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Sick Mommy

Author: @riversong-sam
Request: @oriona75
I need the fluffiest of the fluffy Sam. Stressed out sick mom at wits end and needs help. Hubby!Sam to the rescue.

Word Count: 743
Parings: Sam x Reader, Dean, Evan (OFC), Grace (OFC)
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.
You couldn’t take it anymore. Your husband and his brother had been gone for 3 weeks leaving you alone with a toddler and an infant. Sam called every night to check on you and the kids. Every night you would say you were fine, the kids were fine and you all missed him. Most of it wasn’t a lie except the “You were fine” part.
The truth was you were stressed out with your son getting into trouble all the time, to your infant daughters non-stop crying and screaming. Oh and on top of that you seem to have caught a flu bug. You donned a face mask (like the ones in doctors’ offices) to take care of the kids. You really didn’t want them sick.
The kids were in bed, or so you thought as you went and took a shower. You didn’t know little Evan was still awake or that he stole you’re cell.
“Evan? Where’s your mom buddy?”
“She shower crying.”
“What? Why?” Sam tried to remain calm for Evan. Why were you crying? Were you hurt? Was Grace?
“Mommy sick.”
“What do you mean Ev?”
“Mommy coughing and wears funny t’ing on her face when she takes care of me and Gracie.”
“Ok Ev. Daddy and uncle Dean are on our way home ok? Be a good boy for me and go put mommies phone away and go to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Ok Daddy”
“I love you little man. You take care of mom and Grace ok?”
“Ok Daddy, wuv you too”
You just stepped into your room when you saw Evan in it.
“Evan sweetie what are you doing up still?” times like these you were glad you dressed in the bathroom after your showers, instead of coming back to your room to do it.
“Spose’ take care of you.” Your four year old said.
“I’m ok honey let’s get you back to bed.”
“No! me tuck you in tis’ time.”
“No mommy I take care of you. Daddy said so.”
“Daddy called?”
“Yea said supose’ take care of you and Gracie.”
You couldn’t help but smile a little at that.
“Alright baby but once I’m in bed I won’t come tuck you in again.”
“S’ok mommy I big I can do it myself.”
“Alright.” You climb into your bed. Evan pulls your covers up and much as he can and kisses your head.
“G’night mommy, sweet dreams.” He says mimicking what you say ever night to him.
“Goodnight Evan.”
He smiles and leaves your room, checking on his sister before going to his own.
You smile and click off your lamp and going to bed.
By the time you awake the next morning it’s eleven am. Getting up quickly you panic, Evan usually woke you up by now if Grace hadn’t with her crying. Rushing out of your room, despite your aching body and head you check the baby’s room first, panicked even more she isn’t there. Next you check Evans room, it’s empty too.
On the verge of tears you check the kitchen to find not only your kids but Sam and Dean as well.
“Mommy!” Evan says spotting you.
Sam turns at his comment and rushes over, “Hey baby what’s wrong.” He wipes some stay tears.
“I slept late..” you hiccup “They weren’t..” more tears fall and Sam realizes you thought something happened.
“No baby shh it’s ok.” He holds you to him. “Dean you ok with them?”
“Yea go take care of your wife. Let me have time with my favorite munchkins.”
Sam nods his thanks and takes you back to bed. Holding you as you cry releasing all you worry and stress from three weeks.
“Shh (Y/N) it’s ok I’m here now. That’s it baby let it all out. We’re safe, the kids are safe, and you’re fine sweetheart.” Sam soothes rubbing your back.  
Eventually you stop crying and just lay there in his arms.
“Feel better?” he asks and you nod slightly.
“Good now get some rest Ev said you were sick.”
“Little flu bug.” You mumble
“All the more reason for you to rest baby. Dean and I’ll handle the kids and when you wake up I’ll make you soup ok?”
You nod and snuggle him more, “Thank you.”
“You’re Welcome (Y/N). Now sleep my love.”
You close your eyes and allow his heartbeat to lull you to sleep glad he was finally home.

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Ok folks!

This is a super hastily written and barely edited ending to this, with just a little ta-kill-ya thrown in for Cinco de Mayo. :)


Mulder stepped out into the post holiday chill and proceeded to hike it home, to hell with the cab, he just needed to get out of here. He adjusted the collar of his over coat  to cover his neck. No need though, really, the flush of embarrassment that had flooded his cheeks was plenty enough to keep him warm. Damnit! Stupid stupid stupid. What the hell were you thinking?! Great. Monday’s gonna be fu-

“Mr. Mulder? Wait!” The unfamiliar call stopped him just long enough for Charlie to catch up. Charlie stood just about Mulder’s height, with a well-trimmed goatee and shoulder length, thick strawberry blonde hair kept into a neat ponytail, and a set of very familiar crystal blue eyes. Professor, Mulder assumed. He’d been so busy answering Charlie’s enthusiastic questions earlier, he’d hadn’t gotten much time to learn about Scully’s youngest brother much.

“Listen, sorry I-“ Mulder began.

“No, no, it’s fine. Bill’s an ass. I just uh, wanted to apologize for my brother and assure you there’s no hard feelings. At least on my end.”

Mulder would’ve been touched by the man’s offer had he not been in such a hurry to make his exit.

“S’ok. Really. She’s his sister, I get it. I really do.” He extended a hand, hoping to bring the conversation to a close. “It was nice to meet you, maybe we can do it again some other time.” Charlie brought a hand out from his leather bomber and gave Mulder one firm shake. “Sounds like a plan. I’m going to get Bill home, you take care.”

Mulder nodded quickly and turned, attempting to resume his get away.


Damnit. Shit. Fuck.

“Mulder wait!” He froze, unable to blow her off so publicly or pretend to not hear her. She strolled past Charlie on his way back into the bar, stopping only to squeeze his arm and kiss his cheek. She nodded something unintelligible, and Charlie made his departure with a quick hug.

Scully trotted up next to him pulling her wool london fog tighter around her frame, tiny puffs of steam marking each warm breath as her gate became more and more purposeful.

Here it comes.

But it didn’t. Once she got to him, it was clear she hadn’t really thought much about what to say. Her eyes pleaded wth him for answers, tiny lines of confusion marking her inner brow. Her irises flitted back and forth, searching his own for answers.

“Mulder what are you doing? It’s freezing out here and its at least 3 miles to your place,” ah the old stand by. Substitute practicality for emotion.  Good ol Scully, maybe shed let him off the hook after all, “Come on, she shivered, “let’s get a cab.”

Let’s. Let us. *Us*

His heart thudded wildly in his chest, and somehow, somewhere he found his voice.


“No?” She looked at him incredulously, clearly shocked and more than a little annoyed.

“No, Scully. I—I think I’d like to keep walking.” Why was he saying this?  Stop this, you idiot. He told himself. She’s right and you know it.

And then the look. The chin scrunched and her eyes spat at him, “Suit yourself.”

As she turned, the wiser part of his brain won over and he called to her “Wait! Wait. Shit. I’m sorry. Look, there’s another place, Mickey’s..uh…it’s just down here. Why don’t we duck in there for a bit.” He spoke to the cracks in the sidewalk, unable to meet her gaze.

“Okay Mulder.” Her tone was weary.

He nodded his head in the direction of the next stop.

Mickey’s was quieter, darker, rougher. No crystal or uniform, just a middle aged man with a middle aged paunch and a middle aged hairline. Seated at the bar Mulder nodded to the bartender and held up a finger.

“What’ll it be?”

“Tequila. Two please.”

“Mulder are you ok?” Nope. Not off the hook.

“Yea, yea just…” he downed his shot and swiped at the remnants of lime stinging his bottom lip, chapped already from the cold, “shit. I’m sorry, Scully. For everything. I knew better than to–

"Don’t, Mulder. Don’t you dare.” Her words carried a vague threat, but her voice trembled, just slightly enough for only him to notice, “shit,” she mimicked, “give me that.” She downed hers, forgoing any salt or lime without even so much as a grimace. She sucked in a breath, and then seemed to gaze into, or past the floor. A slow grin crept its way across her face and Mulder wasn’t sure whether to be elated or terrified, because she looked slightly hysterical. And then she giggled. Giggled. Hiccupy. Girlish even. 

His heart resumed its thudding.

A small smile remained on the downslope of her delirium and she shook her head ruefully. “I’ve never considered myself a vain person Mulder,” she began, choosing her words, “Missy..” he held his breath at the mention of her late sisters name and he kicked himself for being grateful when she couldn’t elaborate. “I always placed my value in my intelligence, my hard work. My achievements were, and still are, my measuring stick, of sorts.” Mulder briefly considered a height comment and then thought better of it.

“When I was first diagnosed…” again the grin appeared..“you know what my first thought was?" 

He found himself unable to speak, but he shook his head, urging her to continue.

"I thought…my hair. I’m going to lose my hair.” She shook her head and eyed her empty shot glass. Her voice sounded so far away. “So silly, really.”

“Scully–” again she cut him off.

“What you said tonight..” her fingers stroked the rim of the glass slowly, thoughtfully…and before he knew it she was gripping his tie and giving him an impossibly soft, slightly open-mouthed kiss, her tounge barely grazing his upper lip. God. So soft. So sweet, even with the bitter tang of tequila and red wine left on her tongue. His head began to swim and he could just barely feel the raspy moan leaving his throat. By the time could register what had happened enough to respond she’d started to pull away, but he caught her waist, fisting her coat possessively to pull her back in and cup her jaw gently, opening his mouth to hers to kiss her fully as well, just once. When they parted their foreheads met, a kind of kiss all its own. She chuffed.

“Thank you Mulder. I…I needed to hear that tonight, more than you know.”

