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Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz

Letting out an irritated groan, [Y/N] rolled over in her bed. With her eyes still closed, she pawed for her phone that was obnoxiously buzzing on her night stand. Yanking the charger out, she opened an eye to see that it was a facetime from Tom is better than Harrison👍👌🙌. Groaning again, she slid to answer.

“You better have a damn good reason why you’re facetiming me at three in the morning, Holland.” Regrettably sitting up, she tried to adjust to the brightness of her phone.

Tom gave an apologetic grin, “I miss you, does that count as a good enough reason?” 

[Y/N] tried to fight back the smile but gave in. Playfully rolling her eyes, she squinted at his surroundings. It appeared that he was at the beach and that it was sunnier than hell. She instantly became jealous. “I was going to let it be a good enough reason but now I see your ass is at the beach and I’m pissed again.” 

“Oh but love,” Tom pouted. “I can’t help if I’m shooting near the beach.” Jutting out his bottom lip, he pulled his sunglasses up on top his head. “If it helps, it’s really not that much fun.” 

“Mhm, yeah okay.” She said sarcastically.

“I’m being completely one hundred percent serious.” Tom flinched when a fan walked past and waved. It always made [Y/N] giggle when fans did that. It always caught him off guard and he’d have mini heart attacks because he’d never be aware of his surroundings when he facetimed with her. “I really do miss you.” 

Shifting into a better position, she laid on her side with her head propped on her hand. “I miss you too.” 

“Will you please come to me?” Tom asked. 

[Y/N] took a deep inhale, she hated when Tom asked her that. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, it was because she hated planes. She became extremely anxious and would nearly have a panic attack every time. “You know I can’t.” She finally said.

Tom frowned, “Please, baby.” 


“I promise it won’t be that bad. You just have to make it here and then you’ll have me on the way back. I just miss you so much.” Tom pleaded, he hated being away from her for too long. It made him go a little mental when he was apart from [Y/N]. 

“I’d be on a six hour flight, Tom.” [Y/N] whined. “And then getting used to the time zone switch.” 

“Please,” Tom dragged out. “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” He wiggled his brows and laughed at her expression. 

“Is that why you want me to endure a six hour anxiety induced flight because you just want some?” She asked with a raised brow. 

Tom laughed again. “I mean it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get some if you came.” 

“Thomas Stanley Holland, if only your mother heard you right now.” She warned. 

“I’d be in a shit load of trouble.” Tom responded as he took a seat on a bench. “I’m almost certain she believes we’re still virgins.” 

“I don’t think you give your mother enough credit. We’re twenty and have stayed in multiple hotel rooms together since we were eighteen. I’m sure she knows we’re not saving ourselves for marriage.” 

“Well I am. I’m saving all of me just for you.” 

Rolling her eyes, she yawned. “Wrap it up, kid. I’m sleepy.” 

“[Y/N] [M/N] [L/N], please for the love of god, will you get on the next plane and come to me.” 

“Tom,” she whined again. “I’m seriously about to have a panic attack thinking about it. What do you think is going to happen if I do get on a plane for six hours.” 

“You’ll probably hyperventilate and scare the shit out everyone that’s sitting beside you.” Tom shrugged his shoulders at her expression, “You asked.” 

“I hate you sometimes.”

“No you don’t.” 

“I really do.” 

“Ahh, you really don’t.” 

“Fuck you.” 

“I mean I could if you were here.” 

“Thomas!” [Y/N] shrieked. 

Laughing, Tom ran a hand through his hair. “Babe, just please come. I really need you. I’m getting so unbelievably stressed out right now and you always know what to do and say to make me feel better.” 

[Y/N] groaned, she hated when Tom used that whole ‘you make my stress go away’ ruse. But, she knew at the same time that it wasn’t just a trick to get her there. She really didn’t know how she made Tom’s stress disappear but she did. “Baby.” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” She groaned. “When I wake up later, I’ll look up the flights okay?”

Tom smiled, “Let me know which one and I’ll pay for it, okay?” 

“Absolutely not.” She countered. 

“What? Yes.” Tom snapped back, his brow raised. “I kind of peer pressured you into coming here, so let me pay for it okay?” 

“And let you pay for my hotel room too? This is how it goes, you always pay for everything.” 

“Of course not. You’re staying with me.” Tom grinned, “And I’m supposed to and before you hit me with the whole sexist shit, it’s also because I want to. You’re my Queen, baby.” 

She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

“Won’t be soon enough. I love you, get some sleep.”

“I love you too and don’t worry I plan on it.” She blew him a kiss and ended the call. Setting her phone back on her nightstand, she sighed into her pillow. Reaching down to pull the collar of the hoodie she wore to her nose, she inhaled Tom’s scent. At least she’ll get to steal another hoodie of his when she visits. [Y/N] couldn’t even begin to count the number of his hoodies she had in her closet. And she was amazed that he kept buying them knowing that they would end up with her. 

Smiling as she fell asleep, she couldn’t wait to see and feel him again. 

I don’t understand. How much more can we take away from Native Americans? Native Americans have suffered through abuse, rape, disrespect and disregard of their culture and more, yet we keep trying to take more of their land. And how have they responded? With kind words and peaceful protests, only forgiveness for years and years of hatred. Is this how we treat them? Trump has signed a bill to continue DAPL and I don’t even know where to start. What hope is there now? Please find your humanity people. I don’t know how we can fix this but show some damn respect and don’t appropriate culture, don’t shit on traditions you don’t understand, don’t disregard years of history, and NEVER forget the hatred the United States has shown for indigenous people.

Decline - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Summary: In which Bucky betrays his best friend (Y/N) and later begs for her forgiveness.
(Request by ANON - it’s a little tweaked sorry.)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None! Yay!

Word count: 1.8K

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:
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Vernon crushing on you !! // scenario

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a bullet-point scenario featuring the legendary meme, Vernon/Chwe Hansol !!

Send in requests for scenarios and reactions on my page if you’d like to :)

- Hansol yall

- this guy is a literal dork but he doesn’t always show it

- on stage he’s kinda cautious and uptight

- but he’s suuuper funny and genuine off stage

- and I guess he’s kinda like this when it comes to his crushes

- he’ll be super serious at first

- but once his crush breaks the ice for good

- she better get ready for a shit ton of moments with

- not just vernon

- but with our legendary memesol too ;)


- you’ve been an intern at pledis for a couple of months now

- and during those months you found this one svt member that you really really really click with:


- you love his sass and he loves how you react to it

- the conversations you guys have are just so interesting too, and they’re nEVER quiet

- he’s practically screaming and making a fool out of himself whenever he’s with you because he loves hearing you laugh

- Seungkwan is so full of energy whenever he’s around you like

- he’d be practicing a extremely difficult dance in the practice room with the rest of svt and feel like he’d rather die than get the moves right

- but then you’d walk in and Seungkwan would spring from the dead like


- and the rest of svt would groan and want to slap the shit out of him for interrupting their much-needed break

- anyways, knowing how much !positivity! and !motivation! you guys bring into each other’s days, the two of you choose to hang out often

- and a lot of his fellow group members would think it’s because Seungkwan is crushing on you

- but it’s not that

- it’s just one of those super duper close bff connections ykno

- your amazing friendship with Seungkwan is probably one of the best things you’re getting out of the internship

- ONE of them, just wait ;)

- and although you know that the other svt members find Seungkwan’s attitude is 5x more annoying when he’s with you

- you didn’t know your friendship was really starting to bother a particular member:

- “Hansolieeeee~” Seungkwan comes barging into the practice room to see Vernon sitting by himself on the floor, back leaning against the wall mirror

- “mm?” Vernon hums but doesn’t look up from his phone. He knows the loud voice can only be Seungkwan’s

- “wanna go get some bubble tea? Like right now?” Seungkwan grins widely, but his positive gesture is met with a dull response

- “I don’t know,” Vernon’s eyes are still glued to his phone

- “come on,” Seungkwan pulls on one of Vernon’s arms. “It’ll be fun because-”

- “y/n will be there, I know,” Vernon huffs

- “you never hang out with us,” Seungkwan pouts. “Why can’t you just give today a chance?”

- “you go have fun with your little crush. I’ll be here,” Vernon says coldly

- “HANSOL, FOR THE LAST TIME, I DON’T LIKE HER LIKE THAT,” Seungkwan gets defensive

- “and you’re my best friend. I can’t just leave you here like this…” he looks down in guilt

- “well then go have fun with your new best friend then,” Vernon says as his eyes avoid Seungkwan

- (now a lot of us would expect Boo to get offended by this statement and sass the living shit out of Vernon)

- (but nah)

- (in fAct)

- Seungkwan snickers. “Is my best friend… jealous?”

- “I’m not, I just…” Vernon struggles to make up an excuse

- “HAH YOU’RE SO CUTE, JEALOUS OF SOME GIRL HUH…?” Seungkwan collapses and rolls on the floor, dying of laughter

- Vernon doesn’t respond and keeps busy on his phone

- “okay okay, I’m sorry,” Seungkwan collects himself again. “But for real, I can’t replace someone like you. Ever. You’ll always be my best friend, and no other person can say otherwise.” VERKWAN FEELS YO

- “just please, I’d love to hang out with the two of you guys. I think you’ll get along well… I mean there’s gotta be a reason why I’m so close to both you,” Seungkwan justifies

- Vernon contemplates for a long moment

- “… okay,” he says hesitantly

- “AYYAYAY OMG OKAY LET’S GO LIKE RIGHT NOW BC Y/N IS WAITING OUTSIDE THE BUILDING AND I DON’T WANT TO MAKE HER WAIT SO LONG,” Seungkwan screeches says excitedly as he pulls Vernon off of the floor and onto his feet

- Vernon smiles as he gets dragged out of the building

- and upon arriving at the building’s entrance, he sees you casually waiting on your phone

- while keeping quiet, Seungkwan pushes Vernon closer to you, making you look up

- “uh hello, I’m Vernon,” Vernon smiles plainly at you

- “oh come on,” Seungkwan lightly punches Vernon. “She knows you and you know him. Don’t act awkward like that.”

