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I love your class 1-a scenarios! They make me really happy, thank you so much. :) You are awesome^^ Do you think that everyone of class 1-a has a special talent like drawing, singing, gymnastic and so on?


i just wanna point this out b/c it’s great and then i’ll get into headcanons, but Iida, Aoyama, Satou, and Mineta are all apparently really great at drawing 

Iiida looks like he took some sort of still life/classic arts drawing class with the way he shades, and Aoyama’s is so very inspired by shoujo. Mineta’s is like… ridiculously good?? and Satou’s is really neat b/c he’s a kinda ‘less detail, more free-form gesture lines’ kinda guy

i really enjoy Ochako’s super cutesy doodles b/c you can tell she’s not all that great, but she has such a cute art style. 

my favorite part of this panel tho is Bakugou’s mediocre art skills. look at the way he drew his nubby little fingers. look at those shitty little bombshells, the things on the side aren’t even the same size and shape. one’s slightly wiggly and bigger than the other. he gave himself little stick arms. he can’t draw shoes.

Bakugou’s secret talent is that he finally sucks at something and i love it

anYWAY onto headcanons:

  • for whatever reason i think Denki would be pretty good at singing?? specifically kpop, which i also hc him really liking. i don’t even know why i don’t listen to kpop, i just get that kinda vibe from him
  • Denki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero are all really good at dancing (especially stuff like free form and breakdancing). Baku dances really aggressively tho, but the others are pretty happy and fun about it
  • Momo is really good at elegant type dancing. also really good at cooking b/c it’s… pretty similar to what she has to do with her quirk?? 
  • i imagine Iida also took a dancing class at his fancy highschool but i can’t imagine he was all that great at dancing tbh. i imagine he has a nearly photographic memory, and is a really fast reader
  • Ochako is really good at making mochi and spotting good deals at stores
  • Todoroki makes really good tea
  • for some reason i think Tooru would be really good at arranging flowers?? idk i just associate her a lot with flowers, im not sure why
  • Jirou is good at vocal impressions
  • Tsuyu is also good at cooking b/c she had to cook for her younger siblings
  • Bakugou is good at cooking b/c he’s just. like that
  • with enough time and energy, Izuku can imitate literally anyone, not just All Might 
  • Shouji is fucking great at drumming (esp with his extra arms)
  • Kouda can write some amazing poetry
  • Tokoyami is also, unsurprisingly, very good at poetry. (goth poetry b/c he’s just extra like that)
  • Aoyama is actually pretty awesome at styling hair and putting together fashionable outfits for people
  • Satou is surprisingly good at singing really emotional ballad-type songs (tho he’s kinda embarrassed about it)
  • Mina is really great at gymnastics and is really flexible 
  • Ojirou is really good at making traditional japanese style foods (especially ones with rice)

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I read a really good FBI Derek fic a few months ago. Now I am on the hunt for any FBI Sterek fics!! A friend recommended this blog. So I am hope you can help me. Thanks 😊


Anonymous said:Good morning lovely people!!! After last nights finale I am in desperate need of all FBI Stiles or FBI Derek fics!! Please any all as long as it ends with HEA STEREK! Pretty please 😘

In case you missed it. It’s now canon that Stiles is going to school to be an FBI agent. So…let your little fic writing hearts explode. - Anastasia

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And In That Moment (I Saw You) by Boom

(1/1 I 1,397 I Not Rated)

Derek Hale has been hunting the assassin known as the Nogitsune for six years. Granted there hasn’t been a murder attributed to him in five years, but Derek it sure he’s close. His husband, Stiles, thinks he should let it go.

This is a scene from a longer work I may or may not actually post. Can be read as a stand alone.

I can’t count to I love you by constellationmoles (Fawxy)

(1/? I 1,433 I Mature)

As much as Stiles loves being in the most corrupted part of the FBI, running with werewolves, and the secrets he has to tell his dad, no other emotion can rival with his hatred for Agent fucking Hale. With his horrible whatever color his eyes are and shitty Adonis face. And why does he look like he was crafted out of marble? Shit uh wait no come back I got this.

Alright fine. As pretty as Agent Hale is, he does not wish to be married to the guy. But his boss says ‘hahahah no pretend to be in love with him because hunters and witches and stuff’ yeah yeah whatever Deaton you just want us to stop fighting in the break room over the last donut hole.

Stiles Stilinski does not want to be fake married Derek Hale but nobody listens.

Not even his new husband.

Lunatic by Horribibble

(2/2 I 2,469 I Mature)

FBI Agent Derek Hale is one of the good guys. He takes his suppressants and plays the part of a decent human being with remarkable accuracy. But when he’s sent in to interrogate Stiles Stilinski, alleged serial killer, it looks like the pack’s come back to haunt him.

“You shouldn’t pout like that, baby. Not when we planned you such a big surprise.”

Better Safe than Sorry by Inell

(1/1 I 3,435 I Teen)

Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp.

The Secret’s Out by DarkAlpha67

(1/1 I 3,769 I Teen)

Edwin Rocks has been Stilinski’s partner for years and he doesn’t know anything about the kid, until there’s a bombing and he sees another side of Stilinski and finds out some interesting things too…

Underlying Architecture by Blue_Five 

(2/? I 4,042 I Mature)

Remains are discovered in Arlington Cemetary. FBI Special Agent and Alpha Derek Hale has to figure out who the body used to be and what happened. Dr. Stiles Stilinski is an Omega and a brilliant anthropologist capable of doing just that with his equally brilliant team at the Jeffersonian.

Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other.

Anguis in Herba by WednesdaysDaughter

(3/3 I 8,606 I Mature)

“Not to gross anyone out more than they already are, but has anyone found the victims’ skin?” Lydia asks and Stiles gags.