Her name came out on the end of the breath he hadn’t known he was holding, "Scully-“ 

Her hand to his chest brought his eyes to hers. For the second time tonight they shimmered with fresh tears, and he felt his own eyes start to sting and throat begin to tighten.

"Please take a cab home, Mulder. It’s cold out. I’ll see you on Monday.”

With a palm to his cheek and an impossibly tender look on her face, she slid from the stool and out of the bar. It occurred to him finally that she’d never even taken off her coat. All Mulder could do was stare after her, dumbstruck. When he turned back toward the bar, it’s patron huffed, "What the hell are you grinning at?”


Tomorrow Morning

Why did you call him of all people? Set 893 from @alloftheprompts

Holy shit you’re drunk and you’re sad and fuck that’s not a good combination. Davis had been cheating on you for months, months! How could you have been so stupid? You raise your hand for another drink but the bartender shakes his head.
“Sorry sweetheart but you’ve been cut off.”
“I’m not that drunk!” You whine and he laughs.
“Let me call ya a ride sweetheart.”
“Okay.” You huff, “Any of my favorites can come get me.” You tell him passing him your unlocked phone. You take the glass of water from him as he talks on the phone to someone.
Ten minutes later a glowering Bucky comes into the bar. His frown only deepens when he see the guy sitting too close to you.
“No thanks.”
“Come on babe. I’ll make it worth your while.”
“Didn’t you hear her?” Bucky growls, “She said no.” He pulls the guy off of his chair and away from you. “You. Let’s go.”
“I don’t wanna go with you. You’re mad at me.” You pout and he sighs, scoops you up and throws you over his shoulder and carries you out of the bar. “Bucky! Put me down!” You glare at the bartender whose laughing behind the bar, “Why did you call him!?” You yell.
“You said any of your favorites sweetheart.”
“Damnit.” You grumble.
“I was on my way anyway. F.R.I.D.A.Y. told us what happened and I was worried you might do something stupid.” Bucky growls, it’s hard to concentrate on what he’s saying when you’re upside down like this.
“Can you put me down please?”
“Bucky I’m startin’ ta feel sick.” You mumble and suddenly you’re right side up again, standing on your own two feet but leaning heavily against him.
“Better?” He asks and you nod, “Good. Now what the hell were you thinking?”
“You really suck at this.” You tell him, “He broke my heart Buck.”
“That shitbag didn’t deserve your heart in the first place.” He growls and you wrap your hands around his metal arm as you start down the street, the cooler air is helping you come back to your senses.
“That doesn’t make me feel any better but thanks.”
“If you want I can go kick his ass.”
“I don’t need you to kick his ass for me. I’m perfectly capable.”
“Maybe not right now.” He chuckles as you stumble slightly over the curb. You glare up at him and he shakes his head with a grin. “You know what, you probably could still kick his ass.”
“Damn straight I could.” The two of you stop at a stoplight and he presses a quick kiss to the top of your head. “Mmm. I should’ve just dated you.” You hum.
“Yea. You should have.” He agrees as the walk signal turns on. You stare up at him in surprise, you’d only been joking, you’d never thought that he’d return your feelings. When you don’t move to follow him across the street he looks down at you in confusion. “You okay?”
“You like me?”
“Oh, uh, I mean, I’m, I, maybe we should save this conversation for when you’re sober.” He mutters.
“No James.” He blinks down at you at the use of his first name. “I’d never have dated that fucker if I knew you liked me.” Why are you telling him this?
“I like you way more than I did him. Like. Holy shit more.” You should shut up now.
“You do?”
“Yep.” You pop the end of the word and he stares down at you. Those brilliant blue eyes searching your face.
“We are absolutely continuing this conversation when you’re sober.”
“I’m sober enough.”
“No sweetheart. You’re not. Don’t worry. We’ll talk tomorrow.” He notices how your eyelids are drooping and how you seem to lean on him a bit more. “I’m going to carry you the rest of the way home, then we’ll talk in the morning.” He tells you scooping you up.
“Okay.” You agree before burying your face in his neck and promptly falling asleep.

Good Girl Ch 17: Stories Of A Bad Girl (M)

“No,” I grumble, tucking myself deeper into Sehun’s embrace.

“Come on baby, you need to eat something,” Suho tires for the tenth time.


“Hyung, maybe we should try again after the meeting,” Sehun suggests.

Suho sighs, “Fine, the boys should be here soon anyway.”

My head perks up, “Boys? You mean my oppas?”

Both boys look at me, happy to see me interested in something, but not happy with what it is. I haven’t let go of Sehun since yesterday after my bath, except to use the bathroom and even than he would be standing at the door waiting. This whole time we’ve been snuggling on my bed, both annoying and saddening the other guys. I sit up on my knees in bed, still straddling Sehun, Suho is on my left dressed in his suit. In nothing but underwear and one of Sehun’s t-shirts, both men can’t take their eyes off me, even in my messy state.

“Are you talking about my oppas?” I ask again when neither of them answers.

“Why does that make you happy?” Sehun pouts.

“Nothing else would get you out of bed, not breakfast, not school, not any of us, but them?” Suho is obviously offended, he looks like a real dad with his arms crossed over his chest.

I hesitate answering, afraid of making them angry, “I just want something that I know, people that know me. Something familiar.”

They share a sober expression, a silent conversation between the two. Suho looks back to me, annoyed with the words about to come out if his mouth, “Will you eat if we let you see them?”

I smile big, “Jin oppa told me he would make me ox bone stew remember? I’ll eat that!”

“That also means you have to get out of bed and get dressed.”

I nod vigorously, “Can I take a shower too?”

“No shower, bath,” Suho corrects me.

I pout for second before giving him an amazing smile, “If you let me shower, you can shower with me.”

“Why not me?” Sehun’s hands hold my hips tighter.

“You have had her too long anyway, you took my turn. Now,” Suho opens his arms to me with a satisfied smirk, “come here baby girl.”

After giving Sehun a quick peck on the lips and a thank you for watching over me all night, I eagerly rush to Suho with the promise of a shower. He easily picks me up and carries me away from a blushing Sehun. It doesn’t take very long to find Suho’s room, it’s a lot like the others, dark in color, the same beautiful view of the ocean past the floor to ceiling windows. There is a built in book shelf that takes up the whole wall, filled with books and little sculptures, and even a few pictures here and there. I don’t have time to look at much, he carries me strait into the massive bathroom; if mine is built for a princess, his is built for a king. There is a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room, covered in gray tiles, a frosted glass shower is in the corner.

“Can I take a bath in here?” I ask when he sets me down on the edge of the tub.

“No baby, you asked for a shower,” Suho smiles down at me surprisingly seductively as he takes off his tie and his suit jacket. “How about you get in first, get used to the water, and tell me when it’s okay for me to come in?” I nod, getting to my feet but hesitating on taking off my clothes so casually. He chuckles, “Do you want me to do it?” When I don’t respond he comes closer and grabs the hem of my shirt, I don’t stop him so he pulls it over my head. Next are my panties, he takes those off slowly, letting his hands caress my legs all the way down. He takes a step back to actually look at me, and like Sehun he looks kind of broken inside at the sight of the bruise.

“I’ll get in,” I say before slipping past him into the shower, my own heart breaking at his sad face. The futuristic shower throws me off for a second, after another minute of staring at it Suho calls to me, “I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to turn this stupid thing on.” I’m too focused to hear the shower door open and Suho sneak up behind me, easily turning one of the many knobs and turning on the water. His body is pressed up against my back, a blush spreads across my face when I feel something hard touching my lower back.

“Is it too cold?” He asks as the cool water runs down us, leaving goose bumps in it’s wake. I nod. He turns the handle more until the water pouring out is just slightly burning. “Better?” Again I nod. He starts humming some unfamiliar song as he begins reaching for bottles on the built in shelf. I jump when he starts washing my back, pausing with his hands on my shoulders he asks, “Tell when you want me to stop.” When I say nothing he continues slowly, washing both arms, all the way down my back but stops with his hands on my tummy. “Can I wash your chest?”

“Yea,” I answer softly, his hands go up slowly massaging my breasts softly. He only stays there for a second before traveling lower, past my lady parts to my legs. I feel my cheeks get hot when these words come out of my mouth, “Can I wash you?”

“What was that?” He questions coming even closer.

“Can I wash you?” I repeat louder.

“You don’t have to ask to touch me, ever.” He hands me his body wash, I squirt some into my hands before lathering them together, enjoying the smell that comforts me like Suho’s presences. I hesitantly reach out, placing both of my hands on his chest. It’s warm, like he always is, I start moving my hands in small circles across his chest, shoulders, and arms. There is an undeniable blush across my face when my hands drift lower to his amazing abs, I get even redder when I see his member standing at attention. Look up at Suho I see his eyes are closed tightly, his chest raising and sinking as he takes deep breaths to calm himself. Feeling brave I let my soaped up hand brush against it, my eyes never leaving his face. Watching him tense at such a small touch turns me on.

With a deep breath I grab onto the base of his shaft, and quickly start pumping. Suho’s eyes snap open, his dark orbs are fixed on me, he leans in closer, his hands go on either side of my head, locking me against the wall.

“Baby,” He warns me, but his hands ball into fists as he begins bucking his hips against my hand. “Why are you doing this?” He groans, my pumps continue to accelerate.

“You looked like you need to relax a bit,” I answer innocently.

He rests his forehead against mine, his eyes closed again, “This isn’t relaxing baby, all it’s doing is making me want to pin you up against the wall and take that precious virginity of yours’.”

“So you want me to stop,” I tease slowing my pace.

He growls, “Baby, don’t tease your daddy, I can barely control myself right now.”

