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                        My realistic back to school tips

I got this idea from so thanks to her for this idea.

I thought since it is back to school time I would share my back to school tips that aren’t that far fetched because a lot of the studyblr community assume most people are organised. I on the other hand am not. I need a planner but sometimes I forget to use it. Sometimes we need straight to the point tips so here I am for you!

  • Get a planner/bullet journal: Over the past few years in school I was very unorganised so I started a bullet journal last year. I use a cheap notebook as my bullet journal and I use a very simple layout so it doesn’t take up too much time because typically I don’t have time to do much other than my school work. I have found it to be super useful to help me and keep myself motivated through out the year.
  • Write out your timetable: I takes me forever to learn my timetable. In April of this I stood outside a class that I didn’t even have for about 10 minutes So I like to write out my timetable at least three times and stick one in my school planner, one beside my door in my room and then save one onto my laptop. It comes in handy during the year if I get lost.
  • Go through all your stationery: I normally have a lot of stationery from the year before so before I go back to school shopping I like to go through every bit of stationery I own and make a list of what I need. This way I only buy the essentials and it saves money as well! I often buy stuff I don’t use or need.
  • Cut out people that have a negative effect in my life: I think this is a super important thing to do. If you have a “friend” that everyone in your life thinks has a negative effect on you believe them and cut them out of your life. I have had to do this with a few friends over the past few years and I have finally found a group of friends that I am super happy with.
  • Look through your textbooks: I usually wouldn’t do this but I have been revising over the summer so I plan on just reading over my notes before class starts in September!
  • Treat yourself the night before: I find the day before I go back to school is stressful and I tend to get very anxious so I like to treat myself the night before school starts. So I might have a bath or shower, moisturise, watch a few episodes of my favourite show or listen to music.
  • Start a routine about a week before: I start to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to get my sleep schedule back on track. It won’t be too drastic but I will aim for an hour earlier than what I have been which is about 3am so I will try go to bed at 2 or half one and wake up about 9 or 10am.

So these are my realistic tips because sometimes we need those simple tips to get through the start of school year. Hope they help at least one person. I would be happy for people to add their own tip if they wanted!

170618 // I haven’t made a post like this in a while, but I’m revising for an exam right now and it’s the last thing I want to be doing so I’m procrastinating (don’t follow my lead kids).

How I use Digital Notes

I’ll make a more detailed post about how I study at some point, but for now:

  • I use microsoft onenote, but you can use whatever program you feel comfortable with.
    • Useful features of onenote include the organisation into notebooks, sections, and tabs, search function, equation support, tagging, and formatting options (inc. different heading styles).
    • You can find really great posts about onenote quite easily if you’re interested in how it works (I would 100% recommend it).
  • Throughout the year I type up my class notes, summarising information and organising it into a sensible order.
    • This took a lot of discipline and I fell off the bandwagon quite a bit. I initially intended to type up my notes from the day every evening, but I found it’s more realistic to just do it as often as possible and to aim to finish each topic’s notes before I move onto the next one.
  • When I come to revise for exams I will rewrite and summarise my notes on paper (writing out notes helps me remember them, but this may not work for you)
    • When I’m doing the first few past papers I’ll have my notes with me so I can look things up until I can do a paper without them.
      • I find this is more effective than using the mark scheme to help as the mark scheme basically gives you the answers.

Why Make Digital Notes?

Obviously digital notes don’t work for everyone, but I find they’re much more useful to have than notes on paper, at least before you start revising.

  • The main benefits of digital notes are:
    • typing is faster than writing
    • search functions (depending on the program) to look up information quickly
    • neater and faster formatting
    • you can back them up somewhere else so you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging them
    • you can bring all your notes with you without it weighing a tonne (assuming your laptop/tablet doesn’t weigh a tonne)
    • copy and paste! Ofc use this as infrequently as possible, but it’s useful for quotes etc.
    • pictures without the effort of drawing or printing out and sticking in
    • cheaper as you don’t have to buy pens and paper as often
    • an excuse to bring your computer into school and then go online shopping and play games during really boring classes no I haven’t done this what are you talking about so you have access to google etc. to look things up whenever


  • The only reason I’ve managed to keep up with my notes throughout the year is because I don’t take any for maths and I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon for French (whoops). It’s a bit unrealistic to expect to keep up with all the notes for all your subjects (particularly if you’re doing gcses), so prioritise.
  • Subjects like maths tend to assess a skill rather than knowledge, so it’s probably more useful to do practice questions rather than make notes.
  • If you’re dropping a subject in a year and won’t touch it again make sure it’s actually worth making notes for the whole year.