“I don’t even want to consider the answer to that question Lyds,” Stiles complains and Allison grimaces in agreement.

When a serial killer from his home town runs rampant, Stiles Stilinski (Technical Analyst for the B.A.U.) along with his team must find him in time to save one of their own from ending up like the first three victims: Poisoned and skinned alive.

Jones by Lostxcow

(5/? I 15,901 I Mature)

It was only supposed to be a regular case with the BAU team flying out to Beacon Hills to assist Detective Stiles Stilinski solve a copy-cat murderer case who was supposed to be dead 2 years ago. How did Derek end up flying back every weekend on his days off just to see him again?


AU where Derek is an FBI and meets Stiles (detective) to help for a case. they hit it off from there. Derek visits every days off he has, Stiles texts him random shit while he’s bored. Derek always forgets about time difference making Stiles mad, but he loves him too much to care.


Criminal Minds AU but with Derek and Stiles instead of JJ and Will bc i love them both so why not. and there’s not a lot of FBI sterek which there should be

Keep On the Sunny Side by GiggleSnortBangDead

(1/1 I 53,746 I Explicit)

It’s like a Tarantino revenge flick, but worse. It’s all a little cliche but, hey, they gotta kill Kate Argent.

By Blood or Bite (Pack) by bigbootsmanofwar

(15/? I 98,970 I Explicit)

Derek didn’t do field work. He refused. God knew the last time he left the office, it didn’t go so well. He’s perfectly content to just sit in his lab, help out from afar, and keep to himself.

If the kid who kept breaking all the rules would stop confusing him, things might have been OK. You know, with the kid he’s turned who he can’t stop worrying about, the damaged splinters of family he has left, and the Uncle he doesn’t trust looming over Stiles’ shoulder.

If he wasn’t so lonely, he’d pack it all in now.

Blue Moon by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(24/24 I 113,050 I Explicit)

After Agent Hale’s partner is killed, he gets landed with a young, nubile agent that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and stop asking questions about things that aren’t his business to know.

Labor and Toil, Part 4. A Rowaelin Fanfiction.

Hey, sorry this so long! I really don’t know how I feel about the ending, but whatevs, you all will just have to tell me about it. Anyways, here it is, and I will probably do some form of an epilogue or the scene where everybody meets the new Princess, idk. Love you all!!

 Aelin Galathynius was having a shitty day so far.
Even though, soon she supposed, it would be one of the happiest days of her life. But right now, it was pretty shitty.
 With another long groan, she fell back against Rowan, her damn dress damp with sweat. Rowan carefully placed an icy cloth on her brow, murmuring soft words in her ear. She savored the feel of his hands running down her arms in careful, soothing motions. Aelin made herself open her eyes, and found Rowan’s eyes trained on her.

  “What?” She bit out, harsher than she’d meant to.
Rowan pursed his lips, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth. “How do you feel, Fireheart,” he said with Fae softness.
 She wanted to snap at him, tell him that she felt like she was pushing their child out of her womb, but she leashed herself.
 “I’m tired, sore, and I feel nauseous.” She said plainly, wriggling back against him, leaning her head against his shoulder.
Yrene made a noise from the end of the bed, and got up, getting a glass of water, which she offered to Aelin.  She took it gratefully and sipped from it slowly, the cool water calming her insides. Rowan lifted the cloth again and sent a jolt of ice through it before placing it on the back of her neck. Aelin sighed again, handing the glass back to Yrene, who took it and pressed her fingers into the hollow of her wrist, checking her pulse.
   “You really are doing well, Aelin, and you are moving along quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby was here by tonight.”
 Aelin nodded, but said nothing, as she could feel her gut begin to tighten and cramp. “Rowan—”
Her mate knew what she couldn’t say, and intertwined his hands with hers’.
 “You can do this, Aelin, breathe,” he murmured in her ear. “You’re doing brilliantly, love.”
Aelin felt something shift, and she let out a scream, pushing as hard as her body would allow. Yrene moved to the end of the bed, bracing her hands on either of Aelin’s shins.
A sharp intake of breath met Aelin’s ears and panic rose in her chest.
  Behind her, Rowan tensed. “What? What’s wrong” He snapped.
Yrene let out a chuckle, and raised her head. “Just keep pushing Aelin, you’re doing wonderfully.”
  Aelin didn’t feel the least bit calmed, but did as she was told, digging her nails into Rowan’s hands as she pushed.
 A savage groan escaped her and she felt her already hot face heat further, but she couldn’t bring herself to care as Yrene gave her a brilliant smile.
 “I see a baby, Aelin.”
Aelin’s words were caught in her throat as she threw back her head against Rowan’s shoulder, tears forming in her eyes as pain ripped through her.
  “You really are almost there, Aelin. I just need a few more pushes, then you can see your baby,” Yrene murmured softly, gesturing for one of the fresh faced young women to come to stand next to her.
 Rowan, she noticed, had gone silent, and she reached a hand back to grab his shoulder. He started a bit, then kissed her hair.
  “I’m fine, Fireheart, don’t worry about me, just focus on the baby, you can do this.” He mumbled into her hair, but Aelin knew his nerves were getting the better of him, but she didn’t say anything. Because the same was going on inside of her, but that didn’t matter, because they’re baby was almost there and Aelin was ready to meet her child.
  So she released Rowan’s shoulder, and inhaled deeply.
“Aelin, when I tell you to push, push. Understand?” Yrene stated, her voice steady and even. Aelin gave a weak nod, and slid her hand back into Rowan’s, the comfort of his scarred skin and callouses calming her.
  But something felt different, something was—
 “Push, Aelin.” Yrene demanded, and Aelin groaned as she pushed, trying not to focus on the insanely uncomfortable feeling. She panted heavily, then hissed as Rowan slid out from behind her.
He came to stand beside her, his eyes burning into hers.
“Keep pushing, Aelin. You are doing beautifully, Princess.”
  Aelin gave a tortured scream as something inside her shifted.
No. No, something was wrong.
 “Yrene,” she gasped, her fingers clutching the sheets.
“Something’s— Not right!” She screamed the last words, fisting a hand in her hair.
  Oh, gods! No, her baby…
Please! Please, she begged the gods, let my baby live, let me live!
Aelin couldn’t form a thought— she couldn’t breathe, to many things were happening. She couldn’t breathe!
Rowan made a small noise, meeting her eyes. “Aelin, you’re going to be fine, don’t think like that—”
But then Yrene was ushering him out of the room, growling just as loudly as Rowan when he began to argue.
“Rowan!” She shouted desperately, wanting to scream at Yrene for forcing him out of the room, but the healer was right.
 Right now, the healers needed the room.
Yrene dashed back to the foot of the bed, running a cool cloth up her leg.
“Aelin, you— Breathe deeply, keep breathing. We are going to deliver this baby, so help me Silba. Sanetur, help the Queen with her breath, Mulier, I want you to help me with the baby, she is coming a bit awkwardly!”
 Aelin vaguely sensed Yrene shouting something else, but she could only focus on the words swirling around in her head.
 Stay, Aelin, don’t leave, not after all we’ve done, stay Aelin. You can do this, love. Keep breathing.
 It was Rowan, through the bond.
“Rowan,” she whispered, fighting fiercely against the darkness that loomed.

