharged! Are you excited?”

You glance at the doctor and nod, “Of course! Thank you for all your hard work.”

She freezes momentarily, then chuckles, “It’s my job, but you’re welcome regardless.”

Today was the day, you finally get to go home. The day you finally get to walk outside without having to have supervision. During the time you were in the hospital, it was hard for those closet to you to come and visit, so you really began to miss everyone, especially Taehyung. Knowing him, he most likely was beating himself up for what happened.

Just then, a knock on the door pulled you from your thoughts, you nodded to your doctor to allow whoever it was to come inside.

A boy with a bouquet of flowers, stands in front of your bed.


You smile, “Hey.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Good, how are you doing?”

He smiles, “Terrible.”

You laugh, “I see.”

“Let’s go home.”

You nod, “I missed you.”

In two swift strides, he stands by you and leans down, pulling you into a tight embrace.

“I missed you more than you could ever imagine, and I’m sorry for everything that happened that day it’s-“

You interrupt him, “-not your fault, not my fault, not really anyone’s. It happened but we both recovered and now we know to take safer precautions. I’m not one to say fate is real but there was probably a reason this happened.”

He sighs, “Thanks for saving me.”

You smile, “Thanks for waiting for me, Taehyung.”

{Hi…this is really overdue. Like it’s insane how late I am with this but I hope you enjoyed the read!}

I think she’d be good for you,” Steve had said.

I can’t help you like she can,” Sam had said.

She’s the best I know,” Tony had said.

And now he was standing in front of a townhouse with the cab he took peeling down the street, the tires screeching as he turned the corner, all because Bucky had promptly given him the empty threat of “I know twenty-seven ways of how to kill a man, unarmed, in a taxi cab” after the driver had snidely commented, “People like you don’t deserve to be driven around,” and Bucky felt a small blossom of pride in his gut when that shut him up.

He felt out of place as he stood just beyond the wrought iron gate that led into the tiny yard. He was clad in dark clothing, ballcap resting low on his eyes, and he was much too deadly for the home-y street surrounding him. A few houses to his left was where two children played fetch with their barking dog, their laughter drifting to Bucky’s ears and making his heart clench in his chest because he understood he could never have that.

Bucky fingered the slip of paper in his coat pocket with a name and a ten-digit number. His eyes flitted over every possible surface of the modern-victorian style home, studying the shifting of the curtains drawn over the bay window, and then how the breeze that passed made the potted plant on one of the steps quiver. Bucky was sure the children down the street knew who he was, knew what he’d done, all the blood that gushed from wounds he’d inflicted, the last gasps of breaths and words he’s hea–

“Are you going to stand there all day, soldier?”

Bucky’s heart stuttered in his chest and he rest his much-too-wide eyes on a woman that must have been a few years younger than his physical age. He felt like he had been caught red-handed standing in front of her home and forced down a knot in his throat, ducking his head and taking two steps to push open the gate, knowing he couldn’t turn back now.

She was smiling when he stopped just at the foot of her steps, gazing up at her before pulling the slip of paper out. He carefully unfolded it with his gloved hands and avoided eye-contact as he asked, “Are you Y/N L/N?”

Bucky finally tipped his head up when she didn’t answer immediately and the gentle, welcoming expression on her features sent a pleasant shiver of warmth through the top of his spine and down to the tips of his toes. Bucky could only describe it as how you felt after being shut inside a cold room for so long and finally opening the blinds to only have the sunlight drench you and bask you in its golden wake. She had eased the tension in his broad shoulders, calmed the writhing coil of snakes that was his stomach, and cleared his mind of his self-doubts.

And she finally spoke, “You are home now, soldier. There is no reason to feel an outsider in the heart of your own city.”

Bucky couldn’t agree with her as she led him through the entryway of the house, but he felt–with time–that maybe one day he could agree.

She’s like a miracle,” Natasha had said to him.

And after being with her for less than two minutes, he believed it.

Same Old Love: Jim Kirk.

