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All Too Well | Pt. 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,330


“Have you talked to Y/N recently?”

Jeon Jungkook flickers his gaze over to the speaker, having only caught the faint murmur of a voice through his headphones, before the maknae tugs the equipment off of his head. “Sorry, what did you say hyung?”

Yoongi sighs, shutting his laptop completely and silently beckoning the other boy to follow suit. He has been battling this internal question for the past few hours, in spite of its simplicity, but it’s the context behind the question that has Yoongi all worried about what the answer could lead to. He has always been told not to ask questions he did not wish to know the answer to, and yet here he was: asking something in which the response was likely to terrify him. Yet, still doing so anyways.

“Have you talked to Y/N recently?” He repeats, heart ramming out of his chest as he gauges the youngest for any shift in expression to indicate an answer. But Jungkook is no longer that shy 15 year old who couldn’t lie to anyone’s face, the boy hides his emotions well. “I know that you guys… are friends.”

Jungkook momentarily can’t meet Yoongi’s gaze—the youngest looks set on tracing the outline of the headphones that rest along his neck—before he finally looks up. “Are you trying to ask if I know about what happened between you and noona? Because I do.”

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Hard Candy, Sweet Center; Connor Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 2,431

A/N: I was recently struck with the inspiration to write something about Connor Murphy so this was the result. It’s not the best but i’m happy that I was able to write something for him. 

Warnings: mostly just fluff, some swearing, connor being hard on himself

If you were to ask your classmates what comes to mind when they hear the name Connor Murphy, the results would overwhelmingly be “freak.”

They may even go on to spur out some story about how he went crazy and threw a printer at a teacher in the second grade.

Connor swears this never happened. You hesitantly brought it up when the two of you had first started dating because you were curious. It is true that Connor has a bit of a tough exterior but you have come to realize that he is also incredibly kind and although you’ve seen him get angry before, you couldn’t possibly imagine that he would ever go that far.

“Jesus Christ! No, I did not throw a printer at a teacher. I was a skinny second grader. I don’t even think I had the strength to lift a printer, let alone hurl it at a woman’s face. I mean I may have yelled at her a bit because she actually made Nick Wheeler the line leader. That was the worst fucking decision she could have made! That kid was such a piece of shit. He used to stick chewed gum and earwax under the desks. There was no way he could have handled that job. I was clearly a better choice but she wouldn’t even consider it. That is the truth. I yelled and got upset but I never physically hurt anyone but somehow over the years it developed into a story that I threw a printer at a teacher. It’s like a game of telephone, the story starts out as one thing but then eventually it gets passed around to so many people and changes every time that it ends up being the furthest thing from the truth.”

You believed him. Connor always intimidated you a little when you would see him but you liked him. You couldn’t help it. He was intriguing and attractive. Even before the two of you got together you couldn’t shake this feeling that there was more to him than the freak label that everyone gave him. Sometimes you still couldn’t seem to wrap your mind around the fact that the two of you were actually together. You actually got to call yourself Connor Murphy’s girlfriend. It was a pretty great title and it definitely had its perks.

There was the perk that the two of you would always paint each other’s nails. He actually had quite the collection of nail polish in his room, maybe even more than you. Connor would let his paint chip a lot and he didn’t seem to mind it too much but the minute he would notice the paint on your nails chipping he would offer to paint them. He took it very seriously. He would hunch over your hand and stick his tongue out trying to make it perfect. He would sometimes even do some of those intricate nail art designs that you see all the time on the internet but didn’t have the patience for. The boy had a gift.

Another perk of dating Connor was kissing him. The thing about it is that every single kiss is a different experience. There is the kiss where he breaks apart to tell you something but still keeps you close so that he is whispering against your mouth. There is passionate kissing where you would be sitting in his lap. There were the soft sweet kisses he would place on top of your head when you weren’t feeling your best. He wasn’t always the greatest at PDA and showing affection since it is kind of foreign to him but he wanted to be there for you even in his limitations. His favorite kind of kiss was when he would distract you from something that you needed to be doing. He would start by kissing you on the lips and then move down to your neck, the boy absolutely loved kissing your neck. You had a love-hate relationship with it. It tickled but there was something about the way he did it that felt so damn nice.

But the best perk of dating Connor was baking.

Connor was great at baking. When you asked him about it he just shrugged and said he’s always liked to do it for as long as he can remember. It was just a part of him.

The two of you had spent many nights baking various sweets together.  Your personal favorite was the pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting that he baked for you one night. You both devoured them easily and you spend much of your time begging him to make them again.

Life has been particularly shitty for you lately and Connor decided that the only logical cure was to bake double chocolate chip brownies. This was how you found yourself sitting in your car outside the store with Connor by your side so that you could get all the proper ingredients.

Connor turned to you and pulled out his phone.

“I’m going to win this time!”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at him.

“I don’t think so, pretty boy. I feel confident that I’m going to be experiencing victory tonight.”

You and Connor invented this game that you play every time you go to the store. You found that they are almost always playing pop songs from the 2000’s over the speakers, so you will both type three songs into your phone and if the song gets played while you’re in the store the person will get 20 points.

“Okay, let me see what you’ve got.” You handed your phone over to Connor and he gave you his.

You looked at his list.

1. That song where the girl is singing about making her way downtown and falling into the sky

2. Any song by Justin Timberlake

3. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

“Not bad, Murphy. You might actually win this time.”

“Ha Ha. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

He read your list out loud.

1.That theme song from One Tree Hill by Gavin DeGraw

2. Waiting on the world to change by John Mayer

3. Drops of Jupiter

“I like it. I think this might actually give me some tough competition.”

 Drops of Jupiter was playing the minute you stepped into the store.

“Ha! Twenty points for me!”

“Okay, fine you got lucky but I’m telling you that I am still going to win this thing.”

“Sure, Con. Whatever makes you feel better.”

You were so focused on the various chocolate items in front of you that you almost didn’t notice Natasha Bedingfield blaring from the speakers.

“There’s my twenty points! Now we’re tied, Y/N.” Connor grinned at you while grabbing two bags of chocolate chips.

“Oh I’m going to catch up. I will not be defeated!”

You were almost done with your shopping trip and you and Connor were both tied with 40 points. Connor was intensely examining the variety of ice cream flavors when you heard it.

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

“No. No. No. No. No.” You groaned.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I win!” Connor said while tossing a container of ice cream into the cart.

“Damn you, Murphy.”

Connor’s laughter filled the car.

“You can’t seriously still be upset that I won.”

“The only reason you won is because you took so fucking long picking out an ice cream flavor!” you argued.

“I couldn’t decide between butter pecan and chocolate marshmallow. I didn’t know that they were going to play one of my songs. I don’t have any knowledge of their song lineup. That’s not my fault.”  He argued back at you, smiling the whole time.

“I was so sure I was going to win.”

“Maybe you’ll get it next time.”

“You bet your ass I will.”

Silence filled the car until you spoke up again.

“…What flavor did you decide on?”

“Butter Pecan.”

You thought it over for a minute.

“Good choice.”

You watched Connor mix the chocolate chips into the brownie batter. The kitchen was filled with a sweet scent from the chocolate and Connor had never looked more beautiful than he did right now. He had on an old flannel and his hair was covering his eyes but you couldn’t look away. It was moments like this where you couldn’t understand why people thought he was a freak. You couldn’t understand why people spoke about him so harshly. Of course, your classmates didn’t get to see Connor like this. They didn’t get to watch him bake sweets in the kitchen and paint his nails. They don’t really know him; they just know the idea of him that has spread around over the years.

“Why the fuck are you staring at me like that?” Connor’s voice brought you out of your thoughts and you couldn’t help but smile and roll your eyes at him.

“Because you’re beautiful.” You leaned up and kissed his cheek.

“I thought I was supposed to be the one saying that to you.”

“There is no reason that I can’t call you beautiful too.”

It wasn’t always like this. It took Connor quite a long time to actually open up to you. It took him a really long time to believe that you were genuinely being kind to him and that it wasn’t some sort of joke. He had his guard up for so long and he was quite cruel to you in the beginning. He loved you so much now that sometimes when he would think back on the way he treated you it made him wince as if he was in physical pain.

He was still skeptical. He didn’t understand how or why you wanted him and many days of your relationship have consisted of you assuring him that this is real and that you do, in fact, love him.