   Rowan paced as he heard shouting from the other room.
He fisted a hand in his hair, swallowing once, twice, three times. Just trying to calm himself.
 Oh gods, never in his life had he felt so helpless, so utterly unable.
“Please,” he whispered to the empty room. “Let her live.”
  Another guttural scream echoed in the room and Rowan nearly fell to his knees.
He plopped down on the couch, bowing his head.
“Please, let her and the child live,” he whispered. “Please, please.”
He didn’t even know who he was praying to, and he didn’t even care.
All Rowan Whitethorn wanted to hear was that his wife was all right.
  For another ten gut wrenching minutes, Rowan sat there listening intently, hoping to glean some form information from the near silent room. But then—
 A wail cut through the silence, then hoot of joy. Rowan felt his eyes fill with tears, and he scrambled off the couch, bolting towards the door. His child was on the other side of that door. Rowan began to push open the door, but was met with one of the young healers throwing it open. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of a squirming pink baby in the arms of Yrene.
  “King Rowan, come in!” Yrene shouted, and he stepped to her side, eyes flicking from Aelin to the baby and back again about a million times.
 Aelin was panting, tears streaming down her face as she stretched out a hand for her child.
“Rowan, our baby, let me hold her, please, Rowan.” She begged, tears falling down anew.
But Rowan’s attention caught on that word— her. He glanced back down at the babe, who was being checked by the healers.
 It was indeed a little girl, her head covered in fine silver-white hair— like his own.
He stepped to Aelin’s side, grabbing her hands in his and pressing kisses to her brow.
“Let them check her, Fireheart, let them check, then we can see her.” He murmured, his voice cracking with emotion. The healers began to wipe the babe with a cool cloth, cleaning the child.
  Rowan felt the world go silent as Yrene walked to him, holding out the child.
Tears fell down his face as the woman gently deposited the girl in his arms, murmuring something he couldn’t hear. The breath escaped him as the child reached out a clenched fist, gurgling nonsense.
  “Rowan,” Aelin mumbled, reaching out her hands.
   Rowan nodded distantly, turning slightly to place the girl in Aelin’s arms. She was so tiny, and her eyes— they were Aelin’s eyes.
Aelin sobbed as the babe reached out a fist to grasp the finger Aelin had begun to wiggle before the small child.

   Through the haze of his love and utter amazement, Rowan sensed Yrene coaxing something to Aelin’s lips, which she drank without protest. The healer murmured something about being back in a little while, they would need to check Aelin in a few minutes. But the three women left them in near-silence, the only sounds the soft cooing of Aelin as she brushed her fingers along the child’s head.
 Something inside Rowan broke at the fierce love and warmth flowing from Aelin, her eyes
  Rowan sat down gently, trying not to jostle Aelin as he wriggled onto the bed. With a small grunt, she shifted her legs and leaned her head against Rowan’s shoulder. Rowan didn’t think he’d breathed in the past ten minutes.  
 “Name,” he rasped, a hand coming up on its own to settle on Aelin’s hand.
Aelin wet her lips, leaning down to kiss their child. “Evalin? I think it would fit her?” Aelin’s voice was tired, but not weak. No, it was as if the child had sent a jolt of energy through Aelin.
Rowan kissed his mate’s head softly, “Your mother’s?” He paused, running a careful finger across Evalin’s brow.
“A fitting name indeed.”
Aelin huffed a laugh, sniffing delicately as tears started falling again. “She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Aelin breathed.
 All Rowan could do was nod.
   Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius had been on the earth for over three hundred years, and in that moment, watching his wife kiss their baby girl’s forehead was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