- “call him Hansol if you want,” Seungkwan looks to you and pats his original bestie. “He’s usually not like this, so please forgive him, y/n.”

- “ah okay,” you smile. “Nice to finally hang out with you today! Seungkwan has told me a lot about you.”

- “same here,” Vernon replies and his smile grows a little. He points to Seungkwan “This guy just doesn’t know how to shut up when he’s talking about you sometimes,” he says as he nudges Boo in the gut

- you laugh. “I think he just needs to learn how to control himself in general,” you respond

- “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, let’s not gang up against me so soon,” Seungkwan comes in between you and Vernon to link arms with the both of you. All three of you start heading over to the bubble tea cafe

- and during your trio date

- it’s pretty awkward at first

- but then you bring up something dumb or embarrassing that Seungkwan has done before

- and Vernon would be like

- “oh my god I thought I was the only one who saw him do that before.”

- “yeah I know, I can’t believe he actually sneaks his plush toys to the company building everyday. I always catch him talking to them when he’s alone. It’s hilarious.”

- “I know, right?” Vernon would laugh. “You know there was this one time he-”

- “OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH,” Seungkwan would have to shut up the both of you before he can be insulted any further

- and for the rest of the time at the cafe, you and Vernon are just snickering at each other every time Seungkwan tries to change the subject from something he can’t/doesn’t want to talk about lmao

- overall the bubble tea date turns out to be a great time

- while Seungkwan goes to use the restroom, Vernon leans over to your side of the table and asks

- “hey, if you ever need some more Seungkwan blackmail, I gotchu.”

- you shake your head and laugh. “I could definitely use some of those.”

- “yeah, if you give me your number, I can send you a few right now if you want,” Vernon smiles and holds out a hand, which you place your phone in

- as he’s entering his contact info into your phone, you spot Seungkwan returning from the restroom

- “hurry hurry,” you lean over to Vernon. “He’s cominG.”

- “okay, aaaaand done,” he smiles as he finishes up filling out his profile

- he quickly slides your phone back to you before Seungkwan can spot the suspicious activity

- on the way back to the company building, you and Vernon are separated by Seungkwan once again

- but as Boo chats away, you send your new friend a text

- you: “now would be a great time to send some blackmail, don’t you think?”

- upon receiving the text, Vernon looks to you, then to Seungkwan, then back to you

- a huge smile flashes across his face and he begins typing away at the keyboard

- Vernon: “you right” “hold up”

- Vernon: <img231>

- OH MY GOD this is g o l d, you think to yourself as you try to hold back the laughter


- Vernon: “like I said, I gotchuu”

- Vernon: <img257>

- and the two of you silently laugh at each other as the blackmail keeps rolling into your phone

- until

- Vernon: <img47747>


- you check the image and

(pic creds to

- you: “… I think this picture beat all of the Seungkwan ones”

- “HEY,” Vernon accidentally responds aloud. An embarrassed smile spreads across his face

- Seungkwan turns to the both of you

- oh shit, you and Vernon think simultaneously

- silence sets in for a moment

- “… ANYWAYS,” Boo continues his conversation with himself

- Vernon looks to you and silently wipes his forehead, mouthing the words “phew”

- you sigh in relief

- Vernon: “my bad omg”

- you: “it’s okay Seungkwan won’t suspect anything this early on”

- you: “he’s super oblivious to everything when he’s on chat mode”

- Vernon: “damn it’s like you’ve known Seungkwan for as long as I have lol”

- you: “lmao I think he’s just super predictable”

- Vernon: “naw, comprehending Seungkwan takes talent”

- Vernon: “and lots of patience”

- and the two of you kinda start of your meme friendship from there how beautiful :’)

- Over time, you guys text more, and then texting leads to talking irl, and then meeting up a few times a week

- and it just comes to the point where the both of y’all are practically ditching Seungkwan for your own hangouts lol sorry boo

- the both of you become so comfortable with each other to the point you can freely unleash your inNER MEME SELVES and it’s gREAT LMAO

- all you guys do together is secretly take pictures of other people around the building and make memes out of them I’m so mean I’m sorrY PLEDIS

- and on most days you’d snap pictures of each other and text them as end-of-the-day (aka i-kind-of-miss-you) messages aw

- one day, Vernon’s gonna be hanging out with you and trying to take pictures of you off-guard without catching your attention

- he wouldn’t check them until the end of the day, when the both of you text each other for your nightly meme exchange is that even a thing?? o o p s

- he’d look through what he managed to capture from earlier

- but

- all of the pictures he took of you

- they’re not off-guards

- they’re bomb ass candid photos

- you’re smiling, laughing, looking at him, just being super genuine in the moment

- and Vernon just thinks:

- why is she so… perfect?

- he smiles as he swipes through the pictures over and over again

- but then another thought hits him:

- do I like y/n?

- also:

- shit what am I supposed to send her today?

- then a text notification comes in

- you: “hey where’s the daily dose of my memeself??”

- Vernon: “uhhh… none today, sorryyyyyy”

- you: “wth did you not take any?”

- you: “whatever I have shit load of memesol from today anyways. ENJOY <3″

- and as you’re sending the pictures you took of him that day, Vernon isn’t even checking any of them

- he’s looking through all of your photos again and griNNING LIKE THE CUTEST KID OMG

- Oh god I do like her…

- wait what the hell am I supposed to do no-

- “wHATCHU GRINNING AT THERE,” Seungkwan sticks his nose into Vernon’s buisness

- “n o TH In G,” Vernon’s eyes widen as he shifts away from Seungkwan and turns off his phone

- “I’m not dumb, Hansol. I saw you scrolling through those pics of y/n,” Seungkwan laughs at him

- “they’re just nice pictures, that’s all,” Vernon tries to cover it up but his blush gives it away

- “mmhmm, ‘nice pictures’ my ass,” Seungkwan isn’t buying it mY FAVORITE PART OF SEUNGKWAN IS…

- “and your smile isn’t like that all the time, I know you,” Boo adds. “It’s really cute right now, and that says a lot.” VERKWAN I TELL YOU

- “okay, fine. You caught me,” Vernon gives up. “But it’s not like anything is gonna change because I like her.”

- “actually,” Seungkwan clears his throat. “knowing you so well comes with the duty to inform you with all of the dumb things you’ll do that’ll make your crush obvious to y/n. May I?”

- “Oh my God,” Vernon smiles and rolls his eyes

- “Oh and by the way,” Seungkwan leans over to Vernon and whispers. “If you don’t make it obvious, I will.”

- “SeungkwaN.”

- “Okay fine, I’ll try not to,” Seungkwan replies. “AnYwAyS…”


- Seungkwan’s right when he says that Vernon will be doing things that’ll make his crush obvious to you

- because for one, he’s gonna have to discontinue that end-of-the-day meme exchange because he’ll just be snapping really cute candid pics of you instead:

- you: “okay memesol, don’t disappoint me today” 

- you: “where’s the y/n meme I’ve been waiting for?”

- Vernon: “sorry I ain’t doing that anymore”

- you: “wait really?”

- you: “bUT WHY?”

- Vernon: “Idk I haven’t been getting any memeable pics of you lately”

- you: “wdym? my natural look is an ugly meme”

- Vernon: “it’s not and that’s the problem”

- you: “… whatchu tryna say then, bud?”

- you: “WAIT A SECOND”

- Vernon: “gn dork”

- and although he may seem pretty calm about hinting here, he’ll probably slap himself in the face a couple of times for slipping up

- Vernon would also stop making jokes about you that insult your personality because whY would he insult something he loves so much about you?? do you hear me screaming?

- but don’t worry, meme time with memesol will still be fun because he’d still be willing to make a meme out of himself for you not like he has any control over that anyways lol

- also, he’d be super blushy whenever you guys have accidental skinship moments nkadbkadfbsd

- like even the slightest touch of your hand would trigger him, and he’s definitely one to stutter afterwards

- last crushing habit he’d have would be fuCk tOns of eye contact omg

- and it’s not just your casual, everyday eye contact

- I’m talking about the kind of eye contact that stares you down to the very core of your s o u l

- okay maybe not that deep, but Vernon’s eye contact with you would just be full of admiration

- trust me, he tries to pay attention to the conversation, but when he looks into your eyes, he gets so thrown off and it’s kinda of cute:

- “hellO, earth to hansOl???” you’d say and wave a hand in front of his face

- “ah, sorry, I was kinda-” Vernon scratches the back of his head

- *cue Vernon’s really shy smile that brings tears to every human*

- and sad enough, sometimes you’ll mistaken this constant staring for lack of interest and/or tiredness:

- “dude, are you alright?” you ask with a concerned face. “you seem kind of tired…”

- “aw no no I’m fine really. I’m just-” Vernon tries to snap out of his daze

- “hey, if you want to go relax or take a nap instead of hearing me blabber about nothing, I totally understand,” you explain. “Your schedule doesn’t always come easy, and I want you to rest if you need to.”

- “no y/n, really I’m fine. I love talking to you, and you know that. And even if I was tired, I’d still want to talk to you.” 

- Vernon begins to blush and so do you

- “ah, I’m sorry if that didn’t come out the right way. But you get me, right?” he laughs nervously

- overall, Vernon is a pretty shy crusher, but he wouldn’t be any less of a meme for you while he’s crushing so don’t worry

- now when it comes to confessing, this guy would want to make it short, simple, and all planned out in his head

- but hey, that’s probably not gonna happen because we caN’t forget about Seungkwan in this equation !!1!1!1!1

- so one day you’re eating dinner with verkwan peacefully when all of a sudden

- “it took me awhile to realize that you guys have been hANGING OUT WITHOUT ME FOR SOME TIME NOW,” Seungkwan bursts his bubble. “CARE TO EXPLAIN?”