The brownies were baking in the oven and you were examining his bookshelf while he painted his nails.

“You can borrow something if you’d like.”

This was a common thing between the two of you. You would give each other book recommendations and share books with the other person. You picked “The Clockwork Orange” off his shelf and turned it over in your hands.

“Have you read it yet?”

“No.” you mumbled. You knew Connor wanted you to read it but you never got around to it.

“I can’t believe you’ve never read it! That’s like a fucking crime. You know, it’s one of my favorite books and the opportunity is right there. Read it, damn it!”

“I will, I swear! The minute I finish the series I’m on right now, I promise I will pick it up.”

Even though Connor’s head was down focusing on his nails you could tell he was rolling his eyes.

“You mean those dumbass books about birds and psychics or whatever the fuck it is?”

“Hey! The Raven Cycle is not dumb. You know, maybe you would really like them if you gave them a chance. You would probably like Ronan.”

Connor paused his painting to look up at you with a serious expression. “Y/N, I want you to hear me loud and clear, I have never and will never have any desire to read those books. It’s not going to happen… No matter how cute you look when you tell me about them.”

“Fine, if you want a real recommendation you should read The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. You’ll be thanking me later, trust me.”

Connor was silent for a minute until you heard him mumble under his breath, “Well… that is a pretty cool fucking title.”

Connor was right.  The brownies definitely helped. The taste of melted chocolate on your tongue made you suddenly forget about whatever was bothering you that made you bake the brownies in the first place. You looked over to see Connor smiling widely at you. You weren’t sure what he was so happy about but you were always pleased to see his smile.

“Hey Y/N?”

“…Yeah, Connor?”

He looked nervous. Connor usually didn’t get nervous. Ever.

“I-I know I’m not the best at like being sentimental or whatever and I’m probably a massive pain in the ass most of the time but I just want to… thank you.”

“What on earth for?”

“I’ve spent so much of my time being told that I’m a freak, you know? People think that I’m weird and that all I do is cause trouble. People rarely give me a chance because most of our classmates have known me since elementary school and they’ve all heard the rumors about me throwing printers at people and they all think I’m bat-shit crazy. People that don’t know me base their assumptions about me on what other people tell them. Everyone says to stay away from me because I’m angry and unpredictable. It’s nice being able to put my guard down with you even for a few hours. When I’m with you I don’t feel like a mixture of shitty chemical makeup and bad choices. I feel like a person, not like a thing that needs to be fixed. I spend so much of my time thinking that I’m broken and a fraud and that I’m impossible to love and don’t get me wrong I mean there are days when I wake up and there is absolutely no fucking part of me that believes that you could love me. It’s not like you’ve fucking cured me or something, I’m still weird and damaged but being with you sometimes makes me realize that I’m not really as alone as I feel.”

You couldn’t think of anything to say so you just grabbed him by the neck and kissed him. It seemed like you were kissing him so desperately that your whole body was curving into his.

If you were to ask your classmates what comes to mind when they hear the name Connor Murphy, the results would overwhelmingly be “freak.”

But if your classmates were to ask you what comes to mind when you hear the name Connor Murphy, the answer would be “sweet.”

It is true that Connor has a rough exterior. You’ve always known this, it’s the first thing people learn about the boy, but if you’re willing to get close enough you’ll realize that Connor has a sweet, surprise center. He is not perfect you could never fool yourself into believing that no matter how much you loved him, but being with him is the closest thing you’ve ever experienced to pure happiness which is pretty perfect to you.

Lovely Little Lonely: Track by Track

1. “Don’t Come Down”
You’re getting on board. The train is leaving for a new place, and it looks amazing. You are being invited to what is about to begin. The journey starts sweet, but exciting. It’s a song that prepares you for what’s to come and puts you in a good mood. You can’t forget the beat of the song, and I know you’re moving your feet or your head from side to side. “Don’t Come Down” really lives up to the name and won’t let you go. You just want more and more… But don’t worry, you will get it!

2. “Bad Behavior”
The first single. The taste of how the album would be. You already know this song, and even after listening to it so many times you still sing “yeah yeah yeah” like it’s the first time. After listening to the entire album there is no doubt that “Bad Behavior” was the best choice to be the preview of what would become the album. It’s a song that puts you up, that anybody can identify and when you realize you want to go out to a show or a party, just have fun like “English Girls” made us feel, remember?

3. “Lovely”
There isn’t much to say about this song, but its purpose is clear: to create the perfect experience for the listener. After hearing “Bad Behavior” an upbeat song, you go through “Lovely” that calms you down for a few seconds and then The Maine introduces you to “Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu”.

4. “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu”
There is no other way to say except: this is the best song on the album. From the second the song starts you’re stuck (in the most perfect way). There is no time to breathe. The verses “What would you say if you could say everything you needed to to the one you needed to?” instantly take your breath away. The song is the junction of the best qualities of The Maine’s sound: the upbeat and the melancholic. Every detail is thought perfectly. The changes from high to low (and vice versa) in countless moments… Then in the end you can hear John’s voice and the instruments louder and with (even) more truth. It’s the best thing The Maine has ever done.

5. “Taxi”
“Taxi” follows the quiet and sweet beat of “Don’t Come Down”, but yet they’re very different. It’s a song that starts slowly, but it will gradually gain your heart. It makes you want to meet a stranger in the back of a taxi and fall in love. The Maine has this power to make you feel something you never thought you would feel (or wanted to feel). From the chorus this has already become one of the best songs on the album. And before the song even finishes you’re already hooked. Definitely this is the song that will accompany you to the great moments of your life. “Taxi” is the song that could be the theme song of a romantic comedy when the guy is running to catch a cab to find the girl at the airport and stop her from leaving.

6. “Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)”
If you follow The Maine’s work you know how important 8123 is to them. So in each album they try to express it in at least one song that turns to be the "8123 anthem”. “Do You Remember?” is this song in LLL just like “Another Night on Mars” was in the AC. This song takes you to your best memories, the feeling of youth, the friendships that you had along the way and the ones you still have. It’s about remembering the path you’ve gone through to get where you are now. It’s a fun journey about growth and knowing who you are. About the people around you. It’s the song you hear while taking a trip miles away with your best friends!

7. “Little”
“Little” starts with Pat’s drumming that takes over the heart of the song. Then John starts talking directly to you. That’s right: you. His words make you feel special and complete: “It hit me today if it weren’t for you, always just where you are (…) wherever you are in the world, I want you to be there, and only there. Since life would be shitty (…) I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for…” in a few seconds these words enter your ears and warm your heart. You feel embraced.

8. “The Sound of Reverie”
Well, “The Sound of Reverie” sounds like a masterpiece. As if angels had made this in heaven. And the best of all is that you don’t expect to be THIS good. So when the chorus comes in, you’re already dancing in your underwear as if no one is watching or singing out loud in the shower. This song will build relationships and mark important moments. The Maine, thank you very much for not leaving this song off the album. It will definitely be one of the favorites to listen live!

9. “Lost in Nostalgia”
This is the most different song on the album. The outcast of the group. It has its own rhythm, a beat as if you were in a 80’s nightclub with colored lights and the DJ was playing slow songs for couples to dance together with their sparkly outfits (too crazy? haha). The name of the song already says, “Don’t get lost in nostalgia”. And maybe that’s exactly why the song takes less than two minutes. There’s no time to get lost in the past.

10. “I Only Wanna Talk to You”
As soon as I heard this song the first thing that came to my head was: California. Maybe it’s the vibe, the beat, the lyrics… As the music starts I picture a road with the sea and hills in the background, a red convertible and hair in the wind. "I Only Wanna Talk to You” would definitely be part of the soundtrack of “The O.C.” (how cool would that be?!) if the show still existed.

11. “Lonely”
“Lonely” is a calm and melancholic song. Which by its name is to be expected. The song doesn’t have big lyrics, but it says a lot: “I remember feeling weightless in the deeper end and drowning in the fear again. And the lovely little loneliness would hold me down under the sound of being found. But then it all turned around,” the moment you hear the words being repeated “But then it all turned around,” you know he wants you to know that loneliness is not something that lasts forever. Things change, and change for the better. You overcome what you thought you would never overcome and draw strength from places you never thought you knew how.

