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Does Supernatural Have a Problem with Representation and Diversity: A Mathematical Study

At the end of season 12, another fan favorite minority character, Eileen, was killed. This has come in a long line of favorite SPN characters who were people of color, women, lgbt+, and/or disabled being killed seemingly before their time. This, like other instances with such characters like Kevin and Charlie, sparked outrage from many fans. Some called the move sexist and ableist. Many said it was not inherently bad that Eileen died, but the way it was done was disgraceful and unworthy of such a beloved character. Other fans fought back against these claims, citing that everyone dies in supernatural and that no one should be immune. Besides, others said, with more representation, shouldn’t that mean more death?

But is there actually more representation? And is the death count equal? Are we being persuaded by biases and personal agendas?

After the season 12 finale, I’ve set out to see if there is a quantifiable difference in representation, huge differences that can be backed up by numbers and not just perception. Much of this is going to cover gender and race, as those are the easiest diversity angles to notice, but I will touch upon other areas. This information was not compiled to confirm any set of biases, but instead answer these questions at the heart of the debate and anger. Some of the information complied is quite obvious, but having set numbers is vital in these debates.

The rest, which is a lot, is under the cut:

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Summer with the Mystic Messenger

Classmates: What did you do in the summer?
Me: *I was leaded to a strange apartment filled with classified informations by a person named “Unknown”, logged in a weird chatroom, became a member of the RFA, chit-chat with handsome guys and a beautiful assistant, solving hidden misteries *singing*, helping others with their most important problems, was stucked in the apartment with a bomb, watched helplessly how my boyfriend #1 lost his sight, almost was kidnapped, but apparently my boyfriend #2 saved me, was locked up in my CEO boyfriend #3’s luxury apartment for three days, supported my beautiful (girl)friend #1 (and only), suffered and cried over my boyfriend #4’s self-loathing and trying not to disturb him, and the end we held a patry.*  Ehh… just hosting parties n stuff…
Classmates: Awesome! I never thought you’d break out from your antisocial life.
Me: Yeah :’)

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How do you recruit multiple units?

Alright! I’ll just put this in steps to try to make it as easy as possible to follow!

1) Go to the castle where you want to get skills/ recruit units from. Proceed to the battle screen but do not start the fight.

2) Make two saves while on the battle screen: one over your current save and the other over a spare file if you have it.

3) After you have created two saves, proceed to the battle like normal. Fight/seize the castle and get which ever skill or character you want.

4) After you do this, save your game on one file. This will add the unit to your log book.

5) After you save, restart your game. Start up the file with the castle battle. Proceed through the fight like normal. Recruit another character you want. Save over the other file (not the castle one).

6) Repeat this as many times as you want and you can recruit everyone in the castle if you so wish! After you’ve got everyone you want, just go to your log book and everyone will be there!

After you’ve done all that, you may want to overwrite the castle battle save or delete it. As long as you have a save while in a castle, you won’t be able to visit that castle. If you save elsewhere or delete it; you can visit again just like normal!

Hope this was helpful! -Mod Joker

I don’t have much time today but I wanted to talk about the last episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Let me start off with saying, this episode was completely scripted, like I just knew this was gonna be a messy episode (full of FuckMeUps and DramaGaggings).

Alyssa, the winner, and honestly—this episode put her on the MAP. I honestly didn’t see her as a threat, so much as an outrageous filler. Her turning it out and being EVERYTHING

Originally posted by fuckyeahdragrace

She was literally giving me life (as always)—I think I love her. Her saving Katya despite the ruviews is what I came here for. I love her so much and need to thank her personally for thinking of the children back home!! I loved when she told Phi Phi to log off. Keep her Redbull subscription full—a new super fan is born. Her main stage performance was EVERYTHING I wanted Perfect Illusion to be.

Alyssa: “There’s 1…2….3..4….8 of us here” (all:) “There’s 7″ (detox:) she was looking in the mirror counting herself twice” (alyssa) [looking in the mirror intensifies] I’m team let Alyssa slide by for the rest of the season. 

