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I always feel so bad whenever I’m accidentally bitchy towards ppl who just want to see/pet Jenna, it’s just that sometimes she gets uncomfortable when ppl she doesn’t know come up to her and when I sense that she’s uncomfortable I like automatically go into this zone where all I can focus on is getting her out of the situation and most of the time I don’t even realize how rude I am until after I leave and then I’m like well shit those ppl are probably like “wtf I was just trying to pet her dog damn what a bitch” but I promise I’m never trying to be mean it’s just me protecting my dog so if you ever encounter me and this happens I am sorry I promise I did not mean to be a complete ass I just always want her to be safe and happy, but I thank you for liking my dog!

- “i am now going to proceed to stay up till 4am on the internet.”
- “as usual.”

there’s a good chance that dan hasn’t even noticed phil fell asleep yet.


AU: You and Luke are best friends, but both of you have feelings for each other.  Too bad that the two of you are too shy to ever say something.  Each time you get wasted, however, you tend to throw yourself at Luke, but he simply puts it down to you being drunk.  This time is no different except for the fact that the two of you went way farther than you or Luke had ever planned.  Just as things were getting steamy, though, Luke pulled himself away.

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milex and 35 omg pls

35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Stumbling through the doorway after one particularly drunken evening with friends, Alex and Miles giggled to one another as they tried to stand upright long enough to look at each other. They were both beyond the point of inebriated, clinging on to one another’s shirts for support, lest they both fall over in the middle of Alex’s hallway.

“I want you.” Miles mumbled under his breath, stepping closer to Alex until the elder male could feel the warmth radiating from the other’s body.

“Mi.. No.” He frowned, trying to push him away but not having the strength to, let alone the willpower. They’d done this once or twice before, but they had been in extreme circumstances and they’d both vowed never to do it again. They were just friends, they were just two, fully heterosexual friends. Or at least that’s what Alex liked to tell himself when he was sober enough to know better.

“C’mon. Let’s get this off.” There was a whimper from Alex as Miles tugged at his shirt, groaning in frustration when it wouldn’t budge.

“What? Mi, stop.” Alex’s tone was more half-hearted now. He wanted it as much as Miles did, he was just denying himself the satisfaction.

“You heard me.” Miles growled, growing impatient. “Take. It. Off.”

Alex didn’t need to be told a third time. Fumbling with the buttons, he tugged the shirt from his small frame and fell back into Miles’ arms. Just one more time, he convinced himself. One day he’d mean it.

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This is bad ;~; I can't even look at one picture of Gintoki without getting hit with the feels train!! /Sobbing OH GOD I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY.DAMN YOU GORILLA!!I want to hug him and give him everything his heart desires because he is so precious


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I want the K :|

6. Lip Gloss Kiss:

This is a fun, flirty kiss for girlfriends to give their boyfriends. Put on a healthy amount of lip gloss or ChapStick, then rub your lips on your partners’ lips until theirs are coated, too. For extra fun, surprise your partner with a sweet, fruity lip gloss flavor

He had been reading, practicing his Latin, but pacing around
the basement, propping himself against the table, he seemed
to be oblivious to Liv making way into his humble abode; he
was focused, fixated. He still hasn’t noticed how she drifted
closer, plump lips a darker shade than usual. He only then
caught her drift when he was pulled out of his trace when she
snagged his tie, yanked him to her short stature, and their lips
locked. He let out a gentle purr, cupping her fragile jaw as they
both pulled away.

                “Hi—is that cherry—that’s cherry flavor isn’t it?”

             lips would smack as his taste buds boiled to figure out what
             flavor it was. She only smiled, shrugging as if to confuse him
             furthermore. A smirk would grow across the sinners lips just
             as he leaned closer & closer.

                    “May I have another.. taste, love?”

This is a sardonyx, it’s a onyx variant being red stripes it’s principal color, it can be fully red (like this one) or a weird blend of black with red sards. Also sardonyx is linked with protection and fertility Where am i going? I’ve seen some theories that say sardonyx will be a fusion of someone we already know but I got curious and found this information, maybe it’ll be a new gem coming from homeworld OR it could be a lost gem that has been on earth by many years (well thats what I would like). Who ever is going to be it will be an important character since it will be a steven bomb. I’m very tired don’t judge…

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How Calum reacts when seeing you in his clothes?

ohmygoodness okay so i feel like it would just make him smile that really adorable smile he has where his eyes get all squinty and crinkly around the corners??? like everyone says that he’d be super turned on and stuff (and i mean he would but only like slightly) but I feel like he’d be more proud and just all around happy because liek wow how did he manage to get this perfect girl to decide he was worth sticking around for?  and so he’d come up to you where you were cooking in the kitchen and wrap his very amazing arms around your shoulders and kiss your cheek and the two of you would just kinda stay like that while you finished cooking breakfast or whatever jfc i want this so bad

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