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I DISCOVERED YOUR BLOG TODAY AND I LOVE IT. You are so funny and cute. Do you have any other blog recommendations that you think I would love if I love your blog? Thank you you are so amazing

Oh, flattery will get you everywhere, darling. Excuse me whilst I just nurse my inflated ego. 

This post is really just going to get very ‘Old Boys Club’ with me name dropping who I’ve been chatting to lately, so my real advise is just browse around the ACOTAR tags and such and follow people who make posts that make you lol. At least, that’s mainly my tactic.

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You should write a random sterek ficlet of whatever you please. Maybe nap time. Maybe pack night. I dunno.

i wanna write like 90, though. i wanna write an au loosely based on can you keep a secret, which is a book by one of my fave authors and basically they’re strangers on a plane and there’s turbulance and Stiles blurts out ALL OF HIS SECRETS EVER, and Derek is entranced and thinks the best way to woo Stiles is to like take him on the best date ever, exactly like the one Stiles described, and ALWAYS have his favourite drink available and ALWAYS MAKING SURE EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY THE WAY STILES WANTS, and Stiles is all wow i really like you but also… you’re too perfect? and i still feel embarrassed every time i see you because you know all my secret kinks and that time i slept on the floor of the bathroom in Denny’s because my friend Erica worked there and i got super drunk and she couldn’t make me move, and so there’s this ~angst and they have to start over, but basically Derek is an A+ boyfriend, but kind of robotic about it and then they learn they get on better when they’re NOT perfect. idk, it’s a good book. 

but i also wanna write the princes au. and the artist au and the highschool au. and an au where Scott’s the president and Stiles is his chief of staff and Derek is his speech writer and mmmm West Wing stuff. AND AN AU WHERE THEY’RE STREET DANCERS, AND A NEVER BEEN KISSED AU, and this au where Derek works abroad and every year since Stiles was a teenager, he and his bros have been to the same beach and he and Derek ALWAYS FALL FOR EACH OTHER, but it’s always a summer thing and they never think to ask for more because they worry about the LIFE OF THE OTHER and you know, sex on the beach should be a THING IN MORE FICS? even though it’s not really advisable in real life. and the one where they’re both nerds at camp and keep in touch via emails and fall in love accidentally and then go to college and agree to live together as FRIENDS and boom they both turn up hot. and the one where they’re in a band and the one, and the one— JA FEEL?

and a canon fic where they bond via mopping. also one where Stiles starts working at the bowling alley. one where Derek gets a job in the sheriff’s department and it’s simultaneously HILARIOUS to Stiles but also a NIGHTMARE when he sees Derek in a uniform like WHAT. WHEN WAS THIS ALLOWED TO BE A THING. DEREK’S NTO HOT HE’S GROSS. nope. just hot. and look at him rescuing a kitten and chasing a mugger and wielding handcuffs and laughing with the sheriff and IN STILES’ HOUSE TALKING TO THE SHERIFF LATE INTO THE NIGHT and stealing Stiles’ pop tarts and driving Stiles to school when the Jeep breaks down and Stiles making jokes about role reversal and how he always figured if he was in a cop car with Derek again it’d be for kinkier reasons and Derek almost running over a squirrel in shock. 

like, maaaaaan, i have so many fics i wanna write, i just, need time to do them?

AND THE AMERICAN PIE AU. but i’m still working that one out because i want Boyd and Erica to be Heather and Oz so, i gotta work out who else is who.