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Storm Before The Calm

Smoke And Fire Part 2

Summary: Noelle Harrington is done with Billy’s bullshit.

Author’s Note: This would of been posted sooner but I hated what I originally wrote so I scrapped it and rewrote it! I listened to Halsey(Sorry, Bad At Love, Colors), TSwift(The Red album), the Wicked soundtrack and Aly and Aj(Potential Breakup Song, Take Me) while writing this. Thanks for the positive response from part one! Part 3 will come after the weekend when I get a day off from work! I am taking requests if you want to shoot me a message! 


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Writing Problem #999

Ok, I’m sure plenty of people have this problem, but honestly, I just need to say that I am TERRIBLE at maintaining a reasonable word count. Like. Really bad.

I’ll fastidiously plan out what I want to occur in each chapter, and suddenly—bam, I’ve written over 3000 words and I haven’t even gotten through 10% of what I want to say. Even in the editing process I struggle to cut down (if anything, I just add even more stuff on).

I suppose having a longer word count isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes I worry that I’ve left in too many unnecessary details or descriptions, and that people will get bored reading it.

So…. yep. Basically, this post was inspired by the very likely possibility that the next chapter of Sixteen Rules is going to surpass the 7k word milestone (which isn’t even a record for me). Uh. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. Thank you for listening to my rambling.

((This kind of reminds me of a post @itsladykit​ made a while ago when she did her Drabble Night Short Story Weekend. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who suffers (sorry Kit).))

You & Me

I don’t think many people write about this topic and I wanted to write about the different ways people deal with it. I also want to write about things that are important and true to me. I have never been through this but I have been harassed and I know so many others have as well. If this makes you too uncomfortable,  then please don’t read it. Also, thanks for the love on Bad Again. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

TW: rape

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m your best friend and I love you. I need you to be okay.” Harry said softly as you were wrapped in a blanket on his couch. He was sitting next to you but with a good amount of distance between you.

“I’m not okay. I won’t ever be okay again.” Your voice cracked, it was the first time you spoke since you showed up crying on his doorstep.

“Y/N, what do you mean? Did someone hurt you?” You didn’t say anything, that’s when Harry knew that it was really serious. “I swear to god if anyone hurt you, I’m gonna kill them.”

“H, please.” You whispered. You hated violence and after what happened earlier, you don’t need any more of it.

“What happened, love?” Harry asked you, but you didn’t say anything.

“Please, don’t make me tell you.” You begged with a weak, tired voice. “I’ll tell you soon, I promise, but I just can’t right now.”

Harry was clueless, he had no idea how to help you and not knowing what happened didn’t make it any easier. He felt so sorry for you, he didn’t want to see you like that - ever. It wasn’t the first time you showed up crying on his doorstep, but he’s never seen you so broken.

“You don’t mind if I go to bed, do you?” You asked Harry timidly, you were never timid. “I know it’s still early but I’m just really tired.”

“Yeah, I’ll set up the guest room for you.” Harry rushes up to the guest room and fixes up the room for you. You’re so thankful for Harry right now, he’s doing everything in his power to make you feel as okay as you can be.

You tried to get up, but it was painful. As the pain came, so did your tears. You didn’t want to be reminded of what happened to you. I need to shower, you thought. You needed to wash away the pain. Harry was gone for a while, maybe he was getting himself ready for an early night too. So, you decided to head upstairs and use the bathroom.

You barely made it up the stairs, and Harry noticed. Were you really so sad that you could barely even walk? So much was going through Harry’s mind, his best friend was going through something so painful all by herself and it was hard to watch.

You were sitting on the bed with your knees to your chest. You didn’t want to be crying, you knew it didn’t help. You knew nothing was your fault, that the tiny but of alcohol in your system didn’t mean that you were to blame. But felt disgusting and you felt violated. You could still feel him and you could still smell him and you could still see him. You wanted it to stop. You didn’t know what to do with yourself, or how to deal with it. You knew you wouldn’t sleep, you didn’t want to. Every time you closed your eyes, you saw him - sleeping wouldn’t help.

There was a knock at the door, you didn’t know what Harry wanted. He was probably just checking on you. You opened the door and Harry was standing with all of your favourite snacks and a cup of tea.

“I know you might want to just be alone, or not eat but I know that these are you favourite. Thought we could watch a movie or something to get your mind off of whatever’s going on.” Harry looked at you with hopeful eyes, there’s no way you could say no. You took the tea from his hands so he could come in with all the snacks and put them on the bed. 