In Class or After Class?

Whether you write notes on the computer during class or afterwards depends on the class.

  • I’ve got one particular teacher who flits back and forth between topics and often mentions things without going into detail because she assumes we’re too stupid to understand (not my favourite teacher ngl). So I use my laptop in her lessons so I can go back to topics we’ve already done and so I can google things to fact check (she frequently dumbs stuff down to inaccurate levels) and expand on points that she makes.
  • If you’ve got a teacher that tends to move super fast it might be worth having a computer with you as typing is generally much faster than writing.
    • If you can’t touch type learning is a really good idea, even just to improve the speed of your typing (I can’t actually touch type but I took a course until I learnt to use all my fingers when typing and now I type much faster). There’s lots of free online courses available.
  • Alternatively, you can just make all your class notes on paper and type up the important information when you get home.
    • This means you don’t have to worry about your class notes being neat enough to revise from; after you type them up you can file them or even throw them away to save space.
    • It also works as a review which is really good for putting the information into your long-term memory.
    • However it is also pretty time consuming so you’ve got to be super disciplined to keep on top of it.
  • In my school at a levels I’ve found it’s not too unusual to have a laptop out but it’s a bit odd to have one at gcses (idk about other schools). Obviously you shouldn’t care about what other people think, but if having your laptop/tablet with you will make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable then leave it at home.
    • Also laptops and tablets are expensive and it’s understandable if you’d rather keep them safe at home.
    • That said, people do get used to it. Even if you’re the only one with a laptop/tablet, the novelty wears off quickly.
  • Some teachers don’t actually like students using laptops and tablets during class, so do check before you bring it in.

I hope this helped! Of course if you have any questions about this (or anything else) my ask is always open please ask me something

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Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: angst. or at least ‘want to be angst.’

A/N: This is my first writing piece in a while. Bare with it.

Requested: No

Jughead Jones had been my best friend since the third grade. Him, Archie and I always hung around each other. It was the sixth grade dance when I finally felt something for Jug.

My heart had been broken earlier that day by Reggie, who rejected my request to attend the dance with him. Oh, how I cried. I cried so much on Jug’s shoulder, until he finally asked me himself. So we went. And we danced. But then at the end of the night, this… tingly feeling formed in my stomach. And it wouldn’t go away.

The summer before sophomore year is when our friendship took a toll. Archie had cancelled on our road trip, and Jason Blossom was murdered. Jughead wouldn’t leave his laptop, too busy writing about the summer. We just sort of… grew apart.

My feelings for him didn’t go away, although. As much as I wanted to be mad at him, I couldn’t. I loved him.

So here we are, the first day of school. I walk through the halls for the first time without Archie or Jug. But as I walk, I notice him. He stands by my locker. He just looks like he’s waiting for me. – Which, I assumed he was.

“(Y/N),” He started, but I held my hand up in front of him. “Save it, Jughead.” I told him, putting in my combination and opening my locker.

I grab all my needed books, before he shuts my locker for me. “I’m writing a novel on Jason Blossom’s death.” He quickly told me. 

“Is that the reason you ignored me all summer?” I asked, looking into his brown eyes. Oh, how I loved those brown eyes.

No. I mean – Yes – I mean, –” I scoffed as he stammered out his words. He paused for a minute, before answering my question. “No, that was not the reason I ignored you this summer.” He said.

“Then why? It broke my heart whenever I texted and you didn’t respond, or when I came over and your mom had to lie and say you weren’t home when your bedroom light was on!” I exclaimed. “You don’t just get to waltz in and out of my when you feel like it, Jughead! I have feelings too!”

He looked at me with remorse  and regret. 

I felt tears brim my eyes, as the five minute bell rang. 

