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Skinny Mc Headcannons!


Sorry this took so long!!! I tried my best with these and I hope it gives you a slight boost of confidence or some sort of feeling of reassurance!


*If you aren’t happy with yourself will literally be like “Mc god already made you an angel 😍😇” . He will not stop till you feel better

*If he knows you are happy with yourself and can take a light teasing will call you something like his pretty tiny squrrierrel or someshit

*But he’s majorly protective of his tiny squrrierrel though okay so he won’t let anyone start some shit though 😎


*it’s apart of their personality to like things a certain way ex: always working on task, a clean house/workspace etc

*But the only thing they care about is if you’re taking care of yourself and are happy and not in any danger what so ever

*So not a lot changes with this babe


*Doesn’t compare you to ANYTHING (Rika) or any one

*Loves your figure and will not stop doing kawaii things

*Little sticky notes with how much they love u is a daily ocurance (Yoosung really needs those for school and now he’s all out….)


*this boi would tots get it regardless of ANYTHING

*Understands how hard it is to live up to societies standards of beauty and wealth

*Wants you to be happy and healthy more than anything (because your already a beautiful person to him)

*kisses for days



*Will try to help you to his best efforts if you are feeling self-conscious but it’s still kind of hard for him since he is still not up to date with comforting and conversations

*It’s okay because sometimes a silence is worth more than a thousand words when there is a person who would stay with you forever


*ur ass is more important than her sorry ass so she will make you eat better than her not for the purpose of getting to a  “normal” weight but to one that is healthy for you! (if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle already)

*She has lost too many people in her life that she has cared about and doesn’t want to lose you in any way possible

*Other than that she really likes to hold you close


*It doesn’t matter if he can see or not (he can also feel mc up pretty) he thinks your so so aesthetically pleasing okay

*Trust him he’s an artist babe

*Besides the heart is so much more important than the face because any sort of beauty that’s found over there is literally blinding


*Your smile is the only one that can somehow make it to his heart besides Elizabeth III so don’t worry yourself silly

*He doesn’t care how you look as long as you are keeping yourself as healthy as possible

*If not.  . .

*Daddy™ will keep you fed and healthy okay

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Wasted youth by Fletcher


couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

oh wow look at those two go


I used to stan YG artists so much but the indefinite hiatus made me lose a bit of interest on my fave groups and now guess what, 2ne1’s officially disbanding (even though I saw it coming the moment Minzy left). Also, they’re pretty much kicking Nam Taehyun out of Winner for being mentally sick (their reason is that they don’t know when he’s going to get better - FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!). I don’t even stan Winner and I feel bad for them.. All YG cares about is Bigbang and the two members of Ikon.. YG BETTER SQUARE THE FUCK UP AND MANAGE HIS ARTISTS BETTER.. You better not fuck up Blackpink too.. I already got my heart broken a million times today and I’m ready to choke someone!!!


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
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what I want from the ghostbusters sequel is erin and holtzmann canonically dating, but I want it to be subtle. I want no explanation, no interlude, erin and holtz are just dating in the next movie. no gay panic, no beating around the bush, they’re just already dating when the movie starts, and we can sort of tell but then it’s made official when they share a casual kiss goodbye or something of that nature. I don’t want it super sexualized and I don’t want it super cliche and ugly and like BUT I’M STRAIGHT!!! no I just want it to be just like they introduce straight couples in movies. I want it normalized and I want it casual and I want it now.

Sometimes i go and look at the drawings i made around the time vld season 2 trailer first came out, theorizing about season 2 and stuff, and i’m just….shocked by how accurate some of that shit was

You've Got It All Wrong //Draco Imagine//

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Requested by: doctor_takashi 

 Plot: the reader, a Mudblood Gryffindor, meets Draco’s parents 

 Pairing: Reader x Draco 

 Warnings: mild swears here and there 

 A/n: you asked for a twist so I hope this works okay! 

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I was gonna start a comic but then i remembered how bad i am at keeping up with these things so screw that

It’s based on the song Kusanagi by ODESZA btw, it’s a really nice track :^)

Anon: What do you think about the last VLive and all the ji/kook moments??? 😍😍😍

Anon: omfgg jungkook does his tongue thing at 36:24 in the ynwa preview vlive when jimin is hanging off of taehyung im living       

There were so many cute little moments scattered across that vlive. But since I’m late (as always lol) and everybody else probably has already covered most of the more important things, I’ll just point out what stood out the most for me.

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Please don’t let your kids run around the store. I know it’s a toystore, but it’s not a playground. I was stocking and some little kid (probably like 4?) crashed into me, and me being stupid, I made sure to catch the kid with my free arm so he didn’t break his head on the floor or anything. Which, made me hit my head against the shelf and mess up my already-sore back. Kid didn’t get hurt, though, and he even apologized. I told his mother to please not let her children run around because it’s a safety risk and she sort of rolled her eyes at me.

I love working with kids but parents are shit and act disrespectful as fuck even when their fucking TODDLER knows better.

Kou: What do vampires call a stack of coffins? A pillow fort!

Ruki: Please stop making such horrible jokes.

Azusa: Being a vampire… really bites… doesn’t it?

Ruki: I said stop.

Yuma: Shut up already, you two. Can’t you see you’re being a pain in his neck?

Covetous Crimson (M)


DESCRIPTION: boiling envy turns into lust showing taehyung a side to you he’s never encountered before.

WARNINGS: bondage, slight violence, bad language, explicit content duh?

AUTHORS NOTE: this actually fully killed me sub!taehyung is a must -allyxx

REQUEST: Can I request a smut of Kim taehyung please!!😅 like him telling you to touch him under the table when you eating dinner with the guys😏 hope you understand😁

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REQUEST: Sick Week [DedSec/Reader]

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Lol, I’ll try not to get sick. No guarantees though. The weather in New York suddenly got cooler, and I tend to get sick with the radical changes in temperature/weather conditions. It sucks. :P I tried to treat all the characters as equals… but I am very biased and uninspired for some of these. I won’t lie. 

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