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Summer with the Mystic Messenger

Classmates: What did you do in the summer?
Me: *I was leaded to a strange apartment filled with classified informations by a person named “Unknown”, logged in a weird chatroom, became a member of the RFA, chit-chat with handsome guys and a beautiful assistant, solving hidden misteries *singing*, helping others with their most important problems, was stucked in the apartment with a bomb, watched helplessly how my boyfriend #1 lost his sight, almost was kidnapped, but apparently my boyfriend #2 saved me, was locked up in my CEO boyfriend #3’s luxury apartment for three days, supported my beautiful (girl)friend #1 (and only), suffered and cried over my boyfriend #4’s self-loathing and trying not to disturb him, and the end we held a patry.*  Ehh… just hosting parties n stuff…
Classmates: Awesome! I never thought you’d break out from your antisocial life.
Me: Yeah :’)

I don’t have much time today but I wanted to talk about the last episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Let me start off with saying, this episode was completely scripted, like I just knew this was gonna be a messy episode (full of FuckMeUps and DramaGaggings).

Alyssa, the winner, and honestly—this episode put her on the MAP. I honestly didn’t see her as a threat, so much as an outrageous filler. Her turning it out and being EVERYTHING

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She was literally giving me life (as always)—I think I love her. Her saving Katya despite the ruviews is what I came here for. I love her so much and need to thank her personally for thinking of the children back home!! I loved when she told Phi Phi to log off. Keep her Redbull subscription full—a new super fan is born. Her main stage performance was EVERYTHING I wanted Perfect Illusion to be.

Alyssa: “There’s 1…2….3..4….8 of us here” (all:) “There’s 7″ (detox:) she was looking in the mirror counting herself twice” (alyssa) [looking in the mirror intensifies] I’m team let Alyssa slide by for the rest of the season. 

Phi Phi, (signature Sharon Needle’s eye roll) she mismatched a few yugioh cards for the runway and it’s what? NOT IMPRESSIVE. I will give it to her, her Helen of Troy look was cute (but easy). But all this cuntiness… Like Phi Phi! Why are you even trying mind games STILL…I can’t blame her for the lip sync for Helen because it was horrible who was in charge of writing that???? 

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Katya, was cute this episode too, definitely somber, but she (as Ru said) had to work with a very well-defined character. So in my opinion, it was probably the hardest out of all them. She definitely deserved saving… her in the bottom…possibly going home instead of Ginger… I was like 

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Ginger Minj, she’s been forgettable and unnoticed this whole season I am happy Alyssa made the right decision. She got to play the “big queen”…That’s all. 

Detoxx, finding out SHE bullied Phi Phi ….. OMFG, and then she got onto season 5—maneuvers. Her future of drag was VERY cool but her Marie cake princess 5000 was my favorite (very jynkxy, very raja) her performance is what was killing me that episode… it was the perfect character and song for her

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Roxxxy kind of forgettable this session, her dress was kind of small and her drag was very tight;y fixed so she didn’t really stand out between the big hair big gown kind of 

Alaska, (SCREAMS) her Eve was everything I love using cis men as props too! The way God intended. And her future of drag was (SCREAMS). Her syncing Britney to Eve was kind of a given, but I loved it and she padding was everything #bigbootyeve

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Mostly I was supremely impressed with miss dance mom Alyssa Edwards. She’s giving me and the rest of the children everything they can take, and I’m so ready for her to have to defend herself next episode on why she chose Katya… I want her to sit everyone down and just say “Common Sense Mawma” and be done.

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