“Okay, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl,” I give him a chaste kiss before pumping him harder and faster. I watch his muscles tense, kind of enjoying the way I affect him. After a few more pumps he comes undone at my hands, spraying his seed on to my stomach and the wall behind me. His chest is heaving, he leans down and places a not so innocent kiss on my lips.

“You are such a naughty girl, getting daddy all worked up like that,” He whispers in my ears.

“You seemed to like it though,” I tease.

He snickers, “How are you still a virgin with that mouth?” He kisses me again before turning off the water. “We should get out before they send a search party after us.”

I nod. He grabs a towel from out of the shower and wraps it around me before grabbing another for himself. Leading me back into his room we find a stack of clothes for me that Suho does not agree with.

“A dress, seriously? No,” Suho scoffs, “You are wearing my shirt and sweat pants.” He decides before puling me into his closet, like mine it’s massive with way more clothes then a person would need, but his definitely isn’t as colorful as mine, with lots of black, gray, and other dark colors. It reminds me of my actual wardrobe, not all the girly stuff they gave me but of all my hoodies, jeans, and sweaters that I love. Suho pulls out a over sized t-shirt and a surprisingly small pair of joggers that would still be a bit big on me but way too small for him. “I kept these here for whenever you stayed with me, that way you wouldn’t have to go back to your room,” He explains.

He helps me put on the underwear Sehun had brought me before putting on the clothes he picked out himself.  When I’m fully dressed he begins looking for his own outfit, finding a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Such a contrast from how he looked earlier, he was so fancy looking but now he looks like some really hot guy you could pass on the street and fantasize about later.

He catches me staring and smiles, “I’m already yours baby, you don’t need to stare, you can touch me all you want.” My cheeks are on fire, I look down at my hands in my lap. “Why so bashful suddenly? You are the one who asked me to take a shower and you are also the one who gave me a hand job out of nowhere.”

“Daddy stop, you’re embarrassing me!” I cover my cheeks.

He leans down and kisses my forehead, “So cute.”

“This is nauseating,” Kai teases, making fake puking noise in the doorway.

“Aren’t you supposed to knock? What do you want?” Suho glares at the younger.

Kai rolls his eyes, “Our guests have arrive, I was told to bring you and baby girl along. I’m very disappointed to know that you bent so easily hyung.”

“Sehun told the others too right? We don’t need a blood bath in our living room.”

Kai nods, “Yes, yes, he told all of us, Xiumin hyung was very upset.”

“About what?” I ask Suho.

“We decided that for today, only today because you are feeling down, they can touch you like they used to.”

I can’t help but smile, “Really?”

“Don’t get too happy or we’ll change our minds,” Suho warns.

“I never got the chance to make up my mind,” Kai glares at the older man. He looks at me with a completely different demeanor than I’m used to from him, he smiles softly and offers me a hand. “Come on baby, I haven’t gotten you at all.” I walk over to him, taking his hand, and he leads me out of the room. The is a lot of noise coming from the living room, I can hear everyone talking and having fun, making me hesitate in the hall. “What’s wrong baby?”

“I don’t want to ruin the fun,” I look up at him.

“What do you mean?”

I start backing away from the doorway, “Whenever I’m in the room with all of you guys things get tense, they sound like they are having fun.”

Kai’s grip on my hand tightens, “You aren’t ruining anything, you want to see them don’t you?”

I nod.

“Then lets go see them, we won’t get tense, we will be good daddies, I promise.”

“Are you sure?”

He nods.

With a deep breath I take a few more steps so I can see into the room. Everyone is sprawled out on the floor or the couch, enjoying each others company, it’s a very warm atmosphere that I love. Baekhyun sees us standing in the doorway and smiles.

“Good to see you out of bed baby girl!” Baekhyun beams at me, getting off the couch to give me a hug.

“Are you feeling better?” Lay joins us, Kyungsoo and Chen behind him waiting their turn.

“I’m okay, does my face still look that bad?” I reach up and touch where I know the bruise is, flinching at the pain.

“Don’t touch it,” Kai scolds, swatting my hand away.

“This is so weird,” Yoongi says, his voice getting past the crowd of men talking to me. I weasel my past them to the seven boys still sitting on the floor. They jump to their feet at the sight of me. “What the hell happened?” Yoongi growls coming straight to me. “Who the fuck hit you?”

“Calm down Oppa, there was an incident at school,” He opens his mouth to ask more questions but I cut him off. “It’s was Joon or something. He’s already been um, taken care of.”

Chanyeol chuckles behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and giving my good cheek a quick peck, “You make it sound so cute.”

“Hyung?” Namjoon questions.

“Like she said, there was an issue we handled it, end of story,” Chanyeol deadpans.

“Joo-ya,” Jin waves me over, ignoring the glare Chanyeol is giving him, “Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes, but I’m starving, could you make me some ox bone stew now?” I beam at the cute man, who automatically nods and heads toward the kitchen with me on his tail and the group of men on mine.

“Noona,” Kookie calls.

I look over at him when I sit down at one of the bar stools in the kitchen, “Yes?”

He sits down on my other side, “Jihyo noona was really worried about you, did you ever call her?”

I shake my head, “I haven’t had my phone since yesterday, it’s in my backpack and I don’t even know where that is. Can you text her for me telling her that I’m not dead.”

He smiles and nods, pulling out his phone.

“Jin oppa, can I help you cook?” I ask with a big smile, that he can’t refuse. I come around the counter. “What should I do?”

He scans the scattered ingredients on the counter, “Can you peel the radish?”

I nod and rush to grab the three massive radishes, putting them in the sink I scan the cabinets before looking to for help from the many boys watching us. “The peeler?” I ask. Kyungsoo comes forward, opening a near by drawer and handing it to me, I thank him. Luhan comes over with a cute smile on his face, he quickly slips behind me, tying a cute little apron around my waist.

“So cute,” he coos, I laugh as I begin peeling with ease but stop when Chen comes behind me next and pulls my waves into a bun with a hair tie.


I nod giving him a smile, “Thank you.”

“Have you been helping Kyungsoo-ya cook?” Jin asks me as he boils the meat.

I shake my head, “I’m not allowed to cook.”

“Not allowed?” Hoseok and Namjoon echo, completely baffled.

“You love cooking, and you are really good at it,” Taehyung grins at me.

“I cooked for them the first morning I was here,” I think back to only a week ago. My how things have changed for me.

“It was really good,” Baekhyun says.

“Why isn’t she allowed to cook?” Jin questions coming over to help me cut the radishes. With two large knifes in hand he lays down two cutting boards. Once again Kyungsoo appears next to me, taking the knife offered me, making me pout.

“It’s too dangerous for her,” Kyungsoo takes my place and begins chopping the radish.

“She isn’t a child,” Yoongi snaps. “I don’t know what you guys are doing to her, this isn’t the Jooyoung we know.”

“Oppa,” I place a hand on the older boy’s arm, earning us all eyes. “It’s fine, it’s just how things work here.”

He stares down at me dumbstruck, “Since when have you been so submissive? Where is the feisty girl that got a fake ID to sneak into a club last week? Or better yet, the girl who is in that mug shot that Jihyo still has hanging above her bed?”

“Stop,” I snap, using both of my hands to cover his big mouth.

“Mug shot?” The twelve men echo.

“Baby girl,” Kris raises a brow at me, undeniably amused by this news, “Are you a bad girl?”


“You can hear one,” I deadpan, still glaring at Yoongi across the table for spilling my past. They had pulled more chairs up to the long table, I somehow convinced them to let Jimin and Kookie sit next to me.

“How many are there?” Poor Lay looks like he’s about to pass out from worry.

“There are lot,” Namjoon answers for me, smiling down at his bowl, ignoring the glare he’s earning from me.

I groan, “There is not that many.”

Hoseok chuckles, thinking back to old memories, “There is the time with the boat. The streaking. The car was a bad one.”

Even Jimin joins in on teasing me, “Oh lets not forget the best, the fight that earned you and Jihyo some beautiful mug shots.”

“Those are actually some of my favorite photos of you guys,” Jin laughs.

“Pick,” I demand.

“How about two?” Sehun smiles at me.

“Depends what two,” I lean back in my seat with my arms crossed over my chest, feeling a lot older suddenly, not the baby I was this morning. My daddies notice it.

“Streaking and the fight,” Kai answers for him, Sehun and the rest nod in agreement.

“Ugh,” I groan. “Okay fine, but the car story is mixed into the streaking one, so when Jihyo and I were 15 we were hanging out with some of her friends. We were playing strip poker-“

Kris interrupts me with a laugh, “As you do at 15.”

“No teasing or you won’t get to hear it,” I pout.

“I’m sorry baby girl, please continue.”

I sigh dramatically, “We we’re playing stripe poker, it was not my idea but I know how to play poker so I was good. Jihyo on the other hand absolutely sucks at it, so being Jihyo, she convinced me to throw the game so we would both loose. Losers had to run half a mile down the street and back. Everything was fine, we were running wild down the street, making a bigger deal out it than we should have by hooting and hollering the whole way. But on our way back we happen to run into a police car, or at least Jihyo did, she ignored my warning and got stopped. I know her parents would have freaked out if she had been caught so I snuck into the cops are and put it in drive. They freaked out and ran after it, so we ran away.”

All twelve men are staring at me like I’ve grown a second head, while the other seven are dying of laughter since they were the friends I decided to leave out of the story. Baekhyun shakes off his shock, “The car doesn’t seem so bad compared to the rest of it, why is it one of your stories?”

I look down at my stew and begin to shove big bites into my mouth, but Yoongi answers for me, “What she forgot to mention is that the car rolled down a hill and hit four other very expensive cars that the police department had to take blame for damaging.”

“Hey, it isn’t my fault they left their car door open for anyone to just hop into a joy ride,” I defend myself.

