this is so bad why do i even try

Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

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why don't you write anymore? this isn't much of an imagines blog tbh


i will explain this again

bad mental health + low inspiration = bad writing funks. i have said this

so many times. 

i cannot always write and update every single day or week. if i did, i would get burnt out and not even /want/ to write anymore.

if you dont like my blog, feel free to go and try to manage your own imagines blog. once you get to almost 1,600 followers and gets about 80 asks in a week when you’re more active? we’ll see how often you’re willing to write and post things.

but do not come to me, asking me why I don’t write when I have explained multiple times that my mental health makes it hard for me to write often. i lose the will to write. i lose inspiration.

if you’re frustrated that i dont write that often, that’s fine. you came here for imagines, and i just havent been able to write lately. but you can just quietly unfollow me instead.

this IS an imagines blog, i just cant write the imagines all the time.

Here’s the thing about croticism. It is by no means a bad thing. When done in a calm, mature manner it can even be helpful. Everyone also likes different things so some may not have problems that others have, bit content creators can still take it a d see if they can do anything to make it better for that portion of the audience. Sometimes they can, other times they can’t Most do try though.

The issue with criticism on Tumblr is that you can’t ever really get away from it. Constructive critics are usually buried under whining and petty complaints. It’s why I have the ‘quit whining and watch it or quit watching it’ mindset is in part due to this and my own experiences with shows. I used to love Naruto, but it began taking a turn I hated. I gave it half a year, maybe more, to see if it would turn around and while I didn’t write anything critical, I dodn’t mindlessly whine either. Then I finally just quit, found something else to like (atm Bleach), and never looked back. If you feel something isn’t improving after a significant amount of time, there’s no point in continuing it.

I’m by no means saying that you can’t talk about what you dislike or criticise. A lot of people are making blogs/tags to do that and that helps keep it in one place without uoseting anyone else and give people a place to talk. But what I am saying is that the more unreasonable complainers need to just knock it off. You made your level of hatred clear. Why are you still watching it if you hate it so much?

i have pelvic floor dysfunction & interstitial cystitis and i dont talk about it bc its not something a lot of people know about plus it’s super personal but like. it has me absolutely exhausted and it’s had such a negative effect on my life and worsened my anxiety tenfold and i honestly dont know what to do. im going to physical therapy & trying my best but it just never stops. i’ve had more serious conditions but nothing’s crushed me like this honestly & there’s like no support network i know of it took me months alone to even find out what was wrong with me. it’s so bad idk why i’m whining about it on here maybe out of hope that someone else has it and can talk to me but idk i just feel so so alone in this


–MC has entered the chat room–

Hello. Take some really bad and crappy sketchy comics.

I was thinking about the reset theory. Since they say Seven remembers in every route, what if MC takes that ability of his? Suffering through endless resets… That’s basically us TT_TT

I don’t want him to remember and suffer through everything, but would not remembering be suffering in itself? Idk.

Even when I do reset and try to do other routes, I end up going back to trying to get Seven’s… *sigh* 

Also just wanted to feel a little more positive about the whole thing, so yeah.

Btw, if anybody is wondering why I haven’t done their ask yet, that’s because I’ve been in a short art slump (happens often with me). It’s not you, it’s me. ; - ;

  • me: I'm gonna do this!!
  • me: *gets a bad grade*
  • me: I worked so hard, and hard work betrayed me. Everything I did, everything I sacrificed, did not amount to anything. I'm nothing. Why should I even try. I'll always be a failure. Studying is worthless. I'm dropping out-
  • me: *gets an A+*
  • me: Hard work will never betray you. It brought me to where I am today. Education is a gift. I want to thank my mum, my siblings, my friends, my tumblr followers,

In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.

So I tweeted this out during the charity stream, and for some unholy reason, I feel the need to show MORE people my terrible art. 

I also posted it on my RedBubble, because I post everything on RedBubble, because I’m silly. 

Basically, I know I’m bad, but I’m trying to be brave and accept that failure just means growth. So I’m trying to share things, even things I think I did poorly on, so I can grow and learn. That’s why I’ve been posting more art in general lately.

