this is so beautiful i rly cant

i cant believe our favorite trans boy is now a pink zombie and he’s best friends with the best big cat, who is also a pink zombie,

“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”

[SMOL UPDATES] studyblroll!

this is forever a wip!! im always looking for new blogs to add! (if you wanna be in here/have any recommendations just send me a message or ask, friends)

new studyblrs are in bold!!! check them out first, please!!


@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


@alimastudies - NOTESSSS

@aworkinggirlsbujo - how are you a new blog your original content is TEARWORTHY (and there’s so much of it too, so check this blog out!!)

@aeristudies - also minimalistic theme. beautiful original posts. some exo here and there. rly sweet and energetic and cute


@amoebasisters - omg if ur a scienceblr u will love how cute this blog is

@baejoohyuk - v friendly + energetic + sweet. lots of kpop but also other v nice reblogs + things too

@biscuitpen - adorable blog (-: easy to navigate + sweet aesthetic!

@bookandcoffeelover - book aesthetic all around

@bookbaristas - tons of beautiful book original posts omg

@bookfully - the love of my life; beautiful note pictures!!

@bookworminabox - v nice book aesthetic

@bulletjournaling101 - if you’re bujo crazy, this is the blog for you

@caffestudy - original posts are to die for

@calligr4phy - if you like those cute little random posts from the blogs u follow, get on this blog. also bullet journal is amazing as heck

@castillos-co - reblogs the most amazing things,,,+ gorgeous selfies

@ciellene - i can’t omg her original posts–

@cinnamonandhappiness - eeee scrolling for days

@coffeesforstudiers - for when you need an inspiration/motivation/productivity boost

@collegerefs - for crazy kids on the pre-college/ college adventure

@csec-studyblr - rly cute original posts

@curious-studies - lot’s of cute original posts!

@designyoself - ahh random ramblings + studyspo

@determinationandcaffeine - self explanatory 


@einstetic - reALLY elite langblr omg

@eiucidate - gay love meet studyblr

@emmastudies - …do i even need a caption for this one

@equaticns - SELF CARE + blue aesthetic ahhh

@essayinc - get those a-levels honey 

@fall-out-books - BOOKS, HONESTLY

@flaheistudies - …i cant

@fromquantumfluctuations - omg so sweet + i love reading through her orig posts and asks

@gatostudies - omg small bean + handwriting!! <3

@glossie - ahh i love reblogging from this!

@heather-journal - peaceful aesthetic(s)

@hermionegoals - omg the masterposts + advice are so,,,,

@hermione-helpme - reblogs from all over tumblr ahhh

@historyandmemes - for all you humanities nerds who keep being told that ur subject is underrated…think again

@hittingthebooks - i dont even know what to say,,,like her original content is BEAUTIFUL,,, what 2 say???

@hogwartsstudies - harry potter nerd!! check this blog out 

@homework-help-network - run by @rhubarbstudies and i!! a network of students trying to do well in school by helping and communicating with each other.

@illbebachinaminuet - if you like music, (pt 1)

@illeststudy - clean white aesthetic

@intellectus - mmm i like this blog i like this blog

@inspostudying - original posts are killer

@introvertedbookworm24 - for all u fellow book nerds out there


@journalsanctuary - EVERYTHING (about ur bullet journal)

@laminar - ALSO EVERYTHING  (except not about ur bujo)

@lihnguist - studyspo from all over the world hahaha; one of those blogs you can just scroll through for days

@livsdesk - omg

@lorastudies - her lettering omggg + rare yellow aesthetic!

@lucystudiess - original studyspo (the calligraphy. omg.)

@mels-studyblr - scienceblr! BEAUTIFUL  POSTERS AND NOTE HEADERS

@milkstudy - i cant,,,,help crying,,,,over the original posts,,,also milk theme is so calming

@mincrvas - v calm + rainy mood aesthetic original posts; also has a rly nice habit tracker printable!!

@minimaliststudy - ok so i actually love this blog so much? like the content???

@moanastudies - someone managed to combine my two favorite things into one blog


@notestudy - the best the best

@notesworthtea - more like notes worth thousands of dollars

@ohgigue - for poetry as visual art

@organizeandstudy - notes that will literally end your life on the spot


@pastel-highliters- omg i love these two; their original content is so clean and cute and nice

@paperandcaffeine - the aesthetic of all aesthetics

@paperbackstudies - omg ok i cant get over her lettering

@peachychubs - studyblr, memes + kpop!!!

