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i’ve said over and over again that i veeeeery strongly doubt that Julie would break up the girl squad in any way, which is why i very very highly doubt that she show will end with Sana and Vilde not being friends. Vilde will be redeemed someway. But i’ve been very confused as to how that will happen, since we’re basically meant to hate her right now. And then i read monstermonstre’s meta on the fake fake fake clip, and the part about how Vilde knows that Sara doesn’t like her, really got me thinking.

Like Sana said in season 2, most people underestimate Vilde. Vilde is smart and sneaky when she wants to be. Like how she basically played Noora all through season 2. I’m thinking that Vilde very well knows that Sara doesn’t like her. She knows that it’s all fake, fake, fake. And she’s soooo gonna come for her. She’s acting like she’s Sara’s biggest fan and like she loves the pepsi max girls with all her heart, but she so does not. That she’d be that naive that she truly believes that the pepsi max girls like her now, despite how they treated her in season 1, just doesn’t sit right with me. So she’s acting this way to make them believe that she is exactly this naive, so that they wont suspect whatever it is she’s planning.

This just makes sense to me. We’re supposed to hate Vilde right now, Julie is making us hate her more over and over and over again. Like, to just write that off as “Vilde has been a huge islamophobe all along and never liked Sana in the first place” seems too obvious, and doesn’t fit with her previous relationship to Sana at all, which i’ve talked about before. And this is basically the only way i can see Vilde be reedemed this season, which i am 95% sure she will be.

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could you recommend some cool people to follow??♡

sure anonnie!! not sure if you’re looking for any type of blog in particular so i’ll try to categorize a bit (sorry if i sort anyone oddly, it’s basically just what i know you most by lol) ^^

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im honestly forgetting so many wonderful people and i feel bad djfskdjf. check out my blogroll as well!!


How to intern: cross-cover /night float edition

This is not meant to be taken as strict fact. It’s simply one method to stay organized. And, when you’re charged with providing care for a lot of people, organization is key to making sure nothing falls through the gaps.

First off, I put very specific columns on my cross cover or night float patient lists. Room#, patient name (MRN), code status (way important), active problems, abx and drip coverage, plan, and a blank heading. Most of these are self explanatory. I keep the last section blank so I can jot down whatever important events happened today as reported by the primary team. You never know when you’ll need some of this info to put out fires overnight. I add new admissions to the bottom of the list in the same style as the printed list. I then use the flipped corner to write down the basic story and what my immediate plan it. This makes it easy to present new patients to the day team the next morning.

By folding your patient list you can make additional space for notes. On one side, I jot down all the stuff I’m supposed to follow-up on check box style. On the other side, I write down any significant overnight events, meds given, results, etc.

I also tend to throw in some highlighter color coding as well. Green for my f/u tasks and pink to highlight my watcher/unstable patients.

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Controversial opinion on this whole thing. Corporations "side" with social and political issues on things. Whatever they see as their demographic, they try and target their marketing and products at them. The fact more corporations are trying to "help" with LGBTQ+ issues means that enough executives recognize that people wanna buy with gay friendly companies more, so it's not that they help, but it's a sign that enough people wanna spend their money to "help", which is kinda good I guess?

The thing is, if what it takes for someone to be a decent human being who treats other people with the basic respect and compassion that they deserve is the prospect of earning a quick buck out of it, that’s not actually that effective. That means that until such time that treating a minority with respect becomes profitable, that minority will have to continue to deal with systematic discrimination from the rest of society. That means that people will have to contend with the prospect of possibly dying as a result of discrimination, until their cause becomes “hip” enough that a company like Ben & Jerry’s can make a profit off of supporting them.

People deserve help not because helping them can be profitable in a capitalistic society. People deserve help because they are people. They deserve to not have to suffer from systematic dehumanization and exploitation because they are people, and not because a corporation can benefit off of helping them. And at the end of the day, corporations are okay with letting people die just because there isn’t a profit margin in saving them. That is fundamentally immoral, and there is no amount of band-aids in the form of these corporate ad campaigns that will ever be able to paper over this fundamental fact.

