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Word Count: 1.7k

Pairing: Rick Flag x Reader

Warning: Smut

So, I sometimes take like 9 billion years to actually finish stories so my bad. Don’t kill me plz. I hope you lovelies enjoy!

“So, you think you can do it?” Floyd questions glancing ahead at Flag.

“Yea, shouldn’t be too hard,” you whisper to him.

“Why does she get to do it?” Harley whines, pouting at Floyd.

“Because sleight of hand is her specialty. If I need someone’s head smashed open with a baseball bat, I’ll let you know.”

“You better,” She says, her bubbly attitude returning.

“Hey, Flag! We gotta take a break, man. That last fight left us winded,” Boomerang says, shooting you a wink.

He huffs, glancing around.

“Fine. We’ll rest up ahead. Not long,” he says, motioning towards a slightly intact building.

Before you enter, Floyd grabs your arm.

“Be careful. Not just for your sake. He might blow all of us up if you fuck up.”

“Wow, no pressure, right?” You joke, shrugging out of his grip.

You go inside and you notice Flag going up to the second level.

Perfect opportunity to have him alone.

Now or never.

You take a deep breath and head for the stairs, only to be shoved back by Katana.

Jesus Christ! Relax, princess. I just want to talk to him,”

“It’s alright, Katana,” Flag says, nodding you upstairs.

You stick your tongue out at her on the way up. You follow him into one of the rooms, shutting the door behind you.

“What the hell do you want?”

“Ooh, someone’s cranky,” you tease.

“I’m really not in the mood for this shit, so if-”

You pull him into a rough kiss, taking him by surprise.

He gently pushes you away, his hand resting on your hip.

“What…what are you doing?”

“You look stressed,” you whisper, rubbing his shoulders.

“I could help you…relieve that stress.”

He pushes you back again and you pout.

“You think I don’t know that you stare at my ass every chance you get? I’m not that stupid, honey.”

“You were stupid enough to get caught and taken to Belle Reve,” he shoots back.

“Oh, now that wasn’t very nice. Maybe you should bend me over this table to apologize.”

You trail kisses up his neck to his jaw and you hear his breath hitch.

“Come on, just a quickie.”

His eyes lock onto yours hungrily as he hoists you up and sets you down on the table. His lips crash into yours, his hand resting on the back of your neck. You nip at his bottom lip and he comes closer between your legs. You hear him groan and he pulls back.

“Oh, you have a bad side, don’t you?” You tease.

“Shut up. I shouldn’t be…”

“Who cares! No one is going to find out…Please?” You beg, batting your eyelashes.

“I just want someone to touch me…” you brush your lips against his ear.

“To feel someone inside me before they send me back to Belle Reve…please…”

He kisses you again, this time gently and runs his fingers through your hair.

“Okay…” he whispers.

This is too fucking easy.

Like taking candy from a baby.

But…maybe you do feel a little bad about doing this. Just a little bit.

He’s vulnerable and you’re practically taking advantage of him…oh, who are you kidding? He wouldn’t have said yes if he didn’t want you. Come on, you can do this. It’s not like you aren’t attracted to him. He’s hot, and being a man of authority makes him even hotter.

His lips attack your neck in an instant, your fingers running through his hair.

He sucks roughly on your exposed neck, leaving love bites down to your chest. He slowly unbuttons your shirt, guiding his cold fingers against your skin.

You bite your lip and glance towards the device on his arm. A little more complicated than snatching a watch off someone’s wrist, but you can adapt.

You’re pulled from your thoughts when the cold air hits your bare chest. Your shirt and bra now on the floor.

“You’re so beautiful,” he mutters against your skin, wrapping his mouth around your sensitive nipple.

He pinches the other and you moan, arching into his touch.

You slide your hand down his bicep towards the device, your fingers almost wrapping around the release. But he quickly flips you around, bending you over the table.

He yanks your pants down quickly and positions himself at your entrance, pushing in slowly.

He starts out gentle, his touch burning your skin.

You haven’t felt someone in so long. His pace starts to quicken and his nails dig into your hips.

You moan loudly before his hand covers your mouth.

“They’re gonna hear you…” he rasps, slowly pulling his hand away.

You grip onto the table tightly, stifling your moans as best as you can.

His hand tangles through your hair softly, his thrusts now hard and slow. His cock feels amazing inside of you, hitting all the right spots to drive you wild.

“Y/N…” he moans quietly.

“Fuck,” you squeak, grabbing a hold of his wrist.

The table creaks as his hips snap hard into yours, echoing around the room.

He reaches around and rubs your clit, burying his face in your hair.