   Aelin Galathynius was tired, more so then she wanted to admit, but she stayed awake, talking quietly with Rowan as the healers did a final check on Evalin, and looked her over. They gave her a bitter tasting tea that was supposed to help any bleeding, and a mild pain tonic, soon after they left, murmuring their blessings as they went.
 Aelin sighed in contentment as she held Evalin to her breast, sleep tugging at her eyes. Through her exhaustion, she felt Rowan shift a bit behind her.
“Rowan?” She mumbled, her tongue heavy in her mouth.
“I want a message sent to Lys and Aedion, and one to the Cadre. Tell them it’s a girl, and that we’ll see them tomorrow,” she paused thinking. Maybe it was selfish of her, but right now, she couldn’t bear the thought of anyone interrupting their little bubble of solitude. “Tell them not to worry.”
 Rowan hummed and slid out from behind her, puffing the pillows around her before allowing her to lay back.
He looked her over, his eyes lingering on the child currently suckling at her breast. He leaned in, kissing her softly.
“You’re beautiful. Both of you.”
Aelin smiled tiredly against his soft lips, “I still feel as though I’ve swallowed Abraxos.”
 Rowan brushed a hand through his hair, the same color as their daughter’s, “Maybe, but you are still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Aelin.”
  Her cheeks flushed, but she rolled her eyes, shifting Evalin a bit. “Get the message sent, I don’t want them stampeding in here.”
Rowan chuckled, and crossed the room to jot down the note on a spare bit of parchment. Aelin watched as Rowan stepped out the door.
Aelin leaned down, kissing Evalin’s brow. The little girl gave a wet gurgle of laughter, and Aelin felt tears well in her eyes again.
 She adjusted the blanket swaddling Eva, “How you doing, sweetie? Daddy will be back in a minute.”
   Aelin smiled widely as Evalin went back to her breast, and suddenly Aelin felt the enormity of what she just done.
She just brought a child, a little girl into this world, and now she sat with her daughter and her husband in their chambers.
  A trill of laughter escaped her lips and as Rowan stepped back in, he cocked a brow. “What?”
Aelin shook her head, “Nothing, come back to bed.”
 Rowan gave a brisk nod, and walked to the other side of the bed, sliding in next to her. Aelin watched as Rowan smoothed a gentle hand over Evalin’s small head, his face soft and gentle, a new sort of grin tugging at his lips.
 “You have made me the luckiest male to have ever walk this earth, Aelin.”
Aelin closed her eyes against the tears that threatened to spill, and leaned her head against Rowan’s shoulder.
 “I love you, Rowan.”
“I love you, too.”
Aelin felt Evalin pull away, gurgling a soft noise before nuzzling back against Aelin.
“I think that’s her way of saying ‘I love you’.” Rowan mumbled into her hair.
   Aelin could only mumble her agreement before she nodded off.

  Rowan watched as sleep seeped over Aelin, her head pressing into his shoulder. With a quiet laugh, he eased them both back into the pillows. He stayed up until Yrene came knocking, asking to check on Aelin once more.
The healer quickly did her work, then reminded Rowan he should get some sleep. Rowan nodded slowly, then looked down at Aelin and Eva.
  “Does Aelin need to nurse tonight? Does Eva sleep with Aelin?” Rowan felt a blush creep up his neck. He should know this.
 But Yrene gave him a gentle smile, “I’ll lay the babe down, you sleep. If Eva needs to nurse, which she will, she’ll fuss. Wake Aelin, she’ll know what to do.”
Rowan nodded, watching as Yrene gently scooped the sleeping girl out of Aelin’s arms. Evalin didn’t stir, but Aelin jerked awake.
“Is everything okay? Yrene?”
Rowan laid a hand on Aelin’s arm, “We’re putting Eva to bed, Aelin.”
  His wife nodded, her eyes still flickering over to Eva.
Rowan tracked Yrene as she gently placed the still sleeping babe in the crib. “Aelin, if you feel any discomfort or feverish, contact me. I’ll be here in the morning, after you see me you can have visitors. None before.”
Aelin gave a weak nod and closed her eyes, wriggling back into the pillows. Yrene smiled at the now-dozing queen. “Make sure she drinks plenty of water, King, she’s lost lots of fluids. And she’ll need to eat a good meal in the morning, it’s been a while since she’s eaten.”
Rowan bit his lip, Aelin hadn’t eaten all day. He’d make sure she got something in the morning.
“And make sure Evalin sleeps on her back, nothing in the crib with her.” Yrene began towards the door.
  “And Rowan,” she looked back at him, a threat in her eyes. He braced himself.
“I mean it about no visitors. Aelin needs rest, as does the baby. I’ve already had Aedion and Lysandra at my door needling me for details.”
Rowan let out a quiet laugh. He didn’t doubt that one bit.
“Good night, Rowan. Get some sleep, you’ll need it.”
Rowan bid the woman goodnight and began shucking off his clothes. In his undershorts, he slipped into bed, next to Aelin. Brushing a chaste kiss over her brow, he tucked the blankets around Aelin, and with half a thought he snuffed out all the candles in the room.
  With his thought’s whirring in his mind, and love flowing from his heart, Rowan Galathynius closed his eyes, the image of Aelin holding their child in her scarred arms flickering in his mind.

Don't screw with the designated driver.

(warning: long story)

This tale of petty revenge takes place in Perth, Australia in the early nineties, so put on some Pearl Jam and let me take you on a ride.

It was my younger brother’s birthday, so to celebrate my brother-in-law and I arranged to take him out to a Chinese restaurant in the city along with some of his friends.

Said friends arrived and the subject of who would be the designated driver was raised. I was ready to volunteer, but before I could say anything my brother-in-law essentially tossed my car keys in my general direction and declared my role to be skipper for the evening. Okay, fine, whatever, it was my brother’s night.

Everyone crowded into my shitty little Mazda 323 hatchback (held together with love and duct-tape) and the evening’s festivities were in motion.