- Mod A

like we’re playing a drinking game (and a bitch is already lit so I’m drinking tea lmao) and like basically a car ran a light and caused us to crash into the car who was turning and we crashed head on, everyone’s fine and we’re all fine physically i’m just still in shock like my friend and i are having a little dinner/ get together and whatever and this mess happened when a couple of us went to pick up another friend and a bottle and we got into a fucking car accident like it’s still so wild and i can’t believe this shit happened but like i’m okay y'all ❤️

If I can make my own post on the Pearl’s portrayal here, the fact that they’re basically ENJOYING their positions (especially in seasons 4 and 5) is really messed up and IMO goes against the show’s message about Pearls being more than their “servant/stand around and look pretty” class on Homeworld

In seasons 2 and 3, we were shown Yellow and Blue Pearl; both were shown to be either resigned to their position (Blue) or-in Yellow’s case-a boot licker who was acting the way she was out of fear of her Diamond. Cut to season four, and these (more accurate) portrayals VANISH in favor of…HAVING THE PEARLS STAND AROUND AND LOOK PRETTY-NOT to show how oppressive Homeworld is, but to have them sing/dance/whatever the fuck and ENJOY IT

The show said that Pearls are SERVANTS-they’re basically sentient handbags and the like. Our Crystal Gem Pearl is clearly uncomfortable with this sort of treatment, so WHY are Blue and Yellow portrayed as enjoying it? Especially when THEY ALSO CLEARLY DIDN’T IN THEIR FIRST APPEARANCES?

If you ask me, the show’s being really hypocritical by having it’s message of Pearls being strong, intelligent, unique, etc. while then having Blue and Yellow enjoy their positions as OBJECTS

I have theory.

So we’re only on episode 3 of Vrains but already we’ve gotten some interesting info/ and just lots of shit ripe for theorizing.

Now in this episode we get ot meet Revolver outside of Vrains (although they were sneaky enough to not allow us to see his face, clearly wanting to lead up to some grand reveal)

While out of it we see him go over to a man laying in a bed his head covered by some decive- presumably something that’s helping keep him alive or monitor hiim as he appears to be in a coma..

We also learned reviously that if you get seriously injured in Vrains tat can carry over to when exit and the more times you get hurt basically you keep taking damage to your body every time you exit.

My theory. His Dad was the one on the search for he Cyberse determined to find and destroy it I guess (for whatever reason) or take control of it anyway. After going in so many times and getting hurt and maybe after one to many speed duels it begins to take a toll on him both mentally and physically.

It gets to the point where upon exiting one final time he’s in such bad shape he collapses and has been in this comatose state since (or other wise is so badly injured that his mind has to stay linked up to the system or else he will die.

Now the other part to this theory is this- The Revolver from 5 years ago may not be the same guy and was in fact his father but after whatever happened to put him in the condition he is in now, his son chose to take up the persona of Revolver and continue leading the KOH to finish whatever it was his father started.


Quite possibly believing that what they are doing is the right ting and not realizing the ramifications of their actions-

As the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

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Hey I'm sorry if this is the wrong blog to ask this but I was wondering if you could help me out?? I'm questioning my gender identity and I feel like I might be somewhere under the umbrella of nonbinary though I don't know where yet. I definitely feel genderless at times. The problem is that, whatever I am, I'm AFAB and I still feel comfortable with she/her pronouns and my femininity and being seen at least partially as a girl. It's just being viewed as/identifying as 100% A Cis Girl that (1/2)

feels wrong to me and I feel like if I’m so okay with being feminine and everything I might as well be basically cis. Is this true, or is it possible to be nonbinary and partially identify with your AGAB and be okay with your original pronouns? I’m just… kinda worried I’m not enby enough which means I’m making it up. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense I’m just confused and was wondering if you’d be able to help me figure some of this out. ⭐️

It’s absolutely possible to be nonbinary and still seem to be cis. It’s fine - it doesn’t make you any less valid or real. I’m fine with my assigned gender and pronouns, personally. It doesn’t make me any less nonbinary.

If you need to take time to hash this out, then that’s okay. It’s confusing, I know.


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Lmao @racists who use every excuse for why white ppl slept on power rangers: the box office metrics showed only 36% of the audience was white???? White people make up like 76% of the population of the US?? White people will watch anything with whites or animals or aliens as leads (beauty and the beast, guardians of the galaxy) just so long as they don't have to see POC be lead characters, and will hail those franchises as more worthy/mature/whatever bs. Y'all just racist.

You really came with the facts and statistics. WHAT A LEGEND!! What makes it even worse is that, like you said, they’ll come up with whatever excuse to justify their racism and get mad when people pick up on it and put 2 and 2 together. Like thanks for proving our point, they’re basically admitting they hate characters of color whenever they get mad and throw a tantrum @ people exposing them 

I have definitely seen people use the word “toxic” when they just want to call someone a cunt or a fake rape victim or some other fucked up thing but they don’t want to have to deal with the fallout of just saying those words outright. I think that creates a lot of confusion when people, specifically abuse survivors, talk about “toxic behaviour”, and it irritates me because I feel like that’s a good word for how it feels to be manipulated and forced to swallow bullshit and mistreatment - it poisons you, basically. Toxicity or whatever. 

