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Reaction h/c's for UF and UT Sans and US Papyrus when their s/o gives them a mischievous grin before pulling on the straps on their hood until it's so far closed that they can't see anymore and the s/o gives them a kiss? Thank you!!!

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That’s funny, cute~ }

😚 Sansy 😚

You are getting closer to him with that mischievous and menacing grin and he does not know what to think… Or maybe he knows exactly but he pretends to be confused like he is a little naive boy. He stays there waiting for your move while the temperature is getting hotter.
You are so close, you are almost touching him with your body and he observes you with curiosity and amusement. He puts his hands in his pockets, acting smug and cool like you are not doing what you have in mind. Then, you pull the strap of his jacket until he disappears under his hood. It’s quite funny and Sans gasps because he can’t see anything. While he tries to say something, you kiss him and he becomes as blue as his jacket camouflaging himself with it like a chameleon. No, Sans is unable to speak and, at least, you don’t notice his embarrassed face but it’s something so cute so you continue to torment him until he becomes a radioactive blue lamp.

😚 Reddy 😚

Sans is totally curious of what you are doing and he is ready since he likes these little games and he is often the one who provokes you with his dirty jokes. It’s time for you to take your little revenge. You are closer to him and he still has his hands over you like he is an octopus, he can’t help himself. Then, you pull the zip of his jacket up and he is quite confused because he thought you wanted to undress him for having some big time of sensuality but maybe you want only make fun of him.
Now he is covered by his hood and he can’t see a thing and then you kiss him but he is happy, this darkness is worthy, at least. Obvious, he kiss you as well even if with too much passion and violent since he is biting you but he can’t contain himself, it’s his speciality. You are acting so bad and it’s your punishment!
Then, Sans teleports you and him in his bedroom because he truly craves that big time of sensuality. Be gentle and grant it to him-!

😚 Stretch 😚

Papyrus observes you with his lazy and amused smile while you show to him your mischievous grin and he is so curious about your next move. Then, he is so tall so you should put a lot of effort to reach his hood and pull up his zipper and he is too infamous to help you. You have to do it all alone and he will do his best to hinder you. The moment you rise your arms, he starts to tickle you in your armpits and you can’t help but laugh like crazy. Maybe your plan won’t be successful, it seems. You try to resist and you reach his zip, pulling it up until his face is hidden by his hood and he is still laughing because it’s so amusing. You are a jerk, that’s why he loves you.
You are on tiptoe and you pull him closer kissing him on the mouth. The skeleton becomes as orange as an eggs yolk. You won leaving him speechless but you are wrong if you think it’s over. Papyrus have to take his revenge so he does the same to you, hugging you tightly and then he raises you like you have no weight, and he kisses you between a laugh and another.