Song: same old love: Selena Gomez
Character: James Kirk
Fandom: Star Trek

Here’s an imagine for my lack of posting lately!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You were quiet. And being on the Starship Enterprise was a huge deal for you. You loved your job. But, there was an issue. You liked Kirk. Yes, the captain of the Enterprise. You knew he was a ladies man, and he always had a girl on him. So you kept your distance from Jim and your feelings. You nodded to members of the crew as you scurried to your position in the lab. You sat down in your chair, and started pondering on a report on a criminal on the ship. Khan.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Go get me someone from the lab please.” Kirk ordered. “Of course sir.” Spock nodded as he the lab, hands behind his back like a small child. You were working on your report when you heard the lab doors open. You didn’t bother to look up, and continued working. “I need the best person you have.” A male, monotone voice said. “Y/N! Your up!” Jemma called at you. You looked up. “Me?” You asked. Spock nodded. “Yes, you Ms. Y/N. Come with me.” He said. You stood up to your feet, and walked to the elevator where Kirk was waiting. “Good afternoon, Ms. Y/l/n.” He said warmly. “Good afternoon, Captain.” You nod. The elevator seemed to take forever. “So, are you seeing anyone?” He asked cooly. “No sir.” You replied. A few minutes later, you saw Kirk staring at you. “Is there something wrong, Captain?” You asked. “No. Not at all.” He smiled. “Look, I know you’d reputation with women alright? I’m not doing it.” You said. He laughed. “What?” You asked confused. “You seriously think I do that anymore?” He asked, somewhat offended. You shrugged. “People talk.” You answered small. He laughed again. “With all those girls, it never felt different. I didn’t feel anything with them. I got sick of the same old love. So, I stopped.” He answered. You were about to answer when the elevators robotic voice said, “You have arrived at your destination.” He walled next to you as you approached Bones with Khan ans Spock next to Uhura. “Doctor McCoy.” You smiled. “Doctor Y/n. Good to see you.” He smiled. “What information have you gathered on Khan?” Spock asked quickly. You cleared your throat as you looked up from the ground to see Kirk looking at you. “Um.. Khans cells regenerate like nothing I’ve seen. Its almost a miracle, you could say.” You started. You babbled on about it until Khan spoke. “She’s correct.” Which made you blush. “Thank you Doctor Y/n. We’ll call you back if we need you.” Spock nodded. “Thank you Spock. Bones.” You nodded. “Captain.” You said, then said a quick goodbye as you started back off to the lab. Kirk watched you leave as he thought ‘Maybe she’s a different kind of love.’ “Captain! Jim!” Bones snapped in Kirks face. “What? What?” He asked, flustered. “What the hell’s wrong with you! You’ve been out of it since Y/N came in!” Spock smirked to himself in amusement, as did Khan while Uhura and Bones stood confused. “I only want Y/n in on this. She can be….” He said as he cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. “Helpful.” He managed out. Spock laughed to himself. Spock knew, Bones would find out eventually. Kirk was sick of that same old love. And he’d get a better, ones kind with you.

Visitation Rights

Hello again warpers, and welcome to another installment of Peabody’s Probably Adoption Process! I can’t believe so many people are following this. You guys are awesome!

Anyway, in this one-shot I wanted to interpret the state home where Sherman would’ve stayed in those months the courts were processing Peabody’s adoption request. Also, just to clarify for future reference: the stories in this series don’t follow any particular chronological order. These drabbled are linked by the trials Peabody faced when he adopted Sherman, but that’s about it. I don’t really have a cohesive narrative in mind. 

With that said, please enjoy!

p.s.- I highly recommend you listen to the song “Feels Like Home” by Josh Groban before or after reading this. The song pretty much describes Peabody and Sherman’’s relationship to a tee and was a major source of inspiration for this drabble.

*Knock knock knock* Peabody knocked purposefully on the large dilapidated door, carefully readjusting the small book he held under one arm.

The small dog rocked impatiently on the balls of his paws as he stood on the weathered stone steps of The HardRock orphanage. A crisp autumn breeze blew through the alley, kicking up the various pieces of discarded trash that lined the streets of the shady neighborhood. Drawing his jacket and the book closer, Peabody winced as the acrid smell of cigarette butts hit his nose. “Delightful,” he muttered sarcastically to himself as he saw one of the offending objects carried off in the breeze, its smell lingering far longer than he’d like.

Since finding Sherman and vowing to adopt him, Peabody had visited the HardRock orphanage frequently. Unfortunately Sherman was still deemed a ward of the state by the courts and would remain so unless he won custody. However, that did not mean the dog couldn’t visit with his boy. Peabody was allotted two visits per week and he fully intended to make the most if his limited time.

