this is so awful i seriously apologize so much

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on a scale of hand-holding at coffee shops to whispering 'i love you's' when the other is asleep, how soft are marcus and oliver respectively?

idk who this is exactly :eyes: so i’ll just repeat myself and say – with less caps bc we pretend i’m civilised on here lmaooo - this scale is most majorly rigged bc hand holding is seriously Soft,,, i ofc approve that that is the lowest on the scale a+ content right there but just pointing it out ok. 

major apologies for the essay i got sidetracked and steamrollered on with it, so i’ve shoved it below the cut, 

marcus - 

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idishido  asked:

So, what do you think drove Esteban to make that deal with Shuriki? There's a line in SIWND that goes "Years ago I did not know just how much they care for me" which has interesting implications.

 I think this is the ask I’ve been waiting my whole time here to answer, haha! So, my sincere apologies, this might be the longest thing I’ve written so far. I’m taking this pretty seriously. 

Well, just like most people in this fandom, I don’t think Esteban just decided one day “ Hey, I’ll make a deal with a witch that will overthrow my uncle and invade my kingdom in exchange of political power” and the show seems to imply otherwise too . So, I believe there were many different factors  that drove him to make the deal with Shuriki, making his case rather complicated. 


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Simple Accidents (Pt 18)

All Parts Here

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Little bit of fluff, Mention of ailments (but not diagnosis)

Word Count: 1,745

A/N: Again, no hate against Danneel. This is fiction!

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Danneel had given Jensen his ultimatum, one he had predicted would be a choice he would have to make anyway, and his heart chose before his brain could intervene.

“She needs me. I’m sorry, let’s talk about this later.” He really was sorry it had to come to this, but despite his guilt, he turned again to leave.

“You’re in love with her, aren’t you?” Those words stung his ears as the silence made the sentence sound like water being dropped onto a burning stove. He jerked as if he had been scalded by the sizzle. What was he supposed to respond with? ‘Yes, so much more than anyone I’ve ever met.’ No, of course not. Or how about, ‘No, we’re just close friends.’? Well, he already tried that, and look how it turned out. There really wasn’t a good answer for him to give her. If he said no, the lies would just continue, and he needed them to stop; He was tired of lying. If he said yes, he’d only hurt her, which was something that, regardless of all that’s happened, he really didn’t want to do. So, he gave her the best answer he could; nothing.

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I’ve had this blog since last year and I have yet to make a follow forever, so I figured it was about time I did. I mean, I didn’t set a specific goal I wanted to reach, but I’m really thankful that all of you have put up with me for so long! I do apologize beforehand if I’ve forgotten you on here and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less. Anyway, if you’re on here, then that means I love you lots and lots or I appreciate you a lot because we’re already friends and all that other lovely junk, either that or I really like following you.

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