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here are some non-depressing nursey headcanons

for @brunch-at-jerrys on her birthday! 

brought to you by my absolute lack of chill and undying love for this huge nerd

  • has a favorite coffee shop in almost every part of manhattan. they are never chains and usually have weird/quirky shit on their menu, but the coffee is always amazing. he is absolutely That Guy who will tell you Starbucks is overpriced, shit-quality coffee.
  • despite that: Gregory’s is his guilty pleasure. He fucking loves Gregory’s coffee. He and his moms and his sister did one of their coffee seminars once and he will rant about it for hours even if it turned him into a Coffee Snob.
  • Pottermore sorted him into Gryffindor and he had a literal fucking identity crisis because he convinced himself for years he was a Ravenclaw (because he’s a Chill Intellectual). told his sister and she laughed her ass off because “are you fucking kidding me you get pissed so easily and you will literally fight about shit for hours you are made of lies” “you’re made of lies” “do you want to have this fight again”)
  • speaking of his sister, let me tell you my Farah Nurse feels
    • she’s four years and five grades ahead of him; they’ve never been in the same school
    • their relationship is simultaneously overprotective, sappy, and chirpy as fuck
    • Nursey would never offer to fight a dude who messed with her but only because he knows she can do it herself and also he’s slightly fucking scared of her
    • getting a Master’s at NYU in Humanities and Social Thought
    • we’re getting off track but I’m Love Her
  • anyway
  • back to my sweet hipster poet son Derek
  • has a sixth sense for finding secondhand and independent bookstores and is physically incapable of walking past one without going in
    • this has caused significant delays to a lot of family outings
    • they learn to budget for it
    • “Farah, where’s your brother–oh, never mind. Derek, I’m starting the clock you have ten minutes and that means if we pass another one you’ll have less time.”
  • is actually? terrible?? at regulating his temperature. like he’ll be hot one second and cold ten seconds later. it’s why he always dresses in layers. 
    • Farah is always cool and Room Temperature. Derek hates her.
    • no he doesn’t.
  • doesn’t eat a lot of meat really ever? his ammi keeps halal but his mama’s not big on meat at all (“It’s not good for the planet, baby” “Ammi, Mama’s ranting about global warming again!”) so they don’t really have meat at home so by the time he gets to andover he’s used to eating vegetarian or fish most of the time, and he’ll eat chicken occasionally but he doesn’t really eat red meat bc he lost the taste for it and he never eats pork.
  • if asked, he’ll tell people his favorite poet is Neruda, because people get the name recognition, and Neruda is up there with on his faves list. but Farah gets him a bilingual edition of Reinaldo Arenas’s poetry before she leaves for Andover and he reads the whole thing and something inside him just–clicks
    • he’s not sure if he’s never going to breathe again or if his lungs just never worked right before now, but it’s the most beautiful feeling he’s ever had
  • fucking hates staten island. 
    • just. why.


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Hi undertaker is beautiful and I'm so excited to see this arc animated so I reread some arcs as well and chapter 64 like page 25~ where ciel grabs the thing and he calls it his treasure LIKE BOI he's so beautiful I love him even if he's like some sort of mastermind behind some shits

Hi there, lovely Undertaker addict :’)))

You meant this panel right? Haha :D 

Well, I’m also excited to see some parts animated even if the animation quality doesn’t seem to be the greatest tbh…. But from what we’ve seen so far, at least this final bit of the arc seems to look a little bit better than the rest of the movie! 

Guard!Yoongi Part Two

Before I start this, I just want to say a h u g e thank you for 1,900 followers!! That is honestly so amazing and crazy to me but thank you all from the bottom of my heart !! So I’ve gotten a couple of requests to make the part 2 to the guard series into a full on series rather than just Jin’s post (can be found here for anyone that wants to read it) so here it is !! I’m going to continue on with our lovely, talented, simply amazing Min Yoongi aka Suga aka highkey my spirit animal like okay but can we talk about his hands for a second I could talk about them for a lot longer than a second tbh but I’ll keep it short like his album reviews are such top quality shit I can’t even rate it high enough it’s beyond a 10/10 like you have the audio of him talking in that lovely voice of his and then you have the visual of his hands like sign me up

