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Is there a way to explain to people that VC isn't... bad? I've been called crazy, gross or a killer quite a few times. It makes me so sad, cause I'd never hurt an animal in any way... I just think that the nature is beautiful, both alive and dead :'<

Tell me who did it and I’ll lecture them and fight them >:v

Seriously though, so long as you explain that it’s done because you love nature and want to understand animals in a hands-on, educational way, most people see it as being less of a ‘serial killer’ thing and more of a legitimate educational hobby. I tend to bring up the whole, ‘well museums have taxidermy,’ etc. and I can kinda get people to shut up. I’ve had a few fighters over the years that still called me gross even after my explanations, but you can’t force people understand so I just let them have their fits and walk away.

I’ve also found having a confident attitude as well as being able to counter argue common points will help people understand better. “Animals are killed to be trophies,” - Yes but the funds used for those hunts to take place are used to benefit the species as a whole. “Animals are skinned alive,” - Actually that’s a myth that was debunked, also do you know how hard it would be to skin a live animal that could bite you? etc.

Or, and this is my personal favorite to tell people who are being real assholes, “Do you really wanna fuck with someone who knows how to rot down a body ovo?”

I’m Not Going to Date Everyone

When people thought I was monogamous, my favorite excuse to get out of a date used to be that I had a significant other. I always felt so bad about rejecting people, and I suppose I thought that was a good way to spare their feelings. Obviously, when people know that you’re polyamorous, that excuse is no longer an option. In fact, when you’re polyamorous, I think a lot of people just sort of expect you to give them a chance because you’re already seeing multiple people. If you’re already seeing multiple people, why not them too? 

But, here’s the thing, polyamory does not make me more laid back. Never do I say to myself, “Oh, I guess I can experience everything now since I can date multiple people!” No, I’m afraid my standards have not lowered. If you really want to know the truth, I think polyamory has actually made my standards much higher. I have more people to dedicate my time to now, and it just so happens that they are really cool people so I want to prioritize my time with them. Making time for a new person means that I am either taking potential time away from someone else or myself. And it’s not like every minute of every day of my life is dedicated to someone or something, but the vast majority of it is and to tell you the truth I’d rather unexpectedly see someone I already care about than to attempt to build something new with someone who I may never have any real connection with. I don’t consider polyamory an excuse to go on as many dates as I possibly can; I consider it a freedom in the case that I should feel compelled to pursue a relationship or gain a new sexual experience. So no, I’m sorry but I don’t owe you a chance. My time is valuable, and I don’t feel bad having to decide who I should or shouldn’t spend it with. 

The Decision

((After listening to @theglitchedsystem‘s recent audio of Dark, I seriously wanted to make this short fanfic, if I can call it that…It’s more of a one shot thing. Anyway, I wanted to write the thought process of the listener after all Dark had said.))

You stay silent for a moment, head hanging low as tears cascaded from your cheeks, glancing over to Dark’s hand upon yours. You did not want to believe that Mark, the man that had saved your life in the past, the man who went through all the trouble to make this date perfect for you, had used you…A part of you wanted to believe that Mark wanted to make this date perfect so that you did not want to regret dating him. But…the other part of you…that small part…told you that what Dark said was right. Mark acted like he cared more about the date than your own well-being.

Your mind continued to fight the conflicting thoughts as Dark’s words sunk in, swallowing the lump in your throat in the process, not wanting to sob again, but the leftover tears continued to fall from your eyes. All of this had hurt you so much to where you were furious. Not at Dark….but Mark….the man who you trusted, put your life in, had not cared in the slightest. After wiping away your tears from your eyes with your other hand, you clutched onto Dark’s, giving him an expression of hurt and anger, all the feelings of wanting to care gone from your eyes. And you answered his request with one simple word, “…Yes.”