- “uhh… you’ve just been really busy I guess?” Vernon shrugs

- “Hansol, wtf we have the same exact schedule for god’s sake,” Seungkwan snaps

- “I think it’s all the meme-ing we do,” you laugh and say in an attempt to save your side with Vernon

- “yeahh. We like to play around with memes a lot and we just thought… you know… you might not be too interested in all of it???” Vernon smiles timidly

- “mmhmm, suUUUuuure. Like anyone said I would rather hang out with myself than listen to you guys talk about memes all day,” Seungkwan says sarcastically and rolls his eyes

- before you could justify your point any further, Vernon’s phone rings

- “oh, sorry guys,” he gets up from his seat. “Let me just take this call.”

- you and Seungkwan watch Vernon leave the table and walk away

- and once he’s out of sight…

- “okay, y/n,” Seungkwan looks you dead in the face and leans closer from the other side of the table. “What’s the deal with you and Hansol?”

- “why? Are you jealous of our friendship or something?” you laugh at him

- Seungkwan shakes his head. “No no, I don’t have to worry about that because I know you can’t replace MY spot as his best friend. What I’m trying to ask is…”

- “… are you guys dating? BehiND my baCK?”

- your face goes red

- ofc you guys aren’t dating

- but the fact that Seungkwan is suspecting it makes you think about how suspicious your friendship with him looks

- do we really look like a couple?

- “w-what? No, what the hell, Seungkwan,” you try to cover up your flustered appearance

- “I mean,” Seungkwan scoffs. “If you two are gonna hang out without ME, there’s obviously gotta be something going on…”

- “It’s funny you think we’re dating because I don’t see any reason why he’d like me like that,” you say as you fake a smile and play around with your food.

- Seungkwan stares at you in silence for a moment

- and then he laughs

- hystererically

- like he’s about to fall of his seat

- “yo are you okay, Boo?” you ask the dying fellow

- “no no no, I just-” Seungkwan tries to catch his breath and wipes the tears from his eyes. “Oh my god, y/n.”

- “what’s going on with you???” you say with concern

- “no, I should be asking you that question,” Seungkwan collects himself.

- “I don’t get it,” you reply

- “y/n, I hate to spoil it but how are you not picking up on Vernon’s obvious crush on you? What is going on with you?” Seungkwan smiles widely

- your face lights up at Seungkwan’s words

- does he… really like me?

- “Are you being serious right now?” you ask for reassurance

- Seungkwan sighs. “Hansol has been liking you for awhile now. And I know he really likes you because he doesn’t even talk to me about it. He tells me almost everything, but nothing when it comes to you.”

- “And that just tells me that you really mean something special to him.”

- “I mean pff, not as special as me but you know… pretty close,” Seungkwan fakes a hair flip

- you shake your head. “I don’t want to believe you,”

- Seungkwan’s eyes widen. “Wait why no-”

- “but for the record, I’ve definitely liked him for awhile,” you cut him off

- Seungkwan smiles but his face contorts at the sight of Vernon coming back. “Good to hear, but looks like your ‘boyfriend’ is walking back riGHT NOW, SO ACT NATURAL.”


- “Y/N SHUT UP HE IS- OH HEY HANSOL, WHAT’S UUUUP?” Seungkwan sweats nervously, but Vernon doesn’t suspect a thing

- so after the dinner at the restaurant, the three of you walk back to the company building so that you can head home to your apartment from there

- but the boys agree that it’s too dark outside for you to walk alone

- and of course Seungkwan, being the slick one out of the bunch, complains about one of his feet hurting and insists on staying behind at the company building actor kwan at his finest

- so it’s just you and Vernon walking together

- and although you guys usually talk comfortably

- the walk home was different

- no one says a word

- it’s pretty awkward

- the both of you are busy thinking

- “alright,” you say at the foot of your apartment building. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow like usual?”

- “yeah, that’s… that’s fine,” he rocks back and forth on his feet. “Like usual.”

- after exchanging “good night” greetings, you proceed to enter the building, but

- “I like you.”

- the words fall out of Vernon’s mouth quietly

- You turn around and see Vernon standing in place, but he’s staring at the ground

- “I don’t believe you,” you say

- “w-what?” Vernon looks up to you again

- “I said I don’t believe you,” you repeat yourself

- “what? Why not?” Vernon says in confusion

- you sigh

- “you would’ve looked me in the eye and told me so.”

- after processing your words, Vernon walks up to you with his eyes down.

- and after lifting his head up to see your eyes only inches away

- he tilts his head and presses his lips against yours

- and at that moment, you believed his words

- realizing how cheesy the moment is, you both giggle into your kiss

- the two of you say to yourselves…

- how did I fall for a dork like you?

Simple Man

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Summary: Reader has a break in one night and meets Officer Dean Winchester, the one person who might ruin everything…

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I hope you enjoy this first part of some gruff cop Dean…

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Not Yours to Keep (John Wick x Reader)

Pairing; John x Reader

Warnings: Cursing and a weirdo who stalks you.


200. “Please pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

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“Oh no, oh no. Shit, shit shit!” You cursed as you ran along the sidewalk, looking for some man, of course you did pass many men, but he had to be handsome and look like he could murder someone.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) wait! I just want to talk, come on.” Well, your ‘ex’ boyfriend didn’t seem to respond to your running away and instead, he was chasing after you. It was… well, it was freaking you out because he was a stalker of sorts… and wouldn’t leave you alone, kept hounding you for the name of your boyfriend, he knew where your flat was. Yet he didn’t know the phone number to your phone because you had changed it.

Crap, this older looking man and his dog would have to do, you quickly latched onto the man’s arm, fear playing in your eyes as you whispered to him, “Please pretend to be my boyfriend.” The man, of course didn’t get a chance to respond, he was tense, however and looked rather upset as he glared down at you and then glared up at your ex that slid to a stop in front of you.

You were nervous, your heart was pounding, not just from the running, you were scared of your ex even though he appeared harmless, he could get angry in a split second.

“H-hey (Y/Ex/N).” you stuttered out his name a bit awkwardly as the man, this dude who still hadn’t said anything, or relaxed, shifted in his spot and puffed his chest out a bit.

Your ex looked from you, to the man you were clinging to, you wanted to start shaking but you didn’t you held completely still and tried to swallow your nerves, “Who is this?” He asked slowly, cautiously as he eyed the taller man.

The brown haired man looked down to you with cold eye and then looked back to the person you used to call your boyfriend, “I am John, (Y/N)’s… fiance.”

Of course, that came as a surprise to you when he said that because you wanted a boyfriend, not a man who was going to marry you, that was when John got down on one knee, “(Y/N), I can’t stand knowing you could be swept away by another man… I would have done this tonight, but I couldn’t wait any longer, would you marry me, (Y/N)?” He pulled out a plain, gold ring that clearly belonged to himself, then offered it to you.

Come on, you were a woman, what did anyone around you expect, you were crying. More or less from shock, but crying nonetheless as you had to keep this up in front of your ex, “Y-Yes, John, I will marry you.” Your voice was thick with a stutter as he put the ring on your finger and pulled himself up to peck your cheek and hug you.

You were still in a shock from this man, who was an incredible actor, but also a savior, and you were so glad that he had been here.

You ex boyfriend looked really pissed as well as shocked as he stared at the two of you, both looked like a very happy engaged couple.

“Wow, alright (Y/N), good luck with John.” The man sneered just slightly as he then turned and walked away with his hands clenched into fists as rage seeped from him. Yet once he was gone, you felt yourself grow a bit weak as you shook your head and laughed a bit.

“Holy shit, thank you, so much for that. You are an amazing actor.” You groaned and put your hand on his chest in relief that your ex was gone, but there was a nagging feeling that said he wasn’t gone for good, “Alright…”

“I need a place to stay.” He suddenly spoke up, taking a step away from you and taking his ring back, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t miss it.

“I can get you a hotel room-”

“Your house, I can protect you from that creep, he will be coming back.”

You swallowed nervously and crossed your arms, unsure about this man… but, he had a dog. And dogs knew the good people, so… you’d let the man stay the night… of course never knowing what would happen to you…

And yet… John knew he would be at fault for what was going to happen next.

Words and Paper - Part VI

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Summary: Y/N is a brilliant young lawyer who was hired by Tony Stark himself. She didn’t expect half of the things that would happened, but she was sure glad Bucky happened.

A/N: Sorry for the delay, fam! I’ve been busy with my law finals and holiday stuff and work and all that jazz. I hope this makes it better? Please enjoy and let me know if you’d like to be talked. PS: more holiday fluff is coming!

Word count: 2.1k

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: language, mentions of crime/criminal activity


Y/N ran out of the tower and quickly hailed a cab, deciding that would be a lot faster than walking or running. Time was of the essence of course, just as Tony had told her. She subconsciously rolled her eyes as she mentally went over what to pack. She hadn’t ever been to Russia before, but she figured it would be cold, and that was something she was not excited about. One of the small joys of California living had always been having mild and temperate winters.

The cab stopped and pulled her out of her thoughts as the driver asked her for his money. She quickly pulled out a twenty dollar bill and shoved it at him as she headed out of the cab and into her building. She bounded over the stairs and started taking them as quickly as her legs would go, happy she didn’t live near the top half of the building.

Out of breathe and still pushing herself to go faster, she unlocked her apartment door and slammed it behind her, gasping when she saw Bucky sitting on her couch, Pickles fast asleep in his lap. His head whipped in her direction and he narrowed his eyes at her, surprised at her sudden reappearance.

“Bucky,” she said still out of breath, “you’re still here! Good.”

“Yes, I’m still here…but why are you? Shouldn’t you be at work?” He gently removed Pickles from his lap and placed her on the cushion next to him as he stood up and walked over to Y/N. Pickles cast him an annoyed glare before curling back up.

“Oh Buckaroo, I have to leave in a few hours. Tony told me to come home and pack,” she had already headed into her bedroom, Bucky trailing after her.

“What are you talking about?”

