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Shinee hanging out watching TV! Different snacks, lounging habits, bickering over TV programs... :D

i love dorm!shinee bc yeah they’re celebrities but honestly they’re just so normal???? like seriously look at these dorks 


  • starfished on the floor (taemin: *sits on his back* if it fits i sits / onew: *wheezes*) 
  • making swimming motions to propel himself around
  • why is no one laughing at my gag (kibum: bc you killed the joke jinki. it’s dead you killed it / onew: O▽O)
  • tried to use a bag of chips as a pillow and it popped and his head crushed the chips and he’s a lot devastated 
  • the tv isn’t even on yet bc he can’t bring himself to roll the two feet to push the button on the screen 
  • drags his body over and allllmost pushes the button when jong flips it on with the remote 
  • just lies there for a little bit, arm still extended 
  • remembers he has half of a fried mackerel and gets up to munch on that with rice 


  • spinning one of his caps on his finger which flies off almost immediately and smacks minho in the face (jong: LOL sorry but not sorry) 
  • flips on music bank and oh look it’s us~~~ and dances with the top half of his body 
  • aigoo look at the hoobae babies 
  • sitting cross-legged on the couch arm and eating a carton of strawberry ice cream (taemin: are you eating all of that?? jong: yes??? do you have an issue?? / taemin: normal people don’t eat an ENTIRE PINT in one sitting / jong: ok)
  •  looks down at his ice cream but doesn’t feel shame so he just finishes the pint 
  • can we watch a nature show i want to see some whales 


  • is eating chips with chopsticks, it’s called sophistication 
  • jk he just does want cheese dust all over his hands 
  • where’s the remote / ot4: *shrug* 
  • “minho, i think it’s under you” / minho: no it’s not / key: get up 
  • lo and behold, it is there (jong: why is there no trust in this family)
  • flips on his drama, lookout, and keeps commenting how good he looks (onew: you can’t actually ride a skateboard tho / key: NEITHER CAN YOU `ㅂ´) 
  • cutting up apples and golden kiwis and taemin is sitting next to him chanting “give me the knife, give me the knife” (key: nO / taemin: i swear i got better than i was during hello baby) 
  • lee taemin is a liar and should never be allowed to cut fruit ever 


  • SPORTS but 
  • everyone is keeping the remote from him
  • minho do you even understand enough english to understand the games in england?? / minho: soccer is a universal language ok and i am fluent
  • sitting on taemin who is sitting onew and they are watching soccer (taemin: *trying to kick him* / onew: *ceasing to exist*)


  • bored bc despite the constant channel flipping there is nothing on
  • he turned on pororo and they mindlessly watched it for a solid three episodes (jong talks to the characters like they are having conversations with him)
  • “let me see if i can…aha!”
  • he’s doing a handstand bc everything is a little more interesting upside down 
  • but then again, that might be the blood rushing to his head
  • shinee: …..
  • now he’s walking around on his hands 
  • he wonders how long he could do this and is walking into the kitchen 
  • minho: honestly if taemin wasn’t an idol he probably would have had a promising career in the circus / taemin: *still upside down* damn straight 

i’m honestly at a loss for words right now to describe for how my birthday went for me this year. in all honesty, due to some personal issues, the beginning of it was…tough. it was hard to enjoy, and because it was hard to enjoy, the pressure to enjoy my one and only 21st birthday when i felt like crap made everything feel infinitely worse. i went from starting out okay to waiting for the day to end (because i knew i’d feel better tomorrow).

but then, after our dinner out, i came home to a house filled with people i love, screaming “surprise!!!” as i walked through the door. my mouth dropped right open, and this time, i started crying for joy. they could all only stay for so long, being a tuesday night and all and there being young babies (my nieces) all over the place), but…i felt so much love and happiness in seeing all the people i love gather to celebrate, even if it was just for a couple hours.

and it meant even more to me after having such a crappy day. after struggling with out-of-nowhere thoughts about how worthless and disposable I was, stemming from the general crappy feelings I had. and then, to suddenly be surprised by those I loved, to be overwhelmed with how many people loved me and cared about me…

it couldn’t have been a better way to redeem and make memorable my 21st birthday

okay, okay, okay, OKAY, honestly, i was gonna make a more serious banner, but i stay a headass, so…yeah, nvm, i guess…

that aside, i honestly don’t think any word in any language can depict how excited, how surprised, and how HONORED i am to have made it this far in 1.5 months. 1,018. there are 1,018 of you following me on this day may 23, 2017 at 4:28 pm central standard time.