“I don’t know whether or not I should be upset or proud,” Chen looks as if he’s trying to figure out the meaning of life with all the confusion on his face.

“Beyond proud,” Luhan basically climbs across the table to kiss my forehead, “Loyalty is very important, I’m happy you have so much of it.”

“I’m a bit upset that you would go to such lengths for that girl but Luhan hyung is right,” Kai gives me a small smile, “so loyal.”

“Our baby is so amazing!” Chanyeol cheers from the far end of the table, Baekhyun of course joins in on the cheers.

“Alright, boys calm down,” Xiumin gives me a smirk, “I want to hear about this fight that got our little Joo-ya a mug shot.”

“There isn’t an arrest on your record,” Suho questions.

I nod, “That’s the benefit of having Jihyo’s dad be rich and powerful, he cleaned that up in no time.”

“How long ago was this?” Lay wonders.

“Um, about seven months ago, Jihyo had convinced me to go to some random American bar that she really wanted to go to because apparently that’s where all the hot ones go. After being there for a little while some guys started getting a little too touchie with us but when we asked them to back off they didn’t listen. So we did what any normal person would do-“

Yet again I’m cut off but this time by someone who knows the story, “What you did was nowhere near a normal girl reaction. Most girls cry or threaten to call the cops but you were such a badass!” Kookie can’t hold in his excitement in.

“Calm down Kookie,” I pat the younger’s head, “You can’t just jump the build up like that. Anyway, Jihyo and I each punched the next closet guy, ducked away and watched as a bar fight began. But things got a little too crazy when the guys found us even in the mess of punches and thrown bodies.”

“What did you do?” Lay is filled with worry once again.

“We kicked them in the nuts and when they hunched down to protect their manhood we kneed them in the face. It was actually amazingly coordinated.”

“Who would have thought our baby would be such a badass?” Xiumin smiles at me with fondness.

You're Underage


“Am getting to old fur this lassie” Chibs laughs as he runs after you following your half naked self around his house.

“Yeah tell me about it, I thought you where going to have a heart attack or something when we where screwing last night” you tease while standing on the other side of the sofa so he couldn’t catch you.

“Oh I don’t think so sweetheart yer the one who was screaming my name, I was debating on weather or not I should shut ye up. I mean if the neighbours herd I’m sure they’d be wondering why Unser’s daughter was screamin ma name” you send him a playful glare squealing in delight when Fillip moved quickly and caught you in his arms. He was right though if any neighbours had called it in to the cops it would have been quite awkward for your father to show up and find out that a outlaw biker was screwing his 19 year old daughter.

“Let me go Fillip” you yell while trying to get out of his grip

  “What was that? You want me ta tie you up and have ma way with ye? Okay lassie if that’s what you want” He had a smug look on his face, you could sense it in his voice. By now you knew him good enough to be able to tell. He was on his way up stairs and back to the bedroom when the door bell rang and Chibs being his stubborn self didn’t put you down. Probably thinking that he would have to try and catch you again.

“Fillip! Put me down! All I’m wearing are your shirt and my panties my full ass is on show” You argued my voice taking a serious tone

  “And what a fine arse it is my dear.” Is all he says before he yanks open the door and You can feel his body tense underneath you. This wasn’t good.

“For fuck sake Chibs! Really Wayne’s daughter really! She’s 19 for god sake” You flinch at Gemma’s voice as Fillips grip tightens on your thigh “what in the name of god possessed you to fuck Unsers kid?” You could just imagine Gemma’s hands place firmly on her hips when she said this. Chibs took a few minutes to decided on an answer and when he gave it I curse to myself, he should have said nothing.

“Are ye kiddin me! Have ye seen this lassies arse!”


“Oh come on baby just let me come over” The seductive voice of my old man comes through the phone to meet my ears causing a smile to form on my face

“You know I can’t Tiggy I’m watching Able, Tara and Jax could be back any minute” I smile at Able as I enter the room with bowl of ice cream in my other hand which wasn’t holding the phone.

“Look babe, we haven’t had anytime together in two week and besides Jax might not be home till morning and Tara won’t be home for another few hours since she’s in surgery, come on baby girl.” Handing the bowl of ice cream to Able I sit down next to him on the sofa before turning to face the tiny Teller.

“Hey Able, how about Uncle Tig comes over to play. Would you like that?” The little kids blue eyes immediately light up at the mention of Tig

“YA UNCLE TIGGY!” Abel yells excitedly before remembering about his ice cream and taking a huge spoon full, placing all of it in his mouth. The smile on his face was wider though because of my mention of Tig coming over.

“I’ll take that as a yes, you can come over” I quickly continue before Alex can make a suggestion about what we would do when he got here “it’s nothing more than a member of the club coming to check up on his presidents son and the beloved baby sitter - well that is until Able goes to sleep” I could practically hear the smile in his voice when he spoke again.

“I’ll be their in twenty minutes” and with that he hangs up. A content sigh leaves my lips as I snuggle down with Able and continue to watch the kids movie.

After almost exactly twenty minutes their is a quite knock on the door followed by Alex who walks straight into the living room. He shoots me a smile before his eyes land on the sleeping figure next to me. “Hey baby, when’d the kid knock out?” He moves to kneel in front of the sleeping four year old

“About five minutes before you got here, better take him to bed-”

“I got it babe, you stay here I’ll be back” and with that Tig picks Able up and begans to walk into his room and before I know it Alex is back and seated next to me on the sofa.

“Hello” I giggle as he gives me a look which tells me exactly what’s going to happen and sure enough before I can get another word out Tig’s lips are on mine and my own respond immediately. I humm into his mouth the feeling of his lips against mine is great after not having it for a while. He moves his attention away from my mouth and begins to move his way doesn’t my jaw and then continue to my neck.

“We-e really shou-uld not be d-doing this” I say with my words coming out breathless as the moment heated “I mean-n I’m only 17 and-”

“Don’t remind me doll and incase you forgot age isn’t exactly a problem to me” after that I can’t continue to have a discussion anymore and let him have his way with me. His large hands on my body, clothes thrown to random places in the living room, wet open mouthed kisses, bare skin and a lot of noise. We where down to Alex only having his pants on and me only with my shit and underwear on, when suddenly the front door opens revealing a very surprised looking Jax and Tara

“Oh my god” Tara’s voice comes and we both freeze. I quickly recover and scramble to put my pants on as Jax has a smug look on his face while Tara and Alex look quite embarrassed along with myself.

“I knew their was something going on between you two!” Jax laughs making both mine and Alex’s face burn red. Grabbing the rest of my stuff I grab Alex’s hand and make my way towards the door moving past Tara and Jax.

“Thanks guys see you later” I shout over my shoulder while guiding Tig to his bike

“Bye, oh and I better not hear any daddy moans coming from your apartment in the clubhouse Tiggy!”

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“Oh guys come on can we drop this now!” The argument had been going on for months. Ever since the guys had found out about Juice and Y/N it had been a constant argument about the age gab and the general disapproval of the relationship.

“Juicy Boy she’s 16! I mean come on she’s only a kid and still in high school, she’s got you helping with her maths homework fur god sake!” The other guys watched on as Chibs took his turn at laying into Juice about his underage girlfriend.

“We have had this conversation a million times, and for the millionth time I’m dating her and that’s the end of it” Juan’s voice was tired as he sat down exhausted on the barstool. Chibs sighed obviously seeing the stress this was causing his younger brother. He walked over to him placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Do you love her?” Juices head shot straight up and his eyes immediately wanting to pull away from the intensity of Chibs eyes which it was met with. He didn’t pause and he took less than a second to answer.

“Yes” the bar goes quite, so quite that you would be able to hear a pin drop. Brown eyes search brown eyes as Fillip looks for answers. He needs to make sure that Juice makes the right choice and after a few minutes Chibs pulls away sighing heavily while giving Juan a sceptical look.

“Aye okay, go yer lassie and bring her here. She needs to be properly introduced ta the club” the shock is clear on Juices face and Chibs laughs sightly at this. “ are you waitin fur me to change my mind Juicy?”

“No, no, no! I’m going okay I’m going! I’ll be back in twenty minutes with Y/N” and with that Juice is out the door within minutes his bike is pulling out do the lot.

“And why did you let him go get that 16 year old?” Bobby asks with a tired voice with having been fed up with the bickering days ago.

“The kid wants young pussy, the kid can have young pussy. It either works out or it doesn’t” Tiggy answers for Chibs and they all nod their heads in agreement.

“Stupid bastard that lassie will batter the shite outta him if he fucks up”

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“Oh Daddy” You groan loudly before collapsing onto the bed next to you old man Happy. You had only been together a few months but where still in the sort of honeymoon phase which involved a lot, a lot of sex.

“That was fantastic” happy speaks still breathless from his release turning head to face you

“it was great” you giggle slightly

“mean where the hell did you learn to do that because if what you told me was the truth then I am the second guy you’ve had sex with and you are great” he wears a questioning expression as you drag fingertips up down his bare chest a small smile playing on your lips

“I must just be a natural” after a few minutes of silence you speak up again

“better get going” but when you try and get up you feel his grip tighten on you

“Stay” you’re stunned by what he says but quickly recover

“at the clubhouse yea that’s a great idea happy and while your at it just go declare to the whole town that we are fucking” an amused smile comes into his face when i say this pulling my body against his once again


“But I-”

“Stay” I sigh giving in not having enough m energy to argue

“You win I’m two tired to argue” i practically whisper against his skin as happy pulls my body close. His hands lightly running over the soft skin of my body.