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Bitch Let Me Tell You

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Omg I love that idea about the Weasley twins not wanted to be related to another redhead! You should totally write something around that you are an amazing writer ❤️
A/N: literally the prompt of a Weasley twin dating a redhead was the reason I created this Imagines account, but I put so much pressure on myself to make it good that I never really wrote one! Here we go…
Squicks: bit of bad language

Since it’s such a rarity, news traveled around Hogwarts at record speed that there was a new transfer student. Some say she’s transferred from Beauxbatons, some say Ivermony, some say she’s from some unknown wizarding school in Australia. Some even think that she’s never even been to a Wizarding school before…. One thing’s for sure: she’ll be entering year 3 at Hogwarts this year. 


 You were walking to your new common room known as Gryffindor. The deputy headmaster, Professor McGonagall (who also happens to be head of Gryffindor house), had arranged for you to have your own sorting ceremony during dinner. “Gryffindor!” The sorting hat had shouted across the room. The table coloured in red and gold cheered and hollered, and you felt welcomed right away. 

 If only other houses were as welcoming… 

 On your way to Gryffindor tower, you (unfortunately) met a boy with platinum blonde hair and emerald green robes. Nothing about him intimidated you, and his cocky stride was almost laughable. 

He scoffs, “god, don’t tell me there’s another Weasley who’s come to embarrass themselves," 

 You usually came up with comebacks at an impressing speed and an even more impressing level of sass, but you were loss with this one, because what in hell was a Weasley? 

You ask him exactly that, and he laughs bitterly, turning to look at his other little friends to make sure they were laughing too, before he looks past your head while speaking, 

 "A Weasley is a pathetic excuse for a wizard, who can hardly cast the most basic of spells and are just all-round filth”. 

 "Watch your fucking mouth, Malfoy,“ a tall boy with shoulder-length hair the same colour as yours says, stepping forward from behind you, 

 "You’ve got some nerve saying shit like that with how many of us sleep in the same building as you,” says the same boy again, except he’s now on your other side, and also isn’t the same boy. 

You’ve gotten no closer to finding the answer to your question. While the two red headed twins are both identical in almost every way, you took a slight more of a liking already to the second one, somehow. 

 "Can someone please tell me what a Weasley actually is?!“ 

 "It’s our last name,” the twins both respond in unison, to which the younger blonde boy laughs, again. 

 "Early indicators of being a Weasley are that you’ve got the flaming red hair and borrowed school supplies; bonus points since you didn’t even pay for yours!“

 Now that you’ve got the context you were after, there was no holding back.

 "Bitch these clothes are probably older than both you and I combined and I still look a damn sight better than you could even dream of looking… with all the money you claim to have I thought you’d put up more of a fight you snobby little prat," 

The twin you took a fancy to - George - stood in stunned silence, his eyes wide and a slight smile tugging at his lips. He’d have smiled more if he wasn’t so shocked by the new girl’s sudden outburst. Fred on the other hand was laughing like a maniac. He looked like a fool, but this was noting compared to how Malfoy looked. 

The blonde boy’s face was red with anger, and he had a disgusted look on his face, as if he was so far above you, yet extremely offended and taken aback. 

"You want to side with the filthy blood traitors then be my guest, but don’t come running to me when you realise the mistake you’ve made by associating yourself with them”. 

 The twins had stopped laughing, giving a disinterested grunt at Malfoy and rolling their eyes. You, however, weren’t going to drop this quite so easily. 

 "Let’s see…“ you began, causing Fred to elbow George in anticipation for you to roast Malfoy again, "who would I rather associate myself with: a pompous little brat who’s ego is higher than his IQ, who can only validate himself through insults barely worthy of a six year old, and who is also a materialistic little bitch who can’t stand not having his way!” you say, using the bitchiest tone you can possibly muster, 

 "Or, would I rather associate myself with these two fine gentlemen who are by far more attractive, actually have a working brain, a sense of humour and are actually worthy of my time. I’ve known the three of you for not even ten minutes and the choice is crystal clear," 

 The twins looked rather chuffed at the flow of shameless compliments, while Malfoy said coldly, "suit yourself, be a Weasley if that’s what you want to lower yourself to”. 

You change your tone to that of one dripping with flirtiness, “by what I’m seeing of the twin to my left, maybe having the honour of becoming a Weasley one day wouldn’t be so bad,” you say, turning your head to George as you speak and ending it with a wink, to which he blushes and Fred laughs, “and don’t be surprised when Mr. Malfoy dies a lonely bachelor who could never keep a girl satisfied for longer than three minutes - if your simple brain can figure out what I’m implying here”.

 And with that, you turned on your heel to continue your journey up to Gryffindor Tower, your red hair swishing as you do so. You twirl around as you walk gracefully to look at the boys. All you could see was the back of Malfoy’s head (a definite improvement), Fred shaking his brother by the shoulders and loudly stating how lucky the other brother is, who was still staring at you, cheeks tinted pink and a wide smile across his face.

Sorry it’s been so long! I’ll try and be more active… life has been busy busy busy I tell you

Dance With Me || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Could you please do an imagine where the reader and Peter are at a school dance and someone starts attacking the school and Peter ditches the reader but saves her and they are on top of a building or something and he tries to kiss her because he forgets she doesn’t know and reveals he’s Spider-Man by accident or something.]]

this is a reupload because I’m hoping this story will finally show up in the tags.

there’s also a few minor edits that will make the story flow a little bit better along with some added details!!


**don’t repost/plagiarize this story**


You stand in front of your full-length mirror, making sure that your makeup was on point as you admired your dress. Wanting to look simple, yet elegant, you searched for the perfect dress and became immensely happy when you had found the perfect one of your dreams.

Most girls who gushed about what they were going to wear to the dance always wanted the most extravagant dress that they could find. Budgeting didn’t seem to be an issue for any one of them, but you were mindful with how much your parents were willing to spend and was happy that your dress was set at a reasonable price.

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@tarmac-like-arteries and I love to cause each other massive amounts of pain with Check Please headcanons because we LIVE to S U F F E R and this is one of my better ideas. 

So by the time 2016 rolls around, Bitty and Jack are out to the public. After the heat dies down a little, someone (maybe the PR team, maybe Bitty, maybe Tater, maybe all three) convinces Jack he needs a social media presence. So he gets a twitter. He mostly just retweets the @FalcsOfficial account and posts artsy photos and he is the softest of bros. 

After Trump makes his locker room comment, Shitty absolutely loses his fucking cool. He goes on this huge twitter rant about rape culture and toxic masculinity and how those with privilege have a responsibility to cultivate a safe space for marginalized identities. He gets into sports culture and “locker room talk.” He calls out Trump’s racist garbage and all the Republicans just NOW pulling their support. Jack retweets a string of those tweets and in doing so incites a fucking SHIT STORM. At some point someone @s him:

Snorticia Adams @boxofrocks4u

@JLZimmermann Who would even WANT to share a locker room with that sentient yam?

Jack Zimmermann @JLZimmermann 

@boxofrocks4u I’d rather change on the ice.

Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease 

@JLZimmermann @boxofrocks4u  Okay  👀

There are like ten Buzzfeed articles about this by the end of the day and Tumblr loses its goddamn mind. Jack just keeps getting all of these angry tweets about how he should stay out of politics and stick to hockey. Of course eventually some slurs and general derogatory shit gets thrown around and Jack eventually responds:

Jack Zimmermann

A lot of people are tweeting me to let me know they’re shocked by my political leanings.

Jack Zimmermann @JLZimmermann

I don’t know what they expected. I’m a bisexual Canadian. 

Jack Zimmermann @JLZimmermann

Also fuck Trump.

Shitty Knight @Mr.Shitty 


Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease

@JLZimmermann  Is twelve pies too many pies? Too late. I’ve made my boyfriend twelve pies. 

Providence Falconers @FalcsOfficial

@omgcheckplease @JLZimmermann This is why the dietitians are always yelling at you, Zimmboni.

Original Sin (Chapter 3 of ?)

(AO3)/ Chapter One/ Chapter Two

Authors: Mod A (tanagers) and Mod K (fangirlingforeverz)

Rating: NC-17/NSFW (Warnings: Unhealthy relationship dynamics. Black Reaper Ken being himself).

Word Count: 5,534 words.

Notes: The third chapter is completed at long last! (Black Reaper AU, Canon divergence).

Touka takes several days off from working at Re:, citing to Yomo that she wanted to take some time to relax and use that vacation fund she had been saving up to pamper herself. In reality, she had no plans, she secretly snuck in a few pounds of decaf coffee and locked herself in her room to sleep away the numerous emotions she was feeling inside.

He has not reached out to her, not even with a simple text. Not that he should – she had made her feelings clear, no matter how much it hurt and if anything, she should be happy, glad that he was heeding her warnings and staying away from her.

But – her heart is in pieces.

She had engaged in those trysts because of her inability to let go of the past, a product of her own hypocrisy, when she had promised herself that she would stay away from him and let him live the good life he deserved.

In the end, she was just a hypocrite.

God, she wanted to call him. She stares at his contact information on her phone, her finger hovering over the call button. She almost presses it numerous times. Frustrated, she places her phone back onto the dresser and sits herself up on her bed, raking her fingers through her messy hair.

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“Ace people benefit from homophobia and transphobia” I mean… sure… just as much as you and I benefit from transphobia as cis ppl,,,, that doesn’t make us any less gay our our experiences any less queer… that doesn’t make us deserve the LGBT+ community’s love and support any less……. just bc we’re part of the community doesn’t mean we automatically invalidate trans people’s distinct experiences or voices,,,,,,,,,

“Maybe if you learned some LGBT+ history” LGBT+ history is full of racism, heteronormativity and transphobia, but that’s not what we take away from it as we evolve, is it? We take the message that fragile communities who deviate from society’s status quo of gender and sexuality NEED to stick together. yeah some face more hardships than others but that should be even MORE of a reason to support each other as much as we can, and validate each other’s voices as we slowly internalize that there’s nothing wrong with us. 

