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The 100 Episode 4.7 Takeaways

1. And Ilian immediately ran into Octavia. Totally called it last episode.
2. Just occurred to me: why can every grounder suddenly speak English? In the early seasons only the army could speak it. Now, even Ilian the sheep herder speaks flawless English.
3. Of course Murphy is dancing around and cooking while the world is going to shit. I love him so much! He’s a little too supportive of Emori’s revenge rampage though…
4. Nice callback to the fact that Kane floated Bellamy’s mom. Kane is the moral compass now, so it’s easy to forget he was a total dick on the Ark.
5. Glad Harper didn’t get killed trying to save some rando, especially since Monty wasn’t even around this episode. Also, Harper has a sick six pack now and I’m hella impressed.
6. I suppose Miller, Luna, and those other guys were napping again offscreen. Raven needs the rest, but these other people need to start pulling their weight.
7. I wish Emori wouldn’t fly off the handle every time she doesn’t like the situation. Not everyone is trying to kill you all the time, girl. Chill out. Nice plan to use that rando in the death chamber though. Sneaky af!
8. Stop touching the inexplicably clean and white bedspread before you’ve showered, Clarke. This is why we can’t have nice things. Who was keeping this house so clean anyway? Robots?
9. Why is Abby refusing to test herself? Things can only go badly if she isn’t honest with everyone about her condition. She needs to share her knowledge and prepare Jackson in case he has to take over the medical/science stuff.
10. Well, I guess Octavia has a man again. Maybe sex will help her be less stabby and more human. Her whole identify was built around Lincoln, so maybe Ilian will help her move on. Also, that stuck-in-a-cave-with-no-clothes-on business was a straight up fanfiction trope.
11. Seems like Bellamy is finally going to let Octavia go. She needs to figure her life out before Bellamy can be a part of it. And really, there’s too much crazy going on for Bellamy to constantly distracted by Octavia.

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*Tries to form huge group hug for da sick meme lord with all her askers to show love

awwwww *hugs for everyone* I am still really sick but thank you <3 

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one word prompt: dab

The moment Victor learns how to dab, he is an unstoppable force.

“Victor? What happened to your hand?” Yuuri asks, sick on the couch, when Victor comes home late one evening. Despite his cold, he gets up and approaches him, lightly taking his bandaged palm in his own. “Are you okay?”

“I dabbed too hard,” Victor regrets. “I hit the doorway.”

“Victor,” Yuuri sighs, and puts a hand on the small of his back, leading him to sit down. “We need to talk about this. Yurio has been complaining, and I…”

He bows his head. “I can’t stop. I try, but I just can’t stop.”

Yuuri rubs his shoulder comfortingly. “I know.”

There’s a pause.

Yuuri realizes what’s about to happen too late. “Hang on, Victor, don’t–”

He dabs. Then, he buries his face in his hands. “I can’t stop, Yuuri, what do I do?”

After a second of consideration, he pulls Victor’s hands away so that he can watch him. “Would this make you feel better?” After biting his lip in hesitation, Yuuri dabs.

Victor scoops him into his arms and pulls him onto his lap, burying his face in his neck. “You’re the best husband ever.”


@gifsourcefed made a little post detailing about how she felt about all the hosts and I thought it would be a good way to show my appreciation as well! 

My story is pretty much like every others, I started way back in 2012, right around the time of the fall, and from then on my life was forever changed. SourceFed has always been my home, some place I could leave for a bit and then come back and things were a little different, like the furniture had changed around and maybe we got some new members, but it was still home, it still had the heart and the love that I always remembered.

Lee Newton, the sweetest, funniest, dinosaur loving woman I’ve ever seen. I connected with her Make-A-Wish story and being sick and having surgeries all the time as a kid with my own past being similar, and from then on she felt like a new mom, one complete with hilarious voices and a bright smile.

Joe Bereta, the dad I wish I had, so athletic and fearless, and Joe knew how to tell a story like nobody else, I always wanted to learn how to tell a story like Joe Bereta, even if he did almost die in half of them.

Elliott Morgan, the dry humored, silly guy who had the tendency to go a little dark, Elliott was filled with endless talent and entertainment, there truly was nobody like Elliott Morgan, and never will be. 

Steve Zaragoza, this silly, joyous, funny, fantastic man. I love Stee, even when I disagree with him, because Steve is so magical, so special in the way he exudes happiness. Zabagoobler has always been the kind of guy I wanted to be friends with.

Trisha Hershberger, this small, dramatic, tech loving woman. I love Trisha Hershberger. Trisha reminded me of myself, in drama and wanting to be an actress, and so very tiny and optimistic and loved games and technology. Trisha is the sweetest little lady, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mother.

Meg Turney, this red haired force of nature. Meg was hot and quick and full of life, so casually cool and fun it almost hurt. Meg seemed so effortless in everything, like that being that amazing was just easy. She made being a nerd girl in a t-shirt be hot.