You felt weird being in the bed with Harry, and the weird feeling made you feel even weirder because this wasn’t new. Yourself and Harry had shared a bed before, you’d have a little cuddle as you watched a movie or just fell asleep. But now, you just hoped he stayed on his side.

“Thanks for letting me stay, by the way.” You said randomly. “I know I kind of just showed up, it’s a good thing you weren’t busy.”

“I could never be too busy for you, especially when I’ve seen you like this.”

You watched a random movie, you didn’t really care for it. You heard the words but you didn’t listen, you looked at the screen but you didn’t see anything. For the first time that night, you weren’t thinking and you loved it. That was until the sound from the TV brought you back to reality - it was a sex scene. You tried to look for the remote but you couldn’t seem to find it.

“Harry, turn it off.” You said frantically.

“Why? What’s up?” He asked you, the sound of the TV seemed so loud and you couldn’t take it.

“Turn it off!” Your voice was the loudest it had been for the whole night. Harry was shocked but he listened and turned it off nonetheless. “Fuck,” you muttered - you were so frustrated.

“Y/N? Please tell me what happened.”

You were with a couple of friends from university. You had all graduated almost a year ago and you decided it would be nice to catch up. You were all older now, so going out and getting drunk didn’t seem as fun as it did when you were nineteen. While you could definitely appreciate alcohol, the four of you weren’t really up for that. It was you and three other friends - Avery, Ethan and James. You were close with all of them because you all had the same classes, and James was even one of your flatmates. You all decided to just spend the evening at James’ new place and since he had spare rooms, you were just gonna stay there if it got too late.  

“So, Y/N, what’s your love life looking like?” Avery asked you, you really wanted to roll your eyes.

“It’s not really looking like anything,” you explained. “I’m not too focused on that if I’m honest. You know, I have work commitments and things like that.”

“What about Harry? You guys have been friends since I can remember, how is he?” James asked. The few times Harry and James encountered each other, they seemed to get on really well.

“Conquering the world as always.” You smiled, you face probably lit up just talking about Harry. “But he’s actually home now so I’ll probably spend most of my time with him before he goes on tour again.”

As you continued to converse with you friends, you couldn’t help but notice how quiet Ethan was being. He didn’t say much and every time you eyes flickered to him, he eyes were set on you. You know when you catch someone staring and they quickly look away? Ethan didn’t do that and you felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. 

You were all on the couch now, it was around two in the morning and you were all beginning to fall asleep. There was a random movie playing quietly in the background and that was the only source of light in the room.

You must have fallen asleep, when your eyes opened, you noticed that Avery wasn’t there anymore - she must have gone up to the guest room. James was on the other couch, he was out like a light. You remembered that he was always a heavy sleeper. But where was Ethan?

You heard something from the kitchen and you were sure it was Ethan. For a while, you stayed on the sofa - you were too tired to join Avery in the guest room at the minute. You decided to grab a glass of water from the kitchen because your throat was really dry for some reason. When you walked into the kitchen, you found Ethan sitting at the island with a drink - you assumed it was water. 

“Hey, what are you doing up?” You asked him as you took a bottle of water out of the fridge. Hopefully James wouldn’t mind.

“Couldn’t really get to sleep, just thinking.” He told, he didn’t even look at you at - he just stared at his glass. “What about you? You looked pretty peaceful while you were asleep.” 

So, was he watching you while you were asleep? “I guess the couch didn’t really cut it. Honestly, I don’t sleep well unless it’s at my place or Harry’s.”

“I take it Harry hasn’t made his move yet.” He chuckled, it wasn’t a light-hearted chuckle, it was darker than that. Honestly, you were a bit offended. “Don’t look at me, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were together.”

“Well, we’re not together. Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, that’s just… weird.

“He must be crazy - it’s obvious that he’s in love with you. I don’t know what the two of you are waiting for, you clearly in love with him too.” Ethan couldn’t stop talking, and he sounded very judgemental to you. 

“What? Harry’s not in love with me. We’re not -”

“Does that mean I’ve got a chance then?” Ethan said bravely, it caught you off guard. He was moving closer to you and you were honestly confused. “You know I always had a bit of a crush on you.”

“When we were twenty,” you reminded him. “Then you got with Jess.”