The next morning I’m woken up to Happy standing next to the bed with only his boxers on and an angry look on his face. “What where you thinking man she’s 17!” Jax yelled gesturing to me without realising that I had woken up

“I think I know that since we’ve been dating for 6 months Jax! I wouldn’t be with her if I didn’t love her, you know I don’t do complicated and dating a 17 year old sure as hell ain’t the easy road!” A defeated sigh escapes Jax

“you can man if you love her me or the guys aint gonna stand in your way” and with that he leaves leaving happy alone

“You know that I love you right?” Happy asks startling me but I don’t hesitate

“I love you too” >

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Handsome as hell

You merrily walk into your Dads office, falling into his jolly leather chairs as he raises his eyes to look at you, “well, well, well, my long lost daughter finally came to visit.” He chimes blissfully, shutting his laptop lid to give you his full attention. “Well, yes she did.” You nod with a small stifled laugh, “would it kill ya to train your new receptionist that I’m your daughter?” You request, still inconvenienced that the receptionist gave you such a hard time for being in the building and requesting to see your own father. “Ah, shit. I knew I forgot to tell her something. Noted.” Your dad chuckles, leaning back on his chair in a relaxed manner. “So what brings you here m’ darlin’?” He examines ever so graciously. You give him a shrug, “just wanted to stop by and say hi since I’m your favourite child.” You playfully smile with a sneering smile, watching your dad roll his eyes as if in queue. “You’re not my favourite, I don’t play favourites.” He shakes his head disapprovingly,
“Uh-huh. Mum does.” You enlighten him, watching as he goes to speak but stops. He knows all too well that your Mother plays favourites. “Okay, I can’t deny that.” He nods, “but we love you all just as much.” He adds, making sure to sound like he’s the mediator between everyone. “Yeah, but me the most.” You encourage,
“Whatever, what you need my least favourite child?” He questions, “and please, do not ask to take over the record label for a day, I can’t allow that.” He continues, remembering the one time you spent an hour trying to convince him to allow you to take over for a day. Just a day. Of course, he courteously declined your proposal. “I need ideas on Mums birthday, she’s hard to shop for.” You sigh, hoping your dad can give you the inside scoop to what it is she is really wanting for her birthday. “Sorry kiddo, she hasn’t even given me any hints yet.” He shakes his head, unable to help. “Your client is here for you now.” Your Dad’s receptionist interrupts, “I’ll be out in a minute.” He nods before looking towards you.
“Have I mentioned I really don’t like her?” You satirically smile, watching as your Dad sighs and stands up from behind his desk. “Be nice, how about we meet for dinner tonight?” He advances, guiding you out of his office,
“Sounds great.” You nod, your eyes meeting a tall, not bad-looking at all man standing by the receptionist. The all so famous Harry that your Father has managed to keep hidden from you all this time. “Hm, I might just hang around, actually.” You chuckle, unable to take your eyes of how handsome he truly is in person. “No, uh-ah, I see you gawking, I forbid this.” Your Dad shakes his head, you both growing quiet as Harry walks closer, a very intriguing smile on his face. “Welcome Harry, glad to see you again.” Your Dad announces and you courteously crack a smile, “Y/N.” you hold your hand out,
“Harry.” He shakes your hand. Handsome as hell- the only thoughts in your mind. “Yes, this is my daughter who was just leaving.” Your Dad gently nudges you, hinting for you to leave and not partake in the charming looks of Harry Styles. But, he’s just so damn tempting. “That’s a shame.” Harry comments, causing you to blush slightly. “Dad, are you sure you’re not ready to train me? Let me take over the reins?” You smile innocently, watching as your father narrows his eyes down at you before raising a brow. “Dinner at six, meet me here.” He instructs, civilly shooting down your offer to take the reins for the moment just to try get to know the Mr.Harry Styles a little better. “Fine, nice to meet you, Harry.” You carefully nod, pulling your eyes from the Green orbs that are so damn addicting to gaze into. “Yea, you too.” Harry confirms with a nod, watching as you leave.


You step into your Dads office right at six, stunned when you see Harry still sitting in the leather seat. “I told you he has a client.” The receptionist mutters and you roll your eyes just as your Father looks up at you,
“Sorry sweetheart, I have to cancel dinner, your sister called and needs me to watch the kids.” Your Dad announces, “Harry, do you think we can pick this up tomorrow, say three?” Your Dad turns towards Harry and he nods, standing to his feet forthwith. “I had reservations.” You breathe a sigh, a little disappointed, but when your niece and nephew need baby sitting there’s nothing you can do but to suck it up.
“I know, we can reschedule, I promise.” Your Dad wears a smile as he packs up his brief case and you walk out, bypassing the receptionist and her persistently disturbing grin. “Have a nice night.” She wears a smile and you force yourself to smile and be courteous, “you too.” You nod, continuing to walk towards the elevators. “Y/N, right?” The all so familiar crisp voice announces as Harry makes his way closer to you. “Yes.” You respond, awaiting the elevators arrival.
“Do you.. are you free?” He stutters and you behold up at him,
“Uhm, yea.” You nod yes,
“Of course you are, your Dad just- never mind. Do you want to go out to eat?” He with proper manners, yet nervously questions, “I mean, there’s a reservation and I’d hate for it to go to waste.” He smiles, “sure, yeah.” You consent, stepping into the elevator, “well, the reservation is in ten. That good?” You request just as the doors are held back by a hand,
“Thanks for holding the elevator.” Your Dad caustically announces,
“Sorry.” You smile, silence washing over all three of you as the elevator rides to the bottom level. You step out and your Dad looks at you, “Sorry about dinner Kiddo.” He sighs, giving you a small hug before standing back to look at you,
“It’s okay, Harry is making up for it.” You respond, taking note of your Dads facial expression, his eyes staring at you for a moment, clearly not too thrilled with the arrangement. “You know the rule.” Your Dad murmurs with a stern tone,
“Yes, be home by midnight and don’t wake anyone up, got it.” You smile with satisfaction, irking your Dads nerves on purpose,
“Not the rule, you live in your own apartment, but okay smartbutt. I’ll talk to you later.” He gives you a soft smile before walking out of the building. You look at Harry and gesture for him to walk out with you. “Rule huh?” He questions withs curiosity, already striking you as an inquisitive person.
“It’s a joke.” You act with deceitfulness, not wanting to tell him that your Father tries to forbid you to have any kind of personal relationships with his clients, this includes befriending any of them, whether male or female. Apparently he doesn’t want you to form any kind of attachment or friendship to them since it’s a business deal and if things go wrong things get messy. You on the other hand don’t think that absolutely everything revolves around business. “So, where is this place?” Harry interrogates as you both step outside, you look up at him before pointing across the road,
“It’s excessively far, do you think you’ll make it?” You composedly chuckle at your own joke in an attempt to calm your nerves. Handsome as hell, handsome as hell. “I think I can make it.” He adorably smiles back as you both step off the sidewalk and cautiously cross the road. Harry grabs the doors and pulls it open allowing you to step in first. True gentlemen. “Reservation for two.” You smile before promptly giving the hostess your last name. She looks up at Harry and smiles sweetly before scrambling for two menus, “right this way.” She announces, hurriedly escorting the two of you two a table, “will this do?” She asks, awaiting approval, you focus on Harry and he nods before she places the menus down and Harry pulls out your chair, “well, aren’t you quite the gentlemen.” You announce with a grin, taking a seat as he modestly nods before taking his own. “Your Dad, he didn’t want me coming did he?” Harry questions,
“Let’s not talk about him. He just likes to keep business separate that’s all.” You respond, “so, tell me about yourself.” You instruct, your eyes scanning the menu even though they wish to be scanning Harry, God how he’s so damn fine and greatly gentlemen like. He begins to tell you a little about himself, giving you the private insight of Harry styles. “You’re different to what the magazines say.” You half-wittedly comment, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like-” you begin, automatically feeling like a complete blithering idiot for making a reference, “it’s fine.” He cuts you off, “really, don’t stress.” He continues with a tender smile that settles you a little. “Yes, I’m different. My favourite colour isn’t orange, I don’t like cats, I’m actually allergic to them, and I hate wearing tight black jeans.” He comments, disagreeing with the social aspect that’s placed on him that is clearly incorrect. “Hmm interesting, do you like puppies?” You randomly ask, unsure of which direction to lead the conversation,
“Yes, tell me about yourself. I can’t exactly read magazine articles about you.” He smiles charmingly as you get pulled into his green eyes. You think for a moment, completely blank as what to tell him. Your life is nothing compared to his, you don’t sing or write music, you don’t have people following you, your life isn’t as hectic and publicly accessible like his. “Uhm… I don’t know..” you trail off, saved as a waiter swings past the table and offers to take your order.

After a dinner full of laughs, charm, flirtatiousness, and a few cheeky grins, you and Harry find yourselves standing outside and walking along the sidewalk. “Oh my, so one time we actually had someone hide in a bin just to try see us.” Harry announces as you continue to laugh at the stories he has to share, both good and bad of course. “Oh man, that just sounds horrible.” You gasp; unsure of how someone could possibly sit in trash just to meet people. “Mhm, once someone actually stole my underwear.” He sighs, “that was a very bad night.” He adds, only making you giggle even more,
“I’m glad you’re amused by my horror stories,” Harry grins, gently guiding you along the footpath as you have to share it with couples walking the opposite direction as you. “They’re very amusing.” You accede, quietly mesmerised by his hand gently pressed in the small of your back. You’re both interrupted by phone sounding and you quickly check to see the caller ID. “It’s Dad, one second.” You somewhat apologise to Harry before answering the phone.

“Hey Dad.”

“Hey, is it going well? Do I need to come get you? Do I need to pretend there’s an emergency and you need to come home?”

“No, Dad it’s good. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Is he being nice? Did he hold the door? Did he pay?”

