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it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY


a thing about end of the line! i made this a while ago, before i was really comfortable drawing tf2 characters. boy things have changed some. i’m embarassed about this and it feels really weird but i figured i might as well post something i worked so hard on, even if i gave up. this is the first time i actually like how i formatted the damn thing though - it’s too bad i didn’t think to do it this way with my trek comics huh?

Dentist visit

Pairing: Brian May/Roger Taylor (if you squint, it’s mostly platonic)

A/N: I really don’t know anything about dentistry, and I’m pretty sure it shows. My apologies

“Hey Roger?” Brian spoke, hesitant. The drummer was curled up in his favourite chair in the living room, a cup of tea within reach, and didn’t look like he was gonna get up anytime soon.

“Hm?” Roger looked up from his notebook which he’d been scribbling away in for the past half an hour.

“You’re not very busy right now, are you?” He felt bad for interrupting, but out of the three of them, Roger was most likely to say yes.

“Err … Why?”

“I … need a ride.” That was partly true - he hoped it wasn’t necessary to reveal why and to where yet. No such luck.

“Where? And why can’t you drive yourself?” Roger spoke with a frown.

“I have to go to the dentist,” he answered, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “And maybe you could.. eh.. come with me? Just to keep me company?” And hold my hand.

“Okay, I’ll drive,” the drummer sighed.

They drove in silence for a while, Roger with his eyes on the road, and Brian playing with the hem of his shirt. Then Roger’s mouth curled into a smile. “Afraid of the dentist, huh?”

“You don’t have to tell anyone,” he said, glancing at the drummer who looked amused.

“What could possibly scare you?”

He looked away, blushing. He was pretty sure Roger wouldn’t think “the dentist is mean” was enough of an explanation.

“Come on, what is it?”

“It’s just… I hate the feeling of lying in that chair, all exposed and defenceless without knowing what’s going to happen. He could literally do anything to me, and I would have no say in the matter.”

“He’s not going to do anything besides fixing your teeth, I promise,” Roger said, still smirking, “I you want me to, I can go with you because I know what he’s supposed to do, and if he tries to kill you, I’ll come to rescue.”

Brian rolled his eyes at that, but he silently hoped Roger meant it.

"Brian May?” A pretty red-headed woman smiled. He got up nervously, wiped his sweaty palms on his pants and mouthed “please come with me” to his friend. But Roger didn’t even look at him, instead introduced himself to the woman with a charming smile, and Brian didn’t even get to shake hands with her before they were leaving the waiting room. Brian trotted along, slightly behind them, fighting the urge to make gagging noises at Roger’s excessive flirting.

“So, Brian, if you’ll lie down here,” she smiled warmly, and he nervously did as he was told.

Roger, taking his eyes off the woman for a second, suddenly seemed to remember why he was there. "He’s a little nervous, I hope you don’t mind me being here?”

“Of course not!”

She then turned to Brian and told him to open his mouth. He fought the urge to press his lips tighter together, and reluctantly opened his mouth. She was uncomfortably close to him as she examined his teeth, and he looked around to find Roger who’d seemingly disappered.

When she was done, she moved the lamp out of the way and began: “There’s a small cavity so-”

“What? No, there can’t be!” He’d been so careful, brushing his teeth two minutes twice a day every day!

“Don’t worry, it won’t take long,” the dentist flashed her pearly white teeth, but Brian felt that her smile was more directed at Roger who had just entered the room again.

There was a small pause while she disinfected her hands, and Roger soon pulled his “you know, I actually studied dentistry”, but Brian was too frightened to be annoyed that he was becoming the third wheel on his own appointment.

When she started preparing her instruments, Roger found a chair and sat down beside him so he wasn’t too much in the way, but still close enough that it comforted Brian. At this point it had gotten so bad he was shaking slightly, and he grabbed Roger’s hand, squeezing hard.

“Close your eyes. She’s going to anesthetize your tooth in a bit. Do you want me to tell you just before it happens?”

Brian shook his head, and then after a moment’s thought, he nodded.

“Shh, calm down. I’m here. Just close your eyes and listen to my voice. It won’t hurt, I promise,” Roger soothed. Brian couldn’t help but let out a small whimper, and the drummer started drawing invisible patterns on the underside of his arm. It helped a little, and with closed eyes and Roger humming softly, he started to relax.

“It didn’t hurt, did it?” he was asked when they left, Roger with the dentist’s phone number in his pocket.

“It feels weird,” he said. The right side of his mouth was numb and his lips felt way too big. Roger laughed.

“You did great in there.”

“Thanks for coming with me,” he said shyly, avoiding Roger’s eyes.



Aye, does anyone remember that really old show about troll girls with magic that was just another tactic to sell girls toys. Well me and my sister were watching it again for nostalgic reasons and I ended up drawing them… So yeah, the shows way worse than I remember it being but then I realized it was a show for girls written by men… Yup, it all makes sense now


— you two have your destiny; this is mine. it’s time to save the world.