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BoomBox Week Day 4: Role Reversal

Lucio somehow ended up in Australia with D.Va and basically got their new looks together, though Lucio barely changed since he’s not all that excited about the culture shock maybe. But then he just had to accept his new life and go from an easy going guy to a sassy scavenger. His new attitude just so happens to attract a particular Junker, who couldn’t be more in love. 

I didn’t have time for Junkrat so just Lucio for today. Sorry he’s so plain looking, I have no creative drive today.

soulmate! im youngmin

just a note: i’m not going to be creative with this soulmate stuff, just use the “you’ll know it when you see them” concept (i’m so sorry @ asker idk if you wanted me to create a whole au)

  • i feel like youngmin is a lowkey dreamer about all this soulmate stuff
  • like he’s always wondering who it is and worrying about how he’ll meet them and his first impression
  • but also being cheesy like imagining your life together and all that
  • but lowkey about it because he’s supposed to be a Cool Rapper and doesn’t want to get teased
  • once he got caught sleeptalking and woojin never let him live it down
  • “youngmin hyung, remember when you were practicing your marriage proposal to your soulmate in your sleep? i sure do.”
  • “shut up or i’m telling rhymer you’re slacking”
  • “i should have taken a video of it, dang”
  • he would totally be the type to write notes to his future soulmate
  • but ever since woojin caught him sleeptalking he started hiding it like,,,,,, at the bottom of his laundry hamper or something
  • googles “how to deodorize a book”
  • he’s forever beating himself up about the day he met you because he just came from practice and he had like 2 hours of sleep the night before and he just got out of a fucking dogpile with the other bnm boys because they were fighting over who had to go out and buy them all dinner
  • later on you tease him about it but like he still looked cute cmon
  • you can probably guess who ended up at the bottom of the dogpile
  • so you’ve been sitting in the store for a while alone eating and don’t notice him walk in at first because you’re on your phone
  • and then you hear a nice voice ask for 10 boxes of chicken to go in this cute busan accent and ur just like
  • “,,,,,ok who needs 10 boxes of chicken how fast is ur metabolism” not out loud ofc
  • so that catches your attention and you look up from your phone and your food
  • and that’s kinda when you feel it
  • you realize your soulmate is in this very room
  • youngmin feels it too and he goes into full panic mode
  • thank god he already finished his order because with his luck he would’ve been so nervous he would’ve ordered like,,,,, boxes of ketchup instead of chicken or something
  • so you two start looking around the store for one another (because you don’t really feel it until you actually see each other that’s how the soulmates thing works)
  • it doesn’t take long because he’s just right next to the ordering counter
  • i don’t wanna be cheesy and say it was Love at First Sight or anything
  • but like it was cmon let’s get some cliché in here
  • and youngmin was going to wait at the counter for his food but now he’s walking to where you’re sitting
  • he’d get there and the whole time you two are kind of staring at each other
  • a few other people around the store are watching you two
  • “yeah you bet those two are soulmates should we get out before any sappy shit happens”
  • youngmin stays standing and stares for a couple more seconds after getting there
  • you’d have to get him out of his daze
  • “hello,,,? my name is y/n”
  • “oH RIGHT HI my name is youngmin…… uh i think that,, i think you’re my… uh…….”
  • adorable nervous lil paca would probably blush and if he has long sleeves pull at them or ruffle his hair
  • you would have to break the truth to him
  • “soulmate? yeah i am, or at least i think so.”
  • youngmin would say something stupidly too straightforward like “oh,,,,,, i’m really glad you’re my soulmate- wait is that weird is it too soon i’m so sorry”
  • “oh no, it’s okay….uh,,”
  • awkward silence
  • honestly the whole ordeal would be so cringe
  • but endearing enough that you two laugh about it later
  • you two are interrupted (but you can’t really be interrupted when you’re not speaking can you) because youngmin’s order is ready
  • so he excuses himself and returns with like two huge plastic bags of chicken box sets
  • even though the tension is so thick between you two you don’t want him to go and he doesn’t want to leave you
  • but he knows the boys are going to get on his ass soon if he doesn’t bring them dinner soon i mean they are like starving lions all of them
  • you were just sitting there with your almost finished food and he was standing next to your table with his bags having a staring contest or something
  • so youngmin is finally able to think rationally after another minute
  • “if it’s not too far from your place, you can come with me to my agency–i forgot to say i’m a trainee–and meet the other boys??? i was kind of here to grab them dinner but then i saw you and- well maybe afterwards i can take you back home,,,, it shouldn’t be too far from here right?”
  • he’s so nervous he doesn’t know if you’ll agree
  • but of course you do because i mean you should get to know him better
  • the walk there is short, a little over five minutes but as soon as you get out of the store the conversation never stops
  • it’s amazing how much you can learn about someone in five minutes if you talk really fast
  • by the time you two get to the practice room you two are like best flirting friends or something (does that make sense)
  • you helped him carry a bag and he held ur free hand how cute
  • you two enter the practice rooms and oh god hell breaks loose
  • the rest of the bnm boys are YELLIN at you two and chasing you down to crowd around you it’s actually really scary
  • they’re just really energetic together and excited for their hyung and you learn to love it
  • you get bombarded with so many questions
  • woojin is a kind enough friend not to tell you everything he knows on the first encounter and youngmin is so grateful he gives him extra chicken
  • but don’t worry you’ll learn all about it soon enough
  • but yes you sit and talk to them during their dinner and youngmin walks you home afterwards
  • you two exchange numbers the whole schbang
  • gonna stress the fact that i don’t think youngmin is the type to do first date kisses a kiss on the cheek is the most ur getting sorry not sorry
  • but yes dating him is fun and you guys are together forever like soulmates are
  • the rest of ur lives together is history !!