“Yes, and yes. Now goodbye”

You chuckle as you hang up the phone, entertained by your Dads protectiveness, “sorry ‘bout that. So where were we?” You question as you both reach the end of the street, “you said you’d kiss me.” He announces, taking you by surprise,
“I said that?” You innocently ask, trying to contain the smirk that’s intensely trying to make its way across your face.
“Yes, right before your phone rang.” He gives you a small smile,
“Well, I can’t not live up to my word, can I?” You smile back, taking the moment to look back into his eyes, once again being completely drawn in by their captivated charm. Damn. “No, you can’t.” He shakes his head, leisurely leaning down and kissing you lightly and gently. He pulls away with a smile, his eyes glistening like the street lights. “Gentlemen and a good kisser, what a charm.” You smirk, forcing yourself to pull away from his eyes before you attack him with another kiss.
“Gorgeous, intelligent, and a good kisser, guess I’m lucky.” He smiles, “I better get you back to your car before your Dad kills me for keeping you out this late.” Harry announces, and you raise a brow, “I’m joking, but I do need to get you to your car safely, it’s getting late and I have a meeting at six in the morning.” He informs you and you nod,
“Yea, it’s past my bed time,” you joke, allowing him to walk you back to your car.
“So, dinner. Next week?” You nervously ask, unsure of whether an official date is on the table. “How about breakfasts tomorrow?” He offers, taking you by complete surprise. That’s very quick.
“At six in the morning?” Your eyes grow wide, tomorrow is your only day off and waking to at and ungodly hour is not high up on your list of things to accomplish. “At eleven. I know a nice place around the corner, you’d like it.” He informs you, still taking you by surprise that he’s taking the initiative to meet up again so soon. “Tomorrow at eleven.” You nod, unlocking your car. “Thank you for walking me back.” You smile,
“No problem, can I kiss you goodbye?” He promptly asks, being yet again a gentlemen. Asking for a kiss? Definitely a gentlemen in your books. You nod yes, giving him the go ahead before he leans down and presses his lips to yours, delicately kissing you before pulling away. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiles,
“See you then.” You gladly agree before getting in your car, watching as he walks away in your mirror.

College Boy

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, OC Lisa

Pairing: Dean x Y/n

Word count: 2119

Warnings: Swearing. Nothing else really. Like the tiniest smidge of smut at the end. But it’s basically non-existent.Cute Dean 

Summary: A hunt takes the boys to college, where they make a new friend who will give the boys what they have wanted all their lives. 

A/N: This is based on a request from an @imadeyoureadthis01-  Hiii I was wondering if you could write a Supernatural fanfiction where…… The reader is a college student. The guys have a case were there is demons at a college making deal or something. Turns out the reader was raised to be a hunter by his parents but after his parents die he decided to go to college. The reader starts working with the guys and starts getting close to them. Maybe gets feeling for one of them too (Sam or Dean doesn’t matter.


The impala pulled to a stop in the college parking lot. The brothers got out, Dean looking around, annoyed he had to be here while Sam had a slightly regretful look on his face, wishing he would have been able to finish college.

Straightening out their suits, the brothers made their way to the dorms, hoping to talk to the roommates of students who had suddenly had a spike in luck, followed by a gruesome death, leaving the bodies torn to shreds. Animal attacks the local police thought, but the brothers knew better. Hellhounds had torn the bodies apart, meaning there was a demon on campus.

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Word Count: 1.7k

Pairing: Rick Flag x Reader

Warning: Smut

So, I sometimes take like 9 billion years to actually finish stories so my bad. Don’t kill me plz. I hope you lovelies enjoy!

“So, you think you can do it?” Floyd questions glancing ahead at Flag.

“Yea, shouldn’t be too hard,” you whisper to him.

“Why does she get to do it?” Harley whines, pouting at Floyd.

“Because sleight of hand is her specialty. If I need someone’s head smashed open with a baseball bat, I’ll let you know.”

“You better,” She says, her bubbly attitude returning.

“Hey, Flag! We gotta take a break, man. That last fight left us winded,” Boomerang says, shooting you a wink.

He huffs, glancing around.

“Fine. We’ll rest up ahead. Not long,” he says, motioning towards a slightly intact building.

Before you enter, Floyd grabs your arm.

“Be careful. Not just for your sake. He might blow all of us up if you fuck up.”

“Wow, no pressure, right?” You joke, shrugging out of his grip.

You go inside and you notice Flag going up to the second level.

Perfect opportunity to have him alone.

Now or never.

You take a deep breath and head for the stairs, only to be shoved back by Katana.

Jesus Christ! Relax, princess. I just want to talk to him,”

“It’s alright, Katana,” Flag says, nodding you upstairs.

You stick your tongue out at her on the way up. You follow him into one of the rooms, shutting the door behind you.

“What the hell do you want?”

“Ooh, someone’s cranky,” you tease.

“I’m really not in the mood for this shit, so if-”

You pull him into a rough kiss, taking him by surprise.

He gently pushes you away, his hand resting on your hip.

“What…what are you doing?”

“You look stressed,” you whisper, rubbing his shoulders.

“I could help you…relieve that stress.”

He pushes you back again and you pout.

“You think I don’t know that you stare at my ass every chance you get? I’m not that stupid, honey.”

“You were stupid enough to get caught and taken to Belle Reve,” he shoots back.

“Oh, now that wasn’t very nice. Maybe you should bend me over this table to apologize.”

You trail kisses up his neck to his jaw and you hear his breath hitch.

“Come on, just a quickie.”

His eyes lock onto yours hungrily as he hoists you up and sets you down on the table. His lips crash into yours, his hand resting on the back of your neck. You nip at his bottom lip and he comes closer between your legs. You hear him groan and he pulls back.

“Oh, you have a bad side, don’t you?” You tease.

“Shut up. I shouldn’t be…”

“Who cares! No one is going to find out…Please?” You beg, batting your eyelashes.

“I just want someone to touch me…” you brush your lips against his ear.

“To feel someone inside me before they send me back to Belle Reve…please…”

He kisses you again, this time gently and runs his fingers through your hair.

“Okay…” he whispers.

This is too fucking easy.

Like taking candy from a baby.

But…maybe you do feel a little bad about doing this. Just a little bit.

He’s vulnerable and you’re practically taking advantage of him…oh, who are you kidding? He wouldn’t have said yes if he didn’t want you. Come on, you can do this. It’s not like you aren’t attracted to him. He’s hot, and being a man of authority makes him even hotter.

His lips attack your neck in an instant, your fingers running through his hair.

He sucks roughly on your exposed neck, leaving love bites down to your chest. He slowly unbuttons your shirt, guiding his cold fingers against your skin.

You bite your lip and glance towards the device on his arm. A little more complicated than snatching a watch off someone’s wrist, but you can adapt.

You’re pulled from your thoughts when the cold air hits your bare chest. Your shirt and bra now on the floor.

“You’re so beautiful,” he mutters against your skin, wrapping his mouth around your sensitive nipple.

He pinches the other and you moan, arching into his touch.

You slide your hand down his bicep towards the device, your fingers almost wrapping around the release. But he quickly flips you around, bending you over the table.

He yanks your pants down quickly and positions himself at your entrance, pushing in slowly.

He starts out gentle, his touch burning your skin.

You haven’t felt someone in so long. His pace starts to quicken and his nails dig into your hips.

You moan loudly before his hand covers your mouth.

“They’re gonna hear you…” he rasps, slowly pulling his hand away.

You grip onto the table tightly, stifling your moans as best as you can.

His hand tangles through your hair softly, his thrusts now hard and slow. His cock feels amazing inside of you, hitting all the right spots to drive you wild.

“Y/N…” he moans quietly.

“Fuck,” you squeak, grabbing a hold of his wrist.

The table creaks as his hips snap hard into yours, echoing around the room.

He reaches around and rubs your clit, burying his face in your hair.

You cry out as your body shakes from your intense orgasm and not long after, he shoots his cum inside you.

You’re barely able to catch your breath before Rick comes to his senses, pulling out of you and hastily zipping his pants up.

You slowly put your clothes back on, dread setting in your stomach.

You fucked him but you couldn’t get the device. You’re sure the others will be pissed.

“We should uh…”

“Hit me,” you command.


You huff, standing by the door.

“They’re gonna know something is up. Better they think we were fighting rather than fucking.”

He gives you a silent nod and moves past you to open the door but you grab his arm.

“Thank you,” you whisper with a small smile.

“My pleasure,” he says with a smirk.

You walk out of the room towards the steps.

“Too bad you couldn’t get the device though, right?”

Fuck… You turn around.

But a hard punch to your jaw sends you tumbling down the stairs, your back slamming into the floor. Rick slowly descends the stairs with a scowl.

“Next time one of you pulls shit like that again,” he points to the device, “you’re getting blown up. Understand?”

He storms outside without another word, Katana following closely behind.

“You alright?” Harley questions pulling you to your feet.

“Eh, I’ll live. But that…that was a shit plan,” you say, glaring at Floyd.

“It was worth a shot. At least you got to rough him up a bit,”

You scoff. “He did most of the ‘roughing up’ actually.”

Oh boy, he did.

Chance-Part 2

*credit to gifs owner,I found it on google*

A/N:Here you go lovelies,hope ya like it xx

Word Count:728 

Pairings:Liam Dunbar x Reader,Theo Raeken x Reader

Part 1  , Part 3  , Part 4 

Once we entered the restaurant I saw all the pack members present already.Me and Theo walked towards the table they sat.

“About time guys”,said Stiles.He looked slightly surprised seeing us together,but didn’t say anything.

Lydia and Kira smirked at me,I rolled my eyes knowing exactly what they’re thinking.

I took a seat and Theo sat beside me.We ordered our food and started talking.