without a doubt, the fact that this blog is a revamp of the one i ran ~1-2 years ago contributes to how boosted i’ve become in such a short span of time, but that alone does not dampen my surprise; I seriously wasn’t expecting to have received this much attention considering how slow and, if not that, RIDICULOUS i am ( fr, so many of y’all are way too familiar with the shenanigans i get involved in )…but hey, all in all, i’m not complaining. again, i’m beyond overjoyed that you guys are still here to put up with me and whatever the fuck i do, smh——

——BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. the joy does not stop there. in addition to all of the amazing people who have stayed with me thus far, i’ve also actually managed to make good friends / meet eager RP partners here. even though i can be timid asf and the absolute worst at the DM game, lots and lots of you guys are still willing to talk to / get to know me and my raven!! the fact that so many of you enjoy interacting with us and are capable of making us smile ( yes, us…raven seriously fux with some of y’all’s muses ) and feel is surreal. i’ve enjoyed it just as much as you guys have and, as a matter of fact, find myself thinking about this a lot even when i’m offline. it’s amazing, isn’t it? the impact that all of you have had on me despite my being here for less than two months——

——just imagine how phenomenal things will be after four months, six months, one year…

anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, i’m really not the best at expressing myself…so, if everything i’ve said so far has been incoherent or ???weird???, then i apologize…but to sum everything up, just know that I’m legitimately GRATEFUL for each and every one of you. thank you. thank you for making my experience on tumblr an unforgettable one so far. it really means a lot.


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Continuing my story about today: I was super stressed and super anxious and the end of the meeting, so I just walked up to my bishop and put my head on his chest - he didn’t even hesitate before wrapping his arms around me and holding me there for good few minutes. Like this might seriously be the weirdest friendship in my life - it’s like he’s my friend, but he’s also a guy in his 40s and could easily be my dad, and often he actually acts as if he was my dad and is just so sweetly affectionate. It’s hugs all around. And yes, this is coming from the same me who’s always uncomfortable around straight men. Weird stuff.

Thanks so much guys. It’s so good to know that there’s more of us here. Seriously though, that previous anon (along with others) won’t listen to Muslims much less let them speak their side. So I’m just trying to speak up because too many times they were shut up (and worse) just for being muslim and that’s just fucked up okay. Treat them as human beings. Separate the minority terrorists from the whole population because it’s not fucking fair that everyone innocent has to deal with fuckups they didn’t do.

 Be more reasonable than that. Be better than that. Be a better person. 

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Dude! I didn't know you wrote descend!! I love that fic with all my heart!! It's so good, congratulations!!!

u guys are seriously gonna make me cry oh goodness?? thank you so much!!!!

Went to reply to comments (which isn’t a good idea with how tired I am) and I saw the stats for ‘Sixty-Nine Degrees of Heat’.  I’ve come to a conclusion.

You lovelies are a dirty bunch and are corrupting my pure, sweet mind.

Ok…you can stop laughing now.  No, seriously.  Stop laughing.

But anywho!  I’m glad you guys like it.  Like damn ya’ll are dirty and I’m so glad I can be your pornl (yes, typo is intentional) dealer for this fic.  Hope it continues to intrigue you.

I’m going to bed.



Well i suddenly have the courage to do this, im probably going to regret it but if i dont do it now i dont think i can do it next time. SO! i feel like there is a need to say this, many of you say that im pretty but no seriously this is me without filter without smiling without makeup (even though i dont normally put on too) but my face is filled with pimples i have ugly lips and big nose. I always say dont look good and yes im being truely honest with you guys :)
[Side note: right is with filter left is totally nothing at all.]

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ANOTHER PLATONIC LOVE CONFESSION: When my and my friends feel extra good about our boobs we platonically grope each other. "Hey my boobs are so nice and squishy today, wanna feel"

Dude I used to do this shit in high school, like, seriously sometimes my friend would just grab a tiddy and be like “dude feel my boob! It feels extra perky today. Check out my nipple it looks funny” ahaha. That’s so awesome that you guys can be comfortable with each other like that. I hope your friends tiddies are soft and filled with love ; u ; give em an extra squeeze for me


Shit I have said in Tags

““Freaking thunder thighs.”