You didn’t realise how close Ethan was to you until you were trapped between him and the counter. “Well, you turned me down before. But here we are, I’ve got my chance now. We just can’t wake up the others.”

“What the hell, Ethan? I’m not doing this with you. You didn’t have a chance then, and you don’t have one now.” You managed out, you could barely breathe because he was so close. You knew Ethan could get angry quickly, and right now, he was fuming. “Seriously, get off of me.”

“Just go with it…” He whispered as he attached his lips to your neck. Usually, when guys try to make a move and you say no, they get the hint. But Ethan just couldn’t seem to understand, and now you were scared. 

Ethan was gripping on you waist and he was leaving kisses all over you. You tried to push him off, you really did. He was strong - he had always been strong. You had absolutely no chance fighting him off. No matter how much you tried, he wouldn’t move. He removed his lips from your neck and his dark, lustful eyes met your teary, fearful ones for a brief moment. He knew exactly what he was doing. You didn’t quite know how you ended up over on the island - but that was your current situation.

Your face was pressed against the freezing cold marble and his hand were in your hair. It was painful as fuck. You’re prominent hipbones were being pressed against the counter, you wanted nothing more than to get the fuck out.

“Ethan,” you tried but his hands didn’t stop roaming your body. “Ethan, please…”

He didn’t stop at all, it was like he couldn’t even hear you. All he did was pull harder at your hair, probably to make you shut up. His blunt finger nails were digging into the exposed flesh of your hips, you knew that there would be bruises. You wanted to scream, you wanted to kick him or punch him, you wanted to do something… anything to make him stop. You were frozen, though. For years, you had told yourself that if you were in a situation like this that you would do anything to get out of it, you told yourself that you would do anything but let it happen. But what did you do? You fucking froze. 

Ethan forced himself into you before you had time to move, and it hurt like a bitch. You hadn’t had sex in a while so the pain was excruciating, it was almost unbearable. The pain didn’t die down either, even after he started moving. Why didn’t the pain stop? While this was all happening, you eyes were closed and tears were pouring out - but you were silent. It was like you physically couldn’t open you mouth to say or do anything. You could feel everything, his hands, the way he was moving in and out of you. You could hear him too, his brutish grunts and nasty whispers, telling you to keep quiet. You had always heard stories about people going numb and not being able to hear anything. Well, that wasn’t the case for you - if anything, all the feelings were heightened.

You don’t know how long it lasted, it was probably quick but it felt like it was never going to stop. When Ethan decided he was done with you, he finally pushed himself off of you. You didn’t want to look at him so you didn’t move, you waited for him to leave. What were you supposed to do now? What if James or Avery had woken up? Why didn’t they? When Ethan left the kitchen - he didn’t even look at he, he just walked out as if nothing happened. 

What the hell were you supposed to do?

“I’m gonna fucking kill him,” was the first thing Harry said when you stopped talking.

“H, please.” You cried, you really didn’t need him to be angry right now. “I just… need you here.”

Harry eyes softened as soon as he saw the pained look on your face. He couldn’t believe that anyone could ever do that to you - or to anyone. Someone you classed as an old friend, someone he met and spoke to and had drinks and joked with. He was disgusted to say the least. No man, woman, or child deserved something like that. He knows that his best friend, whom he loved so dearly, didn’t deserve that.

“I don’t know what to do, H.” You were sobbing now, you were sure you’d run out of tears soon. “I want to tell, I know I should but I’m so scared.”

“You’ve told me, and I can’t begin to imagine what you’re thinking or feeling. When you’re ready, we can tell the police - only if you want to. We can send him to prison so he can never hurt you or anyone else again.” Harry’s voice cracked, you knew it must’ve been hard for him to hear. You knew that he was kicking himself because of the pact you made when you were eleven to always protect each other.

Your elbows rested on your knees as your palms dug into you eyes in attempt to stop your tears. But nothing seemed to be stopping for you at all anymore. “I want to tell the police, I really do. But they’re gonna make me strip naked and take pictures and look for bruises. They’ll look for evidence. But how much evidence are they gonna need?”

“Y/N, look at me.” Harry said and you looked up at him slowly. “You’re so fucking strong. You and I both know that. And maybe right now, you don’t feel like that, maybe you feel like the weakest person in the world. But I’m gonna be here for you the whole time, we’ll get through this together. Do you remember, what we promised each other when we were like thirteen?”