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Hey Meg! I was thinking, the girls being unable to lie/act makes everything kind of easier to their pr team, since they can put them on "written" interviews and manipulate the way they want. That makes me think that maybe LAND won't talk about Camila and neither Camila about them, especially bc they probably know we analize their body language and tell they could be lying. I hate the fact that Val's snap made them look bad, but it's not in their nature to be shady. Do you think that was planned?

exactly. I challenge anyone to name me a bit of ‘shade’ that has been in person. It means that they literally don’t need the girls to cooperate at all. The entire feud has all happened indirectly through social media, written interviews or indirects. And it has worked so well that even if the girls do nothing shady in person, people will interpret it as shade. (a great example is this ridiculous thing about Lauren’s ‘face’ in that snap). In my personal opinion I think Val just made a bad joke.

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I had a friend, we were always together, on day she told me that a girl who is my clasmate and friend gossip about she, i try that my friend and the other girl talk but my friends refuse and star yo lie me that she have things to do. So one friday my classmatr, other friend and my friend talk but after that my friend told me that she doesn't want to be my friend and i was a gossip and bad person and she told to forget our friendship and i was a horrible person. I try to avoid but it hurts.

You dont have to avoid it, look straight at the situation and explain clearly with assurance about what happen with your friend. Dont make excuse, said what you really do. If she been with you long enough she will know whether thats true. But if she doesnt, better leave before too late. Because if she easily believe those that doesnt be with her for long time, shes the one with problem. You can cry all night, all days, months about it it doesnt matter, but dont avoid it its no good for your mental health. Just be sad, crying about it, but look straight to the point that shes no longer your friend. And thats ok. And then youll be better. Losing a friend is really sad and heartbroken, but sometimes it helps us grow and choose friends wiser.

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In high school a girl asked me out and I said no because I didn't think I was ready. We moved in together for College and I asked her out in November because I thought I might have grown feelings. But now I don't want to be in a relationship... But I also don't know what to do because she keeps making plans for the future and she has depressions so she says things like "I don't know how I could live without you." Help 😭

this might sound bad to say but don’t let her depression guilt-trip you? if you don’t feel good with the relationship, you won’t commit as much and it will actually grow worse as opposed to better. focus on reminding her that you can still be there for her as a friend, don’t drop it all once, etc. 

be honest with her. I think honesty and tackling the problem is better than dragging it on and being with her and giving her more false hope?

and at the end of the day focus on what you want and what makes you happy as well.

I was wanting to draw him and the cute little kitty thing too. So bad ndkfskdp! I wasn’t sure how to make him pose and then this happened

I think i did a couple of screw ups but still.. I like your OCs alot! ;w;


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sleepover confession: i'm kind of definitely in love with my best friend. i'm never going to tell him, because he has someone in his life that makes him happy, and i don't want to make him feel bad, but i felt like i needed to at least tell someone. thanks jena ~~

aw anon, that kind of thing can be really hard and i’m sorry! but you’re handling it really maturely, which is so impressive <3 

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omg i thought i was just bad at using patterns! thank you so much for reblogging that post. im a beginner sewer (im better at props so i often buy costumes) and I decided to sew one completely last year, when I made a dress out of a pattern, i had a perfect fit using only 4 ouf of 6 necessary panels and I thought I had done it wrong and just made mistakes that cancelled out! I feel a lot better about that experience now!

Haha, no worries! :) 

Patterns are notoriously inconsistent. Many of them have huge seam allowances on top of ease, making the sizing wildly unpredictable from pattern to pattern and company to company. It’s important to think of them as springboards – guidelines, foundation pieces, etc – than as perfect right out of the envelope.

Honestly, the best thing I ever did for myself was learn how to use blocks, as it guarantees a far more predictable fit. It’s not feasible for everyone, given not everyone wants to learn to draft, but it is very helpful to understand the principles of pattern making so you know your way around commercial patterns better.

- Jenn

I never talked about this before. But yes, I associate myself a lot with Sniper because he means a lot to myself, and I feel pretty comfortable about do it, and seeing him around makes me so happy and remind me a lot of good things that I share between friends, 

Please, anon, I hope you don’t misunderstand this post, because you probably didn’t have bad intentions, but still, I feel really attached to the character of Sniper. But more to my Sniper oc (Lawrence), even if he is really different from me as a person, he is such a huge copying mechanism for myself, and I can use him to take all the bad thoughts of my mind. Actually is he is a pretty negative person, he is such a way to explain about how I don’t want to let my fears be real. So, since I associate him with me a lot, It helps me to think about my decisions a lot. And also, it makes me happy when people associate me with him, or the character of Sniper in general…