You cry out as your body shakes from your intense orgasm and not long after, he shoots his cum inside you.

You’re barely able to catch your breath before Rick comes to his senses, pulling out of you and hastily zipping his pants up.

You slowly put your clothes back on, dread setting in your stomach.

You fucked him but you couldn’t get the device. You’re sure the others will be pissed.

“We should uh…”

“Hit me,” you command.


You huff, standing by the door.

“They’re gonna know something is up. Better they think we were fighting rather than fucking.”

He gives you a silent nod and moves past you to open the door but you grab his arm.

“Thank you,” you whisper with a small smile.

“My pleasure,” he says with a smirk.

You walk out of the room towards the steps.

“Too bad you couldn’t get the device though, right?”

Fuck… You turn around.

But a hard punch to your jaw sends you tumbling down the stairs, your back slamming into the floor. Rick slowly descends the stairs with a scowl.

“Next time one of you pulls shit like that again,” he points to the device, “you’re getting blown up. Understand?”

He storms outside without another word, Katana following closely behind.

“You alright?” Harley questions pulling you to your feet.

“Eh, I’ll live. But that…that was a shit plan,” you say, glaring at Floyd.

“It was worth a shot. At least you got to rough him up a bit,”

You scoff. “He did most of the ‘roughing up’ actually.”

Oh boy, he did.

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“'bout t'lose sunlight, better find a place t'camp.” Readjusting the straps of his backpack, Edward slowed down slightly to survey their surroundings, wiping dust from his face as he turned to look at the man walking behind him.

“Fuck yea, I guess.” Squinting up against the slowly reddening sky, Hancock had a tone of dissatisfaction, but knew better than to run around downtown Boston after dark. “Any place in mind?”

“Buildin’ over there looks stable, at least ‘nough cover t'stay unseen. Dunno if th'super mutant camp up ahead moved or not.”

“I trust ya on that. Just anywhere we can smoke, I would literally murder someone for a smoke right now, babe.”

“Literally?” A slight furrow to his eyebrows let Hancock know Edward didn’t approve of his careless use of the word,

“Fuckin’ literally. If there was a person right there, I would shank 'em if it’d let me smoke. Get the fuck outta here with your fucking remarking words,” With a slight laugh, Hancock gave Edward a playful shove. “Ya goddamn nerd.”

“Well, no one’s around so you’d have t'kill me, 'n I got stuff t'do tomorrow,” Edward responded, letting out a low laugh and a slight shrug, slipping his arm around Hancock’s waist to have him near as he lead the two of them into the dilapidated building Edward had vague memories of being some kind of office. A banking business, maybe?

“Well, shit. I guess I’ll just steal your smokes,” the ghoul replied, ducking behind what they could both guess to be an old receptionist desk, laying out a bedroll to share. “Steal your smokes and run.”

“Is this all ’m worth t'ya? A pack of cigarettes?” Edward scoffed, rummaging through his bag to find dinner, canned beans, some bullets to reload his gun, and the sought-after cigarettes.

“'n the lighter,” Hancock quipped back, sitting down next to him, pulling his boots off and tucking his feet under him.

“Of course. A pack of cigarettes 'n a lighter. The absolute worth of a human life. Glad I ain’t losin’ the fuckin’ love of my life over only one pack of these,” he shook the half-empty carton before producing two of the hand-made paper rolls. One for him, one for Hancock.

“Only the best for you, babe,” Hancock grinned, planting a quick peck on Edward’s cheek before taking the cigarette. “I love ya, Eddie.” “Love ya too, ya dumbass.”

A click of the lighter, Hancock leaned in towards the flame, inhaling deeply as the tobacco ignited, exhaling a cloud of white smoke into the already dusty air. Content, he relaxed and leaned into Edward’s shoulder, smiling as Edward’s heavy arm draped over his shoulders to hold him close, a familiar sense of security settling over them both.

“Man, this place smells like shit, donnit?”

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“Would you like a slice?” Antonio gently pushed the large pizza in front of him towards the strange person. (~nihilisticsuggestion (hihi i'm Solis, the mun here, and I wanted to rp hope it's ok?))

“Pizza? Sure why not, I was getting hungry anyway. Better than only having bread for a week straight.” He shifted his position slightly to pick a slice, propping it with his right hand to take a bite.

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She squinted slightly to get a better look. “Yea…but I don’t think it’s just one….look.” She said pointing and there had to be at least 10 or more around its point.

Dean bit his lip, cussing under his breath, “Okay. Well, then… Goin’ this way is probably a bad idea. Ten has the potential to be a whole herd out there, and we probably shouldn’t risk that. Any idea how safe it is the other way?”