“Dude,that Greenburg pisses me so much,he took my maths notebook few days ago and didn’t return it yet”,Stiles ranted.

“Tragic”,Lydia said sarcastically.

“Well-”,Stiles began,then got interrupted by Scott.

“Hey,that’s Liam”,he said.

“with Hayden as usual”,I mumbled.

“Hi guys,woah didn’t expect y'all”,Liam chuckled.

“Liam,why don’t you join us?”,Theo said.

“Yea sure”,Liam said and took a seat.Hayden looked slightly annoyed but didn’t say anything.

Our food arrived and we began to eat.

I saw Liam and Hayden’s interaction and felt jealous.Liam began to feed Hayden some fries,and they were being all lovey-dovey.

Theo suddenly leaned towards me and whispered,“Hey,you okay?”

“I’m fine,“I smiled at him.

I caught Liam looking at us briefly before continuing to pay attention to Hayden.

"Uh guys,we better leave now,Liam and I also made plans to watch some movies”,said Hayden.

“Oh yea,right”,Liam nodded.

“Okay,bye then,it was great having you two”,said Kira.

“See y'all at school tomorrow”,said Liam,then he left with Hayden.

“Guys we better head home as well,I have an essay to complete”, said Lydia.

Once we said our goodbyes,Theo and I sat in his car and he started driving.

“I had a great time today”,Theo grinned.

“I’m glad to know that”,I smiled.

“The pack is amazing and I’m really thankful that despite me doing horrible things,you all are giving me a second chance”,Theo said genuinely.

“Well everyone makes mistakes and you better not ruin your chance this time”,I jokingly yet seriously said the last part.

“Never”,he said confidently.

“So there’s this place in the woods,where I go to just feel relaxed and when I feel extremely lonely”,he began,“will you like to see that place?”,he asked me.

I was contemplating the decision as to whether it was too soon to trust him again.He,obviously,sensed my anxiousness.

“It’s okay,we can go some other time”,he said with a small smile.

I began to feel bad,maybe he’s actually changed?I thought.

“No,I want to go today”,I replied.



So he began to drive towards the woods,it was dark so I thought what could possibly be seen in darkness that makes him feel relaxed.

He stopped in front of a tree and got out the car,I followed him.He walked a few steps and I gasped seeing the sight in front of me.

The town is seen clearly from here,the lights in the town made it look beautiful from the far and the sky was full of stars.He sat on the ground and began patting the side beside him asking me to sit.I smiled and sat down next to him.

He sighed contendly and looked at me.

“So…?”, he asked.

“It’s beautiful”,I breathed.

He chuckled lowly,“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Thankyou for showing me this place”,I said.

He nodded and continued looking at the scene in front of us.

“Thankyou for coming here with me”,he said after awhile.

“It’s no big deal”,I said.

We stayed there for a long while then he drived me back to my home.The car ride was fun like before,this time we mocked few of our annoying classmates and talked about music and story books.We have a lot in common,I figured out.

I got out from his car and he walked me towards my door.

“Today was amazing”,he said.

“True,I enjoyed the evening”,I replied.

“So see you at school tomorrow?”

“Yea sure.”

“I know you’re car’s still broken,I can give you a ride to school tomorrow?”,he asked.

“That would be lovely,thankyou”,I replied.

“No problem,so bye!"he said.

"Goodbye”,I smiled.

He left,I enterd the house and grinned broadly.Theo is a great guy.I took my phone and sent Lydia a message saying she don’t need to pick me up tomorrow for school,Theo insisted to pick me up tomorrow.Lydia wanted to know details of what we did and talked about tomorrow at school.That girl,I swear to God.

I took shower and got ready for bed,slightly (actually very very) excited for tomorrow.

I Told You So(Tyler Seguin)

Okay side note, I’ve never heard of Tyler Seguin, so I apologize if I get anything wrong or something. BUT GOD DAMN HE’S HOT

Requested by @tylerseguin91stars

Originally posted by thetroublewithtyler

“I told you so,” You chuckle, handing Tyler the cup of tea. 

“Yea, yea, I know-” He cuts himself off with a sneeze. “I’m never playing the snow again,” He groans, sipping the tea. 

“That is a complete lie, and you know it,” You grin. “I’ll go grab you some medicine, I’ll be back soon,” You peck his cheek and hurry away. 

Returning, twenty minutes later, Tyler was happy that he was no longer alone. “Feeling any better?” You ask, handing the cup of water and Advil. 

“No,” He grumbles, “I’m hot.” 

“Yea you are, Tyler.” The joke was enough to get him smiling, as you remove the blanket from his legs. “Move over,” You push him slightly. 

“No, I don’t want you to get sick-” 

“Shut up, and move over.” He lets out a sigh, and scoots over. “See? I’m fine, and if I do get sick I’ll enjoy having you take care of me.” Tyler chuckles, shaking his head. 

It doesn’t take long before he’s cuddled into your chest, snoring away. “My big baby,” You whisper, running your fingers through his soft hair. “Feel better,” You kiss his forehead. 

Lisa and The Bus!(CHARACTER DEATH!!)

“Come on Dean, hurry up!”

Y/n pouted, Dean rushing out of the store and grabbing y/n’s hand, linking them and swinging their arms. 

“Sorry, just needed some beer”. 

Y/n rolled his eyes. 

“Surprised you didn’t get a pie”. 

“Sammy’s gonna get one from the diner. It’s better from there”. 

Y/n chuckled, crossing the road with Dean and standing at the driver’s side of Baby, leaning up and placing a kiss on his lips. 

“I love you”. 

Dean smiled down at y/n and pecked his lips. 

“Love you too.”

Y/n made his way around the car, but stopped when he heard a voice shout for his boyfriend. 


They both turned to see a brunette running towards them, waving her hands and smiling sadly. 


Y/n’s eyes widened, knowing Lisa was the love of Dean’s life. 

She was about to cross the road when she spotted Y/n. She remembered him. He came to visit a few times when Dean was living with her. She always did hate him. 

“Lisa, what are you-how do…?”

“I remember everything, Dean. The year we spent together. The memories, the happiness. I remember it all. The way Ben thought of you as his dad. I just woke up one day and it was all there.”

Dean didn’t know what to do. He never even expected to see her again, let alone be stood in front of her with her memories intact. 

“Lisa, I-we need to go.”

Dean turned to get into the car but she stopped him again and began speaking. 

“Please, Dean. Don’t you remember how happy we were? We can have that again. Just stop hunting, get a normal job. Forget your past life and start a new one with me. I forgive you. I know you were trying to do what was best. Please”, she begged.

“Dean, come on”, y/n urged, hoping Dean really wasn’t contemplating leaving him after over five years together. 

“Y/n?” she scoffed, standing across the road, her arms folded in front of her. 

Y/n looked at the woman, remembering her from the few times he visited her when Dean was living with her. 


“This is between me and Dean. Not you!” 

Y/n was taken aback by her tone and anger. He always knew she was kind of a bitch. 

“Dean, seriously, Sam’s gonna be waiting”, y/n said as he came around the car, holding Dean’s hand and squeezing slightly. 

Lisa saw the exchange and realized what was going on. 

“Dean, are you with him?”

Dean looked between them and nodded, not really sure how she even remembered him. 

She felt disgusted. Dean deserved better than y/n. He deserved her. In her mind, she was better than y/n, despite not being a hunter and practically useless. 

“Leave him Dean. I remember everything. I forgive you. I know you were trying to do what was best. Leave this disgusting shit and come back with me. Ben and me. Please”, she begged. 

Dean was about to object, Lisa seeing his intentions on his face and began crossing the road without looking. 

Without warning, a bus came hurtling down the road, not slowing down as Lisa stepped onto the road and hit her head on, her brains splattering all over the window and the road, her body mangled in the tyres. 

Dean and y/n jumped, shocked at what had just happened. 

Y/n looked at Dean, expecting the man to be broken, his true love dead. But he had no expression. 

“Come on. Let’s go home”. 

Dean got into the car, y/n stood there unsure of what happened before getting in himself. 

As they drove back to the bunker, y/n questioned if Dean was ok. 

“Yep. I’m good. I never loved her. Barely liked her. I was only there for the kid. And what she was saying about you, no. I don’t care. Never expected to see her, but I don’t really care what happened. As long as I’m with you, the one person I really love, I’m good. Besides, she was boring. Annoying, bad at sex and just slightly obsessed with me. And I’m pretty sure Ben was mine. But any kids I have, I want with you.”

Y/n smiled, his heart pounding. Dean thought of having kids, with him. He smiled, staring ahead at the road, the dead Lisa not even a thought to both of them or anyone else in the world. 

Random thingy I wrote cos of stuff. 

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u hav a wonderful blog! i lov all the content u provide ((: i noticed ur posting sad pics, i hope things turn out 4 the better soon 4 u

yea don’t worry about it Gabby calmed me down and I was internalizing a lot  things again so now I’m slightly better, just trying to listen Homecomings rn to smooth things but ty anon

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Hello! I have been living on your blog for the past few days, and all I can say is that it's freaking amazing! I'm writer myself so I can tell that you are bunch of talented writers, so maybe any of you could write a scenario??? It's Jungkook smut where his girlfriend is a bit perverted and during practice break starts to tease him by talking dirty to him? pretty please~ (。•́︿•̀。) (sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language and I never requested before T~T(it's nerve wrecking))

Hey guys! its been a while since I’ve written something! So i hope you enjoy <3

~~ Admin Abbie

Smut warning

Jungkook x Reader

Drive me crazy with your words

The hot room was filled with heavy breathing and squeaking shoes across the hardwood as the boys practiced. Today Bangtan had invited you to come and watch their practice and give your input. It was convenient for them considering you were and ARMY but you were also dating their youngest member Jeon Jungkook so you got along well with all the members.