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Comic 13: The Closet Story (Part 1)

- If you have questions, comments, squees or concerns, this is where we can connect through the Information Super Highway. (Ask!!!) Also there are Disqus comment apps under every post. I’d love to start a thread. ._.???
- The US News & World Report doesn’t actually have a list of LGBTQ-friendly campuses, but the Princeton Review does. So there you go!
- ETA: Oh yeah, The Closet Story is a direct reference to a webcomic I had in college (I believe it started the summer of 2011) that…uh. Stopped suddenly. You can read the couple-or-so pages I made at this sad, sad, tumblr.
- ETA2: Blegh, I fixed Panel 3–Ransom’s supposed to be saying the first line there.
- ETA3: BLEGH fixed typo in Panel 1. Message me if you ever see typos!!!

Me and backgrounds have a love hate relationship. I hate that I love to draw them because they take a stupid long time–maybe 60% of all comic making time. And while I know nothing about architecture, drawing Samwell’s Lake Quad was 1-part punch me-in-the-face, 2-parts a complete blasty-blast. Here’s some of those panels without speech bubbles:

The Boys have style! Or something approaching it!

- Bitty’s Bitty, so he wears whatever, as long as it’s coordinated, fits, and is obvi totes mcgotes ‘swawesome 'dorbs. TOTES MCGOTES.
- Shitty tends to look like he’s about to play hacky sack. Or like he’s late to band rehearsal in his friend’s dad’s garage. That is, when Shitty is actually wearing clothes.
- Ransom dresses like the horrible preppy frat bro he is. The guy owns salmon shorts. Holster has thrown them out the attic window many times. Almost as many times as Ransom has tried to get Holster to wear Sperrys.
- Holster’s attire is based on that of one my suitemates from senior year of college. This guy was from Portland, Oregon, played baseball and basketball in high school, and owned maybe three pairs of shoes. (Becuase, practical!) Actually, a lot of Holster is based on my old roomie. Huh. Holster’s general approach to fashion is “What?” or “Huh?” or “Ransom, I will throw those fucking pants out the fucking window, I swear to God.”
- Jack consistently dresses like he’s about to rob a Burger King.

And for those diehard people who care about timelines and stuff, Comic 13 (and the next one actually) take place a week before finals. GAH, so behinddd.

Letters I Never Sent

Percival Graves had made the sensible decision to not tell Credence how he felt. He had made his way to Paris on a business trip, leaving Credence safely behind in their home. He’d thought the distance would be good for them, a letter a day, no more, no less.

Some letters he sends, some end up crumpled up in the bin.

Read on AO3

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at the end of the day i can say that ill forget him and never talk to him again but a part of me will always be hopeful? and i hate that part of me…I also hate that he might’ve been my ‘first love’ or whatever…that’s so shitty i hate romance


 Sketchbook Flipthrough Part 1 

(From top to bottom, left to right)

  • Page 3 (requested by @mohegan567 and @schlampermaeppchen) - For practice, I started some random weird environments and as you see did not finish it, haha. Still figuring that stuff out. 
  • Page 9 (requested by @faridahmalik ) - Some little notes and concepts for a horror game/story I was noodling with before Halloween. Basically the aftermath of a man selling his soul to the devil, where he seeks out other people who “got away with” doing the same without giving up their souls, in hopes of keeping his own. Still fond of the idea. Maybe someday.
  • Page 21 (requested by @kstearb) - I was making a ‘flyer’ for flash commissions when I was really low on money. Never ended up opening them however. But I wanted to make it look like a grocery flyer. 
  • Page 29 (requested by @i-say-spooky-you-say-scary) - After being obsessed with Legend I wanted to write a story with similar big horned demons, so I started creating a race and the outline of a story called “Mary Sue.” Another “maybe someday” project. lol. 
  • Page 64 (requested by @ironbloodaika) - A self-portrait doodle surrounded by concept art for a point and click game me and my friends are currently working on that include Nosferatu Butlers. 
  • Page 69 (requested by @nukepone ) - I was gonna make more skull stickers–here’s one that didn’t make the cut because I didn’t think people would understand it. I’m probably going to make it just to stick on my journals anyway >_>
  • Page 87 (requested by @thorsthunderthigh) - Quick-ass thumbs for both UI and an environment for aforementioned game I am currently working on (the one with the nosferatu butlers). 
  • Page 99 (requested by @bionicplaneswalker ) - More quick ass notes for aforementioned game, figuring out some of the puzzles and stuff. Just jotted down during a development meeting. 
  • Page 170 (requested by @fruitsushi) - I watched the entirety of gravity falls recently and i’m in love with Stan so I tried to draw him and these shitty drawings are the result. Also a really crappy attempt at Mob from Mob psycho maybe? Idk.

Got a bunch more to post in different parts. If you’re interested in looking at whatever stupid stuff is in my sketchbook, feel free to drop a number (between 1 and 181) in the comments or in my askbox. 

text to jaybird
  • RHT: did i tell you i loved you today? because i think i forgot.
  • RHT: i woke up from a nap and i'm in this shitty hotel and all i know is you aren't with me. my ring is not on so i assume you finally got smart enough to leave my ass. i wouldn't want a druggie husband either, you know. i smoked so much it's insane man. like a lot and i haven't been paying the guys i'm buying from either so that'll be fine to deal with lmao
  • RHT: i came back to arizona. thought about visiting the reservation but they haven't seen me since brave bow died. i found a shitty motel did i mention that already?
  • RHT: i remember you leaving. that part is clear and i'm pissed beyond belief. but i love you. i love you so much that if you came back i'd forgive you the second i saw you. you can't keep leaving me. i don't handle it well. obviously.
  • RHT: i don't think i'm going back to star city. so good luck with whatever you're doing and together or not i'll always love you. i think that's why i feel so sad right now.