“Look! I am being productive guys!”

“They get their sassy faces from their mom.” 

“Yes, I am still shit-posting.” 

“And the overall unhappy looks and disapproval all over their face.” 

“Baby boy and his self-confidence issues.” 

“Am I in the mood for angst?” 

“Dude, why are there no more of these guys?”

“Your worst is pretty damn good.” 


“Like I seriously don’t understand.” 

“God help whoever messes with his loved ones.” 

“I am friends with Satan!” 

“I need to catch up with a lot.” 

“I have been MIA for months, dude.” 

“I really wish I got that guy’s name.”

“God, this is so accurate like you have no idea.” 

“Ignore me.”

“Salty ____ is salty.”

“I can’t believe someone went there.” 

“That one hit a nerve, apparently.” 

Podcast Recs

So I’ve recently gotten into podcasts and I decided to make a list of all my favorites in order to spread the love.

Welcome to Night Vale: The first podcast everyone listens to. About a small desert community where strange and fantastical things occur on a daily basis. Comedic and introspective with horror elements. And a lot of positive POC, LGBT, and disabled representation (including a lesbian hijabi Muslim!!! A girl in a wheelchair who pulls off a heist!!! A sarcastic, British agender sheriff!!! A little African American girl who reads books and saves an entire town!!!!) 10/10 recommend.

EOS 10: A medical comedy set in in space. Amazing. It takes a few episodes to really get interesting, so if you listen I would suggest listening to at least the fourth episode. Nobody is straight, and it’s wonderful and I would die for each character. Also, Dr. Urvidian. Trust me.

Alice Isn’t Dead: By the some of the same people who did Night Vale. A creepy, haunting story about a woman driving trucks across the country to search for her missing wife. It’s incredibly set up, and so well-written. Warning: some gory imagery and description of murder. Also, WOC protagonist and pretty much all women. 

Within the Wires: GUYS. This story was incredible. The format’s really unique: it’s set as a series of relaxation cassettes that slowly reveal the history between the narrator and the listener. It’s GREAT. Seriously, give this one a listen. It’s actually really relaxing between all the bombshells about the plot. It’s also by one of the guys that writes Welcome to Night Vale, so of course it’s gay.

The Penumbra Podcast: This is another one that’s hard to describe, but it’s a collection of stories, a different one every episode. Some are recurring, but some are stand-alone. SUCH amazing representation here, and funny/creepy storylines. There’s a nonbinary bisexual MOC, a Native American wlw BANDIT, a knight with a physical disability, women with actually good characterization, and a lot more. How often do we see that?

The Bright Sessions: Basically superheroes who go to therapy. Good acting, cool storylines, a cute romance. Again, lots of representation. And an asexual character!!!

Wolf 359: A story about the crew of a spaceship circling the Wolf 359 star. At first I thought this was a comedy, but it got dark pretty fast. The characterization is great. The story is comedic and gritty and fast-paced, and I would die for Isabelle Lovelace. If you like space shenanigans and found family, this one’s for you. 

Kakos Industries: This podcast is hilarious. It takes the format of a corporation’s monthly shareholder announcements. Only this corporation, headed by the legendary Corin Deeth III, helps you “do evil better.” It might disturb you a bit though, so if you don’t like sex jokes, murder, and swearing, stay away from this one.

The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air: A weird little show by Night Vale Presents that’s really hard to describe, but it includes an absolutely wonderful narrator, the cutest protagonist, and amazing side characters. The format’s cool as well, so I recommend giving it a listen. (also the main character’s a mlm!)


New text message update!

Isak: Biology, chlorophyll, organisms, enzymes, photosynthesis, mitochondria, biology, biology, biology

Isak: Should we chat about something else for once?

Sana: What do you want to chat about Isabell

Isak: Do you know that guy Mikael well?

Sana: Mikael?

Isak: Yes the guy on the picture you were looking at in biology

Sana: Now you’re talking biology

Isak: Lol. But seriously

Sana: Distant acquaintance

*sends GIF*

Isak: Who is he?