“You know, Jughead, for the past five years, I’ve dealt with your sardonic humor, and your sarcasm, and your anti-social life, but I won’t deal with you ignoring me for no reason.” I stated, “I even dealt with you not loving me back! You didn’t even notice after various hints and clues that I loved you!” Tears now streaming down my face, I had to leave.


“No. Not today Jughead. Not anymore.” I said turning my back on him. “This friendship. It’s over.”

But as I turned to walk to my first class, I didn’t hear the slight mumble under his breath.

I love you too.”

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Hello, Emma. I love your useful posts and beautiful photos. My school essentials is too many and heavy. The laptop, books, drink bottle, and so on. What do you bring a bag to university? I want to know what in your bag. Thank you. (My English is not better, sorry.)

Hi! Thank you so much. Here are the things I take:

  • my laptop (13″ MacBook Pro)
  • my arc notebook
  • my textbooks (if I really need them or don’t have them on my laptop - I usually have them on my computer so it does make it much easier for me to save space)
  • pencil case - a mechanical pencil, coloured pens (staedtler 432 pens are fab), highlighters (stabilo swing cool highlighters are pretty good!), post it notes are a life saver (I usually have them stuck into my notebook though)
  • some form of a planner - either a bullet journal, agenda, or a digital version (saves you taking one)
  • lunch/snacks and water
  • bit and bobs - tissues, plasters/band aid, hand sanitiser, spare hair bobble, ICOP bag (incase of period bag - it’s very handy to have if you’re caught short or need to help out another person!), lip balm and possible touch-up make up!

Hope that helps! x

Tattoo Pt 2

Season 3a Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,756

Warnings: Needles, Dead Animal

   Scott sat in the chair of the tattoo parlor as Stiles and I looked through the drawings of tattoos. It was almost 10 at night, and he had dragged Stiles and I out of the house to go with him. The tattoo artist was a burly biker looking man with a bald head, a long beard, and tattoos covering his arms. He also wore a pair of spectacles, oddly enough. His name was Repo apparently.

   Repo stared at the drawing Scott brought him. It was like an equal sign, but the top bar was thicker than the bottom, and he wanted it to wrap around his bicep. For some reason, he’d been drawing that symbol a lot lately, so I guess he wanted it permanent. I didn’t approve.

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Should I handwrite or type my notes?

I love writing notes. I actually enjoy the process of summarizing pages of textbook information and ending up with a concise few pages that I can refer to for studying. One of the questions I’ve seen in my inbox quite a few times is whether I prefer to write or type my notes. It’s interesting to me because I actually recently switched back to mainly typing notes after writing for such a long time.

Because I’ve done and still do both, I figured there must be a reason I can’t choose one over the other. To solve this dilemma, I decided to make a pro/con list for each and share it as a way of answering these questions.



  • Engaging my senses in the learning process by writing increases the chances that I’ll remember what I’m noting down.
  • It’s faster for drawing things out - specifically processes and flowcharts.


  • It takes me more time, specially because I try to be very neat.



  • It almost always takes me less time.
  • It’s easier to back up/share notes this way.
  • It’s a more convenient way of adding in pictures.
  • It’s easier to edit later on.


  • Using a tablet/laptop provides easier access to distraction.
  • Staring at the screen for too long gives me a headache.

There’s nothing like the feel of pen to paper… But I found that eventually, I still need to spend time revising by going over my notes whether I’ve handwritten or typed them. So it seems like a better use of my time to finish my summaries faster in order to be able to start “actually studying”. So why not do the thing that saves time? 

My biggest reason for switching back though has been the following. In my last two years of medical school, I’m teaching myself a lot of theoretical information from books. But I also go to the hospital and see those cases, so I’m constantly learning new information and making new links that I didn’t make before (as in, when I was learning the information from a textbook). Because of this, I end up having to annotate notes a lot. At first it didn’t seem like an issue. But eventually when my notes were all over the place, it was starting to become disorganized and I didn’t like that. But that’s just me!