Please Part 2

Surprise Lovelies!! The sequel is finally here! I hope you all like it… I struggled with how to write this and I think I did alright.

Warning: Angst Ahead

Word Count: 3010

(Please Part One)

Tag Zone: @shamagangster @musicalmoriarty @imagineham @imaginebeinghamiltrash @daveedish @crazypurplebananas @la-frenchiest-frite @secretschuylersister @love-doesnt-discriminate @getupoffathathang @th-mtchndr-s-th-pwrhs-f-th-cll @workworkbae @marquiis-de-la-baguette @consumed-by-musicals @drugsdiggs @hamfan22 @lawliette1031 @y-lue @hamfamhamfam @chloehamiltonn @patron-saintof-sluts @hanakatsumi @americanrevelation @ginnemer @mofoing-democraftic-republican @mysterywriter36 @librarychild @parksxo @canadian-hufflepuff @thepaddyb @tallish-hobbit 

If you thought getting in the cab was the hardest thing you had ever done, sitting on the plane as it took off was pure torture. You had could see his desperate expression and still hear him begging you not to go the entirety of the flight. When you had landed, your sister picked you up. She said nothing to you the entire car ride back to her house as you stared out the window even though it had looked like she really wanted too.

This is my dream. This is everything I have wanted my whole life. That was your mantra every day when you woke up and went to rehearsals. For weeks you had let your new roll consume you and distract you from the ache you felt. You hadn’t had the strength to go onto Facebook. You weren’t ready for that yet. Daveed had tried multiple times to call you and text you. He begged you to talk to him, to give the long distance thing a chance. You had sent one reply back letting him know that you had made it safely and you were fine. Nothing more after that, you knew that if you started talking to him that your resolve would break down.

That had been four years ago. Your role as Meg had come to an end when a position at the Majestic had opened in the costume department. It was an easy decision, you had become so close with the cast and crew that you didn’t want to leave when your contract was up. They were ecstatic that you had stayed on. Some days you would go on online and see what Daveed had been up to, until you had seen him smiling with his arm around a beautiful girl on vacation. He had moved on and it had hurt you more than you had cared to admit. It was petty but you unfollowed him after that and promised your sister that you would put yourself back out there.

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anonymous asked:

You get more hate than any other blog I've seen and I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this. Some of us love you and your puns and please just keep doing what your doing.

Used to it at this point I respond to maybe 1% of the hate male and 98% of hate is about or inovles 3 things I can’t control. Being I am straight, white or male sometimes all 3! I know how privileged I am so I don’t respond publicly to them because ya know damn well I would get shit for that too! I enjoy the bad jokes I make and i also get lovely asks and messages so no stopping anytime soon!!!

Who Would Follow a Sparrow?

Concept: The dragons the Shimada clan can summon are from the spirits of their ancestors.

Genji swore when the clan tried to have him killed he’d never be able to summon one again.

Edit: Wrote up the sequel ficlet over here.

Genji kept a tight grip on his sword as he sat against his bedroom door. He ignored Angela’s insistence of a check up. He ignored Reyes’s demands for a report. He ignored Jesse’s gentle voice asking if he was okay.

No, he was not okay. He just summoned a dragon. A dragon had come from his blade during battle.

That should be impossible.

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Opposites Attract - A.I.

Lacy sat in her fourth period AP biology class watching a presentation given by one of the school’s biggest nerds: Ashton Irwin. Not that he was just a nerd, but he and his three friends were just socially awkward, and she thought it was the cutest thing in the world. She watched as he tried to explain how plants reproduce with a constant blush shown on his cheeks as he constantly bit down on his bottom lip or ran his hand through his hair causing her to cross her legs under the desk she was sitting at trying to relieve some of the stress taking place between her legs. The way his muscles flexed in the muscle tee he wore, or the way his glasses made him look even more attractive drove her up a wall. She couldn’t understand how people didn’t think he was attractive, especially when he flashed those delicious dimples.

“Any questions?” Mr. Baldwin, their teacher asked watching the uninterested group of students before him just grateful that the midterm presentations were getting out of the way. Lacy’s hand flew up as she flipped her dark hair over her shoulder, her bright blue eyes piercing into the hazel ones that belonged to Ashton Irwin only causing the blush on his face to darken, as if the boy wasn’t nervous enough. “Lacy?”

“So, I’m just a little confused. You mentioned that plants become pollinated which causes them to essentially reproduce. Does that mean they have sperm?” She asked as innocently as she could trying to seem genuinely interested in the presentation, which she was. She wasn’t great at bio, but she did enjoy the subject enough to pay attention. She just wished that this was about the human reproductive system instead…but human systems were topics for their final project to be done in pairs.

“W-well, y-yes,” he stuttered nervously as some of the other classmates snickered at his reaction to a female’s attention, something that he never received unless from his mother or sister. And, not just any female, but Lacy: captain of the cheer squad and gymnastics team. Guys like him could only dream of interacting with a girl like her, yet, here they were. “T-the sperm is…uhh…it’s i-in the p-pollen so w-w-when the p-pollen enters the stigma, it…it f-fertilizes the e-egg,” he stuttered refusing to look her in the eye the entire sentence causing Lacy to pout slightly. The bell rang seconds later dismissing the class full of seniors for lunch as Ashton quickly made his way to pack up his things as Lacy thanked the gods that he hadn’t packed up yet. She made her way to him, bag over her shoulder resting a hand on his own grabbing his attention. He turned to face her slightly, a shocked expression on his face as he blushed once again.

“I really enjoyed your presentation,” she said sweetly, snapping her gum softly before blowing a bubble just as she decided to walk out of the door. He watched her leave dumbfounded just for the simple fact that she acknowledged his presence without attempting to shove him into a locker or steal his clothes from the men’s locker room after gym.

“Lace, there you are,” one her friends from the team, Tina, said as she exited the science lab. “Ready to go to Lammy’s?” She was referring to the sub shop, Lambert’s, just down the street that most of the seniors went to off campus. Lacy watched Ashton walk by them subtly, his head down to the floor making his way to the lunchroom unnoticed to meet up with his two junior friends, Calum and Michael, as well as the sophomore Luke he hung out with.

“I was thinking we could stay in today. I’m not really feeling the walk over and I didn’t put gas in my car this morning,” she said coming up with an excuse. The food at their school wasn’t crappy either. It was decent enough to enjoy, considering she’d probably just make a salad at the salad bar.

“But…I already told the guys we’d meet them there,” Tina said confused. It was Friday, they always went to Lambert’s on a Friday and met up with Chris, Ryan, and Jake, who also just happened to be the captains of the football team. She knew Tina had a thing for Ryan and that Jake had a thing for Lacy, but she was never into dating jocks, considering they were usually assholes to people ‘below them’. People like Ashton and his friends.

“Then you go. I just really don’t want to be spending the money right now,” she said smiling softly at her friend who nodded understanding her family’s current financial issues. They weren’t poor, but they were currently paying for her parents unnecessary trip to Aruba. She watched Tina leave before quickly making her way to her locker to throw her cheer jacket in there exposing a little more skin and cleavage to get the job done. She sauntered into the lunch room alone not really worried about the fact she was alone. She didn’t care either. Being alone just gave her an excuse to interrupt the four boys who sat in the table at the back of the cafe discussing whatever they did on days like this. She made her way to the salad bar making a quick concoction finishing it with a sparkling water before making her way to the table in back. She met eyes with the blonde sophomore first, who looked genuinely frightened as his mouth hung open, oblivious to the other three that were lost in conversation. She watched Michael, who’s hair was a wonderful shade of green this month, take a sip of his soda just as she started to speak. “Can I join you?” They all stopped what they were doing, now joining in with Luke staring with their mouths open in shock, as well as confusion on their faces. “If not, I totally understand. I don’t want to interrupt.”

“N-no, it’s f-fine,” Ashton stuttered moving his bag from the seat next to him as she placed the salad bowl down as well as the water before sitting next to him. It was silent at the table as they all looked at each other before looking towards the girl as she poured caesar dressing over her salad.

“You all can go back to talking. I don’t want to interrupt,” she said smiling softly causing them to hesitate before Calum opened his mouth.

“I just don’t agree. AC/DC is one of the better bands,” he said taking a bite of his sandwich, Lacy being thankful this was a topic she could participate in.

“No, mate, Def Leppard. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy their music, but Brian Johnson’s voice gets annoying after awhile,” Michael said still slightly nervous about the pretty girl sitting only three feet away from him.

“I agree with Michael,” she chimed in not meeting their gaze as they all looked towards her shocked once again, this time causing Calum to choke on his sandwich.

“Y-you listen to them?” Ashton asked finally speaking up.

“Yeah. I’m into their more recent music, but Pour Some Sugar on Me is a classic,” she said back smiling causing him to smile slightly.

“Lacy,” Calum got out when he could finally breathe once again. “Please don’t take this the wrong way because…well, you’re amazing…, but why are you here?” he asked genuinely confused. She understood why he was asking the question noting that others were staring at the group of four that was accompanied one of the most popular girls in the school, and she couldn’t give two fucks about it. It shouldn’t be an issue that she’s talking to a fellow classmate.

“It’s a valid question,” she said back flicking her hair to one side just as she had the class before before looking at Ashton biting down on her bottom lip. “Actually, I kinda just wanted to see if you were free tonight and wanted to come over. Well, I should really phrase that in the form of a question. Are you free tonight after the football game?” she asked smiling sweetly at him as he blushed hard once again.

“I…I…me?” he asked pointing to himself causing her to giggle slightly. It was music to all of their ears.

“Well, yes, unless you want me to ask Luke over there instead,” she responded nodding her head to the blonde that seemed as if he was going to shit himself by being mentioned not realising she knew his name, or that he even existed. Quite frankly, the group had interested her for quite some time, but she was just getting the balls to talk to them…she was just getting all sorts of balls today. “I mean, if you’re free of course. Please don’t cancel your plans on my account. This is totally last minute.”

