this is sitting in my drafts it makes me angry

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Thanks for that addition to the post about the assistive cane thing! It has been bugging me for a while but i didnt know how to articulate that feeling. :( Tbh it reminds me of those "gloves" that can "read sign language", which were also done without any input from Deaf people and therefore are pretty much useless. It's just inspiration porn for abled people. *rolls eyes*

yeah, for sure! it’s been sitting in my drafts for a while

 there have been a lot of posts like this and they always make me really angry

the one that comes to mind is the braille-reader ring that was going around a while back, which only reads one character at a time and sits on the finger in a pretty awkward way, and therefore is, like, basically useless according to every method of reading braille that i know and know of. there was also that popular post about “autism clothes” which might seem cool at first but actually have a tracker in them. 

there have been lots more and if i posted them all i’d just be crying all the time but i’m glad my post was helpful in articulating what you were feeling