That is, if someone would open the door. Tapping his foot impatiently on the stoop, Peabody frowned in annoyance. He knew they were in there. Through the door his ears could make out the muffled chaos of scrambling children as they tromped through the house. Really, he was well aware what the orphanage matriarch, Mrs. Hamish, thought of him, but if she thought she could just ignore his legal right to visitation then-

Suddenly, the beagle jumped in alarm as a loud crash sounded on the other side of the door, leaving an unsettling silence in its wake. It was followed by the sound of rushing footsteps. “WHAT DID I TELL YOU BRATS ABOUT RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!?” A shrill shout cut through Peabody’s ear drums. More footsteps sounded and the dog leapt out of the way just in time as the door was suddenly thrown open.

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ok i need to tell you about this bc its amazing and i love it so much! i was looking for a new foundation bc my skin is really clear now so i just needed a lightweight one to cover up redness and the girl at sephora recommended the lancome miracle cushion compact foundation and said it got rave reviews so i decided to try it and let…me…tell’s freaking amazing like AMAZINFG, it gives light to medium coverage and it makes my skin look SO dewy like i just got back from a spa retreat or something, and its super moisturizing, it has the benefits of both bb and cc creams i’m in love with it its so worth the money, i was super nervous at first but i’m so happy that i found it : ) i really recommend it if you’re looking for a lightweight foundation and willing to splurge

Scent sensitivities

Okay, if you’re like me and get really bothered by things like strong perfumes you probably avoid stores that sell it or body products like the plague.  

Well, I just learnt something really interesting about them from my counselor.  Apparently, if you’re smelling different products, a lot of these stores actually keep bowls of coffee beans that you can smell in between different fragrances.  Why?  It cleanse the palate!  

Well, on her advice I’ve started carrying a tiny bag of them with me (just a mini ziplock bag, about palm size if even, and I even made a little fabric bag to hold it in so it’s more discrete) and it’s amazing??  Now when I have to be sitting next to someone wearing strong perfume it’s easy to breathe in the smell of the coffee beans quickly (which to me is a really pleasant smell) and it helps stave off the perfume smell and clears the residue from my system.  I’m currently sitting in a computer lab next to someone who has painfully strong perfume, enough so that it’s making my eyes prickle, but by smelling the coffee beans every so often I still haven’t gotten a headache and have been able to concentrate on my work!

I thought some of you guys might like to know this fun fact because it’s seriously making things so much better for me!

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Harry is out here liking pics of a girls pic talking about sucking her fingers dry. Who the fuck knows if it's real but I'm disgusted and so pissed off!!!!

2) this shit is getting ridiculous, evan pls make this stop. i can’t believe ppl think it was “accident”

i wish i could make it stop. it’s never okay. listen, i really hope those who saw that understand that it wasn’t harry. i hope they realize that harry styles would NEVER do that. even if by some miracle he was into women in the slightest bit, that’s demeaning and he’d never favorite something like that. ever. it’s disrespectful. and for those who think otherwise, it’s painfully clear they only like him for sex and nothing else. regardless if he’s into it or not. they just want him. they don’t care about him as a person at all. and this PROVES that harry’s account in addition to the rest of their accounts are all occupied by idiot interns that have NO IDEA who the real harry styles is. and that we can see right through them like they’re bathing in windex. 

real talk
I am a 24-year old human. I love people and flowers and mountains and crocheting and cooking and taking photos and camping and journaling. I am a Christ-follower, wife, soon-to-be mother, creative, silly, emotional, antsy, and adventurous person, working as a secretary and I have struggled with an eating disorder for a large amount of my life. There is so much I could write about those days– constantly looking in mirrors, taking a lot of food but only eating a few bites and throwing up when I ate more than that, weighing myself a few times daily, comparing myself to anyone and everyone, and so much hate and sadness and emptiness. it was such a dark time for me and I was alone in it. Fast-forward to when I became a Christ-follower. I was 18 and the message of the Gospel (which I had heard my entire life) had somehow never permeated my soul until then. Learning, through my incredible community at the time, about the true freedom and joy that Jesus brings was a game-changer for me, in every single way. I finally realized that I had been redeemed, and from there, I slowly (very slowly, it was quite a process) stopped caring so much about what other people thought of me and slowly started letting myself become me–the true real me, loved and adored by Jesus. I stopped comparing and starving and weighing and hating myself. Fast-forward again to now. Its been awhile since I have felt that sort of struggle. its not completely gone, and I doubt it ever will be–that’s the sort of thing that always comes up in little ways here or there. but I felt it again two days ago at my doctors appointment. I get weighed every month, you know, to track the health of the baby and me and whatever, and since becoming pregnant, I have gained 20 pounds. to most of you, this will seem silly and you will think, “who cares, you’re supposed to gain weight when you’re pregnant.” but it was quite a shocking and discouraging thing for me. I know I don’t look fat and that its clear that I am pregnant and not overweight or anything, but that isn’t what I was thinking when I read the numbers. since that appointment, two days ago, I have been praying about my heart and that my mind won’t get caught in the spinning negative frenzy it used to. and I have been so reminded of this: in reality, I am the luckiest person in the world. carrying this baby has been the greatest and sweetest thing I have ever done and I am constantly amazed at the miracle life is– there is so so much going on in there alllll the time! me and God are successfully growing a tiny human out of nothing! a tiny human with toes and the cutest little face and fingerprints and eyebrows and a soul and a heart that will love someday! a tiny human that already wiggles and dances around when he hears music! a tiny human that I have so much love for already! the sweetest little tiny human there ever could be, is living and growing inside me, and I could literally cry every time I really think about that fact. yes, it bothers me a little that I have gained 20 pounds already and will probably gain 20 more by the end of this and that I have stretch marks and that my body may never be the same again–but I feel like the most blessed person in the entire universe to even be having these sorts of ‘problems.’ its all about perspective, peeps, and thankfully, Jesus is always helping me changing mine.
Spirit of the Season || Polar Express