“I…no…I-I mean yes…I-I mean no I-I’m not…busy,” he stuttered nervously tripping over his words as he bit his bottom lip and ran his hand through his hair from nerves for the billionth time in the past hour or so.

“So, yes you’d like to come over after the football game?” she asked cocking her head to the side wanting him to say something in response as a verbal confirmation. She just hoped she wasn’t scaring the poor boy to death. He nodded his head slowly causing her smile to grow. “Great. Do you want to meet me after the game? Or at my place? Or do you want me to pick you up on my way home?” she asked too quickly for the poor boy that was ready to have a heart attack at any second.

“I…um…I g-guess I can m-meet you at yours,” he muttered pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose refusing to meet her eyes from embarrassment.

“Cool,” she said quickly pulling a sharpie from her bag and grabbing his arm that was tensing up from the touch. “This is my address. I’d say stop by around nine forty-five. The game should be done way before then. We can order a pizza or something,” she said writing down her address on his arm before standing up. “I’ll see you later, Irwin.” As she left the table, she saw Tina standing at the opening of the cafeteria with Ryan, Jake, and Chris who seemed to look annoyed with her. “What happened to Lammy’s?” she asked ignoring the glare coming from the boys.

“We felt bad you couldn’t join us. Were you just talking to those losers?” Ryan asked frowning at her causing her to roll her eyes.

“Yeah. I was seeing if Ashton wanted to hang out later,” she said back crossing her own arms. She wasn’t really a fan of them. She mostly dealt with them for Tina and the sake of football. If she had it her way, she’d probably be sitting with Ashton talking about rock music all day.

“You aren’t serious? Cassie’s party’s tonight,” Chris said back causing her to roll her eyes. Parties weren’t her thing. She didn’t enjoy getting wasted only to wake up and not remember anything the next day.

“Okay? So you all have fun,” she said before pushing past them out of the lunch room to her locker to grab her things before the last two classes. The bell rang as students quickly flooded the school just trying to make it through their last two classes before the weekend.

“Lacy,” she heard from behind her seeing Michael standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey Michael…what’s up?” She asked closing her locker turning to face the green haired boy. They had their next class together, so she just figured she’d walk with him.

“I…why’d you ask Ashton over?” He asked bluntly looking away from her as they stood in the hallway. “If you’re just going to embarrass him like everyone else does in the school, then just stop the act now.” She frowned at his statement, but knew it was just because he was looking out for his friend.

“Come on, let’s walk to class,” she said motioning for him to walk with her to their art class. “I want to get to know him. I’ve actually been wanting to ask for awhile. I was just chicken shit,” she giggled looking over at him. He looked confused furrowing his brows. “I think he’s attractive.”

“You do?” She nodded her head just as they walked into the classroom leading Michael to the table she usually sits at alone wanting him to sit with her. “And random people won’t come beat him up?”

“No. Everyone’s supposed to be going to a party tonight. Just make sure he stays away from the football team…they weren’t too happy I was talking to him earlier.” The class went by quickly, Michael and Lacy having little side conversations as they did their portrait project. The bell rang dismissing the class as Michael got up ready to run out of the room to make it to his class unscathed. “Hey, Mikey. Don’t mention anything I said, alright?” She asked him referring to her thinking he’s attractive.

“I won’t,” he said flashing her a small smile as he left the class rather quickly after hearing a locker slam. She followed behind him swing Ashton pushed up against a locker with Jake’s hand across his neck.

“Fucking stay away from her, understand me, faggot,” Jake said pushing in harder, only to be pulled back by Lacy harshly.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She asked standing in front of Ashton.

“I’m looking out for your best interest,” he said back glaring at the guy behind her on the floor. “Making sure he stays in his lane.”

“Why don’t you stay in yours and make sure you don’t get suspended from the game tonight,” she said back before turning to Ashton and crouching down beside him to push his hair out of his face as he gasped for air. “Are you okay?” He nodded his head slowly hearing Jake curse from behind them, but did as she said continuing his way to his class. “Come on. Let’s go get you to a nurse.”

“Y-you don’t n-need to d-do t-that,” he stuttered blushing.

“I want to,” she muttered back helping him up. “You still coming over later? I don’t want them to scare you.”

“Y-yea,” he responded walking with her to the nurse. She could see the outline of a bruise on his neck most likely caused by Jake stopping him to run her fingers along it softly. She frowned noting it looked like a handprint.

“Did he hit you?” He hesitated to answer making her take that as a yes as she grabbed his hand leading him once again

“Lacy, honey, how are you?” The nurse asked as she walked in, Ashton Irwin behind her.

“Can you make sure he’s okay? Jake hit him,” she said causing the nurse to frown. She sighed standing up from her chair making her way to the boy.

“I’ll have a conversation with him when we get home. He’s not playing tonight. Let me sign you a pass to get to class, okay?” She said writing a pass for Lacy before examining the boy in front of her.

“I’ll see you tonight, Ash,” she said smiling softly pushing the hair out of his face once again before leaving the room quickly to her math class. The class passed by quicker than she expected and she was soon finding herself at her locker putting her books away, grabbing her jacket to head to her car.

“You told my mom?” She heard from behind her, turning to see Jake there with a red face. “You’re kidding, right? She told my coach. I’m not suiting up tonight. ”

“You hit him, Jake. Nothing about that was okay so, yes, I told your mom. You act as if you have some type of entitlement to everything, including me just because you’re a football captain. Captains lead by example and you set an awful one. Have fun on the bench tonight,” she said before walking away to her car catching a glimpse of Ashton jumping into his sedan with Luke to head home.


The game passed by quickly. They were destroying the opposing team, even with Jake on the bench. “I can’t believe you’re hanging out with Irwin tonight. Are you crazy?” another girl on the team, Britt, asked as the last thirty seconds slowly ran off the clock. People stopped paying attention simply because their team was winning 28-7.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is. You’re all acting as if I’m about to shave my head and pierce my entire face. I’m hanging out with another human being,” she responded as the horn went off. She lifted her jacket from the fence in front of her pulling it on and grabbing her keys. “Have fun at Cassie’s. I’ll see you Monday.” She made her way to her house constantly checking the dash which read 8:55. Plenty of time to order a pizza and shower before he got there. She was slightly nervous and giddy inside, something she hasn’t felt for a guy since the sixth grade. She quickly ordered a large half cheese, half pepperoni waiting for it to arrive before jumping in the shower.

Ashton left early from nerves. This was the he wasn’t used to hanging out with people that weren’t Calum, Michael, or Luke. He had checked his outfit ten times before leaving which consisted of black skinny jeans, a grey muscle tee, and a red bandana with black vans on his feet. It was a quick walk over considering it just so happened she lived one block away from him. He knocked on the door around nine thirty, knowing he was early, but his anxiety took over. The door opened quickly revealing Lacy in a short, fluffy blue robe with a towel around her hair. Ashton’s face grew dark looking away from her embarrassed.

“I…s-sorry…I-I c-can come b-b-back,” he stuttered turning to walk away as she quickly grabbed his arm.

“Ashton, it’s fine. I was just about to get dressed. Come on, there’s pizza,” she said pulling him in and shutting the door behind her. “The pizza’s in the kitchen with two plates, a bottle of soda and two cups. Just grab those and meet me in my room, yea? And then pick out some movies from the shelf near my tv. I’m just going to get dressed and dry my hair a bit.” He nodded his head watching her disappear up the stairs before grabbing what she asked from him in the kitchen. He made his way upstairs into her room admiring it. It was a baby blue color with band posters along the walls, as well as a few broadway plays. She had a huge bookshelf in the corner of the room filled with books ranging from Shakespeare to Harry Potter as well as another one in the opposite corner filled with movies, mostly Disney types. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said walking out of her bathroom in a tight plain tee with cheer shorts on. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun. “Did you pick a movie?”

“I…umm…n-no,” he stuttered getting nervous again. He scanned the movies landing on Pirates of the Caribbean pulling it out of the shelf.

“Good choice. Come on,” she said patting the bed going to grab a cup. “Here yo-,” she started accidentally spilling it all over him. “Fuck. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine…really,” he muttered embarrassed, but happy he didn’t stutter this time.

“No it’s not. Take this off,” she said pulling at his shirt as he lifted his arms letting her take control. She admired his torso and the definition of his abs knowing damn well he wasn’t just some nerd everyone liked to tease. She noticed some had gotten on his jeans as well “Let me…umm…wash this for you. And your jeans…I’ll grab you a pair of my brothers sweatpants.” He slipped them off as well handing them to her as she quickly made her way to the washer throwing them in before turning the corner to her brother’s old room grabbing a pair of his pants. She walked back into her room to see him standing in front of the tv in just his boxers watching intently. He had muscles, but not a huge amount that would be uncomfortable. They suited him well. She wanted nothing more than to run her fingers…or even her tongue against his skin. That was her challenge for tonight. “Here you go.”

“Y-your brother doesn’t m-mind?” He asked slipping them on letting them rest against his hips causing her to bite down on her bottom lip. She should’ve grabbed a tee as well.

“He’s in London for uni. He won’t be back until Christmas so I don’t really think he cares babe,” she said letting the word roll of her tongue causing him to blush once again. “Alright. Now, come on. I want to cuddle.” She pulled him with her to the bed crawling up it patting the space next to her. They laid in silence for most of the movie, Lacy had her leg in between both of ashton’s, as well as her head resting in his chest running her fingers up and down his body softly and slowly.


“Yes Ash?” She responded not moving her head. She enjoyed the sound of his heartbeat.

“Why’d….why am I here?” She frowned at the question and sat up looking at him confused. “I j-just…i d-don’t get it.” She swung her leg over straddling his hips catching him off guard.

“Believe it or not, I like you and I want to get to know you,” she said continuing to run her fingers up and down his torso, his muscles flexing under her touch. “So, Irwin, I think the real question here is can I kiss you?” He nodded his head not trusting himself to speak. “You sure?” She asked leaning forward just close enough to feel her breath on his face.

