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Stopmakingliberalslookbad is a peodphile/pedophile apologist who supports sleeping with teenaged minors stopmakingliberalslookbad(.)tumblr(.)com/post/137118651925/bowie-was-cleared-of-rape-charges-in-a-trial-backstopmakingliberalslookbad(.)tumblr(.)com/post/159768165290/im-actually-glad-david-bowie-is-gone-good

Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen.

I’m about to do the biggest exposé of @stopmakingliberalslookbad. I’m going to utterly tear her apart and no one will ever look at her the same way again.

So, bitch. Are you ready to be completely annihilated?

Ha, just kidding. The anon here obviously can’t read. But, just for fun, let’s look at the links given to me.

Link one:

Ah. Context. Sometimes, underage fans present themselves to look older so that their older idols presume that they’ve reached the age of consent so that they can have sex with them. It wasn’t just in the 70s. You’ll find underage fans today that go on and on about wishing that they could have sex with whoever their celebrity crush is. It’s nothing new.

Plus, there’s a huge difference between “A celebrity had sex with someone that turned out to be underaged” and “A celebrity deliberately preyed on underage fans to manipulate them into having sex, raping them.”

As uncomfortable as it is to admit – and I’m talking about girls here because it’s typically underage girls with adult men – there are some girls that look over 18 when they’re 14 or even 15. I know that I did. At parties where there were drugs and alcohol, it isn’t automatically presumed that the attendees are underaged. The only exception is when children are deliberately brought in to be raped.

And, again, uncomfortably, some girls desperate to touch, kiss or have sex with their idols will lie about their ages. 

I mean, in the link, she clearly states that she doesn’t support underage sex. She just says that there’s a huge difference between paedophilic rape and the situation with groupies. And she’s right.

Link two:

Do I really need to repeat the same answer?

In any case, away from my addition of (very obvious) context, explain to me how either of those links makes her a “paedophile” and a “paedophile apologist.”

Oh, what’s that? They don’t?

What, did you think you could send me a message and I’d turn into an attack dog without actually reading the links?

In any case, @stopmakingliberalslookbad is a great person with a great blog that I highly recommend. 

Did an art trade with @melonorca@melonorcaart ! They requested EnnoYama (which I’d never heard of but then again I haven't been in haikyuu since the end of last year <u<)

It was really fun to draw this!!!!!! and I realised how much I really like Yamaguchi ahahaaaaaaa 

I  hope you like it ! qvq

View of the front and one side of U.S. Grant’s former house on Fort Street, with wooden fence and trees in front. Sign on front of building reads, “U.S. Grant house, picture taken in 1873, rented from W.A. Bacon.” Grant occupied the residence from 1849 to 1851. Recorded in lantern slide ledger: “D/Houses-Grant, U.S.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

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Hey if you're still looking for distraction prompts: Percahlia Bodyguard AU.

oh hell yes hell yes

Percy doesn’t self-examine very often because, well, he’s good at it. He knows why he likes building and fixing things, he knows what it is that keeps him awake (it isn’t run of the mill insomnia), and Percy definitely knows why he went into the business of guarding others. He’d failed to save his family, not even Cassandra who should have been the most deserving of survival and had so nearly made it. But now, he could save other people. It’s entirely possible that Percy is just slightly immune to death anyway, so he isn’t too fussed about throwing himself in front of someone else to take a hit. So far, he’s been able to walk it off every time.

The majority of the time, his clients are more than happy to let Percy put himself in the line of fire. It’s what they’re paying him so well for, after all - and he does get paid very well for the talent of being able to both fling himself into danger and shoot someone knowing they won’t get back up. If Percy weren’t already set for life thanks to his ill-begotten inheritance, this job would have taken care of it in short order.

The twins are different. Specifically, Vex is different, and not just because she and her brother seem to be ultimately resentful of their father hiring a bodyguard to tail them everywhere. Vex takes it personally when Percy puts himself between her and something potentially threatening, and won’t ever let him shuffle her away from crowds that Percy has read as a bit too enthusiastic to meet a pair of ethereally pretty celebutante twins.

Vax, at least, is willing to grab his sister and force them out of range when Percy shouts to get down. The shooter is somewhere in the crowd, but Percy’s lost track of them in the ensuing panic. Thankfully, the first shot went wide, clipping a building rather than landing in its intended target, and Percy can’t be sure if that is one of his charges or their friend (Percy’s friend now, too, and god why didn’t he follow his own rules to never get friendly with the clients?). Keyleth ducked the moment the shot went off, her own security detail sliding effortlessly in front of her so that Grog’s entire body is blocking her. He doesn’t have an open carry license like Percy, but Percy has seen him keep going with two bullets and a broken clavicle in him, so it doesn’t often matter terribly much.

With distance, however, it’s on Percy to take out the threat. Pike has already called in police cooperation, surely, but Percy doesn’t like loose ends. Not that it will matter much, he thinks, gritting his teeth as a panicked teenager careens into him and makes Percy lose sight of who he thinks might be the shooter. He may be wrong, however, is the wry thought that follows when a bullet goes whizzing by his ear.

Percy flattens himself against a wall, sideways and a smaller target for whoever is firing, up and to the southeast. Not far up enough to be a sniper’s perch, Percy calculates in his head, judging by the angle of that last shot. They must be trying to make a getaway, either too stupid or prideful to do it without attempting to take out someone on their way out, even if it’s a lowly bodyguard.

There’s movement from a building in the direction Percy thinks could have been the bullet’s origin, and he lines up his sights with that glint. He can’t see a body, but if he can at least tag the guy, finding and detaining him will be a lot simpler. Finger on the trigger, Percy jumps and has to check himself very quickly when a body slides up next to his, releasing his backup pistol from its holster with an easy flick of the wrist and bringing it up level with his - aimed just slightly to the left.

It’s Vex, Percy manages to recognize in the heartbeat before he’d have pistol whipped her for getting so close so quickly in this setting. She fires before he has a chance to do more than recognize her, and Percy follows her line of sight to see she’s hit her mark, the shadow of a body falling on the fire escape of the apartment building just across from the one Percy had been intending to fire into.

“Like I told you, darling,” Vex says, a little breathless (she must have sprinted to get to him, especially after having to break free of her brother to do so). “I don’t need a bodyguard.”

sometimes i forget how long i’ve been on tumblr until i see something talking about “ancient tumblr posts” and i realize i was there during that time

  • Lance: That guy's my hero!
  • Me, realistically: Shiro was obviously a really renown and skilled pilot, who no doubt had a bunch of successful space exploration missions under his belt. After all, the garrison wouldn't send a complete rookie to the edge of the solar system and the furthest humanity's able to reach, given the technology capabilities they're implied to have.
  • Also me: but what if Shiro was just a really fucking legendary frat boy