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idk the likely hood of anyone coming across this guy but … apparently haunt (t500 self proclaimed “#1 world projectile player” on pc) is apparently a pedo asking for pics of underage girls.  if you see a t500 in your game named haunt…run


J: learning how to make all the drinks is fun tho! even if i still mess up a lot right now ,,,,


”I will be with you… Always.”

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol



Okay so I’m coming out of my anonymous hole that I normally hide in because I LOVED your art and got inspired to write for the first time in like, forever, and this is probably horrible because I wrote it in 20 minutes and barely edited it but HERE, HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY. (also, please don’t be mad, I borrowed some dialogue from the art!)


“Okay, so how does this work?”

“How am I supposed to know, I only just found out about it!”

Marinette huffs and moves her ear away from Chat’s torso. Much to his embarrassment, she has (unsuccessfully) been trying to elicit a purr from him since he dropped onto her balcony. According to him it was new, but she knew he was lying to her. He’d purred for Ladybug before, but she never did find out the exact reason it happened.

So that leaves them now, standing in her bedroom, with Chat standing like a mannequin while she essentially bear-hugged him.

“I just don’t understand it, it worked last time!” She mutters, frustrated.

“What was that, princess?” Chat asks.

“Nothing!” She says, trying to think of a way to change the topic. “So, do you do it unconsciously, or does contact trigger it? I’m thinking the former, since I’ve been hugging you for 15 minutes now.” Chat shrugs.

“I just don’t know, Marinette. Ladybug and I could never really figure it out. I always assumed it was because when I’m around her, I’m so-“ He cuts himself off, going red. Marinette avoids the thought trail that might lead her down.

“Well, desperate times, desperate measures”, she decides, reaching up her hand to his face.

What are you doi-“ Chat’s protest cuts off as her fingers gently weave through his hair. His eyes close in contentment, and sure enough, within moments she can hear a faint rumble fill the room. She runs her fingers through the soft curls, part of her crowing at her success, another part wondering just where he gets his conditioner.

After a few moments her fingers stall, and the purr cuts off with a distinct sense of disappointment. Her partner’s eyes open again, staring at her with wonder.

Please tell me you will do that again sometime.”

She laughs, “Anytime, kitty. Your hair is so soft, I think you’re more cat than we realized. Who knew that was the secret to success?” He stares at her for a moment, and then seems to decide on something.

“My mom…she used to play with my hair a lot, when I was younger. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it.”


“I’m sorry”, she says. “I didn’t realize.” He smiles. “I don’t make a habit of sharing stuff about my identity, it’s not your fault. Just…don’t tell anyone, all right? This cat has a reputation to keep.”  She laughs again, grateful for the break in tension.

“It’ll be our little secret, then.”

With that, he bows and moves toward the window. “Then with that, princess, I bid you goodnight.” And with a swift movement, he’s gone. Marinette stands for a moment, grateful for the little extra she now knows about the boy she calls her partner. 

“Goodnight, Chat.”

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THANK YOU SO MUCH @cakeanon this was amazing!


Ok, hope you don’t mind seeing that first pic again… I drew the back side using the same outline and will be making charms out of this. Will probably be the first merch I’ll have up for sale.

I might have to open pre-orders before I order the actual charms tho, to help pay for the printing of them as well as to know how many I should order, which is why I’m posting this now; so you can keep a look out for this in case you’re at all interested! Thank you~ <3


Leo’s different hair styles - ranking by @smilange ❤️️

bonus: Celine’s “favourite” hairstyle :D

me to myself: hey remember that time in throam when ryan and brendon ran into each other at that party after like being separated for 6 years and ryan going to his show watching him perform ??

me whispering to myself: holy shit it’s happening i don’t trust anna green

Allura: I need to type in the coordinates to the Castle, Lance. Cover me.

(Lance summons his Bayard)

Lance: Oh, man. I mean, you know, I-I don’t want to kill nobody.

Allura: They’re just robots, Lance! It’s okay to kill them! They’re robots!

(Lance shoots at a Galra Soldier, blowing his leg off, and making blood gush out as he drops down in pain)

Galra Soldier 1: Aaaaah! My leg is shot off!

Galra Soldier 2: Dorlon’s bleeding to death! Someone call his wife and children!

Lance: They’re not robots, Allura!

Allura: It’s a figure of speech, Lance. They’re GALRA. I don’t respect them!