this is so adorable i don't know what to do with myself


I just saw one of those women’s reproductive rights posts, and Imma rant a bit about how annoying society is and how dumb I’ve been in the past.

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After today’s episode from the Teiko Arc what is heart anyway, do you know what was the only thing I ended repeting myself… Repeting to all those beautiful broken young boys, all lost and scared, too young to deal with this?

Just wait, my sweet confused baby, just wait a little more…

… Because this guy is coming to take care of you soon:

And just wait, my beautiful beloved child, just hold on a little more…

… Because this guy is coming to hold you and treasure you soon:

And don’t worry, my beautiful boys, my so beautiful and broken boys… Hold on. Please. Because, even if you’re crying now, even if you’re so hurt now…

… This adorable strong and corny bastard is coming for you two. Soon:

anonymous asked:

lily i'm so trash. Here i was enjoying that 'jb taught the foreign members all the bad words' and then i saw Youngjae's fingers softly brushing his shoulder for like 0.5 second and now it's all i can see. This is the worst. Can someone tell me how to free myself from 2Jae PLS AND THANK YOU

Oh, my darling anon!

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from! Being 2jae trash is one of the most distracting things because everything is so subtle that you have to constantly be on the alert, and then once you find something, it’s so utterly distracting! But, in all fairness, this was a pretty adorable moment… x

I just love the way it almost seems like Youngjae’s smacking Jaebum for being a bad influence… but then his fingers linger just a moment too long for a teasing smack?? I also love how Youngjae seems to realize what he’s doing a moment too late, and then he gets self conscious like the skinship-shy little fluff that he is with Jaebum… CAN YOU TELL THAT I RELATE TO THIS BEING DISTRACTING??? Honestly, I haven’t even watched the whole episode yet, but I’m already so preoccupied by the 2jae and Markjin that I keep seeing from gifs and clips! It’s the curse of living the 2jae trash life, my darling! 

A life that I, unfortunately, cannot save you from, my darling! As I’ve tried to warn others before, shipping 2jae is a slippery slope that’s difficult to escape… I only hope that you at least avoid sinking to my level of trashiness for your own well being!

I mean, I can’t even just enjoy good JJP moments without my 2jae radar going off… and I love JJ Project’s marriage with all my heart!! But even though this mini interview was full of so many cute and adorable and valid JJP interactions… I couldn’t help getting caught up in the 2jae side of things!

Like when Jaebum gave Jinyoung that really proud pat on the back, and it’s really sweet and adorable… but then I see Youngjae noticing the gesture and his expression kind of tensing up?? And then Jackson seeing Jaebum being affectionate towards Jinyoung, and looking toward Youngjae?? Like he’s checking on him??? Maybe???

And then I’ll be trying to just appreciate Jaebum’s proud heart eyes while Jinyoung speaks, but I get all distracted by how awkward Youngjae looks as he snaps out of his blank stare following Jaebum’s back-pat, only to lean in and awkwardly lowkey imitate Jaebum’s gaze at Jinyoung.

AND THEN I CAN’T EVEN FOCUS ON ANYTHING ELSE AFTER THAT, because JJP do this really cute nod at each other, but I’m too distracted by the way Youngjae just looks away in the background with his expression falling, and then HE SNEAKS A LITTLE PEEK AT JAEBUM WHEN JJP TURN BACK FORWARD???? LIKE??? MY LIFE WOULD BE EASIER IF I WASN’T SEEING THIS!!!

And then Youngjae finally looks away from all the honestly really adorable JJP interactions with a kind of weird expression until Jackson catches his eye and then starts imitating the nod… that had seemed to throw Youngjae off in the first place?? Is Jackson seeing what I’m seeing???

… This is what I mean by sinking to my level. I can’t even watch a 1 minute video with interactions from another favorite ship without getting completely distracted by 2jae and losing the ability to see much else! I truly hope, for your sake and sanity, my dear, that you manage to avoid sinking this deep in the 2jae trash heap!

(But, then again… the little touch you noticed and Youngjae’s jealousy/preoccupation/WHATEVER in the mini interview are kind of a valid distractions… He’s so cute when he gets awkward over Jaebum!!)

Do you know what comes out of mixing a t-shirt canon full of glitter and your adorable youtuber of choice?

Me neither but somehow it ended on this. Magical girl boy Ethan-kun.. yeah, makes sence. To clarify this isn’t (entirely) my fault, blame @tinyboxbri as well

I would say I’m sorry, but considering how much time I spent on this… nah, I regret nothing.

oh, yeah.. Charlie was involved too ps I have no clue how see-through skirts work, I tried :v

I might be too literal of a person.

I see one of those “Imagine” things urging me to imagine coming home and finding Colin in the bathtub… and my first thought is, “What the hell is he doing in my bathtub?” Like, I’m sure I’d eventually get around to enjoying his hot nakedness in my vicinity, but before that there would be so many questions and concerns, like why is he nowhere near where he’s supposed to be, and how did he find my house and how did he get in my house and why, after apparently breaking into my home, did he feel the need to take a bath? Like, is he mentally okay? Is he in some kind of fugue state? And if so, how did he get all the way to Chicago from Ireland without his proper facilities about him? Where is Helen? I should probably phone her, but I mean, as adorable as Colin is, he’s not an actual puppy dog, so I don’t think he has, like, “If found phone this number” tags on him, although I guess if he has a tendency to end up in strangers’ bathtubs randomly, that’s really something someone ought to look into for him.

Of course, all of this is assuming I even find him in the bathtub. I mean, if I came home and suspected someone was in my home who was not, you know, a current resident of said home, I would promptly exit the house, phone the police, and maybe sit in the middle of the street rocking back and forth until they arrived. And then imagine my chagrin when the police emerge from my house with a soapy and naked Colin O’Donoghue and I’d be like, “Oh, that was a mistake, gentlemen! That… That totally belongs to me, yes. Ignore the obvious fugue state this handsome man is in and just… uh… leave him to me. Yes. Just leave him right here… No, nevermind that tag with the phone number on it. I’ll call it myself, yes. Don’t you worry about it.”

Because, I mean, just because I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with Colin unexpectedly arriving in my bathtub doesn’t mean I want someone to come and remove him. I mean, I’m not crazy or something. I’m just a normal woman trying to make it through her daily life and not at all expecting irish television celebrities to suddenly be bathing in her home unattended.

So anyway, I’m pretty sure my response to this “Imagine…” post was supposed to involve, like, sex and whipped cream and all nature of naughty things, instead of… you know… like, any and all of the above. I think I did it wrong.


160729   Changmin at Myeongdong today

this fandom is literally stressing me out. i’ve only realized it recently and i don’t know why i only thought about it now but the reason this fandom is so stressful is that most, not all but most of the “fans” are still pretty immature and well, to put it shortly, have nothing better to do with their lives. they feed of drama and hate to become “infamous” and disgusting are proud of it. so i decided to just adore from the girls but stay away from the drama. i will trust how i see the girls and trust that that’s how they are. i’ll stop in believing what i catch up in social media trying to morph who the girls really are or “exposing” them. i will always ship camren ( may they be real or not ), i will always think of lauren as sweet, kind, honest, and strong willed, ally will always be my sunshine, dinah will always be the “i say it how it is” yet has the kindest heart, normani will be the one of the most talented woman of this generation and camila is always be the dorky, passionate, fun loving crazy girl that i love. I will love fifth harmony no matter how much shit media says about them. i love their friendship. i love them individual and as a whole and i will love fifth harmony ‘till their last song. the end.