Anyway, rambling aside, I really appreciate Darkiplier.

@markiplier you said that you are excited to fail, because it means you learn. I’m doing my best to have that attitude. So take this.

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I loved ur HC's for MC leaving the RFA because she's too dangerous, can I get a follow up where they ask 707 to search for MC and he's only able to find information about why she left and who she really is, how would the RFA react to the truth about MC and the true reason for which she left? Still no happy ending because he still can't find her at all, just that information. Thanks! ^-^ Love your blog!

Lool, ok! But V is not in this one (You must know why, even if i ignore that fact he would do the same thing or he would always try to find you, so it wouldn’t be so good.) Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!



  • He was in Seven’s house after he called Yoosung because he said he have something to tell him.
  • Seven turns off his security system…He doesn’t want to let Yoosung angry or anything.
  • He knows that Yoosung is bad enough right now, he knows how to depress he is, how worthless he feels…
  • How he gives up on school and on his life
  • When Yoosung got there, Seven sighs….Sad to see his friend so destroyed.
  • But when Seven begins to talk about you, Young’s eyes brighten up
  • After that, he gives him a big smile and hugs him tightly “THANK YOU…!” After that, he just runs.
  • Seven give a little laugh, thinking his friend will be fine now.
  • Yoosung got home so quickly, with that big smile on his face! He’s just too happy that all those things you said were lies!
  • But when he realizes that all that information was useless…That smile got smaller.
  • And then he realizes that you’re probably not coming back…The smile fades away.
  • That didn’t change anything.
  • Actually, he is even worse now just to think about what could have happened to you…
  • He lost two important people in his life, two people were sent away.
  • Yoosung just can’t sleep…He needs medication.
  • But wait…
  • I think he took too many pills this time.


  • Zen can’t even look at himself in the mirror…He knows he is drinking and smoking too much.
  • He doesn’t even answer calls, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.
  • But that day Seven was banging on his door, so he opens it “Oh…Seven…What’s up?”
  • Seven’s face is a surprised face…What happened to Zen?
  • But he’s trying to play it cool…If Zen knows how horrible he is now…He would be worse.
  • “…I have some information about MC…” And then Seven told him everything, Zen’s paying attention to it.
  • When Seven finish Zen just gives him a little smile “…Did you find her?”
  • Seven sighs, look like that’s all that Zen wants to know “No…”
  • Zen’s face is now full of sadness “Thank you…”
  • He closes the door.
  • Seven knows insisting will not help, so he goes away.
  • Zen kept thinking and thinking with his eyes closed when he opens it… He is facing a mirror.
  • Now he sees how he is now.
  • He gives a little laugh with tears falling from his eyes, touching his face gently…
  • He looks like a monster.
  • He picks another cigarette and lights it up, sitting on the couch, smoking…He doesn’t care about his appearance at all…He finally realizes it.
  • He needs you…But he already accepts it…You’ll not come back.
  • And now he’s finished…Even if you come back…You’ll not even recognize him.
  • He doesn’t see a purpose of keeping this life.
  • He looks at the cigarette after he takes it from his mouth “…Why i heal so fast…?This thing will take ages to work on me…”
  • He sighs and he throws the cigarette on the ground “…I should buy a gun…It would a dramatic end…”
  • He smiles, thinking.


  • All those words…That hurt so much.
  • That pain in her chest is too much too.
  • Everyday sorrow, pain…Tears.
  • Everybody in that cafe can see that she is not well, but she insists on giving that broken smile to everyone.
  • And refuse any kind of help.
  • What is Jaehee Kang? A pity.
  • But one day Seven called her, and then he told her everything.
  • While he’s saying, she’s smiling so much…All those words…All of those words were lies!
  • Even when he said that he didn’t find you, she kept that smile on her face.
  • She will wait for you!
  • Every day, she is with a genuine smile on her face looking at the cafe door, waiting to see you!
  • People are really worried about her…But she always says that she is waiting for the love of her life to come back!
  • Jaehee never gives up…Time is nothing!
  • Even those white hair and wrinkles can stop her!
  • But…Time will soon.
  • He’ll stop her from waiting for you…After forty years.


