this is so beautiful in color i wanna cry

Love Your Artist Day

It’s the 4th day of the SnK no hate awareness week, and today we celebrate all the talented artists within our fandom! I’m a mess and so is my blog but I wanted to make a list of all the talented artists I know and follow, so here I go:

@lampurple( @lampurpleart): Bianca is an amazing artist, as well as an amazing person! She does commissions and she also loves little creatures, like pokemon and cats. She’s a blessing. Long time mutual right here and I’m happy she’s a friend.

@apetitan: Very sweet and talented, Meisoo is truly a gem to talk to and they’re always giving me some sort of feels. A++

@synstruck( @princelingkit): Very cool person to talk to, great cosplay/selfies, and amazing art, like he draws superb EreRis and he also writes!! He’s a very well rounded person, we don’t deserve him.

@spacebumblebees( @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine): Oh Kayu is a sweetheart, and they make really cute art! They have a love for all bees and they’re sweet like honey.

@dinklebert2( @dinklebert): She blesses our fandom with daily ereris and she’s just a wonderful person in general. Another person we don’t deserve I sob.

@eli-ereri: They make the cutest art ever, and they are another sweetheart. A long standing mutual for me! I feel blessed whenever I talk to them, oh help me.

@erenbaegerr: Oh Nada, they are a blessing to us all. They make wonderful art, and have great ideas, thank you for dealing with all my stupidness in the group chat lmao

@mastia: Cute person who makes equally cute ereris, they have a really nice blog and they are a person I’d like to talk with twin the future.

@erenspencil: more soft ereris, along with a cute and unique art style. Very very nice person! Yuu has a cool sense of humour and is someone I wanna talk more with, so cute ahh

@constant-catastrophe: Really cute, soft ereris and a adorable art style. Like seriously, all their art is precious, have you seen the witch au? I cry, very sweet person as well. They recently hit 1,000 followers and honestly they deserve it all like 10x over.

@roredwarrior3: This person, art, good art, nice, what, what are words. I cry I love their art so much, A+ right here, thank you for existing

@09raito: Thank you for existing as well, your line art and coloring style has me weak like.. always. I haven’t talked to them but they seem really cool.

@dreamxxdream: Beautiful ereris, they’ve been in the fandom so long and it’s a blessing, they draw so much beauty my eyes can’t take it, that recent Mikasa art has me dead I just wanna say, grade A+ right here

@bev-nap: I cry their art is so good, like.. idk how but?? It’s amazing??? Like I wanna keyboard smash in the tags whenever I see their art ah

@shingeki-no-erens-butt: cute ereris, all the cute ereris, very nice, you should go check them out ya

@lolakasa: I’m still cryinf, great artist, best eremikas and art in general. The erens… omg the erens.. so good like??? Bless them as well

@daydream24-7: cries, blessed eremikas and other great art. Very cute person who I’d life to talk to at least once. Her Mikasa gives me life, ooh great artist right here

@drinkyourfuckingmilk: fucking, ??? Goldmine??? She’s so funny and makes the best levihans. Literally so funny like if I wanna laugh super hard I just gotta read her tags??? Bless her.

@roxoah: I’ve been following him since I joined the fandom I’ve seen it all and omg the best art.

@kyo224: BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful ereris, I love their art style and sketches, their Eren is beautiful, Levi is beau, their art is beau, I’m deceased.

@felixora: I cry that one art of Levi looking at Eren killed me???? It was beautiful??? Great artist right here?? Help me

@alemanriq: funny as heck and makes great art, love their art style and comics, a great person too, I love ahhh

@ererichi: Yes NAOMI YES. beautiful art just beauty, best ereris tbh, the baseball au??? Been in my heart since 2015???? God such a great person, we should talk more I weep

@krista-w-chan: Beautiful Ereris I just…. I.. so nice???? Like how??? Best Levi’s, also that nsfw.. heuheuheu some good shit right here

@strawberry-bell: I love their sketches!!! Grade A Levi’s, like, good shit, some god shit right here yes yes

@mr-d-teufel: wtfff, best sketches ever, and their ereris ar beautiful, have you sent their recent art my heart sings, they way they draw anatomy has me weak as well, I just, so good

@a-puzzling-development: Waah, soft ereris and cute art style? Like super cute, their Eren is precious, Levi is bae and their art is a miracle. I don’t understand all the greatness, I’ve been blinded help