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Yoongi is your closest friend
  • He’s your best friend, he’s your secret keeper, he’s the person you can talk to about a n y thing
  • Like you can literally walk up to him and be like what do you think it’d be like if dinosaurs were still around
  • “Not as much fun”
  • Has a witty comment to literally everything you say
  • Yoongi is really smart and just clever in general (you can tell with his lyrics that’s some deep shit)
  • Like his commentary on shit is 10/10
  • Guard!Yoongi would be similar to normal yoon bc they both don’t give a fuck about what others think
  • He’s technically not supposed to be best friends with you but lol oh well
  • You two have known each other since you were kids bc he used to be a stable boy who looked after your horse
  • It’s hard not to be best friends when you two spent your childhoods together, sneaking out of the castle grounds to run through the village together
  • He has a platonic love for you at first where it’s just like I love you but I’m not in love
  • Guards are supposed to be able to think strategically and sometimes that’s difficult to do when you have a genuine deep love for someone
  • Bc your mind can kinda go oh my god my love is in trouble !! rather than okay how do I solve this
  • That’s actually how Yoongi realizes he’s in love with you
  • I lowkey could see yoon being someone who falls slowly like he has moments of adoration but it takes him a minute to be able to say I love you
  • So he actually does take a while to fully be able to admit that he’s in love with you  
  • At first, he treats it as a job, strictly professional bc he just wants to keep you safe
  • But at the same time, he somehow finds himself telling you things a guard should not tell the person they’re guarding but he can’t help it bc he’s still used to thinking of you as just you and not the future ruler
  • Like he tells you about how stressful it can be to walk through an unknown city with you bc he has to be on the lookout every single second and he feels like if he looks away for even the briefest moment, something could happen to you
  • And to his surprise, you actually tell him about how much you hate making the guards feel that way and you two end up talking all night long and he’s just oops
  • The next thing he knows, he’s back to helping you sneak out of the castle to be able to run through the village
  • Those lil secret rendezvous turn lowkey romantic though
  • You two end up holding hands and cuddling and just feeling some not so platonic love for each other
  • Both of you are just “shit” but at the same time neither of you make a move to keep it professional
  • He doesn’t confess right away
  • He’s still trying to make those feelings go away bc guards are supposed to be just guards nothing more nothing less
  • And he wants to be a lot more and that’s not okay with him
  • You end up having a marriage arranged, to join two different kingdoms together
  • You’re not excited for you but you also understand that it’s your duty
  • The prince you’re set to marry gives you a ring to show you he’ll be a good husband and king
  • You’re still on the fence about it bc all you really want is to own a lil farm with Yoongi and help him with the horses like you used to
  • That’s midkey what he wants too but he thinks this is what you want and his top priority is to make you happy so he pushes those thoughts aside
  • But you two are out one night, in your secluded lil spot that sees over the entire town
  • He spots the ring and his heart just kinda stops for a second bc it all just hits him
  • You’re engaged to someone that’s not him, you’re gonna be married to someone that is not him this is not okay at all
  • You see him staring at it so you explain the situation
  • The more you talk, the more you can see his brow furrow and his hands are all balled up bc this is upsetting this isn’t what he wanted
  • He thought he could be a good guard and push away any non-platonic feelings for you but he really can’t, he tried
  • He kinda stops you mid-sentence and is just like hold on I have to tell you something
  • He tells you about how he’d been trying so hard to keep these feelings at bay, how he’d tried not to notice how much he loved your laugh or how whenever you said his name, he had to fight off a smile bc it sounded so cute coming from your mouth
  • You’re just speechless bc you can wholeheartedly say you’ve felt the exact same way as he did for all this time and now it’s really happening
  • He ends up rambling a bit bc he’s lowkey nervous he’s ruining his friendship with you so he just keeps talking and it’s the fastest you’ve ever heard him speak and it’s actually kinda cute
  • You give him a soft lil kiss to perfectly sum up the way you feel about him
  • He kinda doesn’t move for a minute or two after that
  • He’s just staring at your lips bc did that just happen
  • He gets this really wide grin that’s all gums and eye smiles and you can’t help but smile back
  • You call the wedding off the next day and instead tell your parents you want to be with Yoongi
  • They take a while to come around to it but after seeing how happy you two are, they give their blessing
  • You step down from the throne and pass it onto the next in line bc neither you or Yoongi really want to rule
  • You end up moving into one of the guest houses of the castle, where Yoongi takes over the stables and you two are honestly so much happier there than you would’ve been ruling and everyone’s just happy

Idk what i love more: memer shiro or old man shiro????? Like both have such good qualities????? Like shiro could order pidge and keith to dab or a shiro where when lance screams OH SH IT and poor poor old man shiro screams and his hand is fucking glowin an shit and lance just yoes DAT BOI DAT BOI RIGHT DER. Shiro is so worried and keeps asking who is dat boi????? Where is he coming from??? Is he part of the galra empire???? I just cant fucking decide please