@productivityplant - another person who is everything


@ravnclaw - oh my gosh the handwriting is–

@revisicn - if you want more + new studyspo

@rhubarbstudies - graphics, studyspo and more

@samstudyjam - motivation!!!

@sat-word-of-the-day - omg this is literally the best thing

@skiiistudyyy - really, REALLY cute handwriting and bullet journal!!

@sleepybeanjournals - looking for some new content/blogs? check out her blog, please!!

@southernstudyposts - a southern sweetheart indeed <3</p>

@stress-and-insanity - psychblr!!

@studimae - lettering + bullet journal of the gods


@study-harder - “to live without [this blog] is to cease to live”

@studyaesthetic - dEFINITELY an aesthetic

@studyafternoon - the bullet journal.

@studyblr - url probably worth millions of dollars

@studyblrolo -powerful + inspirational posts but also a studyblr

@studyearlgrey - omg this blog,,, follow them, just follow them

@studyign - check out her yt channel!!! 

@studyingcom - calming study blog!! at least imo haha


@studylilium - LETTERING

@studylustre - literally so sweet,,, read over her answered asks lol

@studypeaxh - omg clean white aesthetic!!

@studypetals - graphics and bullet journals and washi oh my 

@studyplants - mildliner + note aesthetic

@studying-pterosaur -  content from all over studyblr

@studyquill - her notes omg + yt channel!!

@studyrelief - omg the clean aesthetic

@study-with-joy - my homie edwin’s original posts are so cute omg

@study-with-jules - new studyblr friend!!! tons of great original posts!! (srsly check her blog out)

@tbhstudying - literally stole my handwriting from her. love u, seo <3</p>

@the-study-buddies - STUDY SQUAD– i’ve always wanted a squad like this, this blog literally makes me so happy

@thisiskillingmetbh - ok im jealous of the original content it looks like she dont try why cant i do that 

@timelesspossibility - pocstudyblr! studyblr + feminism and everything in between.


@universi-tea - ahhh graphics and studyspo and college and more

@wingedhoney - ah;;h,, crying over the angelkin aesthetic

@world-of-moana - MOANA.  NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.

@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

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I need more 2p sskk and skk since i cant see much. could senpai provide us thirsty af anons some links?


- Skk being disgusted 

- Get rekt Dazai 

- Just rly beautiful 

- Also just rly beautiful

- 2P Chuuya only but appreciate him pls 

- 2P SSKK 

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do u ship hoseok x seokjin? i think i saw it on one of ur tags. i dont think i've ever heard of that ship, so what are u fav moments to convince me? :P

oh my god YES dsfdjghsdhg there are maybe 3 people who ship 2seok and i dont??? know why??? its lonely over here but we manage bc its worth it,,, anyway, 2seok are pure, soft boyfriends who are just full of love and mutual support; they have the best time together, laugh a lot and joke around all the time all while having rly gross heart eyes for each other.. so lets get into this (under a read more cause i’m Passionate and this is gonna get very long)

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hi i juts want to take this moment to appreciate @emojong @leehayuns @guitaristjin @sanasgf @signalmv @nicebisexual @parkejimins @intothenewworldbysnsd @yoonborasgf @jeybi @mijooswife @bluevorterix @gayamber @bipjm @jihyoistheloml @milkmask @yehanas @kmgs & @4wxlls for being such nice & beautiful people ,, wow i Love u guys so much !!! 💝💌

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Yo maybe a members reaction to you walking down the wedding asle lol I'm on my wedding grind rn sorry


thank you for requesting anon! also, my friend Adri helped me with these and gave me ideas so most of the credit goes to her! :)



  • ok but can u just imagine how happy this lil bean would be to see his gorgeous wife standing at the end of the aisle
  • probably has sweaty palms
  • smiles for days
  • legit his smile never leaves his face
  • gestures and points at you to his big family as if to say, “wow I’m marrying this beauty, can you believe it?”
  • most likely teased by the younger members about how, “Hyung is not attractive enough for her”
  • Jinyoung slaps their heads
  • despite their teasing, each member is happy for both of you
  • isn’t quite nervous but excited since you two are finally coming together as husband and wife
  • can not stay still if his life depended on it
  • like Jackson literally has to pat his back in order to calm him down
  • gulps when you finally get up to the alter
  • “She’s a beauty isn’t she? We’re definitely having a big family together…”