@doodlingclown: I’m gonna cry, okay, fucking cute art like really cute, a+++ comics and their art is so funny and great, love this artist

@eryen-art: bessst, I love their art, great comics and they are so funny? Nice person too, all the goodness ah, they are a gift to all their fandom

@nayawata: the cutest art, they drew this merfolk ereri comic and tbh??? I still haven’t recovered it was so sweet, good person right here

@cang-ye-ji: Soft eremikas help me. Beautiful mikasas.. beautiful Eren’s.. beautiful art?? Yes?? Great person, they seem so soft and sweet we are not worthy

@kesshouka: great ereris and he also does cosplay, so great, he makes the best art and I just can’t even deal, if only you could see my face

@ayhiroshi: soft ereris, good ideas and great art, blesses my heart each time ty very much ah

@eridionn: I remember them all the way back to my early fandom and tbh, their art has a special place in my memory because boy yyy, the best

@selfmadesuperhero: THE BEST, HE MAKES THE BEST ART. like his Levi’s??? Goldmine man, also he made a trans Levi and not too many ppl do that and I made me weep ooh so good right here, thank you Charlie for constantly blessing the living fuck outta me my god

@blauerozen: bessssssst person ever, great art, like beautiful, soft ereris and??? All of their art is??? Amazing?? My heart

@tanekore: All of their ereris and art is good art??? Tbh they bring goodness to whatever fandom they’re in and it’s like, thank you??? Beautiful person and artist, and uh, ahem, that dilf!eren au has me blessed forever js, ahem

@renoidan-doodles: the best tbh, sweet art, nice person, they made this nsfw ereri art and it made me die it’s so funny lmao, great art right here ahhhh

@aivelin: best eruris tbh, whatever fandom they draw for it’s amazing, sweet person and fucking amazing art, the streams they host, omg it’s amazing just.. just beautiful

@isabelmaqnolia: I weep, sweet sweet shingekis, great art, very soft colouring and just-??? Sweetness? Hold on I think I got a cavity

All of these artists are amazing and great and I recommend everyone go follow everyone, yes yes!!! I hope you enjoyed my mess of a list lmao, your art is appreciated and you are loved by this blogger!

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I was crying about the yoonmin harmony part in spring day the whole week but i didn't expect them to actually make it part of the choreo and have jimin sing his harmonization line with their backs pressed to each other and the way jimin's leans his head back and yoongi leans into him slightly. I legit teared up.. their clothes are each other's hair colors, their voices are rough and soft, everything is opposite and it's so beautiful to watch omg they really match so well GIVE US THE SUBUNIT

i wanna know which of their stylist is a ym shipper and send them a fruit basket cause ym have legit been pink-blue matching throughout ynwa… jimin’s pink hair/yoongi’s blue-streaked/blue hair… yoongi’s pink sweater/jimin’s blue sweater in the mv… jimin’s shirt had blue stripes and yoongi’s had pink in the spring day choreo @ the con… like really doing the absolute Most 

yoongi and jimin really do complement each other in every possible way,,, visually, musically, stylistically, they want the unit, we want the unit, WHEN

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut iโ€™m literally about to recommend 54 blogsโ€ฆwooow.

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  • other hamilton writing blogs: aesthetic so beautiful it makes me wanna cry, i could stare at these blogs for hours just because their theme is so perfect and their header, icon, and color scheme all match. i want to match this level of perfection in everything i do
  • me on my own blog: i'm lazy how about.....memes

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core 6 on a random roadtrip?