“Y-yes,” he breathed out just before she placed her lips on his. She moved her lips against his before biting down on his bottom lip as she pulled away dragging it with her.

“You can touch me, Ash. I only bite sometimes,” she muttered leaning in once again, this time going in for his neck. She nipped and sucked at it looking for his sweet spot wanting a moan from him. She felt him place his hands on her hips hesitantly his as she found his spot by his collarbone biting down hard and sucking wanting to leave a mark as he let out a soft groan encouraging her further. She slowly started grinding her hips against his

“F-fuck,” he groaned digging his fingertips into her skin. She pulled back slightly stopping her hips to look at him.

“Ash…how far have you ever gone with a girl?” She asked pulling her shirt off leaving her in her bra and shorts on top of him.

“I…I’ve kissed someone before,” he muttered looking away embarrassed causing Lacy to giggle. “What?”

“Nothing. Just, if I’m going too fast, don’t hesitate to tell me to stop. Okay?” She asked before kissing him again not letting him respond. She trailed her lips down his jaw licking at the mark she had made previously before continuing down his body kissing and licking at his skin leaving small marks along the way. He was hers and those marks would prove it. She made her way to the hem of his sweats pulling back slightly to Palm him over the fabric earning a strangled moan from Ashton’s lips. “Is this okay?”

“More than okay,” he muttered watching her peel back the fabric of the sweats leaving him in his boxers once again with a very prominent hard on trying to pierce through the fabric. She did the same with the boxers watching his dick slap against his stomach moaning at the sight. He was bigger than she thought he’d be. She started rubbing him earning another loud moan from the boy. “W-wait,” he stuttered grabbing her hand, concern washing over her face. “Y-you don’t have to.”

“I want to. Do you want this?” She asked removing her hand from him, hearing a small whimper escape his lips from loss of contact.

“Yea,” he whispered watching her smile before taking him in her hand again before going down and taking his tip in her mouth. “Oh fuck.” She giggled at his reaction sucking harder at the tip  before taking him completely, gagging when he hit the back of her throat. She pulled him out completely running her hand along his length pumping him a few times before taking him again bobbing her head quickly and sucking hard. His hand found its way to her hair tugging slightly earning a moan from Lacy that almost drove him over the edge. “I-I…fuck….I’m close.” She continued what she was doing, using her hand where her mouth couldn’t go feeling him pulse inside her before releasing, making sure she swallowed it all. She pulled back from him using her index finger to wipe up the excess cum and stick it in her mouth.

“Good?” She asked climbing up his body placing a kiss on his jaw before being flipped over. He kissed her with more confidence licking at her bottom lip wanting access. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she giggled against his lips. She sat up slightly to unhook her bra throwing it to the side pressing her lips to his again. He looked down at her chest with his bottom lip non existent in his teeth only to look back at her as if asking for permission. “Irwin, if you keep asking for permission to touch me I’m going to get myself off.”

“I just…I don’t know what to do,” he muttered frowning.

“Whatever you do, don’t bite too hard. Kay?” He nodded his head dipping his head down kissing her skin softly skipping her chest and moving right down to her pants. He pulled them off slowly along with her underwear. He looked up at her slightly before looking back down pressing his mouth just above where she needed him most earning a small whimper. “Please don’t tease me.” He smirked slightly pressing his lips against her clit licking it slightly satisfied with the noises coming out of her mouth diving in completely sucking on it wrapping an arm around one of her legs and taking his other hand sticking a finger inside of her earning another loud moan. “Oh, fuck me.” This time it was her turn to tug on his hair grinding her hips into his mouth as he pumped his finger in and out of her soon adding a second finger to the mix. “Jesus…just like that, Ash.” His nerves were gone all together as he sucked and softly bit at her clit while moving his fingers in and out of her at a quick pace. He felt her tense up assuming what he was doing was good, sucking harder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned loudly, her climax washing over her as she released on his fingers. “God…you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“I’m sure,” he said back sticking his fingers in his mouth tasting her. He moved back up kissing her roughly slipping his tongue in her mouth letting her taste herself. She pushed him back slightly to reach into her bedside table for a condom ripping it open quickly.

“You can still say no at any point in time, Ash,” she whispered before even daring to slip the condom on.

“I want this,” he whispered back, Lacy nodding in response as she slipped the condom on him.

“Just…take it slow. It’s been awhile and you aren’t exactly small,” she said back kissing him again before lying back completely. He lined himself up with her and slowly entered her earning moans from both parties at the feeling. When he was fully inside her, he started to slowly thrust into her earning moans from both of them. “Faster, Ash,” she whimpered out lifting her legs wrapping them around his waist for a new angle. He did as he was told gaining more confidence about what was happening moving harder and faster until they were both moaning messes tangled together. “Fuck…r-right there.”

“I…I’m close,” he moaned against her neck moving even harder and faster. She could barely get out a response from the feeling of him inside of her knowing she was close as well. Her walls tightened around him as she released, him right behind her. They both rode out their highs before Ashton pulled out slowly, discarding the condom in the trash can on the other side of the room. He made his way back to her being pulled on top of her again as she kissed him softly. “So…w-was this a uhh…o-one time t-thing?” He asked going back to being shy.

“I don’t want it to be. But we can talk about that tomorrow over breakfast if you spend the night.”

“What about your parents?”

“They’re in Aruba until next week. I don’t think they’ll mind,” she muttered pressing her lips to his once more.


(So….not my first smut, but my first on tumblr…it’s also kind of long so enjoy!)


Part three: No place in heaven

Part one (beginning of a long long journey);
Part two (Good guys);
Part three
(No place in heaven);
Part four
(Oh, girl you’re the devil);

Word count: 2811

Summary: After shopping and meeting someone faimiliar reader and Klaus meet up with Damon and Kai and they continue their plan.

Previously:But Kai hasn’t made himself way too popular around mystic falls and yet Y/N still decided to see the best in him. Like she did with everyone. Maybe that’s what he loves so much about her. Her ability to see the goodness in him that he wasn’t able to see himself.
“I’m hungry.” Kai leans on Damon’s seat. Damon knows that every minute longer with Kai in the car is going to be too long. 

I just want to say that I’m not really content with what I’ve written for this part, but I hope you’ll still enjoy reading this! More is coming ;)

“It’s time to get you something else to wear.” Klaus says as your ride drives away. He dropped you off in the centre of the small town.
“That’s something I can agree on.” When you packed for this trip you didn’t bring any clothes because you didn’t think you’d even have the opportunity to change. Now you can’t wait to put on some clean clothes. A shower would be nice too, but let’s not be too bold. You walk into a little clothing store and grab the first things you see. Quick you slip into the clothes and pay. Walking out the store you’re dressed in new clean jeans, a long sleeved black t-shirt with ‘kick-ass’ written on the back and you also decided to buy a red leather jacket. The store owner gave you the name of a diner of the town. This is where you could meet Damon and Kai and also eat, because you’re starving. Kindly the owner lent you her phone and you called Damon to tell him where to meet you. Now you are on your way there.
“Hello brother.” Both Klaus and you turn around surprised.
“Elijah.” Klaus stares at his brother. “What are you doing here?” Elijah was supposed to stay back in Mystic Falls and keep his inside job with your enemies. If they knew he was here to see you, they’d smell treason and your whole plan would go up in smoke.
“I came to warn you.” Elijah says unbuttoning his suit and putting his hands in his pockets.
“Did something happen back home?” Klaus asks, his forehead filled with worry wrinkles.
“Everything is fine.” Elijah replies. You wish that he just cuts to the chase and you’re clearly not the only one. Klaus is starting to get impatient. “I came to warn you about Y/N.” Elijah finally speaks.
“What me?” You ask shocked while Klaus asks “What Y/N?” at the same time, equally shocked.
“They know about Y/N, and they want something from her.” Elijah explains, staying vague.
“What do they want from me?” You ask Elijah. “Do they know we’re coming?”
Elijah shakes his head. “They don’t know you’re heading towards them and I don’t know what it is they want from you, but it can never be something good.”
Dizzy you place your hand on your forehead. “I think I’m going to be sick.” You say wishing that Elijah had just kept this information to himself and you could’ve blindly tagged along with the three vampires without worrying about yourself.
“You know I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Klaus says grabbing your hand and looking you into your eyes. “Neither are the others. We will keep you save.”
“I know.” You admit. Because you do know that they won’t let anything bad happen to you and you guess it doesn’t matter if you’re in Mystic Falls or on the road. Being on the road with three powerful vampires might even be safer. “But what are we going to do now? Do we change the plan?” Now that someone might be following you, the plan could be compromised.
“I’ve got to get back, before they notice I’m gone. They have me staying in a town not so far away from here.” Elijah explains. You wrap your arms around Elijah and give him a hug. “I missed you.” It’s been a month since you’ve last seen him because he is undercover. Your relationship with Elijah is different from the one you have with Klaus. They both love you to pieces, but both in a different way. You suspect Klaus being in love with you rather than only loving you. After a moment of hesitation he hugs you back. “Missed you too, Y/N.” He tells you. “Please stay safe.” And after having said that he was gone.
“We need to get to the others.” Klaus tells you, not wasting any time.  