12. “How Do You Feel?”
After this roller coaster of feelings, they ask you, “How do you feel?” “You’re alive, but are you living?” It’s as if the album were a journey in which you know different places, people and cultures. Each song teaches you and touches you in a different way. And the journey is now ending… So, how are you feeling after this experience? The most important thing is to be a different person from the one you were when you started. This song closes the perfectly cycle that is “Lovely Little Lonely” and didn’t disappoint in any moment. It only gets better with each song. So I’m feeling proud, excited and overjoyed.

by The Maine All Around The World

“Lovely Little Lonely” is in my opinion the best album The Maine has ever created. The album has the heart, but also the lively beat, the will to live, to discover who you are and where you’re going. It has the perfect sound and the perfect lyrics. Is the perfect match of everything The Maine has done, has been and has transformed into in the last ten years.

Adulting is Hard

Originally posted by duckbuttt

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word count: 895
Request:  Anonymous. Can you guys do a Tony Stark x reader where she’s having a shitty day and he cheers him up and it’s super fluffy, please? Thank you guys in advance, I love your writing btw! (I still gotta catch up on a lot of it but shh! It’s all amazing!!!)

Walking in the front door, you let it slam behind you. Huffing, you kicked off your heels while you peeled off your coat. Tony walked out of his workroom, eyebrow raised. “Problems, dear?” He asked lightheartedly.

You shot him a glare, but it fell quickly. Sighing, you shuffled over to him and put your arms around him, your head on his chest. “I don’t want to play adult anymore.”

Tony chuckled, holding you close. “Don’t.” He shrugged. “Look at me. When’s the last time you saw me adult?”

Looking up at him, you gave him a ‘really?’ look. “Last night?” You mused. “Yesterday morning? Need I go on?”

He thought for a moment. “Okay, when’s the last time you saw me be a responsible adult?” He smirked at you, chuckling as you rolled your eyes. “Exactly.” He pecked your nose. “So, go take a bubble bath, with the bubbles you think you hide really well and don’t. You know- the candy or baked goods scented ones?” You blushed, not realizing he’d seen those. “Put on your boy band music, dance around our room singing in your hair brush, acting like a teenager again, and I will get something set up in the living room.”

“Should I be worried?” You asked, actually half serious.

“Nah.” Then he moved his head side to side a bit. “Well. Maybe…”

Laughing, you kissed him before pulling from his arms. “Good thing I have health insurance.” You called over your shoulder.

Tony put his hand on his chest, feigning shock. “When have I ever caused you to need to use that?” He smiled. “Aside from last summer on the boat? Last fall at the cabin, last fall in the woods… You know what, forget it.” He waved it off, making you shake your head.

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anonymous asked:

please just proceed on your "things harry does" please please PLEASE

oKay, I’ll try.| part one

- He sits on the bathroom floor while you showers just to talk to you, because you’ve been away the whole day and he miss you.

- Bite your shoulders/neck while you cook the dinner, because he likes the way you whimper at it.

- Sends you a pic of his look before some important event, because his unsure about all the florals and colors.

- Use your socks, even if his feets are much bigger than yours

- Wake you up in the middle of the night while he talks about packers and sunsets on his sleep.

- Do a lipsync battle with you in the car during a long trip. S&M by Rihanna is his favorite.

- Voice all the friends lines because he’s obsessed by the tv show. Chandler is his favorite, and he always says that you’re his Monica.

- Leave drunk text messages for while he’s in LA. They don’t make much sense, but you smile and roll your eyes at them, since the typos and the “i saw a hiuge dog on the street right now baby, i wish i could cuddle with him but glenne don’t let em,don’t kno w why” message is incredible ridiculous and adorable.

- Will make you eat bananas, but he’ll stare at you with a fucking smirk while you eat.

- He likes to lay on top of you while you read, napping on your chest and sneezing a little bit.

- Facetime Anne every night before you both go to bed, telling her how offended he was because you didn’t shared the leftovers with him.

- Will make red velvet cupcakes to you, because “red is your favorite color isn’t it?”

- He’s not very creative when comes to pet names, so he will call you “babe” most of times, only prolonging syllables so you know what he’s feeling by his “baaaaabe”(when he’s being sly) or “babeeeeyeeeeh” (when he’s drunk and want you attention)

- Writes on his journal about you, but never let you see what he writes. “just when i die, then you can have these” he says shooing you away.

- Has a playlist for sex, and other for road trips, other for wash the dishes, making the dinner and relax. Because “music makes everything betta”

- Will slap your ass everytime you laugh at his accent. “Wot? Well babe that’s me, don’t be rude”

- He will always show you his things first, all the songs he wrote he will sing for you first, asking for your opinion, measuring your reaction so he knows how will be the public reaction, because you’re his number 1 fan.

- Ask for you scratch gently his back up and down till he sleep.

- It makes you split your yogurt with him, giving spoonfuls in his mouth while  responds texts messages in the morning.

- Talks with your mom daily,because they’re best friends. “Im'ma stole her from you” he’ll said to tease you, while he holds her.

that’s all i can think about now, please let me know what you think!


Love Lingered On His Lips (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I’m sorry it’s been…close to a month since I last submitted something. My mental health and creative muse took a road trip to rock bottom and they didn’t come home until a few days ago lmao. Anyway I hope y’all enjoy this!! Italics = thoughts. (also i’m sorry my author notes are a mess this is the #realme) (also x2 to the anon who asked about my abc fic like two weeks ago i am planning on continuing it!!! i have some of it written (along w/ four other unfinished fics bc i am trash)  i don’t know when exactly i’ll get it out but i 100% want to finish it)

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as I wait for the sky to fall

klance. 5.7k. pre-series to possible s3. angsty. ao3

The first time they met was a cold and rainy Tuesday, and Lance hadn’t had time to brush his teeth. He’d overslept. He ran into his very first class with half his jacket on and his boots unlaced, and the boy at the desk nearest to the door, a boy with dark hair and clear, focused eyes, muttered that he shouldn’t have come at all if he wasn’t going to take it seriously.

Lance was fourteen, and the scratchy cotton of his jacket was rubbing uncomfortably against his burning neck. The rain pounded mercilessly against the window as he took his seat at the only available desk in the back of the classroom.

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taekook fic rec #3

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

Enjoy and happy reading~

  1. Hit and Run

Summary: Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.

AU: Hitmen 

Rated: M

Length: 4 chps, 27.3k words

Warnings: Some violence and language  

My Review: Wow….I am so pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed this SO MUCH. The characterization was so on point along with the plot, romance, humor,…. everything. I never thought I would read a hitmen!AU for some reason and yet here I am today. It’s one of my top favorites. 

My Rating: 10/10 

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Stress|| Skate Maloley imagine


Skate and I have been together for a year and a half. I can’t lie….its had its ups and downs just like all relationships but lately he’s seen off. He got home later and was quiet all the time. I’ll admit it’s crossed myself mind to think he’s been cheating.

I was currently finishing up some dinner. I made skates favorite…just to get him out of this funk. I always did a little extra to make him feel better. The door opened and in walked skate.

“Hi baby” I smile. He look over and then walks away. I sighed. I followed him up the stairs. He took off his shirt.

“Babe…are you okay?” I ask.

“Leave me the fuck alone.” he spits. I was taken aback by his words.

“Well sorry I care…” I say lowly.

“Excuse me…what did you just fucking say ” he turns to look at me. Anger built up a little.


“WELL DON’T!!” he yells.


“Do whatever the fuck you want. Dinner is downstairs…I made your favorite because I wanted to make you a little happy…but whatever.” I walk out of the room. Tears were streaming down my face. I grab a plate of food and go and sit on the patio. I get a FaceTime call from Stassie.

“But yea I’m just uh…i don’t know what to do. I’m trying to be supportive but I can’t deal with the shitty way he’s been treating me…"I sigh.

“I know babe. But nate loves you. Trust me.” Stassie says. I nod. I take a deep breath.

“I just don’t want to lose him.” I say. She nods. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn my head and see nate standing there.

“Hey stass I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay love you boo” she says.

“Love ya too” I say and hang up the phone. Nate sits on part of the lounge chair.

“Can we talk…” he says.

“Why do you can tell me to stop caring…” I say looking down at my food. His hand grips my thigh.

“No. Look I know I’ve been off lately but I have this big deadline for a new album and its stressing me out. I had to scrap 4 songs today. I’m not used to that. I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.” he says. I look at him and he’s looking at his hand on my leg.