My half of a fun sorta character design thingy I did with @thememime, which I’m wanting to do with a few other friendos overtime too~ :,D

We basically made characters for each other based on the interests n’ design motifs we know each other like, so here’s the monSTER BUDDY I MADE FOR HER.

I’m sorry for not having a ton of flavor text for him, since I wanted to see where you take the character yourself, but after you wrote up some fun stuff on your half I triED to come up with at least a little something that could go along with him .;,,D

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Pizza, dresses and misery

Pairing : Namjoon x you

Genre : fluff/comedy

Word count : 1743

Summary : You go shopping for a wedding dress with all the guys except Namjoon, who is not allowed to see it until the big day, so he’s upset.

requested by : @too-many-fandoms666

A/N: I had to research the terms for wedding dresses which was…interesting x) ALSO I’VE MADE A LONG ONE GUYS ! Well longer than the other ones at least :) I’m not too sure about the ending and the title though sorry x) I couldn’t think of anything creative for the title D: I know I said that I’ll be writing more mature stuff but hold on, folks ! I’m working on a request that’s basically a mature reaction so that’s going to be coming your way soon ;D

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After tonight’s episode, I am genuinely certain that the finale to a once well written show will be as anticlimactic and detrimental to the once great mystery that ‘A’ used to be.

It isn’t that Charlotte as A ruined the show, but it’s the ridiculous plot that Charlotte was once Charles. It was transforming this character into this huge villain and then HOPING we would feel sorry for Charles/Charlotte. However, in last nights episode, we are basically shown that we shouldn’t have felt sorry for Charlotte, because she was planning on returning to her evil ways.

What really ruined this show for me was the attention that the writers put on all of the relationships. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the ships, but this show stopped being creative a long time ago. So many clues and theories that we came up with as a fandom… so much potential. Instead the writers stopped being consistent with their storytelling and started focusing on the relationships. They didn’t care about all of the other storylines like the NAT club or the background to the Sara Harvey story. Making Sara both Black Widow and Red Coat was a slap in the face.

I am honestly so upset right now. I can’t even begin to explain it.