“We said that no matter what, we’d never leave each other’s side.” You whispered, remembering clearly what you told each other. The both of you were walking home from school and it had been a rough day for you. Harry promised that he’d never leave you if you were upset or down, and you did the same. Neither one of you had broken that promise since, even after Harry went on to rule the world.

“Exactly, I don’t plan on leaving you.” He told you, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. “You and me forever, love.”

“You and me forever.”

You and Harry stayed in silence for a while as he held you, he didn’t have to say anything to make you feel even the tiniest bit better. You were both broken out of your trance when your phone went off. You assumed it was Avery asking where you ran off to, so as much as you didn’t want to, you picked up your phone.

Ethan Davies:

Did you have fun last night?x 

Guys, this was so hard to write, I’m literally crying. I really want to do a part two to this so let me know if you want that. I know this was really intense and Y/N didn’t come to a conclusion in the end about what she wanted to do but I feel like that’s the case for most people. If you have anything else you’d like me to write, please let me know. Thank you all x

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.. I just found out that I may have skin cancer. I’ve been feeling extremely down lately, and extremely anxious. I know I may lose some followers because of this post. My blog is supposed to be filled with love, cute things, little stuffs and happiness. But you all are my only friends.. And I feel so bad for not responding to a lot of my requests.

I just want to tell you all that you mean a lot to me, and I’ll make your lockscreens /wallpapers in the morning okies? 💖 I hope you all understand. Please keep me in your thoughts. I’d really appreciate it.

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Prompt: Prompto prompting prolifering puns.

“Yeah, I can picture that,” Prompto replied, and then grinned shamelessly when Noctis squinted at him, and summoned his camera into his hands, just to punctuate the wiggling eyebrows.

“Can you not?”

“Nikkon definitely,” Prompto replied, delighted in the frown taking over Noctis’ face. “Though I don’t want you to think I’m just zooming in on the opportunity, this kind of thing has to develop on its own. I shutter at the thought of rushing it, and letting it go by in a flash.”

“I hate you,” Noctis said, in the toneless voice of a broken man. “So much.”

“No, you don’t,” Prompto replied, laughing. “You reel at the thought of me being gone.”

“So, so much,” Noctis sighed.

“Halibut I guess that makes it sound like you’re casting a lure for compliments, but that’s not your style.”

“Prompto, stop.”

“You’re more of a carp diem kind of person.”


So I just wanted to say as an observer, that like reylo’s and anti’s would make an interesting psychological case study of how two groups can look at the exact same words, images and so on, and come away with the exact opposite conclusions. Like I think it’s clear what side I’m on XD but I just think it’s funny. Since the EW stuff came out I’ve seen breakdowns of the exact same sentences and both sides clapping and declaring a win. It’s just funny how perspective shapes your take away from something.

If i was smarter there’s probably a way to tie the force to that idea. Light and Dark and how they feed on themselves. We see what we want to see sort of thing. But I am not that smart.

this drama’s exploration of relationships is so fresh that (unpopular opinion) i reeeeeally hope they don’t make wonseok and ho-rang get back together. that would be too cliché tbh. it’s clear that they both have their own dreams and i would hate to see either of them stifle their dreams for the other. wonseok made a pre grown-up decision (altho being a big bbe lol), and he should stick by it because altho they’re sad now, they’ll be better for it in the future. they need to experience life and see their options. i especially hated how dependant ho-rang seemed. she didnt want to be alone so badlt that she said some pretty manipulative things. and i love ho-rang, she’s a strong woman, but she’s selfish. they’re not right for each other and i hope this drama shows people that that’s actually okay??? that things can get better after a bad breakup. that the whole “i cant live without you” rhetoric is bullshit and actually pre toxic. love ya self. learn to be comfortable w urself (why i love sehee and his developments)

anyways incase you havent noticed i get way too emotionally invested over fictional characters…..

(p.s im kinda also secretly rooting for the bomi x wonseok ship to sail… dont h8 me lol)

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From what we can gather, Bucklemming is taking over the Asmodeus and AU!Michael-Lucifer storyline. I don't want another villain to be destroyed by them. Now I'm just scared they'll have Asmodeus make these gross, rapey advances towards Jack.


At least he’s supposed to be evil? Tbh I have a weird kinda want Asmodeus to be cool and either super hatable or weirdly likeable thing going on as of yet so I’m open to whatever they do.