“Nate… You know I’m here. You can talk to me about anything. If I don’t understand make me understand. ” I say.

“ I know little mami. I just don’t want to stress you out. I know you already have enough stress with your family…” he says.

“Nate…we made up days ago. I told you. But I understand you’ve been stressed so it’s okay if you don’t remember. But nate… As far as I know you are my family. ” I say. He looks up at me.

“ I don’t deserve you mami. I love you.” nate says. He grabs my hand and kisses it.

“No you don’t” I laugh.

“But for some damn reason your like a drug to me…but a good drug….a drug I love. I love you"i say. Nate laughs.

"I’m the best damn drug mami and you know it"he smirks. I roll my eyes and laugh. He leans in and kisses me.

"But if I’m being honest…you yelling and being mad totally turns me on” Nate smirks. I smack his arm and laugh.

“Well go eat your damn dinner before I get real mad"I laugh. He stands up and picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!"I scream. We end up in the bedroom.

"Getting dinner” he smirks before ripping off my clothes.


Hope you enjoyed!! Request away my lovelys!! 😚😚 P.S she totally got that dick 🍆

A/N Part 2 of the “MC falls asleep on ____” Headcannons!!! V and Saeran!!

Part 1 HERE

-much love, mod cozy

- In preparation for an up and coming RFA party and since the both of you lost rock paper scissors
- You two were stuck at the venue organizing decorations and making sure everything was in order
- He was lowkey salty about it taking all day but also really happy because it’s all day with you this boy can never figure out how he feels
- You had just finished getting the last centerpiece on the table when you guys decided to go out to a quick celebratory dinner!!
- Well you decided saeran wrap just said “Ugh I’m hungry.” And hmphed
- You went to this cute little kimbap place and ordered your respective meals
- You two sat in the window and laughed and complained and made jokes about the people walking by and saeran actually smiled a few times???
- Not like a smirk or anything it was a super genuine super adorable smile???
- What???
- It was just getting dark when the both of you arrived at the train to get home
- You were sitting on the bench next to him and the rhythmic sound of the city eventually lulled you to sleep against your best efforts
- Saeran felt you lean your head on his shoulder
- “MC you’re gonna make us look like a shitty couple or something” he chuckled before realizing you’d fallen asleep and then promptly feeling pretty ding dang dumb for talking to himself
- After the initial feeling of idiocy, it sunk in
- One of his actual favorite people
- One that he may or may not be in love with
- Was currently asleep on his shoulder
- Shit he doesn’t really know how to handle this my dudes
- And the train is fast approaching but he doesn’t want to wake you shit shit shit
- Wraps you in his jacket and bridal carries you whilst praying you don’t wake up
- Accidentally hits your head on the side of the train a little ouch that isn’t helping
- Will use whatever means necessary to make sure you’re home and tucked into bed without being woken what a sweetheart (but don’t tell anyone)

- V was having his first gallery expo since he agreed to get the surgery and regain the sight he deserves!!!  If only It was cannon, fuck you rika
- He wanted you to come with him for it since he’s so nervous and happy and awwwe
- Y’all got all dressed up to go and met at a cute little café!!! The exhibit was set to open in an hour or two so you had some time to kill
- He kept snapping photos of you because he thought you looked gorgeous and wasn’t afraid to say it
- Platonically of course, kinda
- He highkey had a mega-crush on you though and I feel like he’s the type to unintentionally flirt with genuine compliments and the sort because he’s such a sweetie
- The gallery was gorgeous, duh, it’s V and he invited you to his house afterwards get your heads outta the gutter it was with pure intentions
- You were both chilling with some nice drinks (not particularly alcoholic) and snacks and he had this super lovely surround sound music system in his house
- Because he’s pretty fucking wealthy and hearing was one of only four senses a little while ago so of course he’d have a sound system
- And this really nice song comes on and you start humming along to it and V’s humming too and you both just simultaneously stand up a start dancing together and it’s so cute and dorky awwe
- You’re giggling and twirling and the whole thing is so fantastic
- He leaves for a second to refill your cups and you sit down on the couch
- And you close your eyes for a SECOND to reminisce but the long day took its toll on you and you accidentally doze off
- V finds you passed out on the couch and smiles the warmest smile that has probably ever been smiled
- Carries you to his room and tucks you in with a cute little smooch on the forehead
- Sleeps in the guest room because he’s a gentleman

Voltron Gang Headcanon Dump

- Hunk loves that pastel sugar baby lana del rey aesthetic, and he has a lot of light pink and purple floral print crop tops to prove it

-Pidge and Lance send each other their best selfies throughout the day for the other to comment cute things on

- Pidge and Lance are also the friends who will help each other get really good pics by planning out the picture while the other one ‘isnt looking’ then post it on instagram with them tagged like ‘got this shot while they weren’t paying attention, my friends are all model material be jealous’

- Keith is a super duper horror movie buff. He really loves and will hardcore binge shitty b-rated garbage but will pick apart the acclaimed classics forever

- Shiro has a mint condition baseball card collection because he’s a nerd. He is not ashamed of it at all.

- Pidge knows every move to the Hoe Down Throw Down because when Matt was younger he made them learn it for a youtube video he was planning and Pidge has never been able to forget it

- pies and pastries are always laying around in the kitchen and everyone assumes its Hunk but when they finally ask, they find out it’s actually Coran, who bakes when he can’t sleep

- Allura will join him in the kitchen during these midnight bakes. They have their best talks here.

- Allura sits down one day with Keith during his horror movie binge and falls in love

- Keith is so excited to show her all his favorites and ones he thinks she might like, and keeps his mouth shut until after the film the best he can so she can immerse fully into the experience

- Lance loves Judge Judy. Its all he ever remembers playing at his grandparents house and she’s so sassy

- Pidge doesn’t like horror movies. There’s too much aftermath that the movies hardly ever address and seriously? Like how big of a mess was it when that all went to court?? Yikes. Just yikes.

- Shiro won’t watch Jurassic Park because it gave him nightmares as a kid

- Hunk and Lance have a monthly Musical Night Extravaganza with lots of snacks, musicals, and snapchat videos of them both singing badly and loving it

- Keith joins them sometimes, only he can actually sing really well and Hunk and Lance both fell in love a little bit the first time they heard him??

- Pidge’s favorite novel is Jane Eyre

- When he’s really tired, Keith gets very sensitive. He cried over a squished bug once. He was very embarrassed in the morning.

- Shiro loves horses. He had a horse when he was younger named Rain and she was his best friend. He can’t watch Spirit, it messes his heart up too much.

- Hunk without fail always burns garlic bread

- Lance makes really good garlic bread. Hunk is bitter af

- Pidge eats all of the garlic bread before anyone else can. They now have to bar Pidge from the kitchen until everything is done on spaghetti night

- Someone introduces Allura to hot cheetos and now she literally almost always has a bag. She loves hot foods. She could down a jar of ghost peppers and then fight you and then win

- Keith, Lance, and Hunk are the ‘always cold no matter what’ squad

- Pidge and Shiro wear shorts in the snow and do not flinch

- if literally any part of her is hot, Allura cannot sleep

- Coran likes to sleep in the equivalent of the Sahara desert

- Keith gets comically enraged if he drops something by accident

- Hunk swears like a sailor in bed

- Pidge swears like a sailor all the time

- Lance still skips over swear words in some songs because he’s used to singing them that way in front of his mom

Top 5 Final Fantasy Antagonists

It’s not like I have 3 fics to finish 2 of them with deadlines, nor like I am facing a mayhem of time chaos, or that I have the basic human need to sleep, nope. Let’s just find something else to spend time on. So here we are.

Because this will feature spoilers related to FFXV under a cut at the end, I have to do this now. Tags! Please, I tag everyone that wants to do this, and all I ask is that you mention me in the post @hannibalcatharsis-zero because I want to read people’s opinions, thoughts, biases, whatever, on your top favorite FF antagonists. You don’t have to make it as lengthy as I did, but I do talk a lot.
If I may, I’d like to directly tag @lvl99fangirl @adrastia @fujoshilyfe @datamarluxia @haeng-syo-peace@dancing-aqua@allowthisfam​ if you want to, simply because I’ve exchanged some words with you before.

Enough endless intro, on to the huge post.

