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Name: Haley
Age: 16

Hi! I’m Haley.
I’m pretty awkward/anxious when it comes to introducing myself to other people and this is the first time I’m looking for a pen pal, so please be patient!

I live in Hawaii, but I’m Filipino. My native language is English, and I’m learning to speak/read/write Japanese (still fairly basic conversations). I’m a high school junior in the class of 2018. I’m a Hufflepuff, Libra, INFJ-T and bisexual. I also got a dog, his name is Snoopy.

I have a pretty well-rounded set of interests. But, I love art or anything that requires the use of the imagination.
My major hobby is Art (drawing, painting, digital art, animation, sculpting, diy crafts and stuff like that). But, I’m also an aspiring author (I’m currently writing a fantasy story that spans 7 novels). And I also like fashion design (pretty new to it, but I like it). I also like acting and I have performed in two productions for my school. And I also like film making and poetry writing. I love daydreaming.
I’m pretty artsy, and it’s my dream to become a Story Artist for Pixar Studios.
I also play Dungeons and Dragons and do other nerdy stuff (think anime conventions and cosplay.) I’m currently taking part in 3 different campaigns, soon to be 5 (I am the GM is one campaign.)
My favorite video games are: Pokémon (Pokemon Ranger especially), The Last Guardian, Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy 13, and Overwatch.
My favorite movies are: Kimi no na wa, Zootopia, Sing!, and Chicken Run.
My favorite anime are: Attack on Titan, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Assassination Classroom, Hetalia, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, and mostly slice-of-life kind of things.
My favorite books are Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, and The Young Elites by Marie Lu.
My favorite songs/song artists are: various Nico Nico Chorus covers, Halsey, and YouTube artists.
I’m pretty much in love with fantasy-related things. And I’m also dabbling a bit in magick and astral traveling.
But, I seriously love dragons. I could literally talk to you for days about dragons.
I like learning about the world and the different cultures that make it up. But, I also like talking about existential philosophy, the multiverse theory, and other profound topics. I also like watching documentaries and cooking shows.
I also like dank memes. The trashier, the better.
But, in all seriousness, the reason why I want a pen pal is just so that I can talk to someone about life, which I can’t always do in my normal life. It would be nice to talk to someone who I can talk to without any apprehension. And, I also want to get over my anxiety of just talking to new people in general. It would be nice to just meet new people who share the same interests and are just willing to be friendly in general.

I love spicy ahi poke btw.
Also, I’d prefer to talk by email, text, or Tumblr, if that’s cool with you (shipping from/to HI is stupid expensive). But, I would like to send snail mail for only really special occasions.
Also, the closer we get, the more swearing I do and the weirder I get.

I look forward to making new friends!

Preferences: - I prefer someone between the ages 15—18, just so we can relate a little bit more.
- Also an English speaker preferably
- Also, preferably email or text or Messenger!
- Preferably in the US area, but this isn’t that important.
- gender does not matter!
- Pls be patient and nice and open minded!
- pls no small talk, it gets really boring. Let’s just talk about our passions and stuff like that.
- Long-term friendships!!! :D

YOU KNOW WHO TOOK THaT PICTURE? M E I DID LOVE ME okay sorry continuing on asdfghjkl Y O U G U Y S !!!! 600 serial killers !!! thats pretty flipping cool !!! s h o o k e t h !!! wouldn’t it be cool if i could hit 1k by my birthday which is in like 3 weeks actually okay but no seriously im so frikking blessed and happy from being in canada and this just adds to it?? SOOO i wanna show my appreciation for all of you serial killers guys

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My favorite book series has no blogs, 2 fics that are probably based in the crossover world and no fanlore page. This is seriously disappointing because the main character is 2,000 years old and acts like a college kid. It has a fascinating premise, the Celtic gods being human and flawed, the Greek/Roman gods being serious douches and Thor is a “major asshat” (actual quote). It is written by a comic book nerd who treats his female characters as interesting, powerful, flawed and sexy without making them less interesting and complex characters. He explains medieval history with internet memes and the modern day with prophecies. Also, the world set up is practically begging for crossovers. People, go read the Iron Druid Chronicles right now. Please.


favorite character meme: three emotions ♡ [1/3] happiness 


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Favorite underappreciated regular character: Michaela Pratt

“I’m not signing the prenup. And it’s not because I want to take anyone’s money, but because I plan on staying married to Aiden for the rest of my life. That’s how seriously I take this commitment.”