Sana: Why?

Isak: Just wondering

Isak: Think he’s an old friend of Even’s from Elvebakken

Sana: So nice

Isak: come on

Sana: think he went to Elvebakken yes

Isak: How do you know him?

Sana: Is everything good with you and Even or

Isak: Livin la vida loca

Sana: Hasta manjana. gotta go


sleepover saturday!
  • fuck marry kill 
  • tell me about your crushes!!!!!!!!!!
  • make me chose between two things
  • tell me about your day 
  • confess some secrets u.u
  • recommend stuff to me
  • ask me weird things 
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  • truth or dare
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  • unpopular opinions

okay on or off anon it makes no difference pls talk to me (/◕ヮ◕)/

Lance / Keith / Pidge / Hunk / Shiro&Allura / Coran

“And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved / Grey clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above”  Pompeii, Bastille

More dances from @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters fic Shut Up and Dance With Me! And right after their update, I’m so excited. I was finishing the colors for Anaconda!Keith while I was on the stream with them (which was a blast I’m so excited that I got the courage up to join them).

The videos for the dances are here, for Pompeii, and here, for Anaconda. Seriously, watch them they’re amazing!!! Pidge and Hunk are coming up next, along with Pidge and Lance dancing to Shakira! (I’m seriously having a blast can you tell?)

As promised bonus Keith dancing to Anaconda under the cut because I am nothing if not self indulgent:

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I see your Frat Boy Vitya headcanons and I raise you:

Yuuri Katsuki being dragged to his first frat party after line three years at college spent just trying to blend into whatever wall is nearest. This is never going to happen and Yuuri thinks it’s because everyone is just amazed at how little of his shit he has together.

(They aren’t. “Fucking LOOK at him,” sighs many a sexually frustrated undergrad while pining loudly in Yuuri’s direction. Yuuri scuttles away with his hood closed almost completely around his face.)

Yuuri arrives at the party and immediately finds The Dog.

“There’s a dog here,” he tells Phichit, and spends the next three hours sitting on the floor with the dog.

“How are you?” he asks the dog very seriously as the dog slowly licks his shoulder. This is a Premium Dog. “Yes, good. Is my shoulder tasty? I’m so glad. I’m so glad you find my shoulder tasty. Whose dog are you?” The dog’s tags are in Cyrillic, which is really weird. Yuuri squints at the tag and finally says, “Whoever Binktop is, he has a really good dog.”

“Makkachin,” someone says eventually, and the dog gets up and goes to the interloper. 

“No, come back,” Yuuri whimpers as the dog leaves. He doesn’t go far–the guy who called him is standing on the edge of he crowd wearing Chinos and Gucci sunglasses.

They’re inside. At night.

“Are you Binktop?” Yuuri asks him blearily. People have been bringing him drinks the whole time he’s been sitting with the dog and he doesn’t know what that’s about. Probably they feel sorry for him.

(”I brought him a drink, Chad,” says a certain dejected brother of Iota Sigma Upsilon. “He took it but he looked like he was going to cry. All he said was I don’t need your pity. I don’t understand?”)

“Excuse me?” asks Binktop. There is some sort of expensive imported cider in his hand. He looks down at his dog as though he will know the answer.

Yuuri points at the dog’s tags. “Binktop. His owner.”

“Oh,” says Binktop. He bends down to show Yuuri that, on the backside of the tag he’d been looking at, the same information is listed in English. “No. Viktor.”

Yuuri frowns and squints. “You look more like a Binktop to me.” He holds out a hand for Makkachin the Dog and waits until he comes to sniff it. “You have a really good dog, Binktop. He’s a great dog.”

“You’re that figure skater, right?” Binktop asks, crouching down next to his dog. “Yuuri Katsuki?”

“Yes,” Yuuri sighs dejectedly. “That’s me.”

“Sick,” Binktop says.

“Yes, I am,” Yuuri says. “Do you have a bathroom, Binktop?”

He and Binktop spend half the night on the floor of the president of Iota Sigma Upsilon’s en-suite bathroom. Yuuri doesn’t know why Binktop chose to bring him to this bathroom, but it’s the one they’re in. Binktop doesn’t really seem interested in leaving, either. He holds Yuuri’s hair for him and listens to him talk about his family. Makkachin the Really Good Dog is there.