  • Jumin Han needs answers…Everybody can see he doesn’t look the same.
  • But when 7 told all the truth to him, Jumin just…smiled, a thing he didn’t do for some time.
  • He was right, all of those things were lies.
  • You love him, you want to protect him, and he is feeling happy about it.
  • He can forget about a lot of things…Especially those things…He loves you, you’re his wife now.
  • He loses that smile when Seven says that he didn’t find you, he hangs up after a “Keep searching.”
  • He is waiting and waiting.
  • The alcohol is his best friend now, he keeps drinking and smiling, saying to himself that you were protecting him…But you’ll never come back at this rate.
  • His father goes to his penthouse after Jaehee say she was worried about Jumin state.
  • When his father arrives there…All the could see is a man, with a messy hair, tear up clothes, with a bottle of vodka in his hands next to a destroyed room…
  • That wasn’t his son…Jumin is not like that.
  • His father is crying, everybody was right…
  • Jumin Han is dead.
  • All they have left is a man who cries asking if you could come back.
  • He just wants to jump from the window…
  • But he takes a deep breath and he drowns in the hope that you might come back.


  • He couldn’t  find you…But then he sees he finds a lot of new information about you.
  • He read all that, with a surprised face.
  • When he finishes it, he starts to giggle with a little smile on his face, with tears falling from his face.
  • He starts to laugh a lot, with his mouth wide now, looking up, with the tears falling even more now.
  • He got sick.
  • You did the same thing as he was trying to do…Get away from you.
  • He knew you were lying when you said all those things…But oh god…He gave his life to you!
  • He doesn’t understand why you left even if he is almost just like you.
  • After laughing so much, he screams, throwing his computer to the wall falling on his knees to the ground.
  • He knows you’re not coming back…
  • And now he feels angry…How you made him stay…How you made him be there with you…
  • And when the same things were with you…You just got away.
  • He’ll try to find you, he has to talk to you about that!
  • He wants to die, but he wants to die peacefully after listening to your excuses.
  • But sometimes he can’t just concentrate, he starts to cry and then he has to start to pray…He wants to find you.
  • But he knows that not even God can help him now…This madness is too much.
  • He’s hurt…
  • Too much sadness to one body.
  • Error 707.
  • Shutting down.
dating lin headcanons (part 2)

part 1 |

he would listen to everything you have to say 

  • like you could be ranting about the amazing cupcake you ate earlier 
  • and he would listen closely and never get distracted not even once 

lin would definitely help you or at least try to 

  • like maybe you have smth for work that you’re struggling with so he tries to help you 
  • and even if he’s really bad at the thing or he hates it he would do his best just for u 
  • honestly it’s just bc he hates seeing you frustrated 

why do i feel like he’s ticklish ?? idk but i have a feeling he is so Ticke Fights are a thing between y'all 

  • they would start like to shut the other up when they say smth stupid 
  • or for revenge or maybe u were making out and accidentally tickled his side or smth 
  • so it turns into a tickle fight but like it’s not one of those cute fights 
  • this is a life or death thing you would take it Very Seriously 

 also being friends with the cast !! of everything !! hamilton, in the heights, fucking moana !! everything !! 

  • obviously he introduced u to them and you became friends 
  • i feel like at one point u would he talking to someone like idk daveed or maybe javier and lin would get lowkey jealous 

 which brings us to jealousy !!! he would definitely be the jealous kind 

  • like he would try to hide it but u can practically sense it 
  • u would be talking with one of your guy friends (girl friends possibly ??) and he would be like “lol nope" 
  • he would def try to hide it and pretend like he’s not jealous at all but his mind would be like "fight them fight them fight them fig-" 

moving on, lin would drop everything if you get sick 

  • and i know i talked about this on my other post but
  • he would just make u stay in bed and make u tea and soup and
  • you’d be like "lin it’s just a common cold i’m fine" 
  • but his ass is already on ‘protect s/o’ mode so he would be like "no stay there i’ll get medicine do u need this or that i’ll turn on the tv let’s watch your favorite movie twenty times in a row”
Why Harry is not a bad father in cursed child