Runner ups:

- Rufus Shinra (Compilation FFVII)

A rare case in FF, he’s neither an experiment, hybrid of some sort, madman or blessed/cursed with some awesome powers. 

This guy is entirely and purely human and therefore is all the more cold heartedness, lust for power, intellect and cunning. Seeing him the first time in Advent Children was one thing, but going back and seeing the stuff he did in FFVII? Even before that? Man, Papa Shinra wasn’t a nice man at all, but apples don’t fall far from the tree and the prodigal son sure as hell did some bad stuff and planned worse. And tried to kill dad more often than his other two brothers did just to rule in his stead even more ruthlessly than the old man. 

Good thing it just took a damn WEAPON firing, explosion and near death experience, Meteor falling and Geostigma to make him consider atoning.

I actually want to see him on the FFVII remake more than anything else really. Full HD Rufus on the prime of his full power-mad and evil persona? Damn.

- Kadaj, Yazoo & Loz (Compilation FFVII) - specially Kadaj

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I love Sephiroth’s Remnants, particularly Kadaj. They’re all so childish (including Yazoo!), which I find rather interesting when you know they’re parts of Sephiroth. Shoutaro Morikubo’s voice acting was beautiful and really built Kadaj’s threatening and deadly persona, while having the feeling of mean but lost child you kinda want to hug. Or would want to, if he wouldn’t likely kidnap your children, torture and kill you.

- Snow Villiers (Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII)

Yes, I know he’s not a real antagonist (not for long anyway), but look at him. He needs to be mentioned just because look at him.  

Holy shit.

–My top 5 favorite antagonists–

(not in order of preference!)

- Sephiroth (Compilation FFVII)

Originally posted by xsephiroth

Sephiroth is the name even non-FF fans know of. You have to give to a character when they create such a huge impact overall.

He is visually striking. When he did get voice acting, his voice is memorable (the Japanese one more, but the English isn’t bad either). His theme is memorable. He commited one of the most unexpected and memorable main-character murders in games specially as of 1997, and for that reason remained engarved in gaming history. He overall has all the immediate aspects to make him memorable.

The fallen hero that became a villain instead when he loses his mind after finding about (and missinterpretating) his origins as a genetical experiment. Personally, seeing his downfall in Crisis Core made me all the more fascinated with him. I grew to like him a lot more after seeing that, the change that happened to him. How awesome was Sephiroth, seriously? He was kind. Funny even. Man, Hojo is one of the most truly evil characters in the wholeout FF franchise.

The only one with shitty father (the worst) who DIDN’T kill him! Man, seriously, Rufus tried, Genesis did, so did Seymour. Seriously Sephiroth, why didn’t you kill Hojo.

Crisis Core is excellent overall. One of the saddest games.

I honestly don’t know how to exactly pinpoint what makes me like Sephiroth so much.

But the music helped too.
EVERYONE that knew me in 2006-2010 knew this song. I made sure of it.

- Genesis Rhapsodos (Crisis Core/Compilation FFVII)

Originally posted by caerberus

Genesis doesn’t really get a lot of love, and I can’t really blame long-time fans in particular. But personally, I find it a shame.
It does help, I think, that I don’t take Crisis Core in its English version. The whole FFVII universe exists in my head in its Japanese format, I’m sorry to the voice actors of the Eng sub. Gackt’s voice is Genesis’s (well, that’s the point really. He is a lot more irritating in English.

I love everything about this guy. I love the melancholia he lived in, the search for purpose/understanding through parallels, the obssession and obssessive persona he created, the search for friends of equal worth, the utter self hatred, the madness he fell into.
Genesis is tragic.

And the just little (little) stabs and just friendly twists of the knife on Sephiroth’s psyche “We’re all monsters, I’m a monster, but you’re the worst of all. You’re the defination of monster, you know? But hey, I want you to be my friend, help me out :) “

I find it a huge tragedy that he outlives so many people when he didn’t plan to.

- Seymour Guado (FFX)

Originally posted by datamarluxia

My love for this guy exceeds my argumentation ability.

The nihilist even before I knew what nihilism was. I for one never minded his English voice, which in later years I found that people had a quirk against. One of the things I appreciated was to see him fall to madness and how it reflected in his voice turning fiend-ish. I like that he’s the counterpart/parallel of Yuna and how she turned her goal into preserving life and overcoming pain while he decided to end life to end pain.
With the life he lived, you can hardly NOT understand why he sees the world like that. Ostracized for being half-Human half-Guado when obviously he had no fault on that; his father who DID have a part on that shipped him away with his mother arguably for their protection; his mother commiting second-hand suicide to help him gain public appeal against him literally crying for her not to (I wonder why he would prefer his mother alive, huh? I still love those memories in Zanarkand Ruins so much); finally being accepted because he fucking exceeds at magic and has the most powerful Dark Aeon one can have only to see the utter corruption of the world and the religious-political regime that ends up confirming and preaching what he knows from experience - life is about suffering and will ever be.

And he’s the definition of ‘doesn’t die’ (Sephiroth too). I mean, you KILL him at 30% of the game, and he literally returns more than to haunt you :) that’s 4 fucking fights, and overall most people can agree that Seymour Flux was one of the hardest storyline boss fights in the franchise. Many tears were shed under countless hours of attempts only to be crushed each time under Total Annhilation attack.

Besides, not many antagonists include in their plans literally marrying the protagonist (and beforementioned parallel)and having one of the most beautiful wedding purposals 

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and one of the most awesome weddings ever in gaming history,  in my opinion.

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- Caius Ballad (FFXIII-2/Lightning Retuns)

Originally posted by cleyra

Caius saved Final Fantasy XIII trilogy for me.

The whole point of making a post on antagonists/villains is because these characters are a structural part of any story - any FF in particular. FFXIII severily lacked and failed overall to me because of this. Then came this guy and as soon as he appears in the intro, you cannot take your eyes off him.

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Originally posted by noellkreiss

Caius has got to be one of the most selfless antagonists in the franchise. He’s mean, yeah, but you get his point from the get go. He’s willing to end everything and everyone if it means he can save a girl that has been suffering endlessly (in his view at least - that was one beautiful twist in the story/interpretation, Noel’s words about Yeul’s reincarnation).

And you know what, another rare thing in FF antagonists: he’s successful. He got what he wanted, most of it anyway, including his death. There were some setbacks and unexpected stuff for him in LR indeed (he didn’t plan the Chaos of Yeuls binding him in the paradox, but well) but he got pretty much his biggest three wishes - kill Etro/kill himself, unleash Chaos and Valhalla to destroy time and save Yeul.
Not everything ended up exactly like he envisioned, but the result was basically the same. And he was happy.

Also. The voice. The fcking VOICE. Liam O’Brian, man.

The pain in his words!

And the music!

- Ardyn Izunia (FFXV)

Originally posted by datamarluxia

Well this part isn’t spoilers yet so:
The voice. The. fcking. voice. The range of emotions Darin de Paul and Fujiwara Keiji have in their performances is amazing. Ardyn is so unique, so regal, over the top if he wants and so often funny. So captivating. 
His whole image/pose is striking, the way he stands and moves. Will anyone deny that that entrace in the fucking BEAUTIFUL MAGESTIC throne room in Kingsglaive didn’t immediately steal all and any attention to himself despite his surroundings and King Regis standing in the throne? He owns a scene the moment he appears.

Originally posted by verryfinny

I also found his more human image (meaning his realism really - you don’t get an antagonist in FF looking this real when it comes to mid/late 30s) quite appealing when compared to others. He’s beautiful obviously, like all others, and still clearly FF-ian, but he’s less ‘facially perfect’ compared to several others before him.

-spoilers- henceforth obviously

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Critical Role follows the story of Vox Machina, a ragtag group of misfits in a high fantasy setting who are all so, so flawed but, with their powers combined, keep on saving the day and (usually) making the world a better place!! Each character is played by a professional voice actor (it has been quite rightly called “improv theater with dice”) and this post is written for folks who’ve never played a tabletop RPG. Please watch/listen to Critical Role. Please.