AU Michael-Lucifer is a proper overreaching plot arc thing though so I imagine Dabb has strong hands on the reins for that… so I’m not so worried. Bucklemming also aren’t always 100% pure twaddle, the do some good stuff too. Perhaps I’m too positive but hey, I generally don’t worry about the bad thing before the bad thing actually happens, it’s a waste of energy.

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Let's talk about Yoonseok: things I love: Yoongi will not at any moment hesitate to make a promo/plug about Sope whenever he can. I still always die during their friendship trip in Bon Voyage and his disappointed little cute face when he wanted to get matching heart henna tattoos and Hoseok was just like OMG chill.

Omg yes he was like *just hide your pain with a smile* asdhfghjkl poor Yoongles I felt so bad for him.  He wants to promote Sope but Hobi’s like damn babe chill not in front of the cameras

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Hey it's Jaehyo Anon again !! I haven't watched Weekly Idol yet but just by seeing the scs and the translated dialogues from twitter I feel so bad for Jaehyo. I haven't been a BBC for long so idk if this has always been like this, but seeing that he doesn't see himself as a close friend with Jiho (and probably the others too?) makes me so sad :(

He obviously has anxiety. The only thing we can do for him is support and reassure him. Encourage him that taking medication for his anxiety is perfectly fine and something he might need to do. I’m honestly happy that he has members that will lift him up and talk about him. That yes Jiho was stressing out that Jaehyo forgot his lines but then started to dance when Jaehyo tried again. 

I mean he also lost all that weight and stuff because he thinks BBCs will love him more if he has a 6 pack. Did it in such an unhealthy way too with starving himself. He use to do 2 am streams with us which I think he lonely and then fall asleep in the stream because he felt better and wasn’t as upset. Night time is when you think of the worse things and they just build up until you can’t sleep. When he use to do V apps he would spend the whole day with us until things messed up and he was forced to stop. 

Jaehyo is our little duckling friend that needs to be reassured, loved, and at this point feel like he needs someone to be around him to make him feel better and why he still in the dorm and did his streams with us. It’s nothing we can really change about him and it is worrisome but all we can do is love him like Block B loves him. I whole heartily loved his all day streams. Being with him and even when it was silent it was nice. I wasn’t there with him but in a way I was and I would stay up all night with him again if he ever does it again. Honestly I want him to do it again. I want him to do it regularly because I like going on trips with him and seeing what he up to and what he likes to do with his off time.

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it's the first time that I'm in a fandom with so much zines and I'm like... why... A weekly event is much funnier. Anybody can join so it creates more content, no one feels bad about not getting in, and people who don't have money for a 25 USD zine with international shipping can enjoy it too. Weekly events are so good, why don't we encourage them more?

GOD I KNOW!!!! so many of these zines are like??? why tf are you forcing making money out of this? this theme is clearly more fit for a thematic week.

short answer is: capitalism. you can’t milk money out of thematic weeks fjsdlkhfksfdslkjfls

i honestly don’t get how it’s ok to make a profit over things that clearly belong to a studio and their rightful creators. i don’t know. 

and i really agree! thematic weeks are so much better in that sense. you can join as many days as you want! everybody can work on it! you can even pair with an artist! AND IT’S FREE! 

zines are expensive and unnecessary 

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guess who's back, back again. the very same anon whose ask you just answered. yo I didn't mean to make u feel like u shouldn't share ur feelings on here. by all means do. don't ever delete anything bc of someone else. it's ur blog, u should feel free to say whatever u want on here, I understand that. I just recognized that ur digging urself down a hole rn bc I've done it myself so many times before and I guess I just got frustrated on ur behalf. I don't want u to go down that downward spiral x

i’m sorry i just genuinely feel super shitty about this whole pinof thing and when i feel bad about something i post about it but this time i can’t bc every time i do people start sending me shit and idk i’ve never in my life been genuinely bothered by anons before (annoyed maybe but that’s it) but today i’m just a fucking Mess

ik u didn’t mean anything by it it’s fine

Another god damn PSA

(But this one isn’t pro or anti. Just a mulitshipper wanting peace)

To make a long story short: it’s not the ships that are the problem, it’s the shippers. Ships are for fun, not canon. That’s the entire point. None of your hate blogs are valid for obvious reasons and be accepting. Go look in the other ships tags and see for yourself how nice the ship it’s self is.