Their new comeback was approaching and they were training hard so you didn’t get to see Jungkook very much so this was a good chance to spend some time with him and the boys as well. But you had a bit of a….Situation..

Over this intense practice time and the absence of Jungkook you also had a very barren sex life….And lets just say you were starving for it. And sitting here watching Jungkook….you could see the way his chest moved up and down and the sweat that fell down his face and down his neck almost as if it was mocking you…. his white t-shirt that was nearly transparent to the point you could see his fit silhouette through it.

Your body was just begging for him to touch it….you were craving his lips and his hands ravishing your body. That’s all you wanted! but he was just so busy you and him could never find the right time for it.

He didn’t look upset about this at all!! and your over here getting all hot and bothered by yourself…well things are about to change. The choreographer called a 10 minute break and then Jungkook came over and grabbed his water from you and you wiped his sweat for him.

“So what do you think Y/N? is it looking good?”

“Yea it is!”

‘But you are looking way better…’ you thought

“Great! i’m so glad you could make it today! you are the best”

Jungkook leaned down and captured your lips in a quick but passionate kiss, you loved the way his kisses made you feel….in this case it only fueled your fire more.

As Jungkook pulled away you reached your arms up and wrapped them around his neck and pulled him into a hug. He quickly hugged you back and you could feel his smile against your skin.

You brought your mouth to his ear and slightly nibbled on it causing Jungkook to jump slightly. 

“Let me tell you…a little secret Jungkook.” You whispered in his ear

You could tell his body got tense at the sound of your voice and you knew..You had his complete attention.

“One thing I’ve noticed about you today….is that you really can move your hips baby….Better then i can…when i ride you..But of course, i haven’t showed you…all my tricks yet.”

You let go of him and pulled away from the embrace and looked at him, His face was blank and his lips were slightly parted from the shock. You giggled and winked at him before walking away and swinging your hips a little more then usual.

The 10 minute break ended and the boys were back to practice but this time, Jungkook was just a little more extra with his hips. It seems like you sparked a little something.

You internally applauding yourself for knowing what gets him going..But you weren’t done yet. You still needed to push a little more to get what you really want.

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Baekhyun Scenario (Fluff OneShot)

burning-clown said: Hi again, i think you have lot to do but if you have some time would you mind doing exo scenario where baekhyun thinks that her gf is cheating on her and he tries to get her back by making cute surprises and stuff for her? * Turns into small fluffy unicorn with puppy eyes * No need to hurry! 👌🏼

A/N: Since I’m on a scenario mood, I decided to fullfill your request, I hope you like it since this is my first Baek Scenario, and I’m glad I’m writting it for you, since I know that you’re a very loyal follower,so thank you for everything and here comes puppy Baek for you <3

“She doesn’t even talk to me as she used to!” Baekhyun whined to his friend Chanyeol. “That doesn’t mean a thing hyung, she’s probably feeling nervous about something” “Yeah, like getting caught for cheating on me?!” “No!” Chanyeol rolled his eyes “Hyung you know Y/N would never cheat on you” “I don’t know anything anymore” “Ah, don’t be so dramatic, why don’t you do something for her? Show her you’re her boyfriend, whatever it is she will tell you” Baekhyun stopped to think “I think you’re right, I’ll try to surprise her, tonight.” “Okay, spare me of the details hyung, I don’t need to hear about it, I will come back tomorrow then,so you can have privacy” And with that Chanyeol left giggling and Baekhyun was alone with his own thoughts.

What’s wrong with her? Baekhyun thought. She was always distant now, and she was always spending time with that friend of hers which he didn’t even knew much about, they were about to do 4 months of dating and she was already giving up on him? What could he possibily have done that was so wrong? It didn’t matter anymore, he was going to get her back. He decided make sure everything were her favorites for this date, he texted her saying that she should cancel any plans she had for tonight so they can meet, she was a little taken back by his determined mood but accepted.

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Pack Mom:Part 6

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1632

Warning: Pure fluff. Nothing else at all. Just the most adorable fluffiness there is

Summary: The family finally take their trip to San Francisco

A/N: Also read my other series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below


Pack Mom Masterlist

The door of the car opened. 

They stepped out. 

San Francisco. 

They’d finally arrived. 

Inhaling, y/n could smell the ocean, the breeze cooling her and making her feel at peace.

“Come on, y/n. We need to get our stuff into the house”, Derek said, smiling at her adorable cuteness. 

She pouted, but picked up her bag and dragged it into the house.

The house was stunning. 

It was a Victorian house, painted sky blue on the outside with bits of silver. 

The interior was just as stunning. 

Vintage oak furniture, beautiful brown couches and stunning paintings. 

She’d been here before a few times, but she could never get over the beauty of the house. 

But then again, her house with Derek was stunning. 

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Hello! Sorry i’ve been putting this off for so long, but con season was crazy and then Storenvy implemented that fee for shoppers so I spent the last week or two retaking all my photos and relisting on Etsy! 

From now on, Storenvy will basically be for pre-orders and big ticket limited items only, and Etsy will be the main store for regular merchandise that’s ready to ship so you won’t be dinged $1 for a small purchase!

Anyway, yea. Shop away! If there is something you wanted from me you saw at a con but don’t see listed on etsy, please feel free to send me a message via email, contact form or tumblr and i can spin you up a custom order :)

Note: A lot of the charms are limited, what charms are not listed are sold out, and what’s there may be very limited. I probably won’t restock them for christmas etc., this is left over from cons!

A Slight Daddy Kink

Request: A collection of ikon daddy smut pls

Pairing: Jinhwan x Reader

Rating: M

a/n: Smut. This is a smut and if you do not like smut then please do not read this. This will be under read more. 

“Okay so, could you just say that one more time?“ You asked your boyfriend because you were shocked at what he had just told you.

“I may have …a slight daddy kink,” he repeated.

You could tell by the sound of his voice that he was nervous. Since he had just told something you would never expect him to say, you became a bit nervous as well. No one that you slept with had ever had a daddy kink before. You knew what it was but we’re still slightly confused.

“Jinhwan, you want me to call you daddy?” You asked, trying to further under of all of this.

“Yes, but only during sex,” he responded.

Something in your mind clicked. The more you thought about it, the better it sounded. You’d never called Jinhwan daddy before, but there’s a first time for everything.

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I’ll Always Protect You.

Genre: Angst (Kinda), a tiny bit of fluff at the end.

Words: 627 (Sorry it’s so short)

Characters:  Reader x Jungkook 

Warnings: Swearing

Summery: In which you and Jungook go to a party and your ex tries to get you back. (Ugh I suck at summaries)

Y/BF/N= Your best friends name

Y/EX/N= Your Ex’s name

You stood at the bar sipping on the drink you ordered minuets ago as you scanned the crowd of people trying to find a familiar face.

You were currently at your best friends party which was located at a club, your boyfriend, Jungkook, decided to tag along and now he was no were to be found.

After standing there for what seemed like hours you stop the familiar face of your best friend, they were walking over to you with a smile on their face.

“Y/N!” they exclaimed as they stood in front of you and pulled you into a tight hug “Were’s that boyfriend of yours?”

“Hey Y/BF/N,” You grinned “I don’t exactly know,”

“Well if I see him I’ll tell him that his girlfriend is looking quite alone,” they giggled and she stumbled off clearly drunk.

After your best friend left you spotted another person in the crowd, this person you were not so happy to see. It was Y/EX/N, you were with him before you were with Jungkook and the relationship between the two of you ended badly.

Y/EX/N was looking around trying to find someone or something and once their eyes set on you a ugly grin spread across their face and they stumbled over to you.

“Y/N!” They slurred “Long time no see,”

“Yeah,” You muttered, trying to end the convocation but he was not taking it and carried on talking.

“What have you been up to?” He asked, resting his hand on the bar behind you.

“Uh not much,” You said uneasily stepping back slightly to put more distance between the two of you.

“I heard you’ve got a new boyfriend,” He grinned “Is he better than me?”

You glanced at his face uneasily and tried to move away but his other arm trapped you between him and the bar.

“Answer the question,” he growled into your ear, making you shiver in disgust 

“Um, yea he is,” You muttered quietly.

“Oh I see,” Y/EX/N chuckled lowly “Where is he now?”

“I don’t know,” You muttered looking down, trying to avoid eye contact.

“That’s too bad, isn’t it?” He whisper once again into your ear.

“Yea, I guess,” You said as he moved his arm from the bar and onto your waist, gripping it tightly.

“Get of me,” You ordered in a quite tone, trying to shake away from his grip

“I don’t think so baby girl,” He grinned as he started pressing kisses down your neck.

You began thrashing in his grip causing him to grip your hips more tightly when suddenly the was violently pushed of you.

You looked up to see who it was who pushed him and saw Jungkook towering over you looking at your shaking figure in concern before turning round and throwing a punch onto Y/EX/N face.

“I’m guessing you the boyfriend,”You ex grinned nastily before Jungkook once again hit him and repeated his actions over and over again.

“Jungkook, stop please,” You begged gripping onto his arm not wanting to see him like this 

He stopped his attack on Y/EX/N and once again looked down at you his eyes softening before turning back round and looking at you ex’s bloody and beaten face.

“If you ever even think about coming near Y/N again I swear to god I will kill you,” Jungkook growled and them before dropping his collar and placing a protective arm around your waist and guiding you our of the club.

Once you were both outside you turned to you and pulled you into his warm embrace “Are you OK?” He asked as he placed kiss onto your forehead 

“I am now,” You reply nuzzling your face into his neck “Thank you for protecting me,”

He pulled away from the hug and looked down at you “I’ll always protect you,” he said leaning down and and placing a passionate kiss on your lips.