Well, there’s the player characters, and the DM (Dungeon Master). The players are confronted with a situation put in front of them by the DM, which can be anything from “a monster attacks you” to “a man jumps up from a nearby table in the tavern, points at you, and starts screaming about how you killed his wife,” and then the player must react in an in-character kind of way! Hence the “improv theater” part of it! All of the players AND the DM in Critical Role are, again, professional voice actors, so they’re pretty fucking good at that. It’s more or less an improvised radio play where the success or failure of an action is based on luck, aka the roll of a die. It can be anything from whether or not you can persuade someone to give you a 5% discount on potions, to if you can fight off a charm forcing you to try and kill all your friends. Good times.

And the story the DM, Matt Mercer, puts together is so fucking good that professional writer people like Patrick Rothfuss are huge fans (and he actually came on as a guest for an episode). I’ve laughed til I cried and I’ve cried because of the FEELINGS. It’s so good. It’s so good, you guys.

So, let’s get to the actual show, shall we? This is easiest to share if you watch THIS, which is the official character intros created by the actor folks. BUT I’M GONNA GIVE YOU A RUNDOWN ANYWAY! In alphabetical order!!! IT’S REALLY LONG BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL.

vox machina 4 lyfe

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Bleach 686

Guys, this is the last time I’m ever gonna address anything regarding bleach. I hope everyone respects that, especially the people who are gonna go anon and bash me for posting this after everything.


 The last chapters of bleach were pure disappointment not because my two main ships didn’t work out the way I wanted it to but I couldn’t really make any sense of it. I’m sorry as a manga, bleach really lost its pace. I spent 10 years with this manga and I was here to see till the end. I invested a lot of time and energy into this fandom and everything. I really expected better from Kubo.


 I’m really happy for princess. She finally has a loving family and a child. I’m glad that she’s with Ichigo. If IchiHime was meant to be from the start then why so much emphasis on IchiRuki. He could have given  Orihime so much character development. So much more but no he made it seem as if she only existed for Ichigo. I actually believed that Kubo was one of those writers that would actually make IshiHime canon.


  • IshiHime was a ship that could have portrayed the fact that, you don’t always find love in the places you look for but sometimes you find it in the most unexpected places, from a person that loved you from the start even though you never loved them back.  This is coming from my personal experiance entirely I’ve liked this guy for 5 years and IshiHime really gave me hope that one day I will find someone that will love me as much as I love them.

Orihime was a very decent and humble character. I loved her and enjoyed her warm and caring nature but she could have been such a badass as an individual. She was never mean or a bitch to anyone ever and neither was Rukia (please do note that) I dont understand why would he put Ichigo and Rukia together panel after panel with all his shippy gear on. Orihime had more better interactions with Chad and Uryu than she ever had with Ichigo. If Kubo had sold her and Ichigo as black sun and white sun from the start, man I would have shipped the shit out of it.

Third: I hated how Kubo made Chad and Uryuu something that they never wanted to be.

Uryu hated his dad most his life. He never wanted to follow his dads footsteps, which is why the song numb by linkin park reminded me of him so much. He had been misunderstood by most of his friends and even the readers in the first chapters but that cunty, snooty boy came to understand that friendship is one of the most strongest bond to exist. This arc should have  been about him and Ichigo abd their past and origins. Ichigo, who kept getting his bankai broken over and over again. Why couldn’t they just tag team the two of them for the last time?
Uryu didn’t have a mother, his father treated him as a low life runt. Even Isshin tried. He did try to understand Ichigo not with the best method to do so but he still tried where as Uryu’s father didn’t. I think Orihime and Uryu really deserved each other. In an alternate ending I could have imagined him to be a world class designer and Orihime by his side doing whatever makes her happy perhaps a very nice cafe with interesting serving, where the customers only came to eat and would be disappointed by the food but melt and forget the bad taste the food left on their mouth as soon as Orihime would flash her beautiful smile at them (Sigh).

Chad promised he’d never hurt anyone with his fists but help others lol. Really? a boxer? I hated this THE MOST. Chad really deserved better, even though he looked hot as fuck in the panels where he was shown. I think he should have owned a record store or made good mexican music or he could have been the doctor or worked at Kurosaki clinic or something, anything other than being a boxer would have suited him more.

Fourth: Why didn’t Kubo show or complete the states that the other characters were in. I really hoped they would show some Jinta/Yuzu or something regarding Urahara and Yoruichi who helped Ichigo achieve bankai and trained him so he could be strong and protect his friends.
Is Isshin Kurosaki dead? because that would just be sad. I could imagine him to be a great grandparent to Kazui. Kubo really should have at least mentioned this much but he didn’t. I could go on and on about how bad the chapter was but I’m gonna stop now and start pouring my shipper heart out.

Last and the most important topic I wanted to address is my otp, IchiRuki.

I’m sorry to all the IchiRuki shippers that got their hearts and hoped shattered into a million pieces after 686. I feel betrayed and angry as well but let’s not be pricks and be the bigger person. I’m gonna make a request to all IchiHime shippers.
Firstly, congrats guys, princess finally ended up with the man of her dreams as an IchiRuki shipper I never hated on her or said anything mean about her. I’m glad that she’s happy even though it’s not boy I wanted her to end up with but despite everything, I am genuinely happy for her.

Second, I would be really happy if some of you weren’t not so hostile to IchiRuki shippers, please understand that a lot of people found peace in this ship and now they are a mess. Be humble comfort us, Orihime would never been like “yeah bitch I got the dude” instead she would tried and comfort us IchiRuki shippers, she would’ve started crying for an hour, binged on so much ice cream that she would get a tummy ache and fall asleep.

The picture above is the picture of the last IchiRuki coloured page I had made. I was so proud of this and now every time I open my notebook. I feel sad, beyond words. Ichigo and Rukia were the definition of soulmates. I wanted them to be together so bad. I can’t really express it in words about how I feel. I don’t remember a single day where I did not visit the IchiRuki tag. I’m disappointed a lot. So much build up for nothing. Kubo seemed like he threw the idea of IR down the window so suddenly, that I can’t even cope with it. I’d rather have dead characters than an ass pull ending like this. It’s so shitty and rushed. I feel like crying. I invested so much I don’t know what to do with all these beautiful colored pages I had made for this amazing ship. I’m devastated. Laugh at me all you want but I am so depressed with the ending. From the beginning I could see the chemistry and the electricity that Rukia and Ichigo gave off when they interacted. The SS arc, which is my most favorite arc was the biggest pillar that IchiRuki has something more than friendship. A bond of love and trust and what not lol I guess I’m a little delusional. Let’s take  moment to honor this beautiful ship one more time and move on. Thank you every good anon, some great blogs like @peachtiger, @icchiruki, @50shadesofichigo, @daethberry, @ishihime-4-ever and so many more. Thank you, I respect and love each one of you. Stay strong, this bond will always be unbreakable but still life goes on and we all have to move on.

Kubo really fucked up and the worst part is they plan to make a live action movie which I doubt will sell shit. I would never pay a dime to just watch actors waste their time by portraying incomplete roles lol.

Anyways I’m done. Thank you everyone, the Bleach, Ginran, IshiHime and Ichiruki fandom I love each and every one of you. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and heartache and its time to move on. I’ll still follow all the blogs that I followed for IchiRuki and IshiHime. Have a nice life bleach fandom for as you lost one hardcore dedicated reader.

Thank you and Au Revoir.  💙 💙

Side note: I am extremely addled at the moment as I write this post. So sorry in advance if I managed to piss any of you off.

Oh and dont you dare and try to steal that great art. Thanks in advance. Much love. xoxo 💙 💙

Five times you were Switzerland and one time you weren’t

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 1,851

Warnings: One curse word, Lots of fluff

A/N: Requests are open


It was half past noon and you had just finished training with Natasha. Still in your work-out clothes you walked to the kitchen on the floor, you shared with Steve and Bucky. You made yourself a sand which and slumped down in a chair. The moment you got comfortable Steve and Bucky come into the kitchen arguing about something unimportant.

“I’m telling you Bucky, Elementary is the real Sherlock, not your British show,” Steve says causing you to groan. They were finally caught up and they spent most of their time arguing about stuff like this.

“BBC Sherlock is based on the books, unlike your shitty version!” Bucky said back and you decided to try to sneak out before they roped you into their mundane argument.

“Language!” Steve half said half shouted. You started walking back to your room to hopefully shower in peace when you heard your name being called and you winced and turned back around to face the boys.

“(Y/N), which do you think is better, BBC Sherlock or Elementary?” Bucky asked you and you walked back towards the boys.

