this is shit but i liked what he said about him so meh

@destinyapocalypse replied to your post: Hey cool Bioware, I know you want to hype this…

i’m still pretty :\ at his face/design. But then I said the same thing about solas so….

Mmmm, see I think he looks like Solas sort of… He’s got that triangular face thing. Also. Monocle. Honestly, He’s like beefy Solas/Garrus right now and I’m living. ALSO. HE IS SO BIG. I WANT TO CLIMB HIM. 

This could just be me throwing my excitement onto him because at this point I’m sort of meh about everyone else. Who knows. 

also @tiafrye, yeah this is kind of what I am hoping. I mean, I know Bioware talks their shit up, so I am sure it won’t be that good, but I have not had a Bioware game yet where I was disappointed in the romance. So fingers crossed!