The second he heard a familiar train whistle Nightlight could only grin. Landing in the snow and starting to walk toward the large fog bank that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Each step seemed to sink a little more in the snow then the last, while height was gained and a warmth settled inside him.

When he laughed again it was decidedly deeper and without much of the spectral echo that clung to the tone. Stepping up onto the train to watch his armor seem to ghost away, replaced by another type of uniform.

The train gave another merry whistle and was on its way in a flash. Leaving behind the most curious of footprints in the snow. Nightlight hardly minded, only wandering to a storage closet he knew would be there and gently setting his staff inside. He knew there would be no reason to fight this night. In a burst of light his moonbeam dashed out of its confinement in the dagger to zip around the Tall One. Cuddling up on his shoulder and enjoying the seasonal miracle that it’s Nightlight Boy enjoyed. It was not so often its Nightlight boy could be even close to being mortal after all.

Everything set away and a quick fixing of his uniform and Nightlight felt the train coming to a stop. Time to pick up one of his passengers. Smiling Nightlight waited the appropriate amount of ‘staring with mouth agape’ time before stepping off the train.

“All aboard!” He called voice clean and clear, and ever so kindly. He might be a tall one for the night, but he was very much still him. Welcoming whomever the train had decided to bring aboard.

Give Me All Of It pt.2

Summary: Dan is left horribly unsatisfied and still horny as hell, and what better way to solve such a problem than to go searching for Phil, the guy that won’t leave his mind?

Warnings: cursing, a bit of grinding, mentions of past sexual encounters. Also a brief encounter with a homophobic asshole, you can totally skip it if you want. Sorry if any of these things are triggering and if they are please let me know!!

A/N: Hey! It has been highly requested that I do a part 2 to this and here I am to grant your wishes. I’m sorry its been forever man but still I hope you like it :) 

Dan feels like he’s literally on fire. Its not a good feeling.

As far as he was aware, he couldn’t actually die from lack of sex, but who knows? Maybe he’s slowly dying in bed because he hasn’t gotten any dick in weeks. He’s an incubus for fucks sake, he’s practically starving at this point.

Dan had a very intense wanking session the other day (after he came from fingering himself he pulled out his vibrator and everything. He came four times it was so so much) and he felt great for a while. He happily plopped on his couch and spent an hour messing about on his phone, but of course his life couldn’t be that easy. Of fucking course.

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Kick those old potions to the curb.

Start a-fresh for a fresher face

All of us have lotions and potions hiding in the back of the bathroom cupboard.  Maybe you got half way through one then changed brand or maybe a friend convinced you to buy this years ‘miracle cream’ that sadly wasn’t.  Well, now’s the time to give your old skincare store a spring clean - yes even though it’s already summer!  It’s recommended that we clear out old products and replace with new one’s twice a year, so let’s get on with it. Be ruthless with those old favourites that have been hanging around forever or anything that has gone past its expiry date.  Did you know old eye creams and cleansers can cause irritation to your eyes and skin? Time to swap them for products that are kind to your skin like Simple® skincare. Simple® products are always gentle and really give your face a fresh start - even if it isn’t spring. So, get spring cleaning those shelves, and have fun re-stocking…