futurejanedoe  asked:

Also I know this one kinda conflicts with the last one I sent but part of me is still stuck in 2013 or whatever and likes Dave/Terezi/Karkat so ?? why not

i mean normally im all about settling shitty love triangles with the power of polyamory but given how this actually played out in canon im not really a fan?

plus i tend to fall more towards camp “keep terezi away from boys” (tho not entirely)

who you should fight: tales of zestiria
  • Sorey: Sure. Fight Sorey. If you want to be the next villain to destroy his pure little soul and innocence. All he wants is to explore ruins with Mikleo and make friends, god, he doesn't deserve any more of destiny's bullshit. Study history with Sorey instead. Make him smile.
  • Mikleo: He's a nerd, you'll want to fight him, kick his scrawny ass. But then Sorey will want to fight you. And then you've gotta fight Sorey. And then Mikleo will REALLY want to fuck you up. And then you're fucked because nobody knows how much of a bitch Mikleo's armatization is more than you.
  • Alisha: Wha. What the fuck. What the fuc
  • Lailah: Don't do it. Not just because she's spent like a thousand years of misery and trials but for real. She uses paper as a weapon. One of them is literally trash documents and those are damn powerful. She'll probably take all the cash in your wallet and destroy you with it. Then you're broke and trashed.
  • Edna: You can try, I mean, I can't promise I'll visit the mountain you'll eternally live under, but you can try.
  • Dezel: Fight him. I swear to god, punch his cheeky face and tell him to get his shit together. Nobody deserved this and he especially didn't. Somebody has to punch him straight in the face. As a bonus, get Rose to join you, she'll be happy to. Please fight Dezel.
  • Rose: She will kill you before you even try, but if you can overcome that obstacle, it will be so fulfilling. Besides, she may have had a shitty life but she loves fighting. You'll both have a good time trying to kill each other. If you can't but still piss her off somehow, buy her entire stock instead and maybe she'll forgive you. Maybe.
  • Zaveid: I know what you're thinking, fight him, or whatever. Come on, guys, he's just doing his best trying to fit in. Do you know how it feels to just try and be a part of the team? Bake cookies with Zaveid. Play some football with Zaveid. You can punch him in the face once you're really friends.
okay so shitty comes over unannounced one night right

and he brings a six pack and some pizza and wings and a movie (legally blonde) that holster recommended and also a laptop because let’s face it jack doesn’t have a tv.

and so he shows up at jack’s apartment and he’s like “man, i haven’t seen you in forever, just the two of us whatever happened to jack and shitty bonding time??” and jack’s like “shitty i saw you last monday” but shitty comes in anyway

and so shitty “forces” jack to watch the movie (bc i mean come on who doesn’t love legally blonde) and they get to the part where elle is buying a laptop in her bunny outfit and jack can’t help thinking about bitty because bitty loves bunnies and he’d probably like this movie when shitty spills blue cheese all over himself 

and jack goes to get a towel to clean up the mess and shitty’s like “it’s chill i’ll just borrow one of your shirts if it’s okay” and so he opens one of jack’s drawers?? and all he sees are?? shorts?? tiny little shorts that he’s certain jack has never worn because he’d have pictures if he did?? 

and then jack comes racing in the room and shitty’s like “brah?? what are these” and all jack can think to say is “they’re for you” and shitty is so grateful?? and he hugs jack and puts them on and jack is like???

and so one day shitty comes to the haus to pick up lardo in the shorts jack “gave” him and bitty chirps jack about it for a month

jackparse + TMG (part 2)

Okay so I headcanon Jack as a big Mountain Goats fan, because people who are Super Duper Depressed *love* The Mountain Goats. The Mountain Goats are made for people who are spiraling.

So Jack listens to the mountain goats even before the draft, and Parse knows he loves them, and I have this whole other hc about why Shitty sometimes contacts Parse to try to figure out what’s going on with Jack and whatever Mountain Goats song he’s listened to 600 times today, because Parse just knows what they all mean, Parse still understands Jack all too well. 

And Jack and Parse are sort of slowly getting back on good terms. They text occasionally. Every couple weeks or whatever. They’re learning to be friends again. 

And one day Jack starts listening to Cubs in Five again (there had been a Bad Period with Cubs in Five a long time ago, but Jack seems–happy now?? he’s smiling when he listens to the song?? sometimes sings along even??) Shitty DMs Parse about it on twitter and Parse dares to hope. But he can’t say anything to Jack without ratting out Shitty. 

Anyway Parse and Bitty follow each other on twitter (mostly for the sake of chirping that is just this side of too mean), so when Bitty tweets ‘if i have to listen this Cubs song one more time, Jack’s not getting any pie for a week’, it’s not that weird for Parse to know what Jack is listening to

Ao he texts Jack 'The Cubs are having a great season’

And Jack texts him back 'So are the Aces’

And Parse isn’t quite sure what that means so he figures he’ll deal with it later, just texts back ‘Thanks Zimms’ and goes to sleep.

A week goes by, and they just don’t talk about it, but finally Parse comes off the ice one day to a text that says 'You know I didn’t give the Canterbury Tales enough of a shot last time. This is good. Best seller material.’

Parse’s face lights up. Maybe they’re going to be okay. 

Maybe, just maybe, Jack loves him. 

absolutely shitty pic bc i was on laptop but yeah retainers part 4

in my notes i found zeros description as ‘that weird hot relative nobody likes but he shows up anyway’ so he may be that shady sadistic uncle/cousin/whatever who just comes, beats up a few nerds, brings a few presents of suspicious origins and leaves

gunther is an old veteran uncle everyone loves as he is good with the kids

and harold that big loud soccer uncle. you know the one. everyone loves him too despite his bad luck

fanboy-jaylos-benlos-etc  asked:

Do you have any fics where Derek and Stiles are secret agents or something? Federal agents or whatever please! Thank you!!!

also check our undercover cop!stiles tag


Bite Down Hard by KuriKuri (1/1 | 25,730 | NC17)

For a moment, Derek can’t breathe.