And as always.. Disclaimer: I do things this way because of my own priorities. By no means am I claiming everybody should do the same or that it’s perfect. I’m just providing ideas and I hope they help :)

Ps. I’m now on instagram! Where I’m trying to post daily stories and have a visual-based companion to this blog. Follow me here

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Hello there, welcome to mysme hell! I wanted to request something like MC is a K-pop star or smth but if you don't want to you don't have to! ^^

A/N: Thanks for your request! I honestly have very little knowledge of the kpop genre, and so most of this information is based off of personal research! I decide to just do the RFA here too, as it wasn’t specified :) ~ mod rosa

Edit : Sorry as well for this being super late; my laptop broke down and this was saved on it :/


- His music taste doesn’t extend past game soundtracks, really

- So when the girl who sits next to him in his biology class asks him if he’s heard of the new up and coming girl group, he shakes his head

- bitch he doesn’t even leave his house except for school do you think he has

- She excitedly pulls out her phone and shows him the MV for the current popular song he’s heard in the background of a few places, and he watches as you walk onscreen, backing up the leader and main voice.

- And you’re good? Like, really good

- the short dress you’re wearing doesn’t help

- He probably spends the entire class thinking ‘Oh god I’m dating a kpop star, what do I do now’

- As soon as he’s out of class he probably calls you

- ‘MC?’

- 'Yea?’

- 'Isittruethatyou'rereallyakpopstarwhydidn'tyoutellme’

- 'Yoosung I have no idea what you just said’

- He thinks it’s cool though, he enjoys watching your practices though. He comes to almost all of them, and loves watching your shows when your group gets bigger

- The rest of you group likes him as well; they got an explanation from you finally after they saw you continuously diving towards your phone in a practice ;) They’re happy with him and you fit together; his personality sets off yours really well! according to your Lead Rapper.


- He’s probably heard your group sing before, but does he look like he has time to watch videos? He probably actually enjoys kpop music and the concept of the genre, but doesn’t listen to it much.

- t’s most likely that he met your group when you decided to introduce them to him; they’d probably be a bit wary of him at first, considering his front most personality traits and whatever the gossip magazines have said, but they’d warm up to him.

- 'Zen they don’t bite’

- 'But what if they do’

- 'They won’t’

- He’d be one to make you sing along with him either whenever one of your groups songs came on the radio or whenever he’s practicing for a musical.

- tabloid power couple

- Would come to as many of your shows as possible, and wait backstage for you

- 'Zen, I can get you the best seats’

- ‘I’m fine here’ as he sits in the worlds smallest chair backstage

- 'zEN’

- Your leader has this ongoing petty spat with him about the differences between musicals and pop music

- you think it’s cute

- Overall, he really likes what you do, and is super supportive of you. If you have to miss something because of practice, that’s cool, he totally understands!! He’s used to crazy schedules for his acting and stuff like that too. The tabloids probably eat you two up, and in interviews, you probably get a few questions about him as well!


- With her work, she probably didn’t have much of a personal taste in music, and probably didn’t have much of an idea of what kpop was; she’d probably heard it before in a shop or on the radio, but never personally?

- You’d most likely tell her if you couldn’t make a date or something along those lines because you have practice, and explain about your group

- She’s one to research literally everything she can about the genre, so she can chat with you about it.

- Super supportive and understanding of how hard you work, and that sometimes you just want to sleep and blob around on an off day. She’d quite happily lie on the couch with you all morning, if you both had a day off, on a rare occasion.

- She meets your group around a week or so after you first tell her; they warm up to her after a while, and her memorizing their coffee orders and bringing them to practice for them doesn’t hurt either.

- I could see her as getting into the kpop genre as a fan, and actually starting to really enjoy watching your group along with others; you’re still her #1 bias though


- Most likely he would meet them if you invited them to the party; neglecting to inform him that you yourself were a part of the group.

- 'MC where are you going?’

- 'I’m going to say hi to my friends! The group over there!’

- 'Isn’t that one of those pop groups? Why would you be associated with them?’

- ’Jumin I’m a part of the group’

- You better believe he’ll do everything in his power to get your group bigger and noticed but better producers; he’d probably talk you up to business partners.

- If you’re traveling for shows, if and when you get bigger, he’d probably send half of his bodyguard force along with you, so you’d have the guards at the venues, plus a private bodyguard force moving around with your group.

- Likes to spoil you when you’ve had a chart-topper or a good press conference; not only you, but probably your whole group.