Ross Everett, although far from a favorite of mine personally, always added a little spice. I actually did come to miss him when brought up the last few days, missing the dynamic he had, and I think that’s how Ross shined: he was good with people, good with bouncing off of them, good at creating a fun energy and a good time. I could only hope to have that much energy as Ross.

And then came our first round of newbies. Admittedly, these are probably my favorite hosts, ones I connected with the most.

William Haynes, the unpredictable, creative, wild Naruto Shippuden loving boy. I had a crush on Will when he first popped up on Anime Club. Will was awkward, but well spoken and characteristic, and funny? Will was so funny. And he changed, right before our own eyes, Will went from this awkward boy, to this amazing, cool, funny man. Will showed me that even in the void, you can always find the light at the of the Tunnel (Vision). Speaking of Anime Club…

Reina Scully, this small, beautiful Asian woman. God do I love Reina Scully. Reina was small, just like me, and loved anime, and was actually pretty disgusting and lewd, in the best of ways, things that I was afraid of showing, but Reina brought me out of my shell. Reina is by far my favorite host, coming into her own from sitting quietly at TableTalks to yelling to my favorite soft chicken boy. Never did I have to think about liking Reina, because she was so likeable right from the moment she popped up. Somebody else that brought me out of my shell?

Sam Bashor, meek and sweet in the beginning, now a still sweet, but amazing man who is so full of ideas and passion that he seems like he’s going to burst. Sam was also somebody I had a crush on, the old Doctor Who outfits were so charming, and the privilege of seeing Sam (and Will) grow from boys my age to these incredibly talented men who are living their dreams and their passions, has always given me hope and something to strive for, that you can change but still be yourself at heart, especially if deep down you’re actually just the Flash.

Matthew Lieberman, this boy! God I love Matt. It was so popular to dislike Matt, but I loved him. I love the crazy stories Matt always brought to the table, and he always knew how to tell them, the details and specifics, and in story reactions almost unbelievable and amazing. And cooking! The man can cook. Amazingly so. I’m so upset we never got to see more of Matt’s skills, and that SourceFeed is never going to happen now. And on top of that, an actor and a writer? Matt is so talented, and I especially loved him on Nuclear Family.

Around late 2014 early 2015 I fell off SF, but not for long. I came back home, just like always, and there were even more new hosts. 

Bree Essrig, this feminist fireball, Bree is everything I wish I could be. Talented, outspoken, funny, beautiful. Bree is the complete package, topped with hair just as fiery as she is. Bree’s skills were brought to the forefront on Nuclear Family, and not getting to see those anymore makes me so sad. God damn do I love Bree Essrig. Know who else I love?

Maude Garrett. Maude. Fucking. Garrett. When Maude Garrett enters a video, enters a single frame, this is Maude’s show now. Maude brings the light to the room, draws all the attention in with that tall blonde Australianness that only she could exude, somehow contained in a Star Wars dress. Maude is so ridiculously funny, you might as well just sit back and let her go at it. The dynamic with Sam is so amazing, so perfect, lightning in a bottle that could never be recreated. I can’t wait for the Smaudecast.

Steven Suptic. This soft chicken boy. This boy grew on me. I watched SPF for Reina, she’d always been my favorite, and now she did games? Full time? Hell fucking yeah I was in. But then this boy came in. This weird white boy with greasy hair who said all the wrong things. I don’t know how long I wouldn’t watch a video that didn’t feature somebody else that involved Suptic. But somewhere along that way, that boy got a haircut, and I’m pretty sure some new glasses, and eventually found his voice and his stride, and GOD do I love Steven Suptic. Suppy is a grower, somebody that’s so bombastic you’re off-put by him. But then you watch more, and you realize that boy that jokes around all the time? Is sentimental, and kinda sweet, even if he still says the wrong things sometimes, but now it’s a little bit endearing, especially if his dick is just, y’know. Out.

I was pretty consistent with keeping up from now until the end, and luckily, I’d already been keeping up with a few of the new hosts.

Ava Gordy, a sweet, funny, short haired lady with legs more bendable than I thought possible. Ava’s been somebody I knew since 2012 as well, I saw a video she did for Taylor’s Swift’s “RED” album reviewing it, and had been watching “HALT, I am Ava.” ever since. Seeing Ava here was a surprise, a good one, Ava’s talents finally having the coolest of platforms I could think of to be shown off. Ava is funny, her timing and storytelling impeccable. Ava Gordy is a masterpiece.

Mike Falzone, this sweet, funny man was also somebody I knew, having been around the YouTube block, knowing of Tonjes and Gunnarolla. Mike was like Steve, hilariously funny, always doing something to get a laugh, and this man is so genuine it seems almost impossible. Mike is so sweet, so good to this world, and so funny on top of it all. The world does not deserve the Calzone, but we get to enjoy him anyways.