So on the Harry Potter amino i had a quite “nasty” discussion (when you can actually call it that as for a discussion both persons actually have to use arguments, not just one person) with a very thin skinned person (when you spread around cc hate, be prepared that some cc fans may actually argue against you, especially when you don’t use any real arguments whatsover) about Harry in cursed child and cursed child in general. He/she made a blog about his/her arguments after i “rudely forced him” to actually give me some things to back up his /her opinion, but well it is actually amazing how you can make a full blog without giving any actual arguments and just keep repeating “Harry just wouldn’t do that” (you may remember my blog about his/her dealthy hallows argument) all the time without using any quotes or explanations.So i made a blog in respond. Well he/she told me that he/she doesn’t care about my opinion, but i wrote and published this anyway!(When i made effort to write it, why not post it on Tumblr as well?)So here we go! As i structured this based on his/her blog, this is the structure i came up with:

1)      Why cursed child is canon

2)      Why Harry isn’t out of character in cursed child

3)      Why Harry is not a bad father

This will be quite long, so be prepared xD

1)      Why cursed child is canon

I heard a lot of people saying that cc isn’t canon, because Rowling didn’t completely write it. It is true that she got help by John Tiffany and Jack Thorne and that she didn’t completely write it on her own. The reasons are clear: She is not a playwriter, she hasn’t done this before and she didn’t think she could pull off a play script on her own.And i agree, writing novels and movie scripts is very different from writing a play script as this medium works different in some ways.

But this doesn’t mean cc isn’t canon. The inventing process was a close cooperation between these three and Rowling had the last say about her characters.

QUOTE: „The collaborators she approved were Thorne and Tiffany. They emphasized that Rowling made sure they stayed true to HER VISION of the characters“

„It took about six months to really map the whole thing out. (…) Jo would say `This feels right, this doesn’t´   - Jack Thorne

„And we didn’t start writing the play as such-or Jack didn’t-until we agreed on what that story was. Jack produced an AMAZING script“    -  J.K. Rowling

Do you really think she would agree on a play to be published, if she would disagree with the things that are in it?

Our queen herself stated that cc is 100% canon and when someone can define canon, then it’s her. She wouldn’t have published cc, if she wouldn’t see the story to continue like this and i trust her to know best how HER characters, she invented, would behave.

So yes cursed child is canon, if you like it or not. Of course you are free to dislike the new developement as much as you want, but just because it destroyed your personal headcanons, it’s not less canon. Creators don’t owe us anything, especially not our headcanons, and this is how she sees HER characters. We as a fandom can’t claim to know her characters better than she does and we shouldn’t, which leads me to my next point.


2)      Why Harry wasn’t out of character in cc

First of all (a point i actually agree on) cursed child is not a novel. It’s not written in Harry’s perspective and we have an objective look at Harry’s character. And no it’s not Albus‘ perspective, a play unlike a novel isn’t written out of anyone’s perpective.We are no longer influenced by Harry’s subjective opinion, but see everything a little bit more objective, especially Harry’s character. I think due to the perspective used in the novels it’s harder for some people to see Harry’s flaws in the original series.

In cc Harry of course grew up and got older, but he still has a lot of his original character traits.

I think a big problem for a big part of the fandom is that they forgot book Harry, because they watched the movies too often. The movies showed a very different and more bland, perfect and boring version of him.

Here are some things movie Harry didn’t do or did different:

-books Harry had quite a temper and anger issues at times. In book 5 he totally destroyed Dumbledore’s office in a big anger burst and he loses control over himself, when he is under emotional stress (sounds familiar, right?)


