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I feel like my English turned against me in this one (ssshhh I’m tired ok) but yeah, this is the comic I thought about during P.E when we had to dance….. I hate dancing ;-;

On Talent and Success

Over the last few months, I’ve been noticing something.

I’ve been seeing writers who are less talented than others find more success.

At the same time, I’ve become more aware of talented writers, smart writers, or passionate writers who sort of drift away.

Since I left high school, I’ve come in contact with a lot of people who dream of being writers. And over the years, I’ve seen many educated and intense aspiring authors … just stop pursuing. Sometimes these are people who have all the right personal qualities to succeed. They are sharp, driven, dedicated, passionate, and they have critical thinking skills. Sure, they may need more practice, but that comes with time. Perhaps, though, it is because they are so intense and critical, they stop believing they can succeed. They don’t think they can actually “make it.”

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a family member about the fact that we as human beings often (and sometimes unknowingly) limit ourselves and what we can accomplish. Mentally, almost silently, we think, I can’t do this, and in just believing that, we cut short our abilities. The mental energy we spend thinking about what we can’t do takes away from the mental energy we could use simply pursuing what we want or need to do.

What’s strange is that over time, I’ve seen people who appear to lack a skill or quality find more professional success than their peers. They might win an award. Get a steady readership. Make more professional sales than people of higher writing abilities. I don’t think this is because the world has gone all topsy-turvy. I think it’s because these people don’t limit themselves as much, in that way. Maybe they are blind to their weaknesses, or maybe they aren’t. Whatever the case, they don’t let those weaknesses hold them back. They don’t let fear of not being good enough hold them back.

Lately I’ve been thinking about people I’ve met, in college, in day-to-day life, wherever, and how some could be doing what they dreamed of doing, if they simply pursued it a bit more carefreely as some of the people I meet at writing conferences do. But they never gave themselves permission.

Of course, life happens, and priorities can happen. Everyone writes differently and every writing career is different. I’m not saying we need to run out of our houses and throw crappy first drafts out everywhere. I’m just saying give yourself the permission to jump in. For some, that might mean allowing yourself to begin taking writing seriously–to take yourself serious as a writer. For others it might mean finally submitting a story somewhere. For another, it might mean allowing yourself to self-publish. For someone else it might mean allowing yourself to write and enjoy writing.

On occasions, I have talked to instructors that say the most talented people are the ones who are hardest on themselves. And it makes sense. They have a strong eye for criticism. They expect a lot out of their work. They demand a lot of themselves. And they don’t settle. In contrast, the students who are less talented may be the ones who think they deserve the highest marks in the class. This seems backwards, but it’s often true. This second group ends up pursuing all kinds of avenues, because they believe they deserve it, or simply because they give themselves permission to. They are more likely to find success than the talented person who never submitted, published, or shared anything.

Years ago, a family member and I used to repeat this observation to each other. “Why is so-and-so a bad-a**? Because he thinks he’s a bad-a**.” The idea is that everyone who seems to act like they are awesome and cool are simply that way because they believe they are.

In some sense, that same principle can be applied to other areas. Why is that person a writer? Because she thinks she’s a writer. Why is that person successful? Because he think he’s successful. There are limits to how far this principle can extend, of course, and there are exceptions, but in some ways, following it is like starting on training wheels. It slashes down limits you’ve put on yourself. You are what you are because you believe you are.

Now success might not mean the same thing to everyone. Success to one person might be selling a lot of copies of her book. Success to another person might be being able to write full-time, regardless of exposure. It might be becoming the best current writer in that genre, even if the genre has a small readership, like weird west fiction.

Ideally, we become the best of both groups of students mentioned earlier. People in the first group may need to let themselves take a chance to pursue. People in the second group may need to sharpen their critical eye and dedication, because while they may already have found success, that success will have a ceiling based on their talent.

Whatever kind of writer you hope to be, whether it’s a bestselling, award-winning writer, or fierce fanfiction writer, decide today to give yourself permission to pursue success.


A big thank you to the person who made this video!!! 

All acoustic versions of the songs of 30 Seconds to Mars collected here.