  • Their junior year of highschool Minkus buys them tickets for Coachella.
  • They were all going to fly there but Smackle is terrified of flying and the only way to get her to go is to drive there.
  • It’s a 40 hour car ride and Cory literally begs them to fly but they refuse to leave Smackle and decide that if they leave a week early enough they can stop in different cities on their way through.
  • Minkus gets them an eight passenger mom van to drive and Maya lovingly dubs it the “silver bullet”.
  • Everyone tries to convince her to call it something different since a silver bullet could be thought of as dirty, but she refuses to call it anything else. 
  • Lucas drives most of the time because he is the best driver and no one else is quite as trusted to get them to California safely.
  • Riley isn’t allowed to drive because she gets distracted by tall buildings and pretty scenery. 
  • Maya sits in the front passenger seat when Lucas drives because he likes to play country music and Maya would rather jump out of the car than listen to another song about cowboy boots. 
  • Zay makes Lucas take a detour to DC so that he can stop at Langley. He and Maya both spend forty five minutes trying to figure out how they can join the CIA. 
  • Smackle gets offended that they’d rather join the CIA than the NSA. 
  • They spend the day at the Smithsonian and Farkle/Smackle/Maya get really into all of the science exhibits. 
  • Maya leaves them both shocked when she wins a science trivia contest against the two of them.
  • Farkle and Smackle don’t speak to her for two hours until she reminds them that they’ll always be better at everything else than she is. 
  • While driving through Tennessee Farkle sees a sign for the Oak Ridge nuclear facility and forces Lucas to stop there.
  • They spend half a day learning about all of the crazy stuff that went down there back during the cold war.
  • He and Smackle get in trouble for trying to sneak into the top secret area and they’re all forced to leave.
  • While everyone is asleep Lucas drives straight through to Nashville and checks them into a hotel. 
  • When Maya wakes up to see a giant cowboy themed neon sign she yells “absolutely not” and looks up busses to NYC.
  • They spend two days in Nashville and Smackle gets really into the southern aesthetic. She wears cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and all denim. 
  • Maya and Riley get into a karaoke competition on Broadway at Tootsies in the afternoon and they win $200 dollars. 
  • Since they’re minors they can’t get into any of the bars after ten and Maya promises Lucas that once they’re twenty-one they can come back and have the “full Nashville experience.” 
  • Once they’re almost out of Tennessee they stop at Neely’s BBQ in Memphis because of how much Riley loves the Neely’s TV show.
  • Riley gets BBQ Spaghetti and cries over how good it is and how she’s never leaving Memphis.
  • Zay has to throw her over his shoulder to get her out of the restaurant. 
  • Maya buys three boxes of takehome BBQ spaghetti and a few bottles of Neely’s BBQ sauce so that Riley can have some on the road.
  • Riley eats all three boxes within two hours of leaving the restaurant and they have to pull over at a rest stop because she gets sick.
  • They stop in Little Rock, Arkansas because Zay saw something at a rest stop about gem stone digging and he wants to do it.
  • Lucas finds a Ruby in his hunk of dirt and has it turned into a necklace at the tourist shop for Maya.
  • Farkle and Smackle find a bunch of awesome gemstones and buy little collectable books to keep theirs in.
  • Zay and Riley turn all of theirs into jewelry and they both walk around acting like they’re super rich.
  • Maya gives hers to Riley because Riley’s excitement over them was adorable.
  • After they leave Little Rock they get a hotel on the side of the road in between Little Rock and Oklahoma City. The hotel gets their bed request wrong and they all have to sleep on one giant king sized bed.
  • When they wake up in the morning the girls are all cuddled up with eachother, Zay has Maya’s legs on top of him, Farkle is falling off of the edge of the bed, and Lucas is on the floor. 
  • They make a stop in Oklahoma City because Maya wants to go to the Bombing memorial. She buys a bouquet of flowers and puts a flower on the names of everyone who has a birthday that week.
  • Maya ends up walking off by herself for about an hour and just crying because the memorial is so beautiful, and being from NYC and visiting the 911 memorial she feels connected to the victims.
  • She sits quietly in her seat during the hour and a half drive to Amarillo, Texas and decides to herself to paint something for the museum when she gets home. 
  • They stop in Amarillo and go to Cadillac Ranch because Lucas and Zay went there when they were little and they wanted to see if their names were still painted on a car. 
  • It of course wasn’t and they get super offended for about ten minutes before deciding to repaint the cars.
  • All six of the kids paint their own area of a car. Riley paints a purple cat, Lucas paints his name, Farkle paints a robot, Smackle paints flowers, Zay paints a self portrait of himself, and Maya turns the entire car into the NYC skyline.
  • They all have dinner at Cadillac ranch and lay under the stars until it closes. Then they get a hotel right outside of Amarillo.
  • At the hotel they get two rooms with a conjoined door. Smackle and Zay stay in one room watching some history film, Riley and Farkle stay in the other watching Hairspray, Lucas and Maya end up out in the hot tub all night talking about life and trying to count the stars.
  • The next morning Zay finds out that they have to drive through Albuquerque and he begs everyone to stop at the HSM school.
  • They do, and since school is in session they pretend like they go there so that they can get in.
  • Zay and Riley stand in front of Sharpay’s locker and basically cry for ten minutes until Maya has to force them to leave.
  • Riley also begs Farkle to reenact some of the scenes between Troy and Gabriella that take place in the hallway. He does but then the principal calls them out to ask why they arent in class and they take off running  to their car.
  • Lucas gets tired of driving and Maya tries to drive. She lasts for about an hour before they collectively decide she has to stop because she’s trying to race other cars.
  • She also played a game called “let’s piss off everyone” where she drove in the fast lane at the same speed as the car next to her in the slow lane. People were honking at her. There was a line of about twenty cars behind them.
  • Zay had to take over driving because Maya was definitely going to get them killed. 
  • When they get to Phoenix Zay dares Maya to grab a cactus. She does and ends up getting stuck.
  • They have to go to the ER to get it taken out because Farkle doesn’t want her to get an infection and Smackle convinces her that if she does get an infection he entire hand will fall off.
  • That was the moment that Lucas decided not to leave Zay and Maya alone together.
  • Riley convinces everyone to stop at this restaurant in Tempe called Phoenix Market where she orders her weight in Nachos and declares that she’s never leaving Phoenix.
  • They get a hotel in Tempe and Farkle begs them to stop at a Walmart so that he can buy eggs and a skillet for a science experiment. 
  • It’s the first Walmart that Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Smackle have ever been in (Since they dont have them in NY) and they spend two hours going crazy over all of the things you can buy. 
  • The next morning everyone wakes up to find that Farkle and Smackle are missing. When they look outside of the hotel room they see the two of them with a skillet on the ground in the parking lot and the two of them are frying eggs.
  • They have scrambled eggs for breakfast and Riley spends twenty minutes complaining about the 115 degree weather in the spring.
  • The drive from Tempe to Coachella is 3 and a half hours and in that time Lucas convinces them to stop at In n out three times.
  • He practically cries when he takes a bite because the last time he ate In n Out was in Dallas like four years ago and he’s missed it so much.
  • Riley doesnt understand what the big deal about In n Out is and Lucas kicks her out of the trip.
  • Maya kicks him from under the table and he invites her back in. 
  • When they finally get to Coachella they find out Minkus has gotten them a huge camper for the weekend and they spend the weekend having the best time ever.
  • After Coachella is over they decide to go a slightly different way home and end up taking a slight detour to LA where they spend three days.
  • Once they leave LA they drive to the Grand Canyon and spend a day listening to Maya cry about how beautiful all of the colors are and Riley cry about how clear the sky is. 
  • Then they drive through Vegas and listen to Zay cry about how much he wishes he was twenty one because he wants to have a night like the hangover. 
  • They also stop in Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh before getting home. 
  • They dub it the greatest trip ever and decide to do it every summer until they’re dead. 