-book Harry sucessfully uses crucio (yes an unforgivable torture curse) on a death eater and doesn’t even regret it


-book Harry didn’t hide Snape’s book in halfblood prince, because he thought it was dangerous or wrong to use it, he hid it so Snape wouldn’t find it and he could continue using it


-book Harry said pretty mean stuff to Lupin in Dealthy Hallows. When he is under a lot of emotional pressure, he tends to say things to loved ones, he regrets afterwards (sounds VERY familiar, does it?)

There is more, but i stop now. (and no this has nothing to do with the epilouge from dealthy hallows as this scene is in the books, the movies and cursed child). I love complex and flawed book Harry and they did a very poor job adapting his personality to the screen.

Harry is not a „perfect“ human in cc and he never was in the original series. No well written and realistic and relatable character is „perfect“. The headcanons some people create for Harry are simply unrealistic and don’t fit his flawed personality at all. I am happy Rowling decided to stay with her vision of the characters and didn’t give in to the unrealistic, glorified Harry headcanons.

This doesn’t mean Harry lost his amazing and great characteristics in cc!

He is still the adventurous and brave and caring Harry we know from the books. Although he is indeed an office/ministry worker now, he actually isn’t in his office a lot. Harry still hates paper work and he still loves to explore the danger personally instead of reading about it.

„HERMIONE: (…) – thought i’d check whether you’d kept your promise and were on top of your paperwork.

HARRY: Ah. Turns out i’m not.


HARRY: Great, let’s get out there. I’ll get the team together.

HERMIONE: Harry, i get it. Paperwork’s boring…“

He is still the brave, charming and adventurous Harry we know so well and love from the books and he wants to be right in the action. He is also still very caring about his loved ones, but i will get to that at my next point.


3)      Why Harry isn’t a bad father

As i said Harry is not a perfect human being and he is not a perfect father, which doesn’t mean that he is a bad one!

In the play it gets clear that Harry is still very traumatised by the war, the dead people, his parent’s death and his abusive childhood. It is very hard for him to connect to people and to open up to another person.

You always have to look at both parts of a relationship to understand the motives why characters are acting like they do.

a)      Blanket scene

In this scene we have the infamous „I wish you weren’t my son “ line, which so many people take out of context and totally ignore the circumstances of.

The blanket scene is VERY important as it shows the basic misunderstanding between Harry and Albus, which leads to their difficult relationship.

In this scene we have proof of how much Harry cares for Albus. He knows that they distant themselve from each other and Harry wants to change that, because he loves Albus. So he decides to give Albus his most precious possession, the only thing he has left from his mother. It is clear how much this blanket means to Harry and that he wants to give it to Albus shows how caring Harry in cc is.

But when Albus rejects the blanket and distants himself more from him, of course Harry feels horribly hurt. This blanket means everything to him and that Albus rejects his kind gesture, really breaks his heart.

Parents are humans too and they are not immune to feelings and pain of rejection, especially not Harry who always had a bad temper. As in the original series Harry is portrayed very human and realistic in cc.

People who just look at this line out of context, mostly forget Albus‘ line immediately before Harry’s:

ALBUS: No! I just wish you weren’t my dad.

Here is where the essence of the play lies, the reason their relationship is so difficult.

Here lies the big misunderstanding between Harry and Albus. Everyone expects Harry to be perfect. Everyone just sees him as the „hero“ without any flaws, noone sees the human Harry, the frightened and flawed and realistic human being and person.

So Albus suffers under the unrealistically high expectations people set for him and he gets bullied at school. So of course he understandably projects his anger and pain on to Harry. He blames Harry for his suffering, but he actually doesn’t mean Harry as a person, but Harry’s fame and the high expectations that come with it. So with „i wish you weren’t my dad“ deep down he didn’t mean that Harry personally shouldn’t be his father, but that the famous Harry Potter shouldn’t be his father.

Harry of course is heartbroken, because he feels rejected by Albus and the line escapes his mouth. It is VERY clear, that he immediately regrets it and he tries the whole play to make up for it.