0:00 City of Angels
4:16 Closer to the Edge
8:30 Kings and Queens
14:02 Do or Die
17:33 A Beautiful Lie
21:18 Was It a Dream?
25:11 The Kill
29:04 Alibi
31:55 Attack
35:03 The Story
39:07 A Modern Myth
42:20 From Yesterday
46:08 End of All Days
50:43 Hurricane
54:54 This Is War
59:45 Stay (Rihanna Cover)



SPIKEY BELMONT HAS LANDED ON EARTH AFTER DESCENDING FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE TO BLESS THIS WORLD WITH THAT UNCANNY VOICE-ACTING TALENT! Any additional words would simply fall beside the awesome portent of that staggering phrase!

That man, I swear to Galactus is one super guy. Thanks for surprising me with such a fun audio file! My pearly whites haven’t seen this much light since the 90′s!

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My Hamlet run is almost over and I’ll be leaving London soon!

The first picture is from yesterday when Andrew snatched my phone even if I wanted an autograph and then just took the picture himself. Bless this man!

The second picture is from when he signed my artwork of Hamlet. One of the very best experiences! ✨

I’ll try to update here with new art as frequently as possible but give me some time to settle in again. I had a blast during my year in London and I feel super lucky that I happened to be here at the same time as Hamlet is on stage!


“In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields, and lovely flowers, and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line, but I can’t seem to get there no how. I can’t seem to get over that line.’ That was Harriet Tubman in the 1800s. And let me tell you something. The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there. So here’s to all the writers, the awesome people… People who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman. To be black.

Viola Davis’ acceptance speech for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series at the 67th Emmy Award Show

What Makes the Feminism in Wonder Woman Special

There’s a ton of reasons why Wonder Woman (2017) is such a victorious movie for feminism. But one of the biggest reasons I saw for that was the fact that it was not “in your face”. Let me explain.

I went to see the movie with my husband who supports feminism and equality. After leaving the film he thoughtfully pointed out, “That didn’t feel like a super feminist movie”. To translate what he meant by this, he was pointing out the way the movie never specifically addressed feminist views. There were plenty of opportunities in the film for the message to be directly delivered, but those moments were “ignored” in a sense.

A perfect example would be the many moments when the war generals in London kept exclaiming indignantly, “Who IS this woman!?” when Diana would butt in on their meetings. This is the perfect time for Diana to shut them down in some fashion - but she does so in a very indirect way. A lot of times the focus would be on shutting down the sexism by outshining the men at their own game followed by some shot highlighting their shock. The director chose not to focus on the shutting down of the sexism - it was present but not highlighted. Diana didn’t have to prove she was awesome - she simply was, and the men were forced to let her participate because they needed her.

This is a different but powerful approach to shutting down sexism. In other movies, men are usually humiliated in some fashion by being directly confronted with the absurdity of their sexism. An example would be Natasha Romanoff (The Black Widow) quickly and efficiently taking down a guy in the wrestling ring who is underestimating her fighting abilities because she’s a woman. This is a small demonstration of “the fight” against sexism often found in female-empowering movies.

The difference with Wonder Woman is that “the fight” to prove that she is worthy of respect is glossed over. There is no proving that she is powerful - she just is. There is no male humiliation (except for when she shames one general for treating his soldiers like expendable pawns, but that is unrelated to sexism). Some men begrudgingly accept her help. Others are amazed and admire her. Her very existence is an example of how women should exist in the world. She behaves as though people will respect her, and when they don’t she in undaunted. She walks with assuredness and purpose. She doesn’t have to physically dismantle the patriarchy. Rather by simply being who she is, she sets the standard for what normal should be. When she wears modern London women’s clothes she chooses an outfit that she thinks is practical. She won’t let the often impractical women’s fashion hold her back from what she finds important. She speaks truth where she sees folly in the general’s negotiations. When told “she can’t”, she does anyways. And all this is never with a smirk or some focus on the victory of “doing this anyways”. It’s not about the fight and victory - it’s about setting a new standard for equality through example.

That’s why Wonder Woman is such a shining example of feminism in movies. The goal of feminism is to integrate equality into everyday society. It’s not about fighting and it’s not about tearing men down. Wonder Woman accomplishes this normalization in a stunning and inspiring way. The men that would belittle her are disregarded. The men that partner with her are treated with mutual respect. It’s beautiful to behold.