  • also a big smiler like Mark but his smile is towards the ground bc NERVOUS AF
  • his standing there and he hears the music start and he’s like omfg…this shit…is rly fucking happening
  • shifts his feet nervously because he cant believe this moment has finally arrived
  • just when you think he will be staring at the ground for the whole reception, Jinyoung pinches him and gives him the famous glare
  • “stop being so nervous bro” , “she’s too perfect for me”
  • and boy is Jaebum glad he did
  • once he sees you walking towards him in your gorgeous gown, glowing with the smile on you face, he feels his heart pick up and practically shares the warmth of the sun with you
  • mouth immediately drops and he laughs cutely at you all blushy like snsksnks
  • “I’m ready to continue my life with her by my side”


  • receives a pep talk  from every member AND himself
  • “You got this! You’re finally committing, you’re a man! You’r-”
  • freezes when he sees you in a bone-white dress smiling at him
  • ya know the famous Jackson scream when he holds his cheeks and screams? yea well he’s doing that but on the inside
  • mixed with nervous and excited
  • always hypes the others so when you are walking down the aisle, its their turn
  • “woooooooooooooooow” which makes him smile more, if it were possible
  • looks at his mother and mouths, “I finally found the 2nd most important woman in my life”
  • are those tears?
  • yes, they are tears
  • not full on sobbing but has a few happy tears


  • isn’t exactly nervous or calm but is most likely the calmest
  • once his eyes lock with yours, his widen and a blush appears on your cheeks
  • “what about JJP”
  • “what about jinson”
  • “Shut up, don’t ruin this moment”
  • you began sparkling in his eyes and he cant believe anyone can be as beautiful as you are
  • “aiiishh why is she so lovely”
  • lifts his arms up to the audience in sort of a cocky way as if he was saying, “I made it, I am the winner because I married the most beautiful woman on this earth”
  • continues to tell you, “we are going to be the best married couple”


  • legit asks to play games on his phone while you guys wait
  • I feel like he is proud of himself and you and how far you two have come together
  • laughs nervously with the boys but stops as soon as the music starts
  • once he sees you come out, he puts on an awkward poker face, which makes you laugh in response
  • when he hears your laugh, the corners of his mouth turn up, and he looks at you with a genuine smile
  • thinks to himself, “She looks gorgeous in that cute white flowy dress”
  • Jaebum shakes him slightly to get rid of his stiffness
  • is the most nervous member but is thinking about you in the long seconds it takes for you to walk up there
  • “I made the right decision to keep her by my side, she loves the way I am and I love the way she is, omg she is getting closer, ahhhh she gets cuter and cuter every single day!”


  • looks at yugyeom and smiles, “this is gonna be easyYYyyyYyy”
  • yugyeom gives him a serious look and nods towards the aisle causing bam to sigh
  • his breath catches in his throat when he sees yugyeom was motioning towards you
  • all his confidence leaves his body and he starts playing with his hands, eyes on yours
  • I can see him doing something goofy like making a heart with his arms, causing you to blush
  • got6 teases him by saying things like, “wow what a beauty!” , “She is out of bambam’s league” , “He can barely even stand to look at her beauty!”
  • “yah!” He whisper yells causing the boys to snicker
  • turns his attention back to you, noticing how close you rly are
  • his eyes examine your body and your dress
  • “You are so damn beautiful”


  • is actually rly excited and confident like his eldest hyung
  • despite his height, stretches his neck to see over the crowd to watch you walk in
  • smile spreads across his face as soon as he sees you
  • like not just any smile
  • but that one smile when he’s laughing so hard with his hyung’s except this smile is all for you
  • he screams in his lil maknae scream, which causes all the other members to scream as well
  • starts swaying his head and body side to side while he waits for you
  • “ahhhh, I cant believe this, can you?”
  • waves and smiles like a child
  • whisper things to you about how excited he is and how beautiful you are as soon as you arrive at the alter
  • “I cant wait to act like young lovers for the rest of our lives, even when were an ugly old couple!”


thank you for the request, and once again, while some ideas are mine, the majority of this imagine is my friends ideas, for some reason I couldn’t think of anything :)

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Tagged by: no one because I am forever alone

Gender: err female but im often mistaken for a guy and when that happens I just role with it :P

Star Sign: aquarius 

Height: 160 cm and im not gonna grow any taller gdi

Sexual Orientation: what do u call that thing where you don’t want to be in a relationship but enjoy shipping the hell out of fictional characters