And  their relationship wasn’t always like that. At the beginning of the play their relationship is portrayed as very close and friendly. Albus is open about his fears and Harry is as open to him. Their relationship just went in the wrong direction after Albus gets bullied at school. Harry didn’t do anything wrong or different, it was Albus who (understandably) changed because of his father’s fame. We don’t see any problems between Harry and his other children, it’s just between Albus and him. The problem of their relationship isn’t based on what Harry did wrong as a parent, it’s based on what happened in his past and how his fame affects the way people treat Albus. They are both complex and interesting characters, who i can both understand very well. I can see why both of them feel how they feel and i feel bad for both of them. That’s why their relationship is so interesting and amazingly written, because you can understand both parts of this difficult relationship and you are rooting for them to overcome their problems.


b)      Seperating Albus and Scorpius

You can say what you want, but you can’t say that Harry doesn’t love his son and that he doesn’t care for him. Every mistake he makes is based on his desperate need to protect Albus.

When Harry hears about the „black cloud“, he feels such a big need to protect his son that he loses his sense of reality. He never met Scorpius and he doesn’t know him. He just connects the black cloud to Scorpius (isn’t the first time his mistery solving attempts went wrong…Snape and Quirell *cough).

Is it illogical and wrong to do this? Of course! But it is also understandable in Harry’s situation as he is put under a lot of emotional pressure and all he wants is to see his son safe. I’m pretty sure he never really believed in what he was saying. He was so easily convinced by Ginny and Draco and he very easily regrets it and apologizes to Albus for it.


Harry is not a perfect dad in cursed child and like any real parent he makes mistakes, but he is by no means a bad father.

„Love blinds“ is a theme of the play and yes, his love for Albus does blind him. But you can’t argue that he doesn’t love or care for Albus. He would do everything to keep his son safe – he throws himself in front of a killing curse for Albus – and his love and his caring make him a pretty good dad actually. Their relationship started of with difficulties because of Harry’s fame, but he never gave up on Albus and it is beautiful to see them finally finding each other at the end of the play. They finally show their love for one another and Albus can finally see Harry as a human, not as a famous hero. This is why the pidgeon line is so important. Harry admits his flaws and his fears to Albus and shows him that he is human. I love how Harry puts his arm around Albus in the last scene on stage. It’s such a beautiful and hopeful ending to the play.

Thanks @bounding-heart (i always take inspiration for my blogs from your page :))and @mrsellacott (the blogs you posted lately about Harry as a father really helped me writing this!)

He’s always hated long-term undercover work. There are too many things to remember, too many chances for something to go wrong, and just one slip up could earn you a bullet to the head. So when Chin suggests that someone goes undercover at O’ahu State to try and figure out their murder from the inside, Danny tries to take a subtle step out of his line of sight. The problem is that Chin has his eye on him before he can even twitch.

“Danny, you up for the job?” Chin asks with a smile that promises bad things if he says no.

“Why me? Why can’t Lou be the one undercover? Or Kono?”

“You’re the only one that can do it,” Chin explains coolly, “I have to be here to coordinate, Lou majored in Criminal Justice which the school currently has more than enough professors for, and Kono wouldn’t be able to pass as a professor for any subject.”

“Community college, brah,” Kono interrupts, saying it like it’s a badge of honor.

“Luckily for us,” Chin continues, “you minored in economics, which just happens to be one of the departments with an opening.

“Because the previous professor was murdered,” Danny feels duty bound to remind Chin but he just smiles, hands over a folder and says, “You start tomorrow, Professor.”

The biggest pro to being Professor Jeffries is that the probability of him getting shot at has now reduced down to practically zero. It’s a nice change of pace, to know that on any given day the most deadly thing that he’s going to come across is what’s for lunch and he’s almost tempted to revisit his previous stance on undercover work when he finds himself actually enjoying teaching his first real class.

Danny’s in the dining hall when he first sees him. He’s walking with a slight limp, a hand on his leg to help him move, and his outfit looks like a G.I. Joe reject but other than his appalling sense of fashion the guy is gorgeous.

“I see you’ve noticed Dr. McGarrett,” Amelia, one of the calculus professors, murmurs when she notices where his attention had been drawn.

