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Does Yuuri's heart just break when he realises how Viktor based his skating programs on him? When he learns that he was the motivating factor for Viktor's return from his injury? Does he feel bad for turning away and not watching that first program Viktor choreographed with Yuuri in mind? I would think the depth of their years of misunderstanding each other would weigh on him, especially when he realised how long Viktor was trying to reach him through his skating.

It really does weigh on Yuuri which is something that they need to clarify in their Big Talk. Viktor doesn’t want Yuuri to spend the rest of his life feeling guilty or feeling like he owes Viktor to make up for everything that happened as that’s not a healthy basis for a relationship. But the one thing that Yuuri will always regret is how much more time the two of them could have had if he had just realized sooner. That’s why after they kiss at the wedding he tells Viktor ‘I’m sorry I made you wait for so long’. Viktor is very insistent that they were both at fault and Yuuri doesn’t need to try and ‘make up’ for anything now that they have both apologized and forgiven each other, which Yuuri accepts, but that big regret about time stays for a long time, although it lessens a lot throughout all the happy years they spend together until finally Yuuri is able to let it go

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1:Ok so ive been meaning to watch/read bnha for a while but when i did watch the 1st episode i had to skip like half of it bc bakugou bullying deku p much brought back my (school) War Flashbacks so uh i was wondering if it gets better? from what ive heard/seen around he still continues to be p much an asshole but with Layers(TM) like an ogre or smth but tbh that would only make things worse cause i really dont want to see a bully be in every episode & not be actually redeemed or even sorry so...

2:Like i know he is an interesting character but i REALLY cant stand seeing bullies, well, bullying that much - i can skip some scenes if they are not too many but if its too entrenched in the story then i would prefer not to watch personally. you dont have to convince me hes not that bad tbh i mean i know he is like 14 and immature and a brat but i just need to know if he continues to be episode-1-levels bully or if dekus newfound powers make at least a bit of a difference psychologically 4 him

Heh, I guess to start I’ll say this: Bakugou’s still a pretty bad person.

My short and straight answer is that yes, Bakugou’s bullying of Deku continues. It’s more Deku who changes, as he develops the confidence to no longer be fazed by Bakugou’s bullying. 

I think that Bakugou’s character development is interesting, but there’s no single moment where he’s redeemed. And no, Bakugou has not yet apologized to Deku about the things he’s done, even in the manga. And if you don’t like to see his character explored and developed (while his actions are not corrected) then this might rub you the wrong way.

I really enjoy Bakugou’s character, but frankly I enjoy him more like how I enjoy villain characters than hero characters. Villains can be interesting and entertaining and bring a lot of depth and character to a show while still definitely doing bad things. Bakugou’s not a villain, but I throw him into the same “entertaining and interesting but I’m not forgiving him one fucking bit for the bad shit he’s done” box.

And also, joining the BNHA fandom might be hard for you because it’s gotten pretty popular to dismiss Bakugou’s actions and treat him like some kind of “secretly a sweetheart” “can do no wrong fan favorite child” “here’s 4 paragraphs about how the look Bakugou gives Deku in one panel of one chapter proves Bakugou’s actually never done anything wrong in his entire life.”*

(*and yeah everyone’s got a right to interpret characters however they like im just saying this is a thing that happens)

So all that being said, it might not be a series that you can really get into. Bakugou remains a very central character with a lot of development and exploration, but he still definitely bullies Deku. Deku’s just built up the confidence to not be all that bothered by it anymore. 

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Is it bad other than tumblr safe mode censoring the wrong stuff, I think it's a step in the right direction for protecting minors on here? If tumblr would just fix it so it doesn't censor safe things like LGBTQ+ content and stuff like that and censor all of the freaking unflagged porn and kink content as well as gore since that's also considered nsfw I think it would help people out a lot. I want tumblr to change safe mode but not get rid of it. It makes me mad how it is rn though.

I couldn’t agree more! Safe Mode would be great if it actually censored unsafe content for minors, it would be a step in the right direction for making this site a little safer.

Just checked my stats and saw that I’m about to break 800 subscribers … which is insane! 

When I started this blog late last year I thought I would just post a couple of drawings to get things out of my system and eventually I would just stop and abandon it, cause that tends to happen with a lot of creative endeavours I get started with. But somehow I stuck with it, and it’s been half a year now and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Keeping a thing like this going is kind of a big deal for me. So I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and encouragement, for the messages you send and for all the kind words you leave on my drawings. Especially over the last couple of days I’ve gotten so many super nice replies and comments, I read them all and they make my day so THANK YOU! It’s a blast being part of this community.

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Deep down I think Tanner knows the girls are guilty of something and really wanted them arrested. But she, surprisingly had no concrete evidence.

You know, I have mixed feelings about Tanner. Because the thing is, it’s not like she’s wrong. They did kill Archer. They’ve done a lot of bad shit, like, they are guilty in a legal definition. What Tanner hasn’t been taking into account is that they could have been forced into it. Which is why I’m so mad the girls didn’t tell the truth when Tanner gave them a chance. Because the thing is, like, they killed Archer and it was 100% self defence. What made it more of a crime was BURYING THE BODY and COVERING IT UP. They don’t just bury the body, they fucking come up with an elaborate plan to make it seem like he’s still alive! 

