this is so awful i seriously apologize so much

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I don't get how people expect Aaron to forgive so easily, like do they understand Aaron at all? The whole reason that he's in jail is because of his fears that Rob and Bex would hook up would be confirmed and now they have been. Rob shagged her in his and Aaron's bed ffs! I don't want Aaron to just forgive he deserves a heartfelt grovelling apology and Rob needs to work to gain his trust back. I know Rob was hurting but nothing justifies betraying Aaron like that

All his fears came true *cries forever*

In their bed!!! *cries some more* (urhg, that thought alone is so awful and tacky and just… .urgh)

Yeah but seriously. I can’t see Aaron forgiving this one so easily. Neither should he. I don’t want him to. Robert doesn’t deserve that.

Then I think about that deleted scene, Aaron saying that he loves him so much he doesn’t know what to do with it sometimes and Robert saying ‘same’. And like, just stab me.