Because moles aren’t the only thing marring the pale skin of Stiles’ neck. Oh no, that’s –

– that’s a bond bite. A bond bite which Stiles definitely did not have yesterday, and which appears to have roughly the same dimensions as Derek’s own mouth.


(Or: In which Secret Service Agent Derek Hale accidentally gets bonded to First Son Stiles Stilinski. Oops.)

To Serve and Protect by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 3,177 | NC17)

No description available

First Son, Last Chance by elephantfootprints (10/10 | 58,549 | R)

When First Son Stiles Stilinski, beloved public figure and the bane of his private security team, goes missing without a trace, ex-security officer Derek Hale finds himself tangled up in the world of Argent Security, a world he was forced out of when rumours abounded that he was sleeping with his charges.

There’s no leads, no time and no way Derek is going to rest until Stiles has been brought home safely.

wanna see my lab equipment? ‘cause baby, it’s so good by thankyouforexisting (1/1 | 10,152 | PG13)

“I need some chloroform,” the hot as fuck stranger says, barely even glancing at Stiles. He’s dressed in all black, and he looks strong, broad-shouldered, his posture ready to spring.
“What?” Stiles squeaks, taking a step back, because his dad told him to beware strangers, especially if they’re asking for very illegal substances. Even if they’re gorgeous and looking really fucking sexy in black.
Because Stiles is sure he locked the lab. This hot stranger broke into his lab. At 2 am.
“I said,” he growls, turning and opening some drawers, maybe to search? “I need some chloroform.”
“Um, do you know that’s really, really illegal?”// Stiles is a workaholic, Derek has boxers with baby wolves on them (and actually wears them), Danny mothers everyone, and the President doesn’t have time for their problems.

Sour Agent by TheGirlWhoDancesWithAlphas (1/1 | 9,038 | R)

When you’re testing the power of your firewalls, you hire the best hackers in the world. That was how secret service agent Derek Hale ended up babysitting super-geek Stiles Stilinski, everything after that spiraled out of control. 


Beacon Hills International Agency by Feministlyds (rosarytuckedinsidelingerie) (1/? | 1,187 | PG13)

Scott McCall runs Beacon Hills International Agency, a for hire secret agency that caters to the rich and powerful in trouble. His main agent, Stiles Stilinski, is sent on a mission; seduce and take down a Russian mob boss threatening Senator Derek Hale. When Stiles doesn’t complete his mission, he’s assigned o the other end of the issue. He’s sent to babysit Derek Hale.


You’re much better looking when you’re in disguise by Cecile (12/? | 20,998 | PG13)

Stiles has established himself as a well-known actor, far away from the trouble he endured during his life in Beacon Hills. But also, he’s a secret agent. And so is Derek.

I can’t count to I love you by constellationmoles (Fawxy) (1/? | 1,433 | R)

As much as Stiles loves being in the most corrupted part of the FBI, running with werewolves, and the secrets he has to tell his dad, no other emotion can rival with his hatred for Agent fucking Hale. With his horrible whatever color his eyes are and shitty Adonis face. And why does he look like he was crafted out of marble? Shit uh wait no come back I got this.

Alright fine. As pretty as Agent Hale is, he does not wish to be married to the guy. But his boss says 'hahahah no pretend to be in love with him because hunters and witches and stuff’ yeah yeah whatever Deaton you just want us to stop fighting in the break room over the last donut hole.

Stiles Stilinski does not want to be fake married Derek Hale but nobody listens.

Not even his new husband.

The Breakup - Calum (Part 3)


Part 1 

Part 2 

She stood staring at Calum who was now sitting on her couch looking back at her through wide eyes. She wasn’t sure exactly what the fuck was going on but seeing him in front of her so vulnerable put her stomach into knots. 

She had already admitted to him that she still thinks of him all the time, that she misses him every day, but does that mean she is ready to take him back? When she first found out what happened she was crushed she never thought she could feel the same about him again, but now? With him sitting right in front of her, fighting for her forgiveness, she was having second thoughts.

“Will you ever be mine again?” he mumbled brokenly. 

She tilted her head a bit, his words snapping her back to reality. She wasn’t sure what to say so she stood, continuing to stare at him blankly. She could feel hear heart beat fasted, pounding as if it was in her head. She knew that if she said no, that meant no forever, but she wasn’t sure she was ready for him to be out of her life. 

The past few weeks had been bad, worse then bad actually, being without him made her realize how good they are together, she hated the longing feeling she had every night at three am when she couldn’t call or text him. She wasn’t anywhere near over him, how could she be? 

It felt like the person who had hurt her isn’t the boy who was sitting in front of her. It was like she had separated him into two in her head, the guy that broke her heart and the guy who was here now, the one she still loved. Inside her heart there was a battle but she knew that she couldn’t pretend like everything could just be the same. 

“Please say something” he pleaded softly. 

She moved to sit next to him on the couch. Turning her head to look back at him over her shoulder and she finally began to speak, “Calum,” she whispered, “You broke my fucking heart,” she shook her head, “but when I sit here looking at you, I don’t see the boy that hurt me, I see the one I love.. and thats why this is so hard for me.” she looked up to the ceiling then back into his eyes, “You know sitting here right now looking at you is killing me, because all I want is to be in you arms, I want to forget everything an let you hold me because thats all I’ve thought about for weeks” 

He slid closer to her, “Let me y/n, please, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, you shouldn’t take me back, you should be with someone a million times better then me who can spend every day with you and never have to worry.. but the thought of that I fucking hate.. you without me.. I’m sorry I’m so selfish, I just.. I need you.. I don’t deserve you.. but I don’t just want you.. I need you, please.” his words faltered towards the end. 