Tbh I wanna thank the whole black tumblr community for teaching me more about who I am. I’ve always been ashamed of my skin color as a little girl wondering why I’m not as light as my mom or why my knees are really dark, and being afraid that no one would wanna date me because I’m black. I’ve been ashamed for a while but once I joined tumblr I saw the beauty it opened my eyes. Dark deep skin tones, beautiful jaw lines, luscious lips, so much variety dark brown hair, light brown hair, colored eyes, dark eyes,thick women, beautiful dreadlocks, braids, amazing bodies from left to right, beautiful men and women from mama Africa. This has me so emotional I wanna cry. Thank you so much everyone even if I’ve never met you or talked to you. We’re all so beautiful and you all deserve the world. We gotta stick together


High anxiety serving me forever
I’m broken at the time
They say it’s only gonna make me better
And eyes take pictures
And here the boys in heels make great teachers

So if being in heaven had a color
I’d paint it turquoise sea
And if love is just a myth
I’d rather switch my belief

From the horizon of the pier
I watch the pain disappear
From the top of these houses
A new sensation of absent fears
My Brighton blues
So beautiful but still confused
With my anger i have fused
My Brighton blues

Got her by my side i feel like this could be forever
I’m too afraid to cry I don’t wanna show my weather
But the wind passes me, cutting through my leather
I run like a child in the Pavilion
Just to remember what’s it like to be light as a feather

So if being in heaven had a color
I’d paint it turquoise sea
And if love is just a myth
I’d rather switch my belief

From the horizon of the pier
I watch the pain disappear
From the top of these houses
A new sensation of absent fears
My Brighton blues
So beautiful but still contused
With my anger i have fused
My Brighton blues

