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nickname: akira.
star sign: pisces.
height: 5′5″
time right now: 12:44am.
favorite music artist: within temptation.
song stuck in your head: unravel.
last movie watched: a dennis the menace christmas.
last tv show watched: some mystery/crime series my grandparents were watching.
when did you create your blog:  february 23rd 2016.
what kind of stuff do you post: threads, gay asf ships, ooc shit, occasional shitty art of mine.
do you have any other blogs: a bunch.
why did you choose your URL: inmortui ( or immortui ) is latin for ‘undead’, which is pretty self-explainatory, since it’s madara we’re talking about.
hogwarts house: slytherin.
pokemon team: mystic. that’s my p.okemon go team anyway.
favorite color: crimson, black, mist green.
average hours of sleep: idek but like 10.
lucky Number: 7
how many blankets do you sleep with: 2
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elliot has serious social and human issues with basically the whole humanity, literally despises every possible physical contact but craves for a hug everytime he’s near Angela, which had been his best friend since as long as he can remember.
He’s imagined himself proposing to her and then he saw her glowing in a wedding dress while he was allucinating; she was there holding his hand during his utopic dream of an ideal future (‘Will i finally connect with the people I deeply care for?’), and above all of the other things, precisely 20 episodes ago he almost kissed her after their first (on-screen) hug, which is quite self explainatory. so, are you still saying Angela and Elliot’s kiss is forced and disgusting? The hints were all there, and honestly i’ve been waiting for this since the very first moment they shared.

Maybe they’re not meant for each other. Maybe they’re just best friends. But please, don’t tell me this was totally unexpected and inexplicable. Elliot has strong romantic feelings towards Angela, despise whatever she might really feel for him.
Also, they were both going against a dangerous and quite uncertain future, risking of never seeing each other again so can we please just chill and feel genuine happiness for this brief yet beautiful moment Elliot took for himself? He did what he probably wanted to do since he was 8. And gosh that was beautiful


As announced i’ll be hosting another flash fire week cause, people have been demanding for more so, it’s never enough pyroscout for us~

This time as you noticed I’ve set up a small…let call it ‘shedule prompt’ where each day you can draw something based on the prompt!

Week Schedule:

  • Monday: Feels day/hurt comfort: let’s start the week by breaking everyones hearts!
  • Tuesday: Alternate univere: Simple, just create your own or use an existing one perhaps you own? you saw on tumblr. If you create one, why not also briefly explain the plot of the story!
  • shadowenza sais: Yes, you can use my AU’s too!
  • Wednesday: The first kiss: What do you think they’re first kiss was? Awkward? sloopy? romantic? sweet? i’ll let the imagination to you!
  • Thursday: Activities: what do you think they’re pass time is?
  • Friday: Dirty Friday (NSFW): self explainatory~ Pyro can be either fully clothed or not! If some aren’t comfortable with making NSFW content, for you, you’re free to draw what you like!
  • Saturday:  cuddles, cuddles, cluddles: what else is there to say~
  • Sunday: Filler space! To finish the week, lets all end with a big bang and just draw or write as your heart desires!


  • We accept anything, SFW, NSFW and in all forms, Art, fics, SFM, etc.
  • This week is for supporting the ship and not for flaming or hating on it
  • No hate art
  • Everything has to be consent, I don’t want to see non con, abuse, rape or anything like that!!
  • People will have different types of Pyro headcanons, so respected them!
  • This week is involved around the ship Pyro and Scout, no OT3′s
  • If you can’t find any ideas for the given prompt, you’re free to draw what you prefer or, in this case, even skip
  • Tag your posts with ‘flashfire week
  • Have fun!!!
  • For any more questions you’re free to hit me up with a message!

The Flash Fire week starts from July 20th to July 26th

So spread the news and let others know :D

Don’t forget, have fun, we are hoping to see many people joining and we hope so see lots of content :D