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I'm self dx BPD and I'm struggling to cope is there any way you can help md

the first thing I try to do is make myself a plan. you have to think of yourself as a small child that you have to take care of. if you feel yourself doing bad mentally just take a break and relax a little. if meditation is your thing I’d try that and if not maybe just watching a TV show or taking a nap to give yourself some time. also, talking is very very helpful sometimes. most of all you just have to figure out what it is that you want and set yourself a goal to work towards. make sure it’s specific and achievable and set little goals along the way. everytime you get one of those little goals congratulate yourself, as stupid as it sounds I promise it helps. for example, my big goal is that I want to be nicer so I’ve started with trying to do one nice thing every day and I make sure to congratulate myself everytime I do a nice thing. it’s like positive reinforcement so it helps. lastly is just finding what works for you because everyone’s different. you have to think about what it is that’s making you upset and try different ways of coping. some people distract themselves, others try to focus on the problem, and some talk it out but it’s a lot of trial and error to find something that works for you. hope this helped, message me if you need anything else !!

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any advice for a lesbian who wants to start dressing a bit more (soft) butch but is having trouble being brave enough to start buying + wearing clothes intended for men? (also tbh a little confused by the process of shopping. which fitting room would I use as a woman shopping in the men's section? are people gonna judge me? how do I figure out sizes if I'd rather avoid that and shop online?)

hi ! yes absolutely. (this got super long so i apologize)

i used to be very nervous going into not only the boys clothing section, but even the boys toy area in places like target! i felt like i wasn’t supposed to be there, and that i was intruding and being a “bad girl” if that makes sense.

but when it comes to clothes, here’s the thing. nobody really cares. at least a majority don’t. my girlfriend and i go into the mens section at every store imaginable (major dept stores, specialty clothing stores, thrift shops, small owned businesses) and nobody questions us. i honestly haven’t even been glared at in awhile (as far as i’ve noticed).

think of it this way, tell yourself you’re shopping for a relative or sibling. because nobody knows exactly who you’re buying for when you’re buying something. so if YOU think youre buying for someone else, even though you’re not, it may be easier.

and in order to try those clothes on, just put a dress on top of your clothes you’re bringing into the changing room so it’s less nerve wracking. and i go into the womens, it’s no big deal. esp if you put a dress over the clothes you’re bringing in. 

when it comes to clothing sizes. shirts are almost always going to be the same size everywhere you go, VS. womens clothes where an XL at one store could be a M elsewhere. for example, I currently wear a womans XL, but a mens large. 

pants, however, are different entirely. i’m not sure how to explain it properly, but my pants size hovers around a 20. so IF my hips were smaller, i’d fit into a 40. my girlfriend wears a 14 in womens, and a 36 in mens. pantleg lengths don’t make sense to me, but id just go with the smaller (the second number is the pants leg length) number if youre on the shorter side, and the bigger number if you’re taller.

my shoe size in womens is an 11, and a 12 in mens. so basically a mens shoe size runs a size larger than a womans. 

so i would grab a few sizes around the one you think you are, try them on, and keep going from there. 

keep in mind, every butch has probably gone through this kind of thing. you’re not alone! let me know if you have any more questions.

Do you guys remember when people were freaking out about leFou being the first openly gay character in a Disney film because his name translates to the fool and he “will be treated as a joke” well seems like the jokes on them because I just saw Beauty and The Beast and they did so well with his character. Like he is so lovable and kind and he quickly became one of my favourite characters, he’s so funny and yes he likes Gaston but (no spoilers) other characters out right say he deserves better and the movie really redeems it self for having him like Gaston at the end. Idk I just hate how tumblr over reacts so much about these things and tries to make it a big deal when it’s never as bad as they make it seems and I just wanted to say how happy I am with their betrayal of leFou.

The more time I spend playing Andromeda (one locked about 30 hours so far), the less impressed I become with it.