Request by ANON: “Hi there I was wondering if you’d do an imagine/fic where Dean is dating a British girl and he keeps getting her to say random words just because he finds he accent really cute and it’s just basically really fluffy and adorable I’m sorry there isn’t much of a basic plot but I’m super sick right now and my creative brain has just gone to mush ! thank you so much and I hope this isn’t too much trouble ! :) ❤”

…I have come out of a horrible writers block and I am finally situated in my new place so hopefully more to come soon!

Warnings: cute dean, fluff, and yeah.

We had just gotten back from a hunt, as usual Dean and I sitting in the library, both holding cold beers in our hands. I had just started to stay bunker with the Winchester boys a few months ago, after Sam and Dean helped me with a very peculiar hunt. I came over from the UK about five years ago as a young girl with my parents for my dad’s job, but when I was 16 both my parents were killed passing a locally known haunted bridge. Everyone thought it was a freak accident but I also knew it was much more than that, especially when I killed the old bitch haunting that bridge. Ever since I have been hunting and only a few years into it I met my favorite boys, the Winchesters.

Sam joined us around our third beer, Sam heard Dean telling me a story about when they “fought the fairies.” So naturally the younger Winchester came into tell his side of the story. I chimed in when Dean was talking about he nuked the “hot tiny naked lady” in the microwave, “ I can’t believe you actually nuked her, how inhumane.” Dean smiled, “if you were me, you’d do the same.” I smirked and pulled the beer to my lips. “I’m legless boys, time for this gal to go to sleep.” Dean and Sam looked at me with their brows furrowed.

“What the hell does legless mean?” Dean said looking to his brother laughing. “It-” I started but then Sam joined in, “Alright Lads, I’m definitely legless, I think I’m going to take a stroll to the Lou.” Sam said in most stereotypical British accent, slapping the table as he laughed. Dean looked down laughing with his crinkled eyes. “I guess my accent is a lot thicker when I drink huh?” Dean laughed and pulled me into his lap, “Oh darlin we are just kidding, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” Dean attempted to do his best accent but it really just sounded like a pirate. “Alright Y/N, I’m getting tired so I’m going to hit the sack,” Sam said. Dean and I just said goodnight to Sammy and turned back to eachother.

“I love your accent (Y/N),” Dean said looking up at me smiling. “Do you mean to tell me that you’re only my boyfriend because of my accent,” I said acting like I actually offended. “No sweetheart, I just love it when you talk. You’re accent is one of my favorite sounds and that’s saying something.” I could almost melt right there in his arms, “You’re lucky that I actually quite fancy you or else you wouldn’t have been able to chat me up so damn easily,” I wrapped my hand around the small of his neck and pulled him for a kiss. Next thing I know Dean picks me up bridal style and carries me to our room.

anonymous asked:

(Follow up) Your fanfic should count as a book because you slave away to produce wonderful content just like any other writer with a fancy publishing company. You put just as much thought and energy into it. Why can't we recognize it for what it really is? Your a amazing author of a wonderful book that's currently a work in progress. Heck I'd buy your work if it was ever published :,)


buuuut i will counter this I would never call my work that because I’m very lazy about it like i don’t proof read and i basically just write and post and while that is still creative and hardwork people who actually make books have to spend years on their work and they have to edit and revise it a million times and not everyone has that dedication and everyone thinks they could publish a book but it takes years and it takes a lot of money and it takes a lot of losses and that’s why I would never consider myself on the same standing as some who has or is in the midst of writing a book!!



7 down, 2 to go!

Wahay so hello and first things first I am SORRY OTL OTL OTL

I haven’t done anything at all and I feel really bad I am the worst person I know I contribute nothing to anything but there we go~

Anyways I only have 2 more exams left and then I. Am. Free!!!