My husband said Wonder Woman didn’t feel overtly feminist, and he was right in a way. The usual message in feminist movies is to prove that women are powerful and deserve equal treatment. But in Wonder Woman, the female-empowerment is ever-present yet on the back burner. Wonder Woman is beyond the fight for equality. There are other themes the movie chooses to address instead, such as the darkness inside every individual. That’s why I love it - women are powerful, but in this movie that is made normal.

fynneyseas  asked:

Hi! You reblogged my picture of Tater with kittens, and tagged it with GIVE TATER A CAT, and other such beautiful things. I wanted to thank you, because honestly that was the purest addition to that post I've seen yet. Tater definitely has a cat that will play fetch and will attack ankles for affection, I completely agree. Incredible.

Okay so I’ve been keeping this in my asks, hoping I’d have time to fic it because the world NEEDS fic of Tater and his cat, but I simply do not have the time.

Instead, have a list of other awesome/cute things about Tater and his cat.

  • Whenever Tater’s putting food in his dish on the counter, he will climb up his legs–pants or no.
  • Whenever Tater gets back home, he runs around his feet/ankles in search of attention, tripping him up.
  • Tater’s biggest fear in these moments is stepping on his cat (he’s too big and the cat is too small!!!)
  • Tater has indeed tripped and fallen because of this and he has done it in front of some of the team. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” and comments about David and Goliath are chirps Tater has had to get used to.
  • His cat is a rescue; an abandoned, feral runt of the litter that was picked up by someone and brought in.
  • His cat has a very particular diet because of digestive issues.  It was one of the reasons he had not been adopted before.  It’s a good thing Tater has a big paycheck.
  • When Tater is away on roadies, he has a cat sitter come by daily–a vet student he pays really well to just be there and give attention to his cat and study.  It’s a super sweet gig.
  • When Tater is home, he and his cat are always cuddling together.
  • A little cat curled up in the small of his back when Tater is on his stomach or sprawled out, pressed against his leg when Tater’s chilling on the couch.  When he spreads his legs out along it, the cat sleeps between his legs or between his legs and the back of the sofa.  In bed, he crawls under the covers and presses against Tater’s side.
  • Tater has cat hair on everything.
  • When angry at him, his cat pees on his hockey bag.  Tater has been through so many hockey bags.
  • One time, his cat curled up in his hockey bag and he didnt’ know until he was at the rink.  Falcs Twitter blew up when they featured the little guy with the rest of the team.
  • The cat plays goalie with his cat toys.  The team does a competition between Snowy and Tater’s cat.  Tater’s cat wins and Snowy throws a fit.
  • Teeth marks on all of Tater’s gear at home because oh goodness does this cat love to chew on things.  RIP any of Tater’s pucks.
  • Tater copying his cat when he bleps.
  • Tater and his cat meowing back and forth at each other.
  • Tater tucking the cat into his sweats and walking around with a warm furry lump down by his ankle.
  • Leash-trained cats get to go on walks.

Just…Tater with a cat.  So good.  So soft.


Ahhhhh~ I had so much fun designing their outfits (Keith’s armor especially). I tried to incorporate Keith’s Blade of Marmora suit with the armor and I think it turned out well. I also think that Shiro fits being a Spear Fighter so much ‘cuz of his Japanese descent~

I didn’t color it in full because I’m pressed for time but I might make more sketches of them in the future simply because I love their costumes soooo much! Awesome AU!


Yes, of course this is a post praising him… :)))  

….But could we just take a little moment to appreciate how, behind that dorky and annoyingly playful mask of Gabriel, he is, in fact, such a wonderful angel? Literally and figuratively? ^-^

I mean… He hates disputes and arguments, between any kind of supernatural or even human beings, as he really only wants just peace…

….and he trusts and believes in people, he appreciates their effort to improve themselves, admiring their qualities, instead of trying to promote his superiority, like mostly other angels do…

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…he constantly looks up to them because he knows what the war between his brothers caused to the humanity…

Originally posted by littlehobbit13

… he did anything that was possible to help the boys stop the apocalypse, including the tape talking about the rings and the cage, which practically saved everyone…

In fact, not only did he help the boys then, but he also, let’s remember, tried to help Sam prepare himslef for Dean’s death, as he will always have a predilection towards teaching people lessons  .. … .. 