Through the broad diner window you can already see Damon and Kai sitting at the bar. With Klaus right behind you, you enter the diner. Kai smiles broadly when he sees you and Damon looks relieved. “See you’ve started without us.” You say smiling, looking at all the plates filled with food in front of them. You hand Kai his jacket back and he puts it on right away.
“It’s already his second.” Damon grumbles. You take a seat on the corner and Klaus sits down next to you. “Did anything peculiar happen to you?” You ask them after you ordered.
“Other than all the sugar cubes, that Kai found lying in the car, and he ate?” Damon asks, making you wonder what the hell happened in those hours you weren’t there. “No, nothing else.”
“Wait.” Kai says catching everyone off guard. “There is something important we forgot to do.” Curious to what he means by that you watch him get out his phone and hold it up. Annoyed Damon looks away holding his hand in front of his face. “Selfie city.” Kai says making a weird face and taking the picture. Amused you watch him. Even though you feel sorry for Damon, his reaction makes you laugh. Grinning Kai looks at you and jumps from his stool. “Your turn!” He pops up behind you and wraps his left arm around you. While holding his right hand up to make a picture he tickles you with his left hand. A scream escapes your mouth, followed by giggles. “C’mon Kai!” You cry looking at the picture he made. You’re portrayed with your mouth open and Kai just looks amused. “Delete that.”
“No, this is for my collection.” He quickly snaps a picture of him and Klaus and gets back to his seat before Klaus can punch him. “We should have something to remember this trip by.” Kai tells you in a matter of fact way.
“I can give you something to remember this by.” Klaus growls irritated. You need to stop this before it gets out of hand. “We saw Elijah.” You quickly say. Damon and Kai look at you dumbfound. “Well how is the old vampire doing?” Kai asks as if it was completely normal for us to run into Elijah.
“They are after Y/N.” Klaus says wanting to wipe that smirk off of Kai’s face and it works. Kai’s grin is replaced by a look of resentment.
“What do they want with her?” Damon asks concerned.
“We don’t know yet, but seeing that they’ve already attacked her twice, I’d say they want her dead.” Klaus answers.
“Or, worse, undead.” You realise out loud, making them stare at you.  
“We need to abort the mission.” Kai declares, talking like this is some military operation.
“No, we can’t.” You object. “It’s not only my life, guys. It’s the life of everyone, of all of you.” This made them think things over for a while and everyone ate in silence while trying to come up with a better plan. After having finished his plate Klaus gets up.
“What are you doing?” You ask him frowning.
“I have some business to take care of.” Klaus responds and by the sound of his voice you know you’re not going to like it.
“Please tell me that by saying you have some business to take care of you have to take a shit.” You pray out loud making Kai snort in laughter.
“Unfortunately, no.” Klaus continues the conversation as if nothing weird was said. “And you have to help me.”
“We can’t separate anymore, Klaus, it’s too risky.” You tell him, wondering what is going on in that head of him.
“Fine, than we’ll all go.” Klaus gives in.
“Where are we going?” Damon asks Klaus.
“To a witch.” Klaus answers making all of you frown. “Are you out of your mind!” Damon snaps at Klaus. “You were willing to take her right to them?”
Klaus shakes his head. “I don’t think this witch is working with them. I know her from way back.”
“What can this witch do that I can’t?” Kai asks, perhaps feeling forgotten.
“It’s not about what she can do, it’s about what she knows.” Klaus replies. “Maybe she knows why they are after Y/N.”
“I’m sitting right here, guys.” You say, but they keep on talking like you’re not in the room. After everyone is finished the four of you leave. Because it’s a small town, you walk. “I know that it wasn’t you who killed those campers.” You tell Damon. You are walking next to him and are finally able to have a real conversation with him. A few days ago a group of five campers was murdered near the Mystic Falls town line. Everyone blamed Damon, but you knew it could not have been him.
“Why do you think that?” Damon asks. “According to Stefan, Elena and Bonnie I did it.”
You lay your hand on his arm and he looks at you. “Since when do you care what others think? I know you didn’t do it and that’s the only thing that counts right now, okay?” He nods and you cross your arms over your chest. “Besides they will change their minds.”
“How can you be so sure?” Damon asks sceptical. You smile at him. “Because one day they will see what I see.” Is your simple answer. That is something you truly believe. You can see that he wants to do what is best for the people he loves, but he just doesn’t want anybody to have any expectations. Except for the fact that they do. They expect him to be evil hearted and do bad things and so he does, not realizing that he is living up to their expectations. But you believe that one day he will see that and change for the better. That’s what you wish for him. Not because you don’t like the way he is right now, but because you want him to have peace of mind and not struggle with himself so much. “I must say you’re doing pretty good.” You tell him not trying to hide how impressed you are.
“With what?” Damon asks confused.
“Not giving in to your desire to strangle Kai.” It’s no secret that Damon has that desire and you can understand that.
“We are here.” Klaus announces. Your standing in an alley, nothing special. Klaus opens a door and enters the building. You follow through the small entrance into the even smaller hallway.
“Niklaus Mikaelson.” A woman greets as you enter a room filled with shadows cast by the candle light, she grabs Klaus and gives him a kiss on the lips that seems to last seconds.
“You didn’t tell us you knew her that well.” Damon teases Klaus with a big amused grin on his face.
“Who are this?” The woman looks past Klaus and takes each of us in for a moment and then swiftly turns around. “Please sit down.” She says while pouring drinks.
“Actually Maya, we are here because we need to ask you something.” Klaus says not moving.
The woman turns around, her smile has vanished. “First sit and talk and then you can ask anything.” Everyone sits down on any piece of furniture they can find. Maya puts the drinks down on the table and sits down on a chair. “I don’t get many visitors, so I’m going to enjoy this.”
You wonder what kind of people Klaus knows. Even though you can tell she is a total nutcase you decide to act kindly. “Maya, hi, I’m Y/N.” You introduce yourself. “How do you know each other?” Maybe she will tell what we want to know after she has had a nice chat. Besides, it’s something you are actually wondering.
Maya looks at Klaus. “We met decades ago, I knew her family and she helped me a few times.” Klaus tells and you wonder why Klaus is the one who is doing the talking instead of babble mouth Maya. The other question you ask yourself why she still looks like she is no year older than 40. Politely you take a few sips of the drink she gave you and you guess it’s ice tea, but you’re not quite sure. After a few minutes of you and Maya getting to know each other Klaus cuts the conversation off. “Maya,” he says anxious. “We are in a hurry and we need to know if you know anything about the movement of vampire hunters and witches.”
Maya raises her eyebrow. “No, I don’t know anything about them.” Everyone stands up and you do the same and thank her for her hospitality.
Before Klaus can reach the door he sinks to his knees grunting in pain. Damon turns around and looks at you in agony. “What is it?” You ask him concerned.
“Vervain.” He answers before he collapses. Kai is the last one to fall to the ground. You kneel down beside Damon, not knowing what to do. “How is it possible that it has just taken effect?” You wonder out loud.
Maya laughs. “It’s my recipe. Awesome huh?” You look up into her proud face. “They will only feel the effects of the vervain when I want them to.” Then you realise she spiked your drinks.
“Why are you doing this?” You ask her confused.
“Because they told me to.” She answers shrugging. You realize she is talking about the vampire hunters. “But my friends are not like the other vampires, please just let us go.” You plead.
“Klaus didn’t tell you everything about our past.” She sits down on the chair. “I met Klaus after he killed my stepbrother and turned him into a vampire.” The disdain is hearable in her voice.
“But if your brother is a vampire why kill vampires?” It’s hard to keep up with her story when you hear the grunts of pain coming from the people you love.
“Because he’s dead and I’m avenging his death by killing the creatures that killed him, vampires.” She rises to her feet again. “They told me they wanted you, but I’m going to let you go. I’m not evil, Y/N. You’re a good person and I don’t want you to get caught in the crossfire.”
You stand up straight. “No.” Your voice steady, unlike the rest of your body. “I’m not going to walk away knowing that the people I love are going to be killed. I’d rather die.”
“Don’t be stupid, child. Walk away now, there is nothing you can do for them anyway.” Maya seems to be losing her patience.
“If this was your brother, would you have walked away?” You ask infuriated. “I didn’t think so.”
“Just go.” Damon says in between grunting.
“Over my dead body.” You say the words without thinking, and your own boldness surprises you. You don’t want to die, but you don’t know what to do without them. They are your family.
“That can be arranged.” A voice from behind you says. Startled you turn around and a fist is being slammed into your cheek. From the ground you can see that the vampires are trying to fight the vervain, but every time they get back up on their knees the pain knocks them back down.
Someone is kicking you in your stomach. The only thing you can think about is the fact that you’ve never being beaten up before. You try to fight them off, but you don’t succeed. You’re being pulled to your knees by your hair. The next thing you know you have a noose around your neck. Ragingly  you move your arms around you trying to hit anything at all. You are being placed on a chair and someone ties the rope onto the ceiling. “No.” Your voice is just a rasping sound. Before you can object any more, the chair is being kicked away from underneath your feet and you hang. Desperately you grasp at the rope around your neck, without any luck. Your eyes are filled with tears and you look at the three man lying on the ground, looking back at you in terror. From the corner of your eye you can see someone familiar. Hopeful you look at the corner of the room and you see Bonnie and Elena. A smile appears on your face. They are here to safe you. Your smile is slowly disappearing. Why are they just standing there? Then you realize the lack of oxygen makes you hallucinate. Matt is standing near the door shaking his head with a ‘I warned you’ look on his face. It’s true. He warned you not to hang around with vampires too much, but you just couldn’t help yourself. The room is starting to be filled with all the people you know the last one to burst through the door, before everything goes black, is Elijah. Your dead.

The question this time is: What is readers main emotion after waking up as a vampire?

anonymous asked:

Hi... i have literally NO IDEA what goes on in Tumblr social circles, so i have a question: who is riptidescap and what did they do?? (I'm really sorry if this is insensitive or something, I just don't know who to ask...) (please don't feel obligated to answer if it makes you uncomfortable or anything tho!!)

Thanks for asking so nicely <3

I’m answering this one anon as a proxy for the dozen or so I’ve received asking what’s going on; I really would prefer not to talk about the details of it after this, if possible. (Under a read more because it got long.)

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These Final Hours

Title: These Final Hours

Paring: Pynch (Adam/Ronan) with some side Sarchengsey (Blue/Gansey/Henry) 

Rating: T

Summary:   Ronan had really been looking forward to missing out on the quintessential high school experience, but sometimes plans change.

Words: 5,766

A/N: For Pynch Week 2017 Day 3: “Dance With Me”. Thank you to @dreaamscaape and @xiunens for beta-ing this for me!


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