Hopefully I’ll be able to work on some stuff then? Like this goddamn project I’ve had sitting in my drafts since January 🙃🙃

There’s essentially 11 parts and I’ve fully written 3 lolol way to go Widzz Ikr. I have everything outlined for the rest though, it’s just a matter of actually writing them out but ya writer’s block, lack of creative output and no motivation is a pain :)

So yeah this sorry post is basically me saying please bare with me even though no one cares anyways. I plan to hopefully come back in a week once everything fully done.

Sorry for wasting your time if you did bother to read this, although I don’t blame you if you didn’t 😂😂

All I will say is this: Mid Cin X Greek Mythology :) (please look forward to it)

Widzz over and out! ^◇^


For the anon who requested Emily Prentiss  7,8 and 17 “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.” “Hold my hand.” “Where the hell have you been?” Sorry it’s so short, but I had a lot of trouble getting my creativity flowing on this one.

You were basically running down the hospital hallways at this point, pushing past people as you checked the number on every door, looking for a specific one. 334, you read and quickly pushed the door opening, bursting in.

“Where the hell have you been?” You were greeted with immediately causing a laugh to bubble out, shaking your head as you came over to the bed and sat down. She was okay, it was okay.

“Good to see you too, dear.” You answered, smiling softly at Emily. “Morgan and I were at the cabin, we didn’t have a signal, I didn’t get the call until we were all the way back in the SUV. I came here right away, I’m sorry… How are you feeling?”

“I’ve been worse.” She shrugged, “But I’m much better now that you’re here. Hold my hand?” She requested reaching out to you and you took it, giving it a squeeze. “Think you can sneak me out now that you’re here?”

“No.” You snorted, shaking your head, “You’re staying here until you get funny cleared, okay?” Emily groaned and shook her head, “You got stabbed, Emily. Let us handle the case, you rest up. Even if they release you, you’re getting lock up in the hotel room.”

“How did I get so lucky.” She chuckled, smiling at you and squeezing your hand.

“Whatcha mean?” You rolled your eyes, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“I happen to have a very kind, and caring, and smart, and beautiful girlfriend. And she makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.” You flushed and ducked your head.

“Oh shush.” You chuckled, “You know I love you.”

“I love you too.” You both grinned and talked quietly for a while. You knew you had to get back to the team soon, being one man down was hard. You couldn’t afford two agents to be off the field.

“Em, I gotta go, okay?” You sighed, “They need me, and as much as I want to be here, the more man power they have, the faster we get this case solved, then we can go home.” Emily nodded and kissed the back of your hand.

“Please be safe.”

“Says you.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“I’m serious, (Y/N) I’m not there to worry about you. Be safe.” You nodded and gave her a quick kiss.

“I will be safe, love you.”

“I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.” Emily pulled you back to her slightly, “But you have, and if anything happened to you, I couldn’t live with myself. So I’m serious, (Y/N). Come back to me in one piece.”

“You complete me too, Emily. I’ll be back, in one piece.” You smiled and gave her hand one more squeeze before exiting the hospital, cheeks slightly flushed from your confessions.

anonymous asked:

who are some of your favorite artists?

i don’t want to label any of these people incorrectly if they don’t want to be called artists, but these are my favorite creative people and i’m probably missing a bunch

rian @thatadult  obviously amazing at everything and uses the word funny a lot which i love

rachel @kidthrift ummm my internet best friend and icon, she gets it

clara @c998 basically the most amazing illustrations ever and just overall amazing cute person

lilia @astraphila bff who always consoles me and amazing writer

joey @imjoeyyu shit i cant explain how much i love joey and her drawings and everyything

iris @coolnicegurl visionary person i just want her to style my entire life

**oh fuck im adding to this sorry but also i cant forget these boys

weston james palmer aka one of my closest friends and basically my life mentor who i call everytime im freaking out about something he understands me like no other person real shit

luca fersko who gets a lot of shit bc people are idiots but he is one of the nicest genuine smartest people i know 

spencer mcmullen lol i hope hes not reading this but he’s taught me a lot about being a creative and he’s gonna do big shit so 

anyways i have so many more but this is off the top of my head of people who use tumblr and i think they deserve the world and so much more recognition so please give it to them

anonymous asked:

So you're basically saying the sister signs meet each other to find their missing parts? Also to feel completed. But how does that work? Like Taurus/scorpio, caps and cancers, aquas and leos??? And the other ones, what are their missing Parts and what could they teach each other 😣 I really don't understand it, I'm sorry.

