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An AU of some sort

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Fun fact: this draft was titled ‘wheeze’ before publishing

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“You’re dead! Leave me alone!“ 

"Ghosts don’t exists, so obviously I’m not dead, Ryan." 

"Why are you even here?" 

”'Cause you invited me?“ 

"Yeah? When?" 

"Like, yesterday?" 

"I asked you that, two weeks ago! Shane! You’re dead!" 

Shane look down at his friend, unimpressed. 

"How’d I die then?” Shane smirked. 

“I KILLED YOU!” Ryan shrieked. 

Shane rolled his eyes, floating over to Ryan’s chair. He ‘sat’ down, not noting that he was floating an inch above it.

“Prove to me, that I’m dead." 

Ryan opened a drawer in his desk, and walked over to some filing cabinets. He opened one, and pulled it all the way out. He reached into where the box containing files would be, and twisted his arm. There was a click, and he moved his arm around. He pulled his arm back out, holding three pictures. One of a woman, the two others of two men. He held one up to Shane. It was a picture of him. 

"Why do you have a picture of me in your wall?" 

"I have files, and plans, in there. Plans to kill, not only you, but others. Why do you think I got so freaked out at the asylum?”

“'Cause you’re an idiot?” Shane laughed.

No. Because Bri, and Jeff, were two people I killed. I’ve killed seven people, so when they mentioned that there were five people in the room, I panicked." 

"What I don’t get, is you saying you’ve killed people." 

"Why do you think I did the show? To see how theorists work. To seem like one. To make sure I wouldn’t get caught." 

"Okay, why didn’t you kill Brent?" 

"He got weird vibes from me, and left. But he'son the list. I can’t have to many connections to people I work with, or people will suspect me." 

"I don’t believe you, there’s still no evidence." 

Sure.“ Ryan rolled his eyes. "I’m just confused on how you’re back. No one else has come back, except you." 

Shane rolled his eyes, and leaned back in the chair. 

"Maybe it’s because I’m not dead, and ghosts don’t exist.”

“Or, it’s because I had the closest ties with you, and everyone else were just random people." 


Ryan opened the door, and walked out. Shane hesitated, before floating after him. He was putting on a jacket. 

"What'cha doin’? Shane asked. 

"Showing you evidence.” Ryan said, no expression in his voice. 

He walked out the door, slamming it in Shane’s face, but he just floated through. The night was cold and dark. He walked quickly down the street, before getting to a path that lead into the forest. He walked off the path, for about two minutes he walked without talking to Shane. He took out his phone and dialed 911.

“Hello?” he said, in a panicked tone. “I-I need someone to get over here right now." 

"What are you doing?” Shane asked, but Ryan just glared at him. 

“Y-Yes, I f-found a body. M-My friend’s body." 

Shane floated closer to Ryan, and looked just past his shoulder. There was a pale figure, with vines growing over it. He could see it clearly. It was…him? 

"He hadn’t come to work for…four to five days, and I just assumed he was sick." 

Shane floated closer to it. It was definitely him. His hair was messy, and his clothes were slightly ripped. Bugs crawled close to his feet, and his expression showed no emotion. There were blood stains on his face and shirt, and a bullet hole through his forehead. 

"P-Please hurry!" 

Shane couldn’t stop staring. Before he knew it, there were sirens and blue and red lights flooding through the trees. He looked up to Ryan, who just tilted his head and smiled. 

"Why?” Shane whispered. 

Ryan shrugged, still with the same malicious expression. 

It seemed no one but Ryan could see Shane. All he could do was watch as they took his body away, and Ryan played dumb.

Ryan just got away with murder, and there was nothing he could do about it. 

  • Cheryl: Every girl wants a prince who treats her like a princess
  • Betty: Why would I want to be a princess when I have I king who treats me like the queen I am?
  • Bughead: *high fives*
  • Archie: Why can't we be like that?
  • Veronica: Because you're a peasant



in case you haven’t noticed, i’m weird. i’m a weirdo. i don’t fit in.
something is very, very wrong with me. there’s this darkness in me, that’s overwhelming sometimes and i don’t know where it comes from.