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I saw your tags on that coming over gif and I can gladly agree that THEIR JAPANESE SONGS ARE SO AWESOME, it's saddening they don't get the recognition they deserve tho 😭😭 I love Run This omgggg, waahh this is so random 😭

hello anon!!! how are you? thank you for your ask! o((*^▽^*))o

OMG YASSSSSSSS THEIR JAPANESE SONGS ARE AWESOME!! no one was talking about those songs and i thought that their japanese album sucked or something!!! i reluctantly downloaded the album and to my surprise, HOLY MOLY ALL THE SONGS DESERVE THEIR OWN SINGLES AND MUSIC VIDEOS!! i’m so desperate for any ‘’run this’’ performance omgggggg i pheel yer pain all over here anonnie!!!! do you know which is my favorite part?? that 1:40 break lawddddddd i can’t wait to watch how the exo boys would dance crazy to it!!! kyaaaaaaaa i’m gonna pray for this to happen!!!! PRAYER CIRCLE PLEASEEEEEE!!!!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

so something awesome happened

So a little while ago for our last play we had to perform at the neighboring school due to our auditorium was not going to be finished by our performance. And one day we arrived for rehearsal and they had been taking club photos for their yearbook and I ran into somebody I had kinda known from my church’s youth group. She saw me and was like hey whatchya doing here and I explained and then I asked why she wasn’t getting a photo with her group and she replied with,

“I’m in GSA and I can’t have my parents see me in it”

and I proceeded to go OH SHIT ME TOO and then she was REALLY? but then had to go andsince then I had been wondering if she had been there for herself or a friend and after like 3 months I saw her at Youth Group and ran up to her and asked,

“So when I ran into you then were you there for a friend or..?”

and she said, “for me”

and I could feel my eyes light up and then we hugged and squealed and we were both just so happy and I can’t believe this chick I’ve vaguely known for almost 3 years just happened to LGBTQ+ as well, AND NOW I AM SUPER HAPPY.

Danai Gurira = ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love that when asked, Danai Gurira picked “Clear”, “After” and “Claimed” as her favorite episodes to shoot. She is so gracious and so so sweet. And I love how she praises Chandler Riggs every chance she gets and how much she loves working with him. She loves their connection and bond as much as we do and it’s so great hear. Danai Gurira is simply the best! 

Also how lucky are we, that the week she was going to stop acting for a bit and start focusing on her writing, the “Michonne” audition for The Walking Dead comes along. 


Happy 33rd Birthday Aaron Tveit

A Happy Happy Birthday to this talented, generous, humble dude.  The past year has held many “Tventures” - MisCast, Disaster Relief (where he was kind enough to take a picture with me), Live with Kelly, his Irving Plaza concert, and his Bethel Woods concert.  So much fun and an excuse to meet and hang out with lots of great friends and can’t wait for more this next year!


I just got back from metrocon! I saw these two cosplaying as characters from one of my favorite book series, “all for the game.” I asked if I could get a picture (twice because I forgot to ask for the back of the jersey) and they were so gracious. They were truly awesome people!

Friend asked for some GameGrumps cutes in my chibi style, and I just couldn’t say no because… They are awesome and give me many laughs


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