She knew the way he was feeling because she felt the same, the idea of being with someone else was something she could’t even fathom at the moment, and the though of him with someone else is what had brought them to this point.

“I can’t handle you hurting me agal Cal” she shook her head, “I can’t go through this again Cal, I’m scared.. how can I trust you?” 

His face fell, “I can’t ask you to trust me, I’m not worth that, I fucking hate myself for this.. I know you shouldn’t give me a second chance, but I promise, even if it does’t hold any value to you at all just yet, I fucking promise you y/n I will never do anything to make you sad ever again, I hate that I hurt you, I hate that you can barely even look at me, I did this and I’m miserable because of it, when I look at you and know that I made you suffer I feel sick.” 

Her eyes began to tear at his words and he sat helplessly not sure what to do. She wanted him to hold her and he wanted to do the same, but everything was just so screwed up, they were both scared to move. 

He reached out finally, resting his hand on her lower back, “Don’t cry, y/n” he whispered, “I love you please don’t cry.”

She leaned towards him, resting her head on his shoulder, silently crying unable to hold back her tears. They stayed like this for a while, neither saying a word until she finally couldn’t take it any longer. 

“Cal,” she looked up at him, “I am an idiot to take you back, you’re right you don’t deserve me,” 

He swallowed hard, face looking as though he’d seen a ghost. 

She bit her bottom lip, “I don’t care though, you may not deserve a second chance, but WE do, if we didn’ t I would’t have spent the last few weeks missing you.. I’m not over you .. and I’m not ready to be.” 

His face filled with hope and his arms moved to pull her closer, “So what does this mean?” he asked eagerly the smile she’s missed spreading across his face. 

“I’m not taking you back, not just yet..” she clarified, “but I still want you, I need you too, so tonight we can be together.. but tomorrow we start over, you have to win me over again.. I need to figure out if I can ever trust you again before I can make any decisions.” 

He nodded his head, “I can do that, I will do anything and everything to do that.” 

She smiled for the first time in weeks, her heart skipped a beat when she looked into his eyes.. everything wasn’t better.. and maybe it wouldn’t be for a while .. but the glimmer of hope she had was the best thing she had felt in a long time. 

She moved into his arms, both laying back on the couch. He pressed his face into the crook of her neck breathing heavily, showing his relief. They fell asleep like that, together on her couch.. it was the best sleep either of them had since the breakup, in each others arms where they belonged. 

I’m sorry it is so hard for me not to be really lame like i was literally cringing as I typed that last sentence but whatever this is the first thing I’ve written in like over a month so I hope its not that shitty .. sorry to all the anons who have been requesting this part three for soo so long .. I’m trying to catch up on a lot of requests today and this weekend woo love yaaa as always thanks for reading!!! Also feel free to drop anything into my ASK BOX .. i love hearing from yaaaa 

i don’t think people critical of bernie sanders’ foreign policy are….wrong to do so? critics of his critics seem to jump to “oh so you think hillary would be better” and….heck no at all, but i think it’s important to be critical of even the best option. y’know, the way we should treat all politicians. some politicians get great shit done but appreciating the good while rightfully critiquing the bad isn’t…mutually exclusive

like, i’m going to probably vote for whichever democrat gets on the ticket because supreme court justices and all that shit, but i’m not….happy about voting for Probably Hillary. i think it’s weird that criticism of bernie/hillary/obama/whoever is always met with “oh, so you’d prefer jeb bush?” and……..i never said that! that’s not what criticism is. if i complained to my landlord about my shitty locks, they (probably) wouldn’t say “oh, so you’d prefer if you just didn’t have a door?”

on one hand i feel like it’s important to be pragmatic and i feel like voting for The Best That We Can Hope For Right Now is more prudent than making a radical stand against the electoral system (which will likely do nothing other than doubling the power of a republican’s vote, in practice), but also it’s important to go beyond that and be actively critical of The Best That We Can Hope For Right Now in the hopes that they see enough people being critical and decide to be better. if you love someone’s domestic policy but realize that also their foreign policy will, i don’t know, directly result in the murder of innocent people, it’s, y’know, okay to celebrate the good while still holding them accountable for the shitty parts. whatever. The Discourse

Guys.. Please add this to the list of relationship goals. Cause I mean I can’t believe perfect boyfriend who loves Taylor more than anything in the world, the couple who defines love and is just so in love and so happy.. Would post something like this on his snapchat.

Now I’m a Taylor fan, I have nothing against Tayvins and I want more than anything for Taylor to be happy.. But this isn’t happy. And Calvin Harris is a certified douche bag, something he’s proved numerous times.

So how can anyone say that someone who had repeatedly proved numerous times that he’s a shitty person, how can anyone say he’s good for Taylor? Because of some random tweets and Instagram photos where he acts like she’s his girl? And asking if it’s hunting season yet? Come on..

If you really loved Taylor, you cannot seriously say that this is healthy for her.

Which is exactly why I’m assuming Tayvins have been pretty quiet all day. I would be too if part of my ship disrespected me like this. Because everyone, no matter what you ship should know how fucked up something like this is. He himself is handing everyone proof of how shitty he is. Not just paparazzi, he’s posting this.

But whatever right? It’s just “true love” because they’re so in love.. They’re always “in love” until he’s in Vegas.. 🙄

(Credit to @kaylornation for this photo.)