Candace Carrizales. Oh Candy. Candace is someone that took the most to grow on me. Her humor is so different from the others, her demeanor so unexpected from this office that’s known to be out of this world loud and exuberant. Not Candy. Candy’s just hear to be here, and have a good time, and to give a laugh. I wish I could’ve appreciated Candace sooner, seeing her grown more comfortable and more into her voice and comedy has been amazing, and I wanted nothing but to see her more, considering she’s made me laugh so much in the last few months than I ever expected.

Yessica Hernandez-Cruz, God damn do I love this lady. Yessica and Will were dynamite, bouncing off each other, feeling like the PBL duo to SFN’s Maude and Sam, it was impossible to not smile seeing these two do magic together. Yessica on her own, is even more magical, proud of who she is and unapologetic, and holy shit can Yessica make me laugh. I’m going to miss Yessica, but I have hope for the PBL trio, considering John’s promises. Speaking of…

John Ross, I love this man. John is somebody I want to hang out with, to teach me all that he knows about food and camera work and everything he’s familiar with. John has such an aura about him, so friendly and positive, John is the calming member of this amazing trio, just wanting to spend time with his friends and have a good time and make amazing content. John Ross is a gift.

Whitney Moore, another gift, was the perfect person for Nerd. Whitney was a slightly familiar face, and she felt just so right to be there. Whitney brought a cool meal edge to the channel, her slightly darker tones of interest so contrasted with her bright and bubbly personality. I always smiled when Whit was on screen, so funny and cool, ready to take on the world. 

Filup Molina, the biggest surprise for me, was just on Nerd one day. Just hanging out. And I’m glad that he did, that hat wearing, funny boy. Filup’s always been slightly out of place for me, in the best way, his references falling on deaf ears because they didn’t make sense to others, jokes that the viewer caught going unnoticed by others, I loved him. Filup was a breath of fresh air for the channel, a sparkling gem that I feel not many noticed.

Aside from the hosts, I wanted to note a few BTS staff:

Rickey Mizuno, handsome, talented Rickey boy, beautiful behind the camera and in front of it. This man exudes charisma, and we didn’t get to see him nearly enough. Dani Rosenberg, the HBIC, funny and badass, Dani was one of my favorites to see. She really made SF what it was, and I want to see her do more awesome shit. Sophia Lorena, that curly haired beauty, dealing with Will’s shit every day was truly a lot for her to deal with, and I think for that alone we should be praising her. Also, have you seen her blog? Sophia’s amazing. Starline Hodge, the beautiful, talented graphic designer, Star’s vlogs and art have never not caused me to smile. Star was always subtle in things, but I always wanted more of her. And Audrey Davy, hearing Reina scream her name in SPF videos was always hilarious, and seeing her in Phil’s vlogs and in the Drunk Co-Workers series confirmed that Audrey is a dime a dozen, hardworking and sweet, Audrey was one of my favorites always.

To all of those in this list, and on staff, thank you for these 5 years. They were wonderful, and funny, and God, I will never forget them or the people that made them. And I will never forget the amazing community that thrived from it. I love every single one of you. 

See you, you hot little daddy’s.

I’m getting sick of all the hate Mon-El gets. He’s with Kara and he loves her. Respect their fans just as (most of them) respect you. Not all Karamel shippers are nice, I get it. But most of them are and tbh I’ve never seen hate towards Lena vom Karamels (not saying that it’s not there!). It doesn’t matter who Kara is with and no one says that Karamel will last forever. Just let the people who ship them enjoy this time. You’d like to enjoy your ship too.

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1) YOUR FREAKING 6'1 OMG YOURE A GODDESS SLAY MY QUEEN (sorry I'm really tall to and I get so insecure about it so when I see fellow tall people I get really happy :) ) and 2) you don't have to apologize for being sick! It's ok to take breaks and you never owe us tumblers any thing :)! I love you art rock on girl!!

THANK YOU!! I’VE NEVER BEEN TOLD “SLAY MY QUEEN” AHAHAH life complete 👌 and i get really insecure too!! it’s hard to hold yourself right when you’re shy and don’t want to stand out, but your head is poking out behind those of your friends ahaha but now watch as i give advice i don’t follow: don’t ever be ashamed to stand tall!! hold your head high and be proud of your height fellow giant! <3 <3

2) it’s just that you guys are so sweet and i love to make you happy by posting stuff!!! <3

Thank you so much i wish u all the best 😚

Sick day dabs
Sending my stoney vibes to lovely friends:
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Can you do something with lucy and Maggie coming home to a sick and stubborn Alex and being protective and doting girlfriends? Fluff please?

Read on AO3.

Maggie calls just after eleven.

“Code Green.”

“Maggie I love you but I’m in a meeting, I need to concentrate.”