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Hi! So I'm rewatching s7 and there's that episode about Dean being judged by how much guilt he feels about himself (7x04) and it just hurts so bad. Dean knows that he doesn't want to do this hunter job alone, that he wants someone to be his "family", his "home" and has a tendency of trying to keep them by his side. Then everytime they got hurt he blames himself for it, saying that he's 90% crap. It's really sad to see a basic human need became a 'bad thing' because of circumstances.

It’s a running theme… it’s also a part of the dual aspect of Dean, the “selfish” side which he perceives to be his “dark” side and therefore represses. By seeing his need for other people as selfish and dark he makes it bad and unhealthy.

It’s why now his acceptance that he deserves better and addressing it as being OK and healthy is so important in season 12. He no longer sees his selfish wants and desires as bad and that is the biggest component to his getting his happy endgame :D

Sometimes everything is so dark precisely to have it subverted and get better in the end, eg. Dean’s selfish / dark era in season 7 and the toxic brodependency of season 8 and Cas’ own self worth arc from season 11-12…

Here’s to looking forwards, come on guys…

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I saw your post and I'm strangely intrigued by putting potato in lemonade? Can I have the recipe?

look it may be inaccurate because it’s been many years since i last saw my grandma make it (it’s her original recipe and a family heirloom i’m sharing with the world), but here it goes

you need:

  • lemonade
  • potato (not sure how many but that’s the magic of experimentation)
  • willpower

first you make the lemonade. i’m assuming you’ve made it before so i don’t need to explain you how to do it. the focus here is the potato.

you take the potato and boil it until it’s soft and light yellow (just a normal boiled potato). then you put it in a blender and let it get fucked until it’s a pulp. THEN you have to be careful with how much you put in the lemonade. you don’t want the lemonade to become bulky (unless that’s your thing), you want it to be as thick as peach/mango juice. blend it again i think?? and then voila you got your potato lemonade. please enjoy i put actual effort into this

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Aw love I’m sorry you’re upset. Truth is, there’s been a lot of subtle (and some not very subtle at all) attempts to make it seem as though Harry and Louis couldn’t possibly be in a relationship, and sadly, some people have swallowed it hook line and sinker because of the intense emotions they feel about their fave.

It’s sad to me, because if nothing else it just means that people have lost sight of what brought them here in the first place. As for me? Those tattoos are permanently inked in their skin for nothing, and I love both of my sons so much. I’m a Harrie Louie Larry larrie.

Okay I know I’ll regret it but… @theniceacefriend sent me the original picture (I’m on phone so I don’t know how to link to the pic and it would be nice if someone added it) and after making a dirty comment she made me want to put the “yaranaika face” on Akko’s and this quality edit (or rather atrocity) was born

You can blame both her and @articuno2011 for making me post it because I wanted to keep it private since it’s so bad (it was done on a bad app, on a phone and past midnight by a really tired me), and now you’ll have to look at it too

I’ve had really bad stretch recently and it’s making me so insecure because they are such a deep purple. I just found a few more on my inner thighs and im really starting to hate it. I know they’ll fade in time but it’s like I felt uncomfortable enough let alone this :(

The only thing I can think off is that putting on weight in ed recovery has made it come up and urgh it doesn’t feel nice

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God, those double standards. If we were being told that Louis had been the one to initiate the break and the others hadn't been on board at first, I know a lot of fans who'd have shown respect for him because he knew what was best for the band and his friends and didn't back down, and he was the de facto band leader within the band, speaking up a lot etc. But because it's Harry they can't wait to paint it as an egotistical decision. It's so strange to me how people see him these days.

i know, it’s so weird how people blame everything on harry like the other boys aren’t capable of thinking for themselves and making decisions. they all agreed on it, it’s not like harry wanted to go solo and the other boys had no choice.. all of them wanted to pursue their own thing for awhile and that’s not a bad thing

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Do you have a theory what Jo originally wanted to make with this whole "seventh daughter of the seventh daughter" thing? (I'm just really interested in your opinion.)

((OOC: I feel like a got an ask like this before, and then meant to reply to it and never did? If so, and if you sent that ask, MY BAD!

I find this all really interested, because according to longstanding myth, the seventh son/daughter of a seventh son/daughter is born with magical powers. So this is cool, to me, that Jo wants to make this an aspect of her character, though a bit of a funny choice, as, of course, all the kids have magical powers. Also a bit funny, in that Ginny isn’t the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She’s just a seventh daughter. Molly doesn’t have six siblings. 

But in any event. I think JK had said something to the effect of, Ginny is a seventh child, and as a result has some pretty intense magical ability. And we did see some of that! I mean, she was skilled at the Bat-Bogey Hex when she was a pretty small child, she produces a corporeal patronus, girl is pretty powerful. I do wonder if we might have seen more of that, if it was Jo’s intention to have her be more powerful as a result of her birth-order? 