“Switzerland,” you said pointing toward yourself and walking out after giving Bucky a kiss on the cheek.


Today you had banished yourself to the lap with Tony and Bruce although you weren’t doing any real work, more like attempting to make (F/C) silly putty since they seem to only have one color and it did wonders when you were stressed out. You faintly acknowledge Clint coming in. Next thing you know yelling floods your senses.

“What the hell Clint! We have been working for hours and you just erased all our work. Why were you even running?” Tony shouted at Clint.

“Why are there exposed cables? That definitely not safe for people or your work,” Clint yelled back.

“Even (Y/N) knows not to run in a lab! Isn’t that right (Y/N)?” Tony yelled towards you.

You sigh and decide that you want no part of this and since your silly putty was ready you poured it in its new container and pocketed it. “Bye,” you yelled before heading out of the lab with Bruce.


You walked into your favorite coffee shop and smile at the barista you have become friends with most people that work there over your numerous visits. “Hey Steph, how’s college life?” You ask the young barista. You had been frequenting this café since the battle of New York 4 years ago and Stephany had started working here 2 years ago, halfway through her junior year of high school and she had recently started college.

“It’s slightly overwhelming but otherwise great, I absolutely love my professors and I hear that Dr. Bruce Banner is a frequent guest speaker my quantum physics class,” Stephany said excitedly and you chuckled.

“That’s exciting, you finally get to meet you celebrity crush!” you say trying not to burst out laughing.

“Yeah anyways, do you want your usual?” Stephany asked and you nodded ask she wrote down your order on a cup and you handed her money.

You moved away from the counter and sat down at an empty table waiting for your name you be called. You were able to hear a couple of teenaged girls whispering a few tables over but you focused mainly on your phone.

“Um excuse me miss?” One of them said and you looked up and nodded.

“Could we get your opinion on something, you see my friend heard thinks that ‘You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid’ is a better song than ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ and I am trying to explain how that is completely ludicrous-” the second girl said but was cut off when you heard your name being called.

“I’m sorry I got to have to go,” you said and got up to grab you coffee.

“That’s fine if you could just-,” the first girl said but you weren’t paying attention.

“Thank you so much Steph, I promise I will pay you back for getting me out of that,” you whisper to Stephany as you grab your drink and head out the door.


It was “Family Movie Night” as Tony had called it meaning everyone was to meet in the screening room, which was a giant movie screen and a bunch of bean bags and a few couches, and you all were going to watch a movie. In preparation, you put on you most comfortable pj’s, which included one of Bucky’s shirts that you stole from him and a pair of dancer’s shorts, and grabbed a giant blanket. Bucky met you outside your door and smirked when he realize you were wearing his shit. You walked to the screening room with your hand in his and found a nice spot on the couch where you could cuddle.

Once everyone was there they started picking a few movies to watch. You didn’t care what they picked so instead you played with Bucky’s hair, eventually giving up on trying to braid it and just pulling it into a man bun so it will stay out of his face. While you had been playing with Bucky’s hair Natasha and Tony had gotten into an argument over whether to watch ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Harry Potter’ and you and Bucky were the only ones who hadn’t picked a side.

“Well, what about you two, LOTR or HP?” Natasha asked.
“I don’t care whichever Bucky chooses I guess,” you said and nestled into Bucky’s side. Bucky ended up going with LOTR and you fell asleep halfway through the first one. Bucky carried you back to your room, admiring how peaceful you looked curled in his arms.


You sat in the park playing with your silly putty while Steve, Sam, and Bucky were running. Currently, it was Bucky and Steve running four laps to everyone Sam ran, the poor guy was being bombarded with “On your left” and “On your right” every few minutes. This last lap had become a race between the three and you had to admit, you were on the same boat as Sam. When they took off he didn’t immediately break out a sprint, instead, he waited a few seconds then broke out his wings, you saw as he caught up with the boys and swooped down shouting “On your above!” and you could barely stay on the bench when it happened.
Sam came in first due to his use of wings and the boys came sprinting in at a near tie a minute later. Technically the order was Sam first, Bucky second and Steve in last but Steve was arguing with Sam about his “Illegal use of an enhancer”.

“(Y/N) you’re the judge was Sam using is wings cheating?” Steve asked and you sighed. After putting your putty back in its container and grabbing Bucky you started walking away.

“Peace,” You said throwing up a piece sign over your shoulder.

“It was cheating,” Bucky said nonchalantly and you chuckled.

“Hilarious is what it was. You should’ve seen you and Steve dropping and throwing your hands over your heads,” you said chuckling and pressing a kiss to Bucky’s check.


You were so confused about everything right now. You had to get out of the tower to get some air and think. You had overheard Bucky and Steve talking and you wished you hadn’t. You hadn’t caught a lot but the one thing you did understand was when Bucky said to break up. The two words caused you to be unable to think; it was like someone took your mind and put it in a blender. You couldn’t think clearly it was all just jumbled up words. You threw on your shoes and walked out of the tower and went on a walk, you didn’t know where you were going or when you would get back but that didn’t matter right then. You turned your phone on silent because you knew eventually Bucky would try to talk to you and you were in no condition for that.

Your feet lead you to your favorite café and you got a hot chocolate because it was chilly out but you didn’t chat with Stephany, she asked if you were okay but the most you could do was shake your head no and order your hot cocoa. When you got your drink you were back out and walking. The sun was starting to go down when you arrived at where your feet were taking you without consulting your mind. You found yourself at the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian. You immediately walked over to the clip of Steve and Bucky laughing before Bucky fell off the train and you couldn’t help but smile. You stayed there for an hour.

“I want to be like Sargent Barnes mama,” you overheard a little boy say to his mom and it made you smile to see that even after the whole Winter Soldier mess somebody still knew that Bucky was a good guy.

“No, you don’t, sweetie. Sargent Barnes is a very bad man honey, why don’t you be like Captain America instead,” the mom said back and this made you angry.

“Excuse me ma'am but James Barnes is very far from a bad man and your son should aspire to be like the Captain or Barnes because they are both very good men,” you said trying your hardest not to yell or sound too harsh.

“With all due respect, I will parent my son how I deem fit. Also, James Barnes used to be a good man before he became the Winter Soldier and a monster,” the woman said and that tipped you off the edge. You noticed somebody that kind of looked like Bucky move behind the woman but you didn’t pay too much attention to them

“Bucky isn’t responsible for what Hydra made him do, normally there is always a choice but there isn’t one when you’re brainwashed over and over and over again and tortured to the point that you forget everything you were before you came to your captors. Bucky is no monster, I would never have fallen in love with a monster,” you say trailing off as tears started sliding down your face. That was the first time you said you loved Bucky but it felt right as it rolled off your tongue. The woman’s face went blank and the guy that looked like Bucky took off the baseball cap that he was wearing and walked over towards you. It was Bucky and he took you in his arms and tried to calm you.

“Shh it’s okay (Y/N), I love you too doll, I love you too,’ he whispered into your ear and you felt like you were at home right there in his arms.

My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2016 - What’s Yours?

Originally posted by a-fanz-notes

2016 is about to end and K-Dramaland has been kind in bringing us so many goodies this year. As per our blog’s tradition [For 2015 faves click here] , below are my Top 10 favs on the year (my faves in alphabetical order so it might not be yours so please don’t judge)

My only specific criteria is the show must have had more than 5 episodes at this point to be considered a 2016 series (Hence, Reply 1988 was in last year’s list and Hwarang cannot make the cut of this one) 

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some words about ‘life in real time.’

recorded in 2015.

i’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the shortened, anticipatory instrumental intro. cole made this track; with jordan & michael’s help. it’s swirling & vibey, it sounds for a moment like something is going to happen but then it doesn’t; it’s etherial & pleasant, which we thought was a cool contrast to the biting sarcasm of…

where to begin.
written in early 2014.
recorded in early 2015.

my favorite song on the album; written while listening to a bunch of the killers & ben folds five.
michael made the track over a year ago & within 6 hours of having it in my inbox, the whole song was finished. it wrote itself; it’s weird how when you’re fighting to understand your artistic blocks, they tend to reveal themselves to you through the art itself: the frustration of not being able to write a song ends up being the part of you that writes the song.