What is it exactly that Sheith shippers have done to get so much hate? Aside from being basic and hating Klance for petty reasons. Said reason - ‘my ship is better than your ship because you suck’ come on guys, you sound like toddlers. And the hate blogs aren’t helping because, really? It’s just a ship about fictional characters

I am very aware of the disgusting things Klance shipper have done, which is not going to name because that encouraging. But it has to do with getting themselves into legal trouble on more than one occasion because you take the ship too seriously.

Both ships, (the ships themselves in and out of canon) in my opinion, are acceptable.

Sheith isn’t ‘incest’ because they aren’t biologically related - so stop that. Keith said they’re ‘like brothers’ not actual brothers - and it’s not ‘pedophilia’ either. They’re both adults, their age gap is 7 years, and while that’s a lot, there have been larger gaps.

Those are the only points I know??? They aren’t good ones.

And Klance isn’t ‘incest’ either. I’m not ruling out that they could have a brotherly relationship because Jeremy’s comments are always sneaky, but again; not biologically related. If either ship went to court for ‘incest’, you’d probably be the ones charged with a fake arguement. Anyway. Klance isn’t ‘abusive’ either. They’re competitive. That’s the entire point of that one sided rivalry. And it’s isn’t pedophilia either dammit! Give or take one year in the future and the past and you can’t use the ‘it’s an adult and minor’ excuse because they would both be either adult or minor. People using that excuse, I’m going to say it but I don’t mean it, can be ignorant to age gaps. Because seriously?

Oh yes, and there’s also the beloved “____ is straight, it won’t be canon”. For starters, that is the entire point of the ship. A ship being canon just makes it all the more enjoyable. You don’t ship to make it canon you ship, possibly, oh I don’t know, because it’s fun. And it passes the time between season. And, you don’t know anything. Are you leading the project? Do you have a say in the show’s production and characters? No. So don’t say stuff like that. Please.

This is neither pro or anti either ship, this is a discussion to end this stupid petty war between them.

I, myself, am a multi shipper who (don’t hate me) prefers Klance because of they’re dynamic alone and the other, strong ships with Shiro. But I agree with the Sheith shippers. Klance shippers, WTF?! Ya’ll are crazy I stg! You would actually make me regret shipping Klance?! Just- Stop! Like I said before, the point of the ship is fun. Not dominance, not the ship being canon, and trying to do all of this most certainly doesn’t make it better.

Both ships are great and can be very healthy! Both parties of either ship have the ability to help eachother mentally and physically. Both ships are great and all the negative points are coming from a stupid petty ‘rivalry’.

Why can’t you admit that no ship is perfect and the shippers are far- FAR from it (looking at you Klance)

So please, just. Scroll around on the other ships tag a bit. See how nice the ship and it’s shippers can be. I’m not asking you to change your ship, just your views. Don’t judge a ship on its shippers and haters. The ships themselves are perfectly acceptable, the shippers are the ones who need to change. That can be your homework.

Thank you for reading all the way through and please, do your homework. For the sake of the fandom and not getting the show cancelled based on this god damn fandom. Please. Some people just want to enjoy their show, keep getting their seasons and watch them for the plot and ship in between. Don’t ruin this for them.

And if you seriously can’t bring yourself to accept each others ships, don’t hate the ship, hate the shippers. Not all of them are as repulsive as the worst of them. So your hate blog against one ship is adding fuel to the fire with misleaded accusations with little to no real evidence or purpose. The ships are fine and dandy. Hell, there are waayyyyy worse ships. But it’s the shippers that make everything terrible so stop that.

arms-and-arrows replied to your post “jonsnowhite: TBH The only thing I regret about The Punisher is that…”

We still don’t know what exactly Karen did before New York although Ben Ulrich knew. Ellison knows. Dinah seems to be aware, too, because she referenced Karen getting into a lot of sketchy situations since she came to New York. WHEN WILL WE KNOW TOO. She is dying to tell Frank about Wesley. I think Fisk is going to get out of jail. Frank already let him know how that’s going to go. Fisk is coming after Matt because he threatened to keep Vanessa from ever returning to the States. DD S3, boom.

The fact that Ben and Ellison both know, makes me want to know even more. It obviously hits her deep, based on her reaction to seeing the articles they had on her.  And though we know she killed Wesley, I feel like it’s also whatever happened in her past that helps Frank’s past and actions resonate with her so deeply.  Like Deborah always mentions in interviews regarding Karen, she’s hiding behind a mask of her own; she’s definitely not 100% the person that she lets the world see.  I really really hope that Frank is part of DD S3, more so in regards to Karen and whatever her story line may be in it. 