Let’s pick one pair. Leo and Aquarius, Leo tends to be confident or at least learns to be confident, is popular and loved by lots of people, likes to shine and is very emotional and creative. While Aquarius have creativity and are emotional they don’t show that part so well outside, they also tend to not be confident in themselves or talents, tends to struggle with people and relationships but Aquarius tends to be more logical or emotionally detached than Leo. Here both can provide what the other lack or needs balance in. Leo can find in Aquarius someone who can make them calm and to make Leo not depend on people love and opinion so much and to impractical their inner crazy or weird side while Leo can make Aquarius more emotional open and relaxed, makes them more outgoing and push them to make effort in connecting with others.

I hope this made things easier to comprehend

kastoravimorgan  asked:

LOL I'm sorry that I can think out a head-canon about basically anything if I'm asked/dared/inclined to! I love your blog so much though, lots of quality content <3

That’s an awesome talent to have tbh :’) I don’t think I’m quite creative enough for that. But thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my blog!!! <33

elvenly-edain  asked:

About the Feanorians running around shirtless a lot, is there a part I missed in the Silm that had Maglor running around without a shirt or is that one of those things we assume that he did because he was too lazy to put something on when inspiration struck in the middle of the night?

“[…] and it is told of Maglor the Mighty, that he would often wear the same shirt for almost a week; or, in the manner of the third son of Fëanor, wear none at all save for the light of laurelin reflecting off his bare skin[…]”

- from HoMe 14 - “The Lays of Fanfic”; Part II: Of Badfic (Ch. V: The Tale of Why I Don’t Write)

In Which Patrick Catches You Reading Fanfiction (Patrick Stump Reader Insert)

As requested by anon: Can u do a fic where Patrick catches u reading fob smut?

Patrick was out to dinner with his manager to discuss details about Fall Out Boy’s upcoming tour, leaving you very alone and very bored. After seeing that nothing was on TV, you turned to the internet, but cat videos and social media only got you so far before you found yourself indulging in one of your all time biggest guilty pleasures: fanfictions. Graphic, dirty, smutty fanfictions about none other than your boyfriend. You’d think that there would be no need for them if you were dating the person that they were about, but old habits die hard and you were curious to see how accurate they were now that you had some up close and personal experience with the fandom’s frequent protagonist.

Every now and then you’d have to stop, sometimes to muse over the irony of the fact that just a few months ago, you never dreamed that Patrick would ever be anything more to you than a distant figure that you knew only through the songs on your iPod and posts on the internet. But most times it was to chuckle at the wild inaccuracies that would come up in some of the fanfictions.

One of the common mistakes, for example, would be the way Patrick would meet the love interest. Just about every story had him making eye contact with a girl in the crowd during a show, or connecting with someone during a meet and greet because—and you mentally quoted with a roll of the eyes—“there was just something about her”.

No, Patrick himself had told you that not once had he felt attracted to a fan due to the fact that so many of them were underage and he had no intentions of becoming “that” scummy band guy who whisked hopeful groupies to his bus for a wild night that would only end in disappointment for them. He respected women too much to put any of them through that, and he respected himself too much to subject himself to random flings. He was picky which is why you wondered why on Earth he’d found you to be different.

Perhaps it was because you met not at a concert, but in the small coffee shop where you worked. You were so caught off guard when he waltzed in and ordered a beverage that you made his drink wrong three different times. But unlike most customers who would have scolded you and demanded their money back, he smiled kindly and asked for your number. Apparently he found your scatter-brained nature to be appealing.  It made no sense to you, but then again, it was Patrick Stump. You weren’t going to turn him down just because you were confused as hell.