It’s literally Inquisition in Space, just a bunch of open maps with tons of small quests making you go back and forth between various locations. Not that this a bad thing, it’s just Inquisition’s claim to fame and it’s boring and stale at this point. I wanted something new, and this isn’t it. Yeah, open world exploration is nice, but there’s so many places and quests I’m that just getting overloaded with quests and distracted from the main plot.

Plus, as I’ve already said, the Galaxy Map transitions take too long and SAM is ALWAYS talking and ruining dialogue. Those can be fixed on patches though, I assume.

I will say this, the squad members are great for the most part, and Gil makes my heart melt. They really do feel like a nice group of people to have.

Overall, I’m going to reserve complete judgement until I finish the game, but as time goes on, the more negative aspects of the game really shine through more.

gaywatsons replied to your post “this is under a cut[[MOR] i ;aklsdjfa really hate the story they…”

i honestly still feel this way like. even if they resolve things the way i wanted it doesn’t change this part of things and they made it even worse than canon when they had the potential to make them never have to go through any of the that

i know!!! what happened to john watson in canon was bad and sad enough, but like. they made it ten times worse and they never showed him healing and learning to trust again and it’s just. so sad. i love him. i truly love him, and it hurts to see him suffer like this. i thought he had a bright, beautiful future, and like. idk it seems like they have more repression and denial stored up for him. let him out!!! let him be free and happy!!!!!

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Do you have any advice for running a headcanon blog? Just started a botw one and was wondering if you have any pointers?

Sure thing! I’m flattered you came to be for advice.

1) Don’t be afraid to set out rules and be firm about them. It’s hard, especially when you want to please everyone, but if you’re not firm about it, you can be overwhelmed by asks that might make you really uncomfortable.

2)The askbox closed sign in your friend. It helps you avoid getting overwhelmed a lot.

3. Criticisms aren’t bad, so long as they’re constructive. If someone has decent advice, consider it and decide for yourself whether or not you want to follow it.

4) Clarification questions are a sign of a dedicated writer, and should always be used when confused.

5) Take breaks. As someone who likes to get things done ASAP, I have a hard time with this one, but if you don’t take breaks you’re going to feel writing losing its meaning for you.

6/ Enjoy! Interact with your followers, and be open to them.

I know there are fun things to do downtown.

Amidst the horror of trying to find a parking spot, remember where that is then wander crowded festival streets alone on my day off.

Just cause I want to sit home and draw (cause I haven’t gotten to draw at ALL this whole week) that makes me lazy?

‘Go out and meet people.’

Why… I’m trying to leave this state to work in my industry in another state, I have a hard enough time dragging conversations out of the people I already know in long-distance friendships.

I just want to sit and draw for a while, I don’t really want to go anywhere or do anything why is that so ‘bad’ of me. 

cosplay mindset troubles: 

  • i want to cosplay
  • i don’t really know how to make things and i don’t have money, but if i reaaaaally wanted to that probably wouldn’t stop me
  • i don’t want to buy or make costumes until I get in shape cause I don’t want to make something that’s not going to last a while and I don’t want to feel sad when it doesn’t fit anymore if it turns out ok
  • i probably won’t lose weight anytime soon because i have depression and i suck
  • i probably won’t cosplay anytime soon
  • also i’m scared of wigs
  • because of the money issue i have a hard time finding characters i reaaaaally want to cosplay enough to spend money on because i doubt myself and my skills so spending money on cosplay seems wasteful if it won’t turn out at least okay because i’m an amateur
  • even though i know everyone doubts themselves especially when they see someone else cosplaying the same character, I don’t want to spend the money if I feel bad about myself
  • i haven’t cosplayed at a con in 3 years and it’s depressing
  • but so is the amount of weight i’ve gained in three years

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Is it bad that I'm a compulsive liar because I always want to fit in with people? I start to fake-liking things they like, and I start to joke around like them, and it makes me uncomfortable that I have to lie all the time to have friends. But I don't have any kind of personality except the ones that I stole from my own friends. Help :(

Little lies like things you enjoy, whilst can cause issues further along, isn’t one that could hurt people. However, it isn’t a healthy behaviour itself- but then again lacking a personality isn’t “normal” so it’s hard to find ways to deal with

Try looking into new things and finding things you really like! People most of the time don’t mind if people have different interests!