I’m so ready to be in love? Like y’all have NO idea. And I know for a fact I’d make such a good girlfriend. Like I know I’m Too Much a lot of the time, but I have so much love to give. I’m amazing at caring for others and I’m great at cuddling. I always want to hear about your day and the things you love even if they’re not things I like or understand, I wanna cook for you and bak and make you smile. Ease your mind on the bad days and laugh with you on the good days. I’m just so ready to have someone who’s mine and I’m theirs. 

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Thanks for the thing about YOI zinex. It always seemed weird to me that at any given time there's like 8 going on sale by the end of the week. I also hear about artists getting dropped with no warning and shut out of the whole process.


i’ve applied to a few zines and never got accepted (which is expected tbh) and the fact that i pretty much know i’m not ever going to be invited to one makes me kind of… not want to follow this whole zine thing? 

i appreciate works and fanarts but honestly i don’t actively seek this type of content and i don’t give any sort of financial help (though if i hear about one donating to some charity and they are RELIABLE about it aka publicly posting some proof of their donation i might consider spreading word about it)

and no doubt, zine business is a lot of work for both people organizing and creators, so i get how stressful it must be. of course, bad stuff happens, and zines are a really delicate subject in whatever fandom you’re going to talk about this.

i think we really need to mmmmmmm rethink the importance we put on zines maybe?

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It makes me weirdly happy that Metal uses weapons, and frequently. Like, I really hope he turns out to be a bad ass weapons master like his Auntie on top of being a taijutsu prodigy. Also the mental image of him training with TenTen fills me with glee.

I just love Metal so’s the thing, too that a lot of people keep forgetting- Lee was not bad with weapons. Gai trained his whole team. Yeah, he focused on Taijutsu, but like, they’re all good at things. TenTen was the weapons specialist, tough for sure. And great for summoning.Which is still confusing because she wasn’t there for the summoning lesson a while back but whatever I guess…… I would love to see her training with Metal. Also Gai training with Metal. (And Neji but I guess I can dream, RIP)




I just want Metal to be treated with the respect he deserves. He’s a formidable opponent. He could kick anyone’s ass if he focused and calmed down. But the show keeps playing him off as comic relief and it’s depressing.Even in episode 34 he was the comic relief at one point with Inojin teasing his enthusiasm.




Metal is a strong kid who clearly has been taught how to fight, how to use weapons, and how to be an all around good ninja. But according to SP he’s just kind of there sometimes and “Look he’s nervous hahahah” and it’s pretty garbage.

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I’ve been feeling a bit off lately ??? And I don’t know why. Like having a bad attitude or being short/snappy towards people, Idk. Suggestions on how to get out of this funk?

try to figure out what’s making you feel this way! usually getting to the source of the problem is the first step in addressing it and then you can take the necessary steps in resolving the problem, you feel me? do some soul searching babe!

personally, when i’m feeling in a funk, the best thing for me to do is to find an outlet for my emotions, whether that be through writing or talking to someone. letting it all out usually helps me feel lighter. talking to someone can also rly help, a lot of my kids at work struggle with mental health issues but can’t really word what’s wrong so i make sure to tell them that i’m here and i’m listening and i’ll help in any way that i can and if they don’t want to or can’t talk about it then i’ll do something to help distract them until they’re feeling ready to talk. if you have someone like that in your life definitely reach out to them. and i’m always here if you want someone to talk to :’) 

also here are a few videos on un-funking yourself as well! i haven’t seen them all so i can’t say whether or not they’re helpful but they’re worth a watch :’)

good lucky honey! i’m rooting for you <3


This is about some Specific Things but honestly? Callout culture is toxic to all involved. Misinformation and rumors spread faster than the truth can hope to catch up to, and people focus on feeling like they’ve defeated someone rather than talking to that person about why their views differ from their own. I won’t lie, I’m an argumentative person, and I know it feels good to feel like you’ve put someone in their place. But just because something feels good doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t like that ship? That’s fine, you don’t have to look at it. Drawings of eye trauma squick you out? Block that shit! And if someone isn’t tagging something you need tagged, then ask them to or just straight-up block their content.

But people are allowed to make things that you personally do not enjoy. That doesn’t make them bad people. That makes them people with different likes and dislikes.

A Pearl never forgets.