- I could see him taking your group to dinner or buying them all something pricey.

- With his frontal personality, I could see the group being frosty around him at first, but after seeing how he looks after you, they’d warm up. I could see your leader being perpetually wary of him, especially if you were in a downer mood.


- He obviously knows, bcs of that goddamn background check

- He’s probably been shooting hints in the messenger this whole time; you know full well what he’s doing, but you decide to wait to tell the rest, because your enjoying having normal conversations with other people than your group.

- *hey guys have you seen this super cool kpop group

- *seven stop

- *never

- He actually enjoys the kpop genre? Probably a fan of poppy music and stuff, so before he actually knew you, he may have heard one of your groups songs when you were first starting out!

- Low key hacks into the security cameras if you’re away on a tour and he can’t make it to watch the shows.

- 'Saeyoung you can’t just do that’

- 'Yes I can’

- He loves it though, especially your costumes

- Your group probably warmed up to him rather quickly, as he sorta seemed to have a shared interest with each of them? he totally didn’t do background checks in their website history to see what they liked

- Meme team galore with your lead rapper; you regret ever introducing them

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t*ip toes through your tulips* namkook

Kiss Meme Drabbles : Namkook : 35. Death Kiss

note: i didn’t sign up for writing angst, so don’t worry about that, this is as soft as anything. namjoon’s a brat. jungkook is tired, but he’s trying his best.

‘This might be your last chance,’ Namjoon is saying – croaking, really, which is all he’s been able to do for the past week now. He’s sitting on the couch in a nest of blankets, one even draped over his head like a woolly veil for extra measure, refusing to part with that infernal cocoon of his no matter how high his fever creeps. He’s pouting as he watches Jungkook pack up his books, eyes in full red-rimmed, sickly puppy-dog mode, and if Jungkook was a lesser man (read: if his phone’s camera wasn’t broken) he’d take a photo of the sight to save as blackmail, maybe go old school and keep tiny a copy in his wallet.

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ive been kind of detached from my furbs lately- its been forever since i actually woke them up or anything...i think its mostly bc of school and stuff n being too distracted to bother w them tbh. but your blog (among a few others) is helping me get back into them!! seeing other peoples furbs reminds me of how nice it is to have them and take care of them and!!! im gonna try to start a new furby blog eventually! so uh. im sorry for sending this rant out of nowhere djfsj but thank u!!

Okay I could have SWORN I accidentally deleted this on my laptop and I was all panicked?? But Tumblr Mobile being glitchy saved the day and retained your ask! So anyway!

I’m really glad to hear that! Just know that your furbs hold anything against you. They know you’ve been busy. But I’m also sure that they’re excited to get back to hanging out with you.

So i haven’t drawn anything in a while and I’ve been looking at youtube videos and just really getting inspired so i came up with this girl who’s a time witch. I also really would like to save up for the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 because with the laptop I use with my drawing pad I can’t really bring it anywhere with me because it’s too bulky to put in my backpack. But with this i could bring it to school and work during my free time and it not just a drawing tablet its actually a computer in itself. 

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My school wifi blocks tumblr on mobile but not the fucking laptop. Aha //cries. Random prompt you can do anytime : JiKook in detention

“again?” mr. kim sighed. 

jimin was a scarlet red in his seat. jungkook leaned back, arms behind his head, and propped his feet on the desk in front. “so?” 

“can’t you save your inappropriate behavior for after school?” demanded their teacher. “this is the third time this week you’ve been caught having….public displays of affection in the school closets!” jimin flushed even redder if it was even possible. 

“don’t be a prude, ssaem,” jungkook smirked. “don’t you agree jiminnie’s too cute to keep hands off of?” jimin made a squeaking noise. jungkook paused and frowned. “don’t agree. if you do, i’ll have to cut your fucking hands off.” 

their teacher was almost purple with rage, it was funny. jungkook’s life-sworn mission was to see just how purple he could go. he slid out of his seat and into the one beside jimin, who watched him with curious eyes. 

“hey! jungkook! i said four seats apart!” 

jungkook slid his eyes over to look at their teacher. “detention tomorrow after school too, ssaem?” he grinned devilishly before pulling jimin in for a kiss.