Phi Phi, (signature Sharon Needle’s eye roll) she mismatched a few yugioh cards for the runway and it’s what? NOT IMPRESSIVE. I will give it to her, her Helen of Troy look was cute (but easy). But all this cuntiness… Like Phi Phi! Why are you even trying mind games STILL…I can’t blame her for the lip sync for Helen because it was horrible who was in charge of writing that???? 

Originally posted by queendrag

Katya, was cute this episode too, definitely somber, but she (as Ru said) had to work with a very well-defined character. So in my opinion, it was probably the hardest out of all them. She definitely deserved saving… her in the bottom…possibly going home instead of Ginger… I was like 

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Ginger Minj, she’s been forgettable and unnoticed this whole season I am happy Alyssa made the right decision. She got to play the “big queen”…That’s all. 

Detoxx, finding out SHE bullied Phi Phi ….. OMFG, and then she got onto season 5—maneuvers. Her future of drag was VERY cool but her Marie cake princess 5000 was my favorite (very jynkxy, very raja) her performance is what was killing me that episode… it was the perfect character and song for her

Originally posted by gayclones

Roxxxy kind of forgettable this session, her dress was kind of small and her drag was very tight;y fixed so she didn’t really stand out between the big hair big gown kind of 

Alaska, (SCREAMS) her Eve was everything I love using cis men as props too! The way God intended. And her future of drag was (SCREAMS). Her syncing Britney to Eve was kind of a given, but I loved it and she padding was everything #bigbootyeve

Originally posted by cinnamonebuns

Mostly I was supremely impressed with miss dance mom Alyssa Edwards. She’s giving me and the rest of the children everything they can take, and I’m so ready for her to have to defend herself next episode on why she chose Katya… I want her to sit everyone down and just say “Common Sense Mawma” and be done.

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How to get Pokemon go if you're in America or wherever

(IOS idk if this works with android but I’ll describe IOS)
1. Log out of your account
2. Make sure your logged out
3. Try to download a free app
4. It’ll prompt you to create an account
5. DO IT
6. Set your location as New Zealand or something
7. Download it
8. When you open the game just put in your US stuff and BOOM

I did this and got the game and it works fine and I’m USA baby

REBLOG TO SAVE A LIFE @metalramenmarshmallow did most of the work thank him
My Twin Theory

So everyone is wondering who is the one with a twin on PLL and I am reading so many good points being made I thought I should make a post on my thoughts on who I think SHOULD be the twin (I stress that it’s who I think it should be because we all know the PLL track record). Here are some of the reasons I could think of for Hanna Marin being one of two…

Hair Colour
Ok so let’s look at Hanna and her family, specifically Hanna and Ashley Marin, they both have different coloured hair, now I know this could be me looking into things too much because I have heard of that magical thing called hair dye, but the fact that they both have dyed hair almost like there is something fake about them and that there is something being covered up, also it is noticeable that there are big differences between the two characters because the other characters have more of a simular hair colour (I know Ali and Mrs. D have different hair colours but it’s not as noticeable, and that family has so many secrets anyway). I realise this might be a bit out there but it’s just something I thought of.

Hanna’s Different Looks
In season 5 we saw Hanna completely change her look, going with a more gothic grungy look, she had the black in her hair and her overall style went from the usual girly chic to more a more dark style. This to me is showing us that Hanna has a very changeable personality, or that maybe it was a subtle way to tell us that there is more than one Hanna, maybe symbolising that there are two Hanna’s, her and her twin. I just think this was a very subtle way of saying that Hanna has a twin.

Ashley Marin
Out of Pretty much all of the parents (excluding Jessica and Veronica) Ashley has had the most secrets, she has also been the most involved in the whole ‘A’ thing. Remember back at the start Ashley was in a relationship with Wilden? Maybe she had more to hide than we know, maybe Wilden also knew about Hanna having a twin and didn’t want anyone to know about it. I mean, she even spent time in prison. Flash forward to 6b and we see Ashley hiding the security tape that Hanna deleted, now we know that she was doing it for a reason but it is a gentle reminder that Ashley is willing to go to great lengths to protect those she loves, maybe she is also protecting the identity of her other daughter.