Hogwarts House: what

Favorite Color: all colors are beautiful in the right context so :| cant decide :| like u know how construction worker neon orange isnt rly nice to look at but the bright orange in a sunset is like fuhidsyghsdfisdufhdusfhsufhdsufihs

Favorite Animal: whatever will let me pet them

Cat or Dog Person: cat mostly but i like both

Favorite Fictional Characters: fuck uhhhhh 
from one piece: law, corazon, ace, sanji, zoro, sabo
from haikyuu: kuroo, iwaizumi, terushima, bokuto, everyone pretty much idk how to rank favorites
from other various animes: grimmjow jagerjacques (how do u spell it), ulqiuorra schiffer, izaya orihara, shizuo heiwajima, rain (from rain the manga), seran, akashi seijuro, murasakibara atsushi, takao kazunari, sora from no game no life, there’re more but i cant remember them all sry

Dream Trip: Antarctica, himalayas, alaska, greenland, anywhere cold cuz it is WAY TOO FUCKING HOT HERE

Dream Job: engineer or architect or something sciency/computery/mathy (mmm much sophisticated term yes)

When was this Blog made: <1.5 months ago

Number of Followers: 65 cuz i moved blogs like a day ago. previously was around 290

What made you decide to create this blog: i needed to art more and i reaaalllllyyyy like law

i also wanted to start an art blog and i feel like ask blogs were a good way to get started cuz i’d be frequently drawing so it’s good practice getting the basics + its okay if it looks awful
maybe later after i figure out how to art a little bit more i’ll start a legit art blog?? ???????

Tagging: :| everyone’s already done it


Birthday present I drew for my best friend SIOBHAN!!! It was yesterday and I already showed it to her before : ) I just wanted to do something rly special with this (kindofembarrassingbutidontcare) vampire AU that has become our lifeblood in the past few months

(already so many feelings said already but I wANT 2 SAY MORE BC BEST TOMO!)

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"slide across your skin like rain dripping off

im jus rly gay…. i like…. girls…. they are beautiful and inspiring 


Human AU Jaspis garbage (click on images for my dumb captions)

These are all based on a fic my girlfriend and I are writing!

 Peridot and Lapis are college roommates for the second year in a row. Once a month Lapis has to go out with their snotty private high school friends who are homophobic jerks. So… Peri comes a ~plan~ and she sets them up with a fake online girlfriend through craigslist. Jasper says sign her up because she thinks it’ll be funny af(it’s actually a disaster) but Jasper asks Lapis on a another date because Lapis is adorable.  Etc etc etc… gay stuff.

I dunno it’s very much a wip.

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hey !!

1. First impression: uhhh i followed you bc of ur overalls aes,,,, my first impression was that you had a rly different and unique presence 
2. Truth is: every time i start shitposting more than usual i lowkey think ur gonna unfollow me hgdhGFHGF
3. How old do you look: mmmm 18 maybe??? ur cheekbones make u look rly mature djfhdfg
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yOU TOTALLY HAVE BUT I CANT REMEMBER A SPECIFIC INSTANCE ???? 
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope ur fuckin chill
6. Best feature: ur nose is what i think of first it’s!!!! beautiful 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: okay maybe LOWKEY when i first followed you so i hope you get a kick outta that jhSDJHSJD
8. You’re my: chill mutual who i would cut off an arm for just to learn ur aes secrets
9. Name in my phone: uhhhhhh well when i see ur icon on my dash i always immediately think “its gumball!!!!!!!!!!”
10. Should you post this too? uuuuhhh yA

mutuals send me a ‘hey’

( open to: f/nb )

“ever read claiming of sleeping beauty?” korine wondered as she walked around the kneeling girl, knee high leather boots beating sophisticatedly against the cold floor. “doesn’t matter, i’ll explain. basically, the prince wakes up sleeping beauty with a hard fuck, and then whisks her of to his kingdom, so she can be trained on the art of being the perfect pet.” she said, using a gloved hand to pat the girl’s head as she walked by her. “there’s also his mother, the queen, who’s my favorite. everyone must always make the queen happy, and she can do whatever she wants with all the pets.” her voice was a demanding velvety croon, as it always got whenever she was in the mood to dominate, and she stopped in front of the girl, snapping her fingers to gather her attention. “right now, i’m the queen, and you’re sleeping beauty. which means i can do whatever i want with you.” her tone took a more demanding edge, before she smiled giddily. “and we’re gonna have so much fun.”