as feels painfully apparent, this one came at a time when we were being pulled in a lot of directions over what we were supposed to do next; 2014 was a hard year to make sense of being in a pop rock band, because a lot of our tour-mates & favorite bands were either breaking up (which we didn’t want to do), chasing to the much more hardcore / modern pop punk side of the spectrum (which is an awesome genre, but felt wasn’t us), or, worst of all, trying to squeeze themselves into the cookie-cutter of hyper-generic commercial musack— for instance, we did a session with a few writers where we were told “less words, less specific, more general, just say happy things, now B HOOK WITH OHS OR AHS OR BAHS OR DAHS OR NAHS!”

what was even more frustrating was that the songs turned out pretty good. they definitely sounded like the kind of thing that might have played behind a target commercial. if they’d have sucked, it would have been easy to ignore them. but instead, it resulted in a lot of internal struggle.
ultimately, we decided they weren’t us, & my frustration with those songs & that struggle led to a grand piece of satire— where to begin. i’m happy with it. i think it’s pretty aggressively honest. originally, before the big band explosion & ba-de-das, i’d planned to answer the “where do we go next?” question— with a verbal, spoken, “i don’t know, some vapid & meaningless B hook?”

but of course, the vapid & meaningless B hook is the part of the song that i most look forward to. music, ain’t it a thing?

back to life.
written in 2014.
recorded in 2015.

i’m intrigued by how obsessed artists are with the freedom of youth. there’s something about the period of time after learning to drive & before being sucked into the real-world vacuum of taxes & monotony that is constantly, obsessively heralded as the time of ultimate freedom. i don’t know about other people, but my youth wasn’t like that; my youth was a time of learning to dwell within & experiment with the bounds that were set for me. my youth was about trying to win debate tournaments & stay out of the way of people in high school who didn’t like me.

the only real freedom that was involved was emotional freedom, & that was something i had to allow myself— i loved a lot harder & cared a lot more back then, before i learned not to, & started to develop this thick skin of adulthood. & i think that’s why we romanticize it. the freedom of youth is in it’s stupidity— bold, reckless, vulnerable stupidity.

i wanted to write a song with characters that embodied that innocent, emotional freedom; idealized characters that sound like they could be protagonists of a young adult novel, who genuinely believe that youth isn’t a time in your life but a way of viewing it, & that ‘people only grow up when they’ve got nothing better to do.’

i reference a lot of my favorite art from that era of my life— ‘I’ve got a $20 bill…’ is from a Brand New song. ‘The only thing that matters is how well you can walk through the fire’ is Bukowski. ‘Stay Golden’ is so oft-referenced that it out-shines the book it comes from (i had to alter the syntax for the sake of rhyme, by the way).

who we were with.
written in 2013.
recorded in 2014.

i’ve written about this one at length, & talked about it often, so i’m afraid my analysis of the song has over-shadowed my feelings about the song itself. but i guess that makes sense, because the song is itself is probably over-thinking relationships anyway.

it was written over a track that cole, lucas, jordan, marcus & michael made while i was out of town. evidently the track had some structural errors, but i wrote over it anyway, which is why some of the verse lengths are weird & feel random.

it was written after seeing after watching several relationships, my friend’s & my friend’s parent’s, that fell apart because the expectation of the relationship, the desire to just ‘have someone,’ the words used to describe the relationship, overshadowed the important parts. it’s a pretty basic theory— for better or worse, settling for less or creating more, we learn to love who the people who are around us.

talk about it.
written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

jordan made this track, which is why so much of the instrumental bed is crazy guitar. he gave it to me a year ago & it had so much vibe that i spent 6 months trying to write to it, but every time, i’d fail the tone. then one day, one line made it all make sense, & the rest of the song happened.

every relationship i’ve ever been in has reached this moment, the point where it’s bursting forth with feelings & hang-ups & hold-ons, all things worth talking about, & it’s so overwhelmed by them that the only rational response is to talk about none of them. one in particular that i think was my main reference for writing was one of those back-and-forth, 2-am-text kind of relationships, & i can remember thinking very distinctly one morning, “she likes how i make her feel, i like how she makes me feel, & we don’t give a shit about each other.” & neither of us really wanted to talk about it.

you to believe in.
written in 2013.
recorded in early 2014.

‘if i ever lose my faith in you, there’d be nothing left for me to lose.’ - sting.

there’s a lot of shitty things; & i spend a lot of time thinking about those things. i’m generally disappointed by politics, & the media, & celebrity culture. there’s a tremendous amount of hurt in the world & we ignore most of it. people are starving, the Earth is on its way to being completely broken, & if you let yourself be fully empathetic to all of that suffering, you’re never going to keep your head above the water. so what, in this vacuous wasteland of a planet, is there to care about? what’s left to believe in?


written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

cole made this track & wrote this chorus & sent it to me. other than tacking on some verses, it’s end-to-end his creation, & one of my favorite pieces of music on the album. the way it makes me feel— completely swallowed by the sound— perfectly captures the lyric. he’s written a lot of phenomenal songs; i think this might be my favorite.

written in early 2015.
recorded in 2015.

i think this song is about cinnamon….

cole wrote the chorus of this song, & i think found a very cool way to speak directly to the questions that everyone asks themselves in every relationship: am i really into this person, or am i into the idea of them? are we great, or does it just sound great in my head? do i love them, or do i love the story i’ve written for us in my head?

i hope i was able to honor that. in the social media age, where we can observe air-brushed versions of everyone’s lives, i think it’s easy to create a picture perfect narrative of how your relationship story is going to go before it actually happens (i do this all the time; i’m a serial first-date wedding planner). the problem with that, of course, is that it’s not going to go the way you want it to, regardless of how well it goes, & when the story in real life doesn’t match up with the story in your head, there’s bound to be friction. but alas, i can’t stop myself from doing it. i’m a slave to the sentiment.

next to me.
written in 2014.
recorded in 2015.

it was my soft, simple, sappy comedy ode to the 2 am walk home from the bar with the girl who’s impossibly out of reach.

because i think it always goes like this: everyone looks so big, so out of reach, too good for you from up close, so you disappear into self-consciousness & ignore the human parts of them. then, past 2 am, people start to unravel & become who they really are, & you realize that all of the impossibility of them was in your own head— just like you, they’re afraid of the future & afraid of what the world has in store for them & afraid of being alone. & you realize you were close the whole time, you just weren’t letting yourself be.

written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

when i heard this track, i think i saw the song before i wrote it. the instrumentation sounded to me like the 2 am, dark blue moment where the thing you’re most afraid of keeps you awake, so you stare out the window with your head on the pillow & wonder what the point of any of this is. the age & gender & struggle of every character in the song is different, but they’re united by that moment, the sky they’re looking at, & their desperate need for sleep to find them.

i hesitate to write too much about it; to explain the position of each character is to over-complicate it, so i’ll just leave it at this: i very carefully considered every line in the song, how the characters felt, & how the world felt about them. it’s one of my favorite songs that’s ever found me, & i hope it finds you too.
also, jordan’s guitar solo is incredibly tasteful.

say my name.
written in 2015.
recorded in 2015.

cole wrote this song; it’s a fantastic love song, but i can’t speak much to it!

written in 2013.
recorded in 2014.

for reunion, i had the unique experience of being somewhere (a bar in our home town in south dakota) & feeling a song write itself in a single moment, like a different me was sitting in a room with a piano above me sending words down. i talked about the idea for it quite a bit here:

but the basic gist is this: everyone’s lonely, especially in their early 20’s. we go places like bars to feel like we’re not, but what we end up doing is comparing our lives to the people around us & feeling even more lonely. but at least we don’t have to be alone.

that’s the kind of thing that gets better, right?

right? anybody?

Showstopper - Baekhyun Imagine

✉ ❝bad boy au with baekhyun where he sees another guy flirting with you (but you don’t notice the flirting) and starts getting jealous?

▶ 2150 words

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OMG Check Please Fic Rec List January 2016

Alright so I know it’s been a long time since I did my Jack/Bitty list back in November, and I’ve been slacking on making my one for all the other ships, so here I am. This one is going to be set up a little different, and very long so prepare!

These are organized as follows:

  • by pairing
  • then chaptered or one shot
  • alternate universe or within canon/future
  • all in descending length longest to shortest
  • ** means my personal favourites

It’s very very long so be prepared and enjoy! 

If you haven’t seen my pervious Jack/Bitty list, it can be found here!

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