“It would probably be a good idea if you stayed here tonight,” Binktop says slowly after several hours of this. Yuuri stopped puking a awhile ago, thankfully. “I don’t know who you came here with, or where you live. I don’t think you do either.”

“Okay, I’m just gonna–” Yuuri climbs into the shower and curls up at the bottom. “This is good. I’m gonna sleep here, okay Binktop?”

“You could–I mean, if you want–my bed is softer.”

Yuuri glares at Binktop over his shoulder.

“No! I swear, no funny business. I’ll crash in Chris’ room. Or Micky or–someone, I promise.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Binktop helps Yuuri get into bed and leaves a bucket next to him and makes him drink a glass of water. When he tries to take Makkachin with him, Yuuri tosses the covers back and says, “The good boy stays,” and Makkachin hops up. Binktop looks at Yuuri like he’s stolen something from him. The dog, probably.

(”I’m in love,” Viktor says to Chris later that night, swooning on Chris’ floor. “He stole my heart, right there!”)

Yuuri finds out later that Binktop is, in fact, Viktor Nikiforov. Viktor Nikiforov whose parents are major benefactors to the university. The gym where Yuuri trains is called the Nikiforov Intramural Sports Complex.

Viktor Nikiforov is the president of Iota Sigma Upsilon.

“Oh shit,” Yuuri whispers to himself.

“Do you want to go to breakfast?” Viktor Nikiforov asks him, looking a little less douchy in the light of day. Now that he’s not dressed up for a party, he’s wearing normal-person clothes, jeans and a university sweatshirt. His hair is ungelled and he looks nice and handsome. “I’ll walk you home first so you can change.”

“Okay,” Yuuri says softly.

Yuuri goes to breakfast with Viktor Nikiforov and then goes back to the Iota Sigma Upsilon house, where Viktor skillfully eats him out and announces that he intends to become Yuuri’s boyfriend.

The brothers of Iota Sigma Upsilon hoot and holler at Yuuri and Viktor’s wedding when Chris gets up with a microphone and says, “Let me tell you about how Yuuri and Viktor met! It started with a party and a dog…”

ok i’m so sorry but here are a few more shining moments of pure beauty from the mbmbam pilot

  • “one time i saw a video of a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell”
  • it’s so hilarious that griffin, who was in an anti-bullying PSA as a tiny babe, again speaks out against bullying, holding a basketball like a hip 90′s kid
  • griffin mcelroy only carries $3 in his wallet
  • when the spider guy tries to bring a molted spider skin into travis’s spider-free palace the boys are like “nononono seriously stop.” what good bros
  • ranchos are the coolest. and i gotta tell ya, babes dig ranchos the most. eight legs of justice
  • “please don’t trip. please don’t trip. oh no he tripped! he’s rolling down a hill onto the highway! he’s in a lake! why are you filming, help our dad!”
  • why were they eating spaghetti in a pool

Of finding, and losing. And finding again.


“You make me a believer”

I listened to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons while doodling and well I ended up drawing this, because the lyrics kinda reminded me of Keith and his relationship with Shiro (even if you don’t ship them, they’re still closer than the rest and Shiro is a big part of Keith’s life). And it really hurts me that Keith loses Shiro time and again, only to get him back more broken than before.

I’m really excited to see if Keith will find him in the next season, too. If there’s something left of the old Shiro to be found anyway. I guess my all-time worst case scenario would be the Paladins finding Shiro, but he got brainwashed and is now the enemy, fighting the team for a few seasons, while Keith stubbornly believes that there’s still something of his good old Shiro left in there. All he has to do is get him back and he’ll remember. He’ll remember that he’s one of the good guys and most important: he’ll remember that he belongs to Keith. Not the Galra. So a heartbreaking chase across the universe starts in order to get a hold of their black Paladin.

This would be the worst they can do to me. Seriously. I don’t want to see how that’d affect Keith - and the rest of the team. I’d simply die.

But I like to believe that their fates (again, even if you don’t ship them) are somehow woven together and they’d find eachother no matter what. I still believe in a happy end!! :3