 … no matter what, he will ALWAYS care about the others…

… even though he doesn’t want to show it … 

Originally posted by mischievous-maestro

But, in fact, he would do anything for people. He has one of the kindest hearts ever. He confronted his own brother for the humans, he has always tried to mantain the peace, he helped the boys despite all the their past “meetings”, he understood them, he cared, he loved, and like not so many angels, he felt… He was far more than good. And, all these, under that mask he’s tried to keep on, of the goofy, adorable and hilarious angel, who loves to trick people. But that, just to improve their character, make them aware of their flaws, and to make them better… He chose humour as an element to get closer to humanity. 

I know many people have already mentioned everything from above about him, but I really wanted to bring this subject up again as a short reminder of what a great character he really is and why he deserves all this love. Not only for his one-line jokes, not only for his sweetness, not only for his way of acting, behaving and being, not only for him just being simply awesome and great, but also for his gorgeous soul. He could have any other vessel in the world, but him, as an angel, he would still remain this one of a kind glorious character… Which I adore. 

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I wish Floriana Lima the best for her future ventures. I guess in whatever she’s doing next, she’ll have more than more than 1.5 sentences of dialogue in scenes that are properly lit. I wish her projects, where her job is not to stand there and smile. Honestly, in season 2b, during most of her screentime, she could have been replaced by a rainbow covered lamp shade as far as I am concerned, and it would not have made a difference. If I were Floriana, I’d probably look for some other gig too. 

I feel bad for all the Sanvers fans. I mostly watched the show to see what’s next for Alex and Maggie, as the Kara/Supergirl storyline has been awful this season. Since season 2b, the entire Sanvers storyline has been just queer-baiting to the extreme. If the entire episode screen time for these two characters can be fully shown in 5-6 GIFs, then something is not right. The episode promotion for season 2b has been heavily Sanvers centric, and it has almost always been heavily disappointing. 

If I want to see proper wlw representation on a show with a female lead, and her smart and badass sister who discovers that she likes women and gets into a relationship with an awesome lesbian cop,  I can simply watch Wynonna Earp.  Hence, I know that it can be done better. It’s almost the same storyline, but the characters are treated with care and respect.  

However, now that she’s no longer a series regular, CW will make longer, well-lit scenes with character development for Sanvers. LOL. Who am I kidding?! CW you do you. Cut the lesbian screentime and wonder why the viewership has gone down. 


This whole moment is so powerful and important on so many different levels! When her mother suggest that BS marries Min Hyuk, BS doesn’t use her usual excuse that he is gay nor does she say that there is no chance of anything happening between them. That’s a huge change from her previous reactions.

This is another proof that love is about timing because while GD has after all these years finally realized his feelings for BS, she on the other hand has finally accepted that all the hopes and dreams she had about a future with him won’t ever come true. Here and later on the riverbank, she is saying her goodbye to him and by doing that she can finally let go and move on with her life.

“You mean…that if I marry you…I’m not saying I’ll marry you. If you marry someone and have a daughter, would she be like you?”

However, what’s the most poignant thing of all, is that this is the moment when Bong Soon for the first time in her life actually likes the idea of HAVING A DAUGHTER THAT WOULD BE LIKE HER. The main reason why she previously hated it was because she didn’t want her to go through the same problems and difficulties she had to. It’s clear that such a change couldn’t have happened overnight, but it’s been a slow and gradual process; and it’s no coincidence that it culminates in this very moment which directly folllows her bus ride with Min Hyuk - IF THERE IS SOMEONE WHO THINKS SHE IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN, PERHAPS IT WOULDN’T BE SO BAD TO BE LIKE DO BONG SOON. It all began when she met Min Hyuk who knows everything about her and he has still treated her like a normal person and her strength as something amazing. He didn’t make BS love herself, because she already was comfortable in her own skin; HE’S SIMPLY SHOWED HER HOW EXTRAORDINARY, BRILLIANT AND AWESOME SHE IS AND TAUGHT HER HOW TO TRULY CONTROL HER POWER, MAKING IT TRULY HER OWN.