So yeah! I hope that answers the question. It’s a really long-standing myth, actually, that one stretches back pretty far and has been used in a few different written works. A good one actually is Terry Pratchett’s Equal Rites! He changes it some to make it the eighth son of an eighth son, who is then gifted with the staff of a dying wizard, which passes on that magical ability. In the book, though, the dying wizard accidentally gives the power to the eighth DAUGHTER of an eighth son, not realizing the baby was a female. Then the novel becomes this really great story of a girl becoming a wizard, the differences between a witch’s magic and a wizard’s magic, sexism, gender equality, females being forcibly kept out of schools… Yeah, it’s a good one, give it a read.))

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Blueberry-Muffin tea

Blueberry-Muffin tea: Tell me a memory which makes you smile

What even is blueberry-muffin tea???? Has anyone ever had it before and does it actually taste like blueberry muffin?

I am so bad at these seriously, like I have a problem with recall of events; remembering events I have no problem with. Hmmm… well, I guess when I think about the things that my parents have done for me I feel happy? Like they go out of their way to support me when people are giving me the worst time. Even currently, I’ve been going through people drama and my parents were like do you want us to fly over early? Like??? who even does that??? Flies overseas a week early because their daughter is being treated badly by the other people in the group… Anyway, I’m reminding myself that I did the correct thing by being the bigger person in that whole kerfuffle, but yeah my parents and brother were really supportive of me during these few weeks, they even helped talk to the teacher for me through the phone because my Mandarin couldn’t explain the situation well :)

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* Tea Asks *:・゚✧*・゚✧

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OMG I asked the marine biologist thing and Im sorry, it was confusing but I didnt mean a bikini! I meant thise swimming apparel things that cover your legs and arms and are very tight and peoole use for scuba diving and surfing and shit! Anyways thanks for it, I loved it anyway!


No no, my bad for misinterpreting it :0 I’m sorry I got it wrong, but I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway. Thinking about it, her being in a diver’s suit rather than a bikini makes a lot mores sense, haha, so I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that before. Thank you for the clarification though! I really was curious as to why someone would do research in a bikini haha Let me know if you ever want me to fix that scenario in the future!



Oh man, oh man. my darling, my love. you are one of the strongest people i know, constantly fighting and improving yourself and finding yourself in this giant horrifying world that sometimes seems almost too unfair. i’ve not known you long, but i’ve known that i would love you since the moment i started following you, and i dont even know how to explain it. you just have a brightness about you that sings to the heavens and back, something that makes me smile just to see your url or to see your icon, and i want to hug you so bad (if that would be okay) just to see you smile for real. its a beautiful image to me. your constant, unwavering support of me still has me flabbergasted, but i hope that even my small things to you are enough to make you smile for even an instant. i’m terrible at being friends with people, but that said, i hope that we can make this friendship something incredibly special. remember… i am always here for you. always. 

im really sorry that i didnt make my intentions as clear as i thought they were. im so sorry that i made people feel uncomfortable, or bad in any way.

i made this blog to highlight the most negative things to come from the ace community. it is completely satire, and everything on my blog comes from other inclusionist posts. i wanted to over-exaggerate things said by aces ive seen so more people could become aware of some of the communities beliefs. when i trigger tagged lesbian and trans, i was only doing that because ive seen some inclusionists do the same.

im personally a non-binary lesbian. i really wasnt thinking straight when i made this blog. i was drunk and had just got out of an argument with someone over the lgbt community. i really didnt think of the effect this would have on others, as i believed people might check my blog and realise its all satire. i didnt think i would have a negative effect on the community or anyone in general, after reading everyones responses, i realise i was wrong and im deeply sorry.

i really am sorry and i dont expect anyone to forgive me.

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Hi I don't want to sound offensive, but as a gay girl I get labels and "gay" things eg gay culture and all but why does everybody want to have their own things ? Like that gay ask game "for gays only", i'm not saying it's bad but why ? Why do wlw get upset when they post about loving girls and a straight guy adds to the post? As a gay myself i'm very confused, why can't we all just be friends ? :3 i think all it does is putting borders between different people :(

I think just because the experiences of being gay and being straight are so different? wlw make posts about girls loving girls specifically because we’re so discouraged from doing so, and when guys add on it’s like, no, you can be as open about this as you want, this was supposed to be something for our shared experience as wlw. As for the ask meme, some of the questions were gay-specific, and again, it’s about sharing experiences with other people like you. (Plus it just makes the title sound funny lol.)

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So, I’ve made this thing for you since I felt really bad about what happened with your heart last week. Please don’t be mad. I wanted to make you something that would make you feel better. You can find it on my blog. I hope you get well very soon. Us Meachums need to stick together in these difficult times! <3

Omg I’m going to cry, that is so sweet. I really needed this, after going to the ER a record 4 times this week (only one was heart related, the other three was my asthma getting out of control). This was very sweet and wonderful and I wish that’s how my ER experience had actually gone. Ward makes everything better, and this has to be the best get-well gift anyone has ever given me.

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Here’s a link to it if anyone else wants to read it. Thank you again!