“Doctor?” He asks because there’s no way that the model currently picking over the fruit selection has a Ph.D.

“Mmhmm. Steve McGarrett, he teaches chemistry. He kinda keeps to himself but I heard that he was in the military before he got his doctorate. Howard over in physics said that he was hit by an IED on tour in Afghanistan and was medically discharged,” she says and once again he’s reminded why he befriended her for this case, she gossips worse than his Nonna’s pitch club.

He turns his gaze back to McGarrett, more for his own pleasure than any interest in him as a potential suspect but he must look too long because the next thing he knows Amelia is calling McGarrett over and introducing them. He shakes McGarretts hand and when he smiles, Danny knows he’s in trouble.

Despite never having seen him in the three weeks he’s been doing this assignment, after meeting Steve in the dining hall Danny seems to be running into him all over the place. “You know, if we keep running into each other I’m gonna have to stop thinking of it as a coincidence,” Danny says, coming up behind Steve while he’s in line at the campus cafe.

“Then how about calling it a happy accident?” Steve offers with a grin.

“I’m not so sure it’s an accident either,” Danny counters and Steve’s smile tells Danny he’s exactly right.

“How about I buy you a coffee?” Steve asks nodding towards where the barista is waiting for his order and Danny happily accepts.

Steve is turning out to be a problem, because instead of investigating in his time off, he always seems to find himself talking to Steve. Even on his days off they find time to get together and it’s getting harder and harder to keep lying about who he is.

It comes to a head when he’s over at Steves house and halfway through the movie they’re watching Steve leans over and kisses him. He sighs and leans into the kiss, moving so that he can wrap a hand around the back of Steve’s neck and pull him closer. Then, further proving that the universe doesn’t want him to be happy, he remembers that Steve has no idea who he actually is.

“I can’t do this,” he says, pushing away. Steve looks dazed and adorably rumpled from where he’s been running his hand through Steve’s hair, but the look quickly turns to confusion as his words sink in. “I can’t do this,” he says again and before Steve has the chance to respond, he leaves.

Steve won’t talk to him anymore and even though it feels like a knife twisting in his stomach every time Steve turns away from him, he knows it’s for the best. Don’t get attached to anyone when you’re undercover, it’s one of the cardinal rules and while Danny’s never had a problem with that before, Steve always has a tendency to ignore the rules.

Fortunately, he only has to suffer for a few days when Chin calls and tells him they found their guy.

It takes three weeks before he convinces himself to show up at Steve’s house. He answers on the third knock, leaning against the doorframe, unimpressed, asking “What are you doing here Danny?”

“I need to tell you something,” he says and holds up a hand to cut Steve off when he opens his mouth, “My name is not Daniel Jeffries, it’s Danny Williams. I’m not a professor, I’m a detective, assigned to work undercover on the murder of Professor Thomas,” he admits and waits for Steve to say something.

“Is that it?” Steve finally asks.

“You weren’t part of it Steve,” he says, knowing what Steve must be thinking, “Me being your friend, kissing you, that was never for the job.”

He looks at Steve but he doesn’t say anything so Danny turns around and starts to walk away. He’s halfway to his car when Steve calls out to him, “Detective Williams, can I buy you a cup of coffee?”

I Love The Fosters but..

That episode was annoying. 

1- Why is Jude laughing on his way to visit his brother whose having brain surgery? Don’t care how much of a joint you smoke, that will sober you up real quick. 

2- If they aren’t trying to write Noah as a bad influence/antagonist type character, they are failing 

3- Courtney is the worst character please let that relationship die 

4- Why wouldn’t Callie just tell the police immediately what happened? She didn’t do anything wrong? Then her lawyer friend tells her to be honest and she still isn’t???? Then when she decides to be, they arrest her? Even though she technically was distracted because her brother was dying??? 

