this is shit don't look at it shush


so I went to my buddy at the hairdressers with the intent of asking her to cut all the red off and bleach my excessively overgrown roots so I could then dye it turquoise or something, and she said fine but it would be easier to bleach it first then cut it

so we did the bleaching, washed it out, then realized it looked kind of funky already- we then both had an epiphany at the same time that it was the same colour as Leeloo’s hair in Fifth Element and therefore it would be a travesty to undo this miraculous deed

so yeah ridic face pulling for you

How virgo sees the signs
  • Aries: Giant toddler smh...
  • Taurus: you're so underrated let me love you
  • Gemini: -_-'
  • Cancer: I'll hold you little one you're adorable
  • Leo: Show off christ
  • Virgo: I don't like you. Work harder.
  • Libra: shush... no ONE CARES
  • Scorpio: i love how you look at me it's like you see right through the lies
  • Sagittarius: someone who's more critical than me?? FINALLY
  • Capricorn: ORGANIZED SQUAD you get me
  • Aquarius: you're stuck-up but you don't have the smarts to back it up
  • Pisces: we think very differently but you fascinate me
story time

I was going to try something on in hot topic and there was already a girl in front of me who was waiting to go into the change room and she had some clothes so when the other person came out she went it and after a few minutes I hear a door slam inside and I ask my friend if there’s another room in the fitting room and she says no and it’s like 20 minutes later that my friend decided to look under and she comes back and says there’s no feet so we go and ask an employee to open the door and when she does there’s no one inside and there’s no clothes and I was like “… but there was a girl inside” and she just shrugs and I pulled on the mirror to see if that was the door slamming sound I heard and it was attached to the wall and I could have tried to pull on the seat of the bench too but at that point I was like “you know what, I don’t think I want to know” so I didn’t and later my mom said it was a ghost and my dad says someone probably pulled her through the ceiling and they were part of a shoplifting gang but these change rooms have a really big gap between the door and the doorway and the door and the floor so we would have seen her going through the ceiling and I even looked up jokingly before saying maybe she disappeared through the vent and I didn’t see anything (there was also no vent but the ceiling tiles probably opened up) and basically I hardly ever go out but when I do this kind of shit happens