this is so attractive to me

baeby baek is shy 🙈

72/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

why trevor collins is a cryptid
  • looks attractive always even when covered in smarties dust
  • probably lives on coffee
  • has his hair ever moved????? who knows
  • sweet AND smart tf
  • looks too much like ben feldman, a fellow cryptid
  • tweets such as this one

in conclusion: trevor collins is a cryptid and should not be trusted


I finally understand why Kaldur and Tula can’t end up together

Just look at them

Tula is gorgeous, she’s literally the prettiest Atlantian girl in the entire ocean

And Kaldur looks like Beyoncé, I mean c'mon look at those cheekbones he’s outstanding, he looks like a supermodel

Behold how beautiful these people are

So of course they couldn’t be together, they’re too beautiful. It would be too much concentrated gorgeousness in one relationship. If they ended up together it would throw the whole universe off balance and probably destroy us all.

So for the good of the world, these two beautiful people could never be together. They’re sadly just too attractive 😔