this is seriously one of the cutest pics ever

anonymous asked:

That pic of Harry and the baby = MY HEART! He wants a baby so bad, he must drive Louis up the wall asking for kids !

Harry and babies is one of the most adorable things ever but I’m going to have to disagree with you, nonnie, I don’t think Harry “drives Louis up the wall” asking for kids because he wants them just as bad :)

Thanks for giving me an excuse to make a masterpost about Louis and kids!

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Meryl and Charlie's Show Last Night

I feel like I’m just rambling so feel free to ignore me, but I don’t think I can accurately describe how amazing Meryl and Charlie’s show was last night. They are incredible to watch live. I came into this a Meryl and Maks fan at the beginning of DWTS. Since then I’ve also loved Charlie and watching old clips of him skating with Meryl, but watching them skate live takes it to a whole new level. They are spectacular! Here’s what happened: 

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