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How To Exercise Every Week Consistently

The Huffington Post writes:

I’ve been on this healthy living journey for almost seven years, and I still struggle with working out consistently. I usually start strong, but as the days pass by, life slowly takes over, and before I know it, I worked out two days out the week at best.

I feel that by now I should have a plan, and decided to go on a mission to figure out how to exercise at least four times per week. I am excited, to share my solution with you.

Before we get into how we can work out consistently, let’s talk about why we have this problem in the first place.

In my experience people, especially me, do not workout consistently for two reasons: time and motivation.

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Take my tablet away from me.

Oh, my stars.

Grillster stuff! My AU Gaster and regular Grillby for a friendo. c: The binary tool is one of my favorites because it’s really fun to use but at the same time it posed a challenge for Gaster’s robe. I cheated a little with a nebula brush but drew the stars myself. Was relaxing!

Trying to get their glasses right was not. I see you, several mistakes, but I’m too sleepy to deal with you right now.

h_crusemire: Today I had the honor of going to a little mix cd signing at the Philadelphia Mills Mall. I thought nothing would happen except the five seconds I’d get to see the girls who have saved my life. I’m sick, I have multiple conditions, two of the main ones are Gastroparesis and CRPS which are slowly taking my life away. Over the summer I was extremely sick, the weren’t sure I was going to make it. Little mix kept me going and when their new album came out I blasted it full volume no matter where I was. Today after the signing I, along with several other fans waited outside to see if we would be so lucky to meet the girls for a longer period of time. We waited for such a long time and eventually we saw them, we didn’t get to meet them. But then as I was sharing my story with some other fans and begging a security guard to let me see them because this could very well be my last chance, the fans started chanting to let me in. A few seconds later a guard came over to me and told me to come inside. I followed him and inside stood Perrie Edwards of little mix. She told them to let me in, I started crying my eyes out and thanking her repeatedly for saving my life. I told her how I’ve been sick and she’s been keeping me here and she hugged me and told me to keep fighting. One of the security guards name is Matthew Veneziale and he is the kindest person I’ve ever met. He told me to keep fighting and that he would pray for me, along with him several other people hugged me and told me the same thing. Right now I am going to quote on of my favorite quotes that is very relevant to this situation, I’m dying but in this moment I have never felt more alive.
Thank you not only to little mix but to Matthew and the Philadelphia Mills Mall.

Hannah Crusemire

This is how I want you to kiss me:
All over my body.
Look me in the eye, watch me become yours.
Tease me.
Bite me.
Breath into me and with me.
Suck me.
Lick me.
Hold me.
Moan and breath heavily.
Nuzzle your head in my neck.
Run your fingers through my hair.
Touch your nose to mine.
Take a break every so often and tell me that you love me.
When you left me, I have regrets instead of hate. You broke me, yes, but that wasn’t enough to loathe and ignore the time we shared. I should have asked you to sing more songs during phone calls, I should have hugged you tighter and a bit longer, I should have said ‘yes’ when you asked me to come over at your place, I should have kissed your lips and held your hand at the library, I should have loved you more when I still can. It’s one hell of a roller coaster ride but I didn’t regret taking the ride with you. Thank you for stepping into my life. We are slowly but the mark you left will always, always be remembered, it will live forever in me.
—  d.r.n

Ugghh whyyy??!! How can these two be so cute?? I love how someone described them as orbiting eachother…just so perfect…hence this…they’re slowly taking over my life.

SO I’m going to see Rogue one…again…for the third time…*sigh* why do I do this to myself… ‘Because you loVe thESE TWo ASshOles! THAts WHy!’

“I haven’t had the luxury of political opinions,” Jyn said, sixteen and sharp tongued. Brown hair cut haphazardly with a holster for her blaster at her side and a hidden vibro-blade in her boot.
“We don’t generally take on any of Saw Gerrera’s rebels, they are far too radical,” Mon Mothma said as her eyes swept over Jyn, “however, someone vouched for you.”
Jyn’s brow furrowed as her eyes flicked towards the figure that stepped slowly into the light, eyes dark and facial hair scruffy. He couldn’t have been older than twenty-one.
“You saved my life once,” he said, his Basic thickly accented and Jyn remembered a boy on Dantooine with a leg brutally cut, struggling with his blaster as a Stormtrooper pointed one of their own at him.
“Cassian Andor,” Jyn said, looking over him, “you’re a bit younger than I was expecting.”
“You’re shorter than I’d thought you’d be,” he returned and they shared a smile as if from a joke no one else understood.
—  In which I debate writing a RebelCaptain fic because holy fuck I’m in love with them (here)