It was a whirlwind romance, and despite his original claims that he wanted to take things slow, you found yourselves tangled in his bed sheets, panting after the third date. Which is how you figured out the second most common problem that popped up in fanfictions. They could never quite describe how Patrick was in bed. Granted, there were some that came close, but most couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Not once had Patrick ever come home from an extended absence only to slam you against a wall and ravage you hungrily. Never had he taken the time to light candles and nervously ask permission whenever he’d remove your clothes. And he definitely didn’t have some gigantic dick that he’d shove down your throat. He was average and frankly, you liked it that way.

Or at least you thought you did.

Lately you found yourself—as much as you hated to admit it—becoming bored. The same routine of making out, shutting the lights off, and stripping each other down grew stale. Switching only between being on top and being on bottom was dull, and the occasional slaps to your rear just didn’t make you feel as…adventurous as they used to. And maybe that was the real reason you were reading fanfictions. Because you wanted the Patrick who slammed you against things and fucked you in positions that you didn’t even know existed. But you knew things wouldn’t change, and though it was a little disappointing, you knew you’d survive because god damn was he perfect in every other way.

Still, though…

You really, really, really wanted wished he’d be more creative. Especially now that you were picturing him doing such dirty things thanks to that god damn fanfiction. You were currently entranced by a part where he’d pinned the girl’s wrists above her head as he bit and sucked at her collar bone right before he began to grind his hips against hers. As you read on you practically grew weak at the knees. He fucked the girl from behind. He pulled her hair. He ran his nails down her back.

Oh god.

You were so sucked into the story that you didn’t hear your back door open or the light footsteps that approached you from behind. In fact, it wasn’t until Patrick cleared his throat that you realized he was bent forward over the back of the couch squinting at your computer.

“What’s this?” he asked as you snapped your laptop shut.

“N-nothing,” you stuttered. “Just uh…reading an article about uh…mattresses.”

You mentally punched yourself in the gut. Mattresses? That was the best you could come up with? Then again, there was at least some fact to your lie…after all, Patrick was located on a mattress in the story.

“Really, now? Because I could’ve sworn I saw my name pop up a few times.”

“Well yeah,” you muttered. “The uh…author’s name is Patrick.”

“Uh-huh,” he replied skeptically. “And this was an informative article?”


“So why did I see dialogue?”

You ripped through your brain to try to think of something. Anything. But nothing came to mind.

“I don’t know,” you finally groaned. “Why does it matter?”

“I guess it doesn’t,” he walked around the couch and plopped down next to you. “I suppose I’m just curious as to what that fanfiction is saying about me.”

“God dammit,” you ran a hand down your face and sighed. “It was nothing bad…like…you weren’t having sex with Pete or anything, if that’s what you mean.”

Patrick laughed and snaked his arm over your shoulders. “Well that’s definitely good. But I know for a fact that there are some just as weird as the ones where I’m…with…Pete…” he trailed off and shuddered a bit. Nothing irritated him more than the whole “Peterick” thing.

“No you were with a girl.”

Patrick frowned. “Like sexually?”


“I don’t think I like that.”

“It was nothing too terrible! Like, you were just…ugh. I don’t know. I’m sorry. I was just curious to see the crazy stuff people come up with.” You tried sheepishly.

“No, it’s not that,” Patrick shook his head. “I just don’t like the idea of me being with a girl that isn’t you.”

That was definitely not what you expected to come out of his mouth.

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t like thinking about being with another girl,” he repeated. “It’s like I’m symbolically cheating on you or something, and to be honest, I know some of those stories have included me dumping girlfriends I was with at the time for other people and I just don’t want you stumbling across something that you’re involved in.”

“I mean…I don’t mind. It’s called fanfiction for a reason.”