I love how chichi holds goku responsible for his part in their family like she does not give a single shit if he’s saved the world several times or that he’s ultimately a god?? what she cares about is if he’s being a good influence on their children and if he’s spending quality time with them or if he’s at least providing for them so they have a better future?? like honestly who cares if she nags all the time, she makes him a better father and husband because of it??

see my eyes (you’ve fallen for me) (GoGo/Tadashi)

Title: see my eyes (you’ve fallen for me)
Summary: “Sweetie, as your go-to source on what the Internet is saying about your pretty boy popstar, it’s my job to know these things.  Comments range from heartbroken to ‘omg they are the cutest thing ever.’"  A combination of “You’re an idol and you got the lead role in a romance drama and you practice at my expense” + “I’m your manager and holy shit you have crazy fans” AU. / GoGo&Tadashi, of course.
A/N: this is for my Tomadashi Secret Santa, @pk-buttcheeks / @scienceninpo.  TBH, when I found out that I had gotten you I freaked out!  I love your art so much; it has this soft, airy quality to it that always makes me feel warm and light inside, and I’m so, so happy that you’re part of this fandom! :) You asked for supposedly one-sided pining and goofy and occasionally embarrassing dynamics, and I hope I delivered. Wishing you a wonderful holiday <3 sorry for posting at such an ungodly hour but w e l p

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Tadashi has mixed feelings about crowds.

On the one hand, the light flashing from thousands of cell phones can get dizzying, and his ears have never completely adjusted to hearing his name screamed. But when his fans sing his lines back at him or someone reaches out to grab his sleeve, a wondering look on her face, a warm feeling pools in his belly, because he’s reaching all these people, even if it’s just through the few crooning notes of a love song. He’s not going to be arrogant enough to claim he’s saving lives, but at his last signing a thirteen-year-old girl marched up to him, face determined, to tell him that his album had gotten her through “a rough patch,” and that—that was enough. When he’d decided to go solo two years ago, he’d never expected this response.

So when he’s onstage—it can get overwhelming, but for the most part it’s manageable. It’s afterwards, when he’s leaving, that’s the most difficult. Without an elevated stage, he’s exposed to the paparazzi’s bulging Canon cameras and the hundreds of grabby hands.

And there are hundreds.

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I treat my social media like a public journal. I love sharing things, but ultimately I journal for myself, for the long-term. I’m proud to have a high-quality years long collection of my memories. This blog, my Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, they’re all a part of a scrapbook that I leave open. It runs nearly eight years starting from age 16. I’ve never been too concerned with privacy and prioritized accurately documenting who I am, how I feel, and what I do. I have years of embarrassing shit. I have years of emotionally difficult shit. But I haven’t gone back and deleted things, because that feels like I’m destroying artifacts that while embarrassing, are an accurate log of time. To me, deleting feels like I’m tearing out pages from my journal.

That’s always been my ethos and it was never a challenge for me till this year. Since my breakup I’ve sincerely wanted to delete hundreds of things I shared over the past two years. It’s a shitty feeling that I hadn’t anticipated. Like most people on the receiving end of a really fucked up, hurtful breakup: I didn’t think it could turn out this way. I wasn’t too concerned about sharing photos of my girlfriend because I didn’t fathom an outcome where she wouldn’t be a friend of mine, someone I could care about.

I thought I was smart and aware enough to not end up in a bad breakup like everyone else. It’s been a painful realization that there is still a lot of shit to learn as a naive fake-adult in your twenties. People can shock you and do incredibly hurtful things. Life can take unexpected detours at any time.

So now I have all these photos I’ve posted of her. Photos that were for her. Photos I was proud of. She’s featured heavily in my strongest period of work. They are photos people like. But for me I just see a pretty photo of a person that ignorantly caused an incredible amount of undeserved pain in my life. So I want to delete her presence from my public journal. I wanna tear those pages out. But I’m not going to. Like I said, I’d rather have an accurate journal of my life. Even if that means having to be reminded of a shitty person. In the long run I’ll leave an honest history. It feels better to at least acknowledge the situation than to hide it. I guess that’s why I wrote this. It has been a difficult seven months and it’s hard to always keep your emotions to yourself in the name of saving drama. This is something I’d rather just address and get off my chest.

Following this experience I’m unsure how public I will be with relationships in the future. And that sucks. I want to share things that make me happy today but now I better understand the longterm costs. Sorry for the bummer post. I’m actually doing well. This is just something I felt I needed to talk about on my dumb internet site for strangers to read.

April Blogs of the Month Part 2

I had so many quality blogs this month I had to make another list.