Now we’re late
We might miss the ride
But I’ve never been more willing to leave it all behind
And the truth is a lie I’ll blow up before i die
You know reality ain’t nothing but a settling mind

So if being in heaven had a color
I’d paint it turquoise sea
And if love is just a myth
I’d rather switch my belief

From the horizon of the pier
I watch the pain disappear
From the top of these houses
A new sensation of absent fears
My Brighton blues
So beautiful but still contused
With my anger i have fused
My Brighton blues

Love, No Sugar

Kurt and Blaine are neighbors that meet properly for the first time when theyโ€™ve both been up all night, and Kurtโ€™s out of coffee.

โ€œHold the elevator!โ€ย 

Kurt quickly puts his foot between the doors and his neighbor from next door comes in, out of breath.ย 

โ€œAh, God, thank you.โ€ย 

โ€œNo problem,โ€ Kurt chuckles, taking in the guyโ€™s appearance. He has an 8 oโ€™clock shadow, his hair is sticking out of what must have been a perfect hairdo the night before and itโ€™s clear he hasnโ€™t slept well if at all.ย 

All in all it looks like heโ€™s pretty much had the same kind of night as Kurt.

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The Signs Working With Oil Pastel
  • Aries: tbh this is ok this is cool this i-- FUCK ITS EVERYWHERE
  • Taurus: i dont know why everyone dislikes these theyre neat
  • Cancer: wtf i wanna cry these are so impossible?
  • Gemini: precious children holy shit theyre like big crayons i love them.
  • Scorpio: honestly im pretty neutral like they can be a pain but theyre ok
  • Libra: fuck this.
  • Sagittarius: i love the messiness. my hands are like an art project!
  • Capricorn: i would rather work in colored pencil but whatever
  • Virgo: i love all types of art, even oil pastel.
  • Aquarius: oil pastel can fucking suck my dick what the fuck im so pissed @ these
  • Pisces: theyre beautiful really, but not my fave.

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AND THE TRAKCLIST BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dna is probs the title track n its gonna be a bop i can feel it

im gonna cry so much with skit bbmas i wanna DIE

also dimples already my fav song just bc its got a cute title dfgsdgsfg

The Signs As Songs From BADLANDS


“Cause I’ve done some things that I can’t speak, And I’ve tried to wash you away, but you just won’t leave, So won’t you take a breath and dive in deep? Cause I came here so you’d come for me”


“Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine, I’m helpless, clinging to a little bit of spine, They rush me, telling me I’m running out of time, They shush me (shhhh), walking me across a fragile line”


“I’m bigger than my body, I’m colder than this home, I’m meaner than my demons, I’m bigger than these bones”

Cancer: GHOST

“My ghost, Where’d you go? I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me, My ghost, Where’d you go? What happened to the soul you used to be?”


“He says, “Oh, baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends, I’m a king and you’re a queen and we will stumble through heaven, If there’s a light at the end, it’s just the sun in your eyes, I know you wanna go to heaven, but you’re human tonight’”


“I’ve got a lover, a love like religion, I’m such a fool for sacrifice, He’s coming down, down, coming down, It’s coming down, down, coming down, I’ve got a lover and I’m unforgiven, I’m such a fool to pay this price, It’s coming down, down, coming down, It’s coming down, down, coming down”


“You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise, You’re spilling like an overflowing sink, You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece, And now I’m tearing through the pages and the ink”


“That’s the beauty of a secret, You know you’re supposed to keep it, But I don’t have to fucking tell you anything”

Sagittarius: CASTLE

“Oh, all these minutes passing, sick of feeling used, If you wanna break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised, And now my neck is open wide, begging for a fist around it, Already choking on my pride, so there’s no use crying about it”

Capricorn: DRIVE

“All we do is drive, All we do is think about the feelings that we hide, All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign, Sick and full of pride, All we do is drive”

Aquarius: GASOLINE

“Are you deranged like me? Are you strange like me? Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me? Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me? Pointing fingers cause you’ll never take the blame like me?”


“Cause we’ll be looking for sunlight, 
Or the headlights, Till our wide eyes burn blind, We’ll be lacing the same shoes, That we’ve worn through, To the bottom of the line, And we know that we’re headstrong, And our heart’s gone, And the timing’s never right, So for now let’s get away, On a Roman holiday”