Patrick cocked his head to the side as his eyebrows furrowed. “So you don’t get jealous or upset or anything like that?”


“What exactly is it about them that you like?”

“They’re just interesting, I guess. I think it’s interesting to see how people interpret you.”


You blushed and shrank down in your seat. This conversation really needed to end.

“That’s one aspect, yeah.”


“Because…because…because it satisfies some of my needs, okay?” you blurted out.

“I see.”

“Don’t take it the wrong way, Patrick. Honestly, everything is great, I just—“

“Send them to me.” He cut you off flatly.


“Send them to me!”


Patrick placed his finger under your chin and tilted your head to face him as he leaned in to kiss you. But you were surprised to feel that this kiss was different from any that he’d ever given you before. This kiss was hungrier, more passionate, and…holy shit did he just bite your lip? A faint smile played at his lips when he pulled back and took in your stunned expression.

“Consider it a research project,” he whispered and kissed you again, even deeper than before. And as he kissed you, you couldn’t help but feel a little bit greedy. First you’d managed to get Patrick all to yourself, and now you were essentially about to plagiarize the hard work and creativity of his fans.

Yes, you felt greedy and guilty and remorseful. But you also felt really damn good.  

Basically as I was writing this I was like “lololol Patrick walking in on you reading fanfiction…but wait…I’m sort of making fun of fanfictions…yet…I’m…writing…one…..” 

Fanfic-inception, guys. 

I have a theory that my anon wanted this to become smutty but so many people have requested smut and I’m just so burned out and I’m sosososososososo sorry!!

Also, credit goes to the gif maker. 


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

rootbeergoddess  asked:

"One thing to write a fanfic, another to deal with deadlines, formats, inputs. Fanfic writers cannot understand." Who does this bitch think she is!? I have seen fanfic writers write novel length stories. I have seen fanfic writers update multiple stories! S.E. Hinton can go suck a dick! Sorry but man, this really got under my skin

Yeah that was so bogus like there are people out there with full time jobs and families and friends who put just as much, maybe even more time and effort and thought into multiple works that they will never be paid or widely acclaimed for and she has the nerve to say shit like that. I can’t imagine how devastating that would be to read if you were inspired to write fan fiction by her books, to have someone who inspired you to write basically just spit on your creativity and effort. She can get rekt.

In celebration of hitting 1.2k lately, I have decided to make a follow forever (or for as long as I am alive and kicking and running this..thing), to showcase my favourite blogs that have made my Tumblr stay a memorable one, so thank you so much to all of you included in this list!

But first, I would like to make a section dedicated to the two people that matter most to me in this world who are, dearest-watson & agrandoldoll or my John Watson & Irene Adler, who have always been there for me, whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to just talk to. They may not know it because I am shit at showing emotions, but they have always counted and made my life a happy one in ways I can’t describe. They have always been there to remind me that I am not alone with my demons, and I have always cherished that. They are quite frankly, two of the closest people to me at this moment, and I’m thankful to have them in my life and thank you so much for being you and letting me be your friend. Maybe sentiment isn’t a chemical defect after all, Sherlock..

Aside from them, there are also people from real life which I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years, and that of which I am happy to call my friends. Thank you to everything you have done for me. Bless you.

rinalovesfood || friedchickenlover26 || awittykid || smoochgoose || corazontune || sherlock-no-jumping

Now that the “obligatory honourable mentions” are now over, it is time to get started with the good stuff!

Bolded are mutuals; italicized are my tumblr senpais basically; an * next to it are Tumblr buds I have had the pleasure of knowing on here.

Fair in mind that the purpose of this is me thanking and admiring great blogs on here that have made me smile and still do. I’m just a very gratuitous person, I’m so sorry ^^’! If you are not on here, there is a chance I do not recognize your blog for you have changed your url, so please do not hesitate to contact me at all!

{ Also, each title is either a reference or a character’s name just to be a but creative if you don’t mind ^^! }

That being said, shall we begin?