5- Why would the officer try and question Jesus when he just had a seizure? He is obviously under duress? And so was Mariana when he questioned her??? I’m not even a cop and I know that anything said under duress does not count towards official records???  And wouldn’t Stef know that?? And why would she agree to let the cop question her seizing son???? And doesn’t it make a difference that the person Jesus punched was a kid that stalked Mariana and brought a gun to school and violated his probation and is obviously completely psychotic????? AND WHY ARE ALL THE COPS IN THIS TOWN SUCH AWFUL PEOPLE?????

6- Why was everyone so damn nonchalant in the waiting room like if you told me my son might need a craniotomy I would be losing my actual shit or if I watched my brother/son seizure uncontrollably and foam from the mouth I wouldn’t be napping and sitting around talking about my romantic relationship problems acting like I was waiting for someone to give birth like THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT. WHO DIRECTED THIS EPISODE??? 

7- I enjoy the dramatics of the show but tonight was just overkill. Which made the few scenes that they did input in order to be more lighthearted just seem insensitive and off putting. 

If this show turns into Pretty Little Liars I’m done with Freeform like BYE. 

I’m watching Bonds, and this Zero Tails monster is trying to piss Naruto off and make him go into rage Kyuubi mode. He takes over Amaru’s body and attacks everybody. He even hurts Sakura really bad right in front of Naruto. 

And I’m thinking to myself “Noo, that’s not how you do it. You have to say the S word.” 

See? It’s not working. Use the S word!

Silly Zero Tails, that’s not a way to do it.

It’s not working at all! Use the S word, seriously!


Aaaaand there it is. Now you’re gonna see some serious rage.

I am SO damn over the “don’t reduce her as a love interest” rhetoric. So women in powerful positions aren’t allowed to love? A female character becomes bad because she falls for someone? Seriously? We has humans experience all emotions and love is one of them. It is only natural that we fall in love so OF COURSE we are used to it. So why do people consistently try to “shame” female characters (even male sometimes) for doing something that’s only natural?

i’m so??? mad and satisfied. smatisfied. the annoying girl in my screenwriting class who literally hasn’t come up with a single original idea of her own, blatantly ripping off doctor who for her scripts, today when i presented my script pitch about the fantasy world with insects, she says “it sounds implausible” bitch its fantasy???

and like i have not said one rude word to her this whole semester but she just kept interrupting and try to tear it down, saying stuff that implied she hadn’t even been listening, like “it has too many plot lines” it only has one?? “i don’t understand why the fire is bad” it literally burns down the whole forest?? 

literally the professor had to keep saying “but she explained that part”, and “actually she can do that because [existing movie example]”. but i’m super happy he said “of all the pitches so far, yours would get the money” even though ii know thats bc no one else talked about their project with any excitement or confidence at all

( highschool aus. )
  • “i made a bet with a group of friends that i can win you over but you’re playing hard to get without even trying but it’s not going to stop me. and wow the more i get to know you, you aren’t as bad as i thought" au. 
  • “we’re in detention together and you’re the idiot across the room who’s throwing paper balls at me and wtf i opened one of them why are you suddenly asking me if i’m free after this” au. 
  • “i’m your tutor because your parents found out how helpful i was so here i am wasting my time arguing with your stubborn ass when we should be doing this project or studying” au. 
  • “i heard about this party going on near my house and there’s going to be a lot of college students there, we should go there to see what’s up but then again it’s probably a bad decision to do it” au. 
  • “i used to have a crush on you freshmen year and idek i still have feelings for you but your gf/bf is trash so i’m going to slyly sweep you off of your feet because you deserve the best” au. 
  • “there’s nothing better to do during the last month of high school so lets do the biggest prank of the year without getting caught (hopefully)” au. 
  • “you’re the talk around campus because apparently you sleep around but i accidentally bumped into you one day and damn you’re sweeter than i thought” au. 
  • “i kinda caught you singing in the music room when i was supposed to practice but i came earlier then the rest and damn you’re good we should sing together and play a tune” au. 
  • “i really hate you because we’ve been competing against one another and stay in your lane because i’m going to kick your ass with how skilled i am this time” au. 
  • “there’s a rumor going around about us and how we slept together but we didn’t. and wow you’re defending me when i’m getting picked on what a great friend you are after all this” au.