“No that’s Code Blue babe. Code Green is-“

“Oh! I remember. I’ll go by the pharmacy on my way home.”

“Thanks Luce.”

“Do you know what mood she’s in?”

“She said Kara made her lemon tea with honey so go blackberry.”


“I love you too, by the way.”

“Love you. When do you get off?”

“In an hour or so.”

“Alright. I’ll take the afternoon off and get our little grump some soup. See you soon.”

“See you.”

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you've probably answered something like this before, but i'm really sick of having no friends. i've been relatively friendless my whole life. rn i have a bf, a best friend of 5 yrs i've never met irl, and my ex came back recently and we're cool. that's it. i don't talk to anyone else. my classmates (all boys) also completely ignore me. i'm in my senior year and it's so sad that i've been so lonely for so long. i'd just love a (female) friend to hang out with, ive been praying for one for years..

Hello Love! I know it can be hard to feel as if you have no one to talk to and no female support in your life. However, we know that God is faithful and that he always answers prayers- just not always in the ways that we expect. Here’s a few things to think about: 

1.) What is the purpose? God always uses our trials to grow us, even if we can’t always see how it’s all going to work out. Think about what God is trying to teach you during this period in your life and listen for his voice in the midst of your pain. Maybe God is trying to teach you to depend on him rather than a friend. Maybe he wants you to talk to and trust in him rather than another human. I don’t know exactly how God is working in your life, but I know that whatever is going on will ultimately bring you closer to him. The greatest gift that God can ever give is himself. It is him that will truly satisfy you. 

2.) Sometimes the answer to prayer is WAIT. Even if you can’t see it right now, God may be working in someone else’s life preparing them to come into yours. You could be on a track right now that will lead you to the person that God wants you to connect with. You have to keep trusting him with patience during this time. Waiting is the hardest thing we do when praying for something, but God isn’t going to give you less than what is best for you. Sometimes, that means you have to wait so that God’s will can be done in your life. When you look back on this time in the years to come, you may see how God was working the whole time, even though it’s hard to see him in the present. 

Don’t give up hope yet! Trust in the Lord during this period of your life, and hold on to hope that your prayer will be answered when the time is right. 

Praying for you! 

-31Women (Beth) 

Ed still has a hard time actually processing that he and Roy are together together, even after years.  Roy settles into being lovers with Ed fairly quickly: he adores him, and he knows Ed loves him, and he’s been in relationships before.  Ed, however, still has moments of, ‘I get to come home to this?  Wake up next to this?  On the regular?  What’s the catch?’

Sometimes he pokes at Roy while he’s sleeping, wondering if he’s sick of Ed yet.  Not upset or insecure, just confused.  And then he gets confirmation that Roy still does, in fact, want to date him, and he settles again.  For another week or two.

Roy can’t figure out why Ed squints at him angrily over his coffee every morning.  He thinks that it might be because Ed thinks coffee is gross but only drinks it for the available caffeine, but Ed only seems to notice that when Roy brings it up.  Usually, his response is just, “No, I need the caffeine and it’s already here.”

Ed just secretly enjoys his twinges of amazement, every day, that he’s there with Roy.  After years.  After decades.  (Their fortieth anniversary, he catches himself asking, baffled, “Are you sure you still want to be dating me?”)

And when he’s being pressed back into the bed—their bed, the warmth and firmness of Roy’s hands and body on him, so solid, so real, he exhales, losing himself to what he imagines might be even comparable to what people call heaven.

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Do you have any sources that prove common fatshamer arguments false?


Apologies if I’m wrong, but this feels like a trolling or sealioning question.  is a good place to start.  Lots of links to sources.

Fat people are deserving of love and respect, regardless of any health issues. Sick people are also deserving of love and respect.  

Fat and sick people deserve love and respect, and there’s no fatshaming claims that can change that. 

-Mod Siarl

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your opinion on the Han being a great cook headcanon

I literally LOVE this headcanon. I know it’s kind of mainstream but I don’t even care I’m so about Han being a good cook.

I think the reason why I like it is that people tend to reduce Han to only having any kind of skills in piloting, mechanics, and fighting–and I think having him be able to make a delicious meal is a nice contrast to that. It rounds out his character a bit.

Plus I am A SUCKER for the “Leia gets sick on Hoth and Han takes care of her and makes her soup” trope. Or the Han teaching Leia to cook trope. I literally don’t care how many times it’s done I still love it every time.

That being said however it’s not like I object or anything if people write that he can’t cook, because overall it’s kinda irrelevant.

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Thank you for calling out the lance white washing. I am a hispanic about lance's skin tone and i am so sick of people making him white its annoying as hell. I would also love if lance had a more hispanic last name. Your blog is amazing thank you so much!!!!

ahh thank you!!!! it means so much to me that other hispanics are supporting me!!!