# 221 B



aappledore || aiyon0206 || alonelymidgardian || amyyam || aneastwindiscomingwatson || anothermindpalace || areichenbachfall || astudyinjumpers || astudyinrose || astudyinyourpants

Bill Wiggins

bbcbees || bbclestrade || beejohn || bekah1218 || benbenny || bencumberbatchs || benededuct || benedict—cumberbatch || benedict-bear || benedictcumberbatchruinedme || benedryl || bmcg8210 *

Charles Augustus Magnussen

capt-john-h-watson-md || cassiem9009 || consultingaytective || cptnwtsn || cumberbuttox *

David (Mary’s ex)

dammitben * || dancing-inthe-milkyway * || deaded || decadentwallpaper || deducecrime || destinedforjohnlock || detectivebenedict || districthayffie || doctorwhoatson || dontkillmysherlock || dr-watsons-lover * || dramatisecho || dvminatrix

East Wind is Coming

eastawaywest * || emillu || enerjax

Fire Exposes Our Priorities

doctorsdeepbreath (fireypond) || floccinaucinihilipilificationa || flutteringphalanges * || forsciencejohn || fuckoff-imacting

Greg Lestrade

getlestrade || getonthefloorbenedict || ghostbees || goestheclock * || guiltyasdeduced

Henry Knight

hayffiechild || hislastval || holmelet || holmes-boys || holmesthethird || holmeswatsn

Irene Adler

independentkiosks || ireallyshouldbedrawing || ireneadler || iwillblogtheheartoutofyou || ignorus

John Hamish Watson

jawnwtsun || jessamygriffin || johnlocknetwork * || johnlocksholmies || johnshock || johnstached || jumperben-holybatch

Kitty Riley


Lienster Gardens

letsplaymurder || liarmorstan || likefiguresonaweatherclock || littlebabybatch || lockwatson || loki-ate-my-sandwich

Molly, Mycroft, and Martha Hudson

m1211nasu || mindpalace || mndpalace || mollyadler || mommy-holmes || moriartte || moriartyisrising || moriartysskull || morivrty || mrsexhimself

Not My Area

nashyara || nohomosherlock


obviously-my-division || ojisea

Phillip Anderson


Quite The Pair (Johnlock)

queersherlockian *

Reichenbach Falls


Sherlock Scott Holmes

sakibatch || sapphii, who just de-activated her account and I didn’t even have the chance to say thank you or bid farewell :<. but honestly i hope you are fine friend. || scandalinirene * || seki0930 || sh2jw || shaggingshezza || shatteredsherlock || sherholmies || sherlcvk || sherleg || sherlock-is-the-fire-of-my-loins || sherlock-you-slut || sherlockedgrrl || sherlockianswatsonholmes || sherlockislikeadrug || sherlocksnotholme || sherlvckholmes || sherlyswag || sheswatsoned || shevrlock || shezzae || shitlock || shurloch || shycroft || silent-micka || sir-arthur-conan-doyle * || sir-mycroft || sitatemis || sociosleuth || superbatzy * || sussext || swarley || sweetienekochan *

Tom (Meat Dagger ahoy)

the-enigmatic-crux || the-swimming-detective || thebarofgold || thebeautyofdisorder || thecluebook || thefamousmrholmes * || thefreemanwizard || thegameissomething || themindpalaces || theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes || thescienceofcrime || thewomvn || they-call-me-wiggy * || threepatchpodcast || tumult-in-the-clouds || two-cheekbones-on-a-cabbage *

Uhh… Westwood

uhwestwood (you were the inspiration of this title XD) || uss-cumberbatch *

Why Is She Like That?!

watsons-daughter-sherlock || willamholmes || wisesnail || wonderlandinmymind || wordsthatkeepyouhome || wutsun

You Keep Me Right.


Phew! That was a ton, well I had fun doing it and I can’t take you all enough, seriously. Thank YOU so much, and I hope you have a great day/ night!