this is so awesome


Melanie Martinez-Carousel (official video)

That’s Samantha Cristoferetti. She’s an astronaut on the International Space Station right now. Behind her is the SpaceX dragon module that she grabbed from space with a robotic arm this morning.

If that isn’t all awesome enough, look at what she’s wearing and tell me that it doesn’t look like a DS9 season 1-4 (and Voyager too, of course)  Starfleet uniform!

Star Trek, it’s happening over our heads…


Backstory: I’ve been having SERIOUS trouble finding one particular issue of Avengers Vol 3 (which you all know I have been slowly and lovingly reading over the course of the past year), and after going to 3 different conventions in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and hitting up at least 7 different comic shops in two different states, I was BAFFLED and frustrated by my inability to track down this single damn issue (especially since it was part of the Red Zone story arc and GUYS THAT’S A REALLY IMPORTANT ARC. FOR. REASONS).

Eventually I started complaining on twitter about how this comic apparently DOESN’T EXIST anymore. AND GUESS WHAT.


Specifically, princess-sparklemullet! Turns out her LCS had it and OH MY GOSH she grabbed it for me and mailed it to me! AND NOW I HAVE IT.

So basically, rock the hell on, Carol Corps. Everyone freaking rocks. Especially princess-sparklemullet :DDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!