So like, I am myself often wary when people use the word “toxic” in a general sense, especially if they only ever seem to use it in reference to women or they use it when they’re talking about someone and they’re like “I’m not saying she’s lying [about being raped, about my friend being shitty, etc] but she’s toxic so…” HOWEVER I think there are also situations where it is pretty easy to infer from context that when someone says “toxic” they are referring to a specific pattern of hurtful and even abusive behaviour and I don’t think picking apart the language abuse survivors use to talk about their abuse actually helps fix or even address the problem of people acting like a woman saying “hey your friend sexually assaulted me” is the same kind of “toxic” as a person who tries to control you by telling you if you don’t do what they want they’ll kill themselves. I don’t know though because I’m stupid, whatever.

the way bellamy said ‘i got you for that’ in such a small voice and the little shake of his head, he knows she’s saying goodbye in her own way and bob morley is such a fantastic actor that you can see in his eyes how he’s basically begging her not to leave him again. those three words that have a deeper meaning behind them, you can take it in whatever context you’d like but to me he’s basically saying ‘you can’t rule with just the heart and you’re my head so i need you in order to do this’

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Hey! I'm trying to get into witchy stuff and I'd really like to worship and please Aphrodite, but I really don't understand how to make offerings. For example, if I offer food, how to I present it to her? Do I just leave it out? Won't it get gross? Help; a very lost witch in progress!

Hello!! So typically you would have an altar or shrine to Aphrodite and then you just set out whatever your offering is for her and then say a small prayer letting her know the offering is for her. Thats the basics. Food and drink offerings are usually only kept out for a brief time so that they don’t get gross. I actually wrote a post about what to do with food/drink offerings here. And I have all my posts about worshiping Aphrodite here that may be of help to you throughout your journey with Aphrodite.

Also please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need some clarification! <3

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Hi! So you know the side of the fidget cube with the little ball thing in it? Yeah, I was wondering if you knew of any (cheap) toys that were basically just that part? Like a marble/ball/whatever to move around with one finger in something with a flat bottom? If that makes sense? I've looked but have no idea how to word it. Thank you so much!

Hello, I hope these recommendations are helpful.

My first recommendation is exactly what you asked for. It is a metal roller ball with a flat surface. I have no ideal what the actual purpose is of these little things are, but I found them amazon, and wish. Here’s a few sellers selling them.
On Wish
On Amazon

My next recommendation is actually a spinner called the big baller. It’s one of my personal favorites. There is six free moving metal balls on it and they have the same feel as the metal ball on the fidget cube minus being able to push it in.
Link to the one I bought
also sold at fidget club
first impression review with video

This recommendation isent exactly what you asked for, but you might like it. It’s a small metal roller ball massager. I also own this one myself, and I really like it. If you like the roller ball on the fidget cube, you will probably like this.
Link to the one I bought
first impression review with video

My last recommendation is a shop I have personally bought from. They are a neurodivergent seller and specialize in 3d printed marble fidgets.
Link to store
link to review of the one I bought with video

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u know what frustrates me a lot???? when u show ur oc to a person and they go like "oh so u basically made urself" and im like NO I JUST MADE THEM WITH SIMILAR VIEWS AS ME OFC THATS GONNA HAPPEN CUZ I WANT TO RELATE TO THEM u know what i mean?????? UGH and then u also feel the need to protect urself and ur oc cuz u feel like they are attacking ur oc and IDK UGHHHH (had to get it off my chest haha i rlly like ur ocs btw and ur art is rlly cool!!!!!💜💜💜)

HAHA i have had ppl tell me that too but its like??? why do you even care???? like an oc can be whatever u want it to be even if that means yourself? why do ppl care so much abt that ? its so stupid lmao (than u btw!! <3)

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice


I’ve been in a Teru mood lately

also I couldn’t pick just one palette…idk, which one do people like best?

170208 Jin’s Tweet

오해가 있는데요. 저는 500원으로 20판 까지 갔고 산들이는 2500원으로 20판 까지 갔어요

There’s a misunderstanding though. I got up to round 20 with 500 won and Sandeulie got up to round 20 with 2500 won.

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

My love for these two idiots is endless