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hhhHHHHHH I’m slowly becoming Hamilton trash.
And I thank two people:
@the-geeky-witch @galactibun Ok so I wouldn’t stop listening to the song, “Non-Stop” because it’s good shit.
So I guess I kinda did a redraw of a scene in:
So yeh that’s another reason I’m tagging @galactibun (Also I used their animatics as references. I love them, please keep them up dude.)

I dare you to write a story about a character who seems sympathetic at first but becomes despicable as the story unfolds

Be creative! This prompt could be good for developing characterization techniques. Whether the character is the main character, even the narrator, or a secondary character, there is a fine line between twisting the plot to make a likable character bad while not cheating the reader. Try to find this line and walk it. 

Is the character suddenly unlikable due to a betrayal or the revelation of something about them? Or does the dislike grow slowly from the little things? Does the character change in order to become unlikable or do the characters around them change? How does the conflict grow not just in the story but also in the reader’s mind to make this character’s reputation reverse?

Think outside the box!

If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag I dare you to write and indicate whether or not concrit is welcome.

An AU Idea

This AU is a kinda Angsty AU

Dipper as a child had Bill looking over him, becoming in imagery friend (Even though Mabel could see Bill) Bill help Dipper with everything, going into his head and became the ‘voice in his head’. When Mabel and Dipper turned 14, Mabel’s mother wanted to take Mabel out to go somewhere (It can be anywhere really) Bill told Dipper to tag along or to try and stop them from going. Dipper refused, Bill knowing that something bad was going to happen. When Mabel and her mother were coming back from where they went, they got into a car crash. Neither of them survived. Dipper’s dad (in a later affect) started to make his pain go away by slowly becoming a alcoholic. Dipper couldn’t take the fact that Mabel died so he had attempted suicide, Bill being the only one to stop it from happening. (Now that I think about it, this really isn’t a AU more of like a angst Drabble. I’m kinda sorry about trying to make this into an AU (not really sorry but ehhh)

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