Twin Red Coats
So in 4x13, Hanna sees what she thinks are twins wearing red coats, it is later revealed that they are not twins but Hanna saw them and thought they were twins and I believe she saw them more than once (I can’t really remember the episode and haven’t been able to go back and watch it) but it is something that Hanna notices and the others don’t really pay any attention to it, so why we’re the twins so revevant to Hanna? Maybe because she is one? There is also apparently a twin statue in the episode too which I didn’t see but I read a theory where someone mentioned it

Ali’s Twin Story
In 2x13 I think, Alison was telling a story about twin girls, about how one of the twins killed the other one, Hanna was there for this story so it may have been a subtle way of hinting that Hanna is one of those blonde girls, though we know that the twin is the new A so we assume that they are alive so it might not actually be about Hanna but just there as a small hint, or perhaps the twin tried to kill Hanna and was sent to Radley?

Ashley meets a twin
In 3x13, while handing out candy on Halloween, Ashley comes across a little girl in her back garden called Alice, Ashley brings her inside and there is something off about her, she mentions that she called her mother and she was upset, she also said that she and her sister fight a lot and that her sister may have told a lie to get her in trouble, this little girl is the same one from Alison’s story about the twins, the one that Hanna was there for. Maybe Alice is a repressed memory of Ashley’s, of her other daughter who she sent away for something she did to Hanna when they were kids and now maybe she sees things from her other daughter’s perspective. Another thing about Alice that strikes me is that if you go on the Wikia page for her, under interests it says revenge and her enemies are her twin, we know that A has a strong feeling about getting revenge and the girls are A’s enemies and as we saw Hanna is taking the blame for Charlotte’s murder which would make her A’s number 1 enemy, her twin maybe?

A burning the Hanna bobble head
In the 3x17 A ending we see bobble heads of all 4 of the girls, we see A burn the Hanna bobble head, why the Hanna bobble head? Was there a reason for it? Maybe Hanna’s twin was planning on burning Hanna…

The Fire
Leading on from my last point, in 3x24 I think everyone will remember the fire at the log cabin, now I find it really interesting that Hanna is the only one who didn’t get saved from the fire, she was left to burn and Ali saved her, but why would all of the others be saved and not her? Now I know that this has already been revealed as being Sara Harvey who saved them but I don’t buy all of Charlotte’s stories because there are so many holes in them, and why would Sara Harvey leave Hanna behind and save everyone else? It makes no sense, I mean I know she could have just not been able to get to her but still it seems a bit strange that it happened to Hanna, maybe it wasn’t Sara Harvey who saved them, maybe it was Hanna’s twin and she wanted her twin to suffer. I read an interesting theory that maybe the twin is a burn victim and wanted Hanna to suffer the way she did.

Taking the blame
Most recently in 6x19 we have seen Hanna take the blame for muddling Charlotte to ‘end this’ with A. When she was telling Spencer, she was very convincing, almost too convincing. I really felt what Hanna was saying in the story she was telling, maybe it was true? Or maybe she is so good at pretending because she has pretended to be her twin sister. I feel like that whole scene was showing how convincing Hanna can be at lying rather than the story being true but because of how convincing the story was I think that is a way of showing us how good of a liar Hanna is, maybe she has needed to be a good liar, maybe that wasn’t Hanna at all. I don’t know but the whole scene was very suspicious.

Red Coat Hanna
6x19 isn’t the first time Hanna has pretended to be a bad guy, she pretended to be redcoat in 3x24 when they were trying to see if Spencer was still one of them or if she was part of the A team. She walked through the school in the red coat so that Spencer would follow her to see if she knew who Red Coat was thus revealing whether or not she was still on their side. This is another case of Hanna showing that there are other sides to her, multiple personalities, twins.

Links to Mona and Charlotte’s reveal
In 2x24 we find out that Mona is A, but before we find out Mona is seemingly on their side and appears to be a victim and trying to help find out who A is, they made a point of Mona being involved just before her reveal. This is like Hanna and her 'taking one for the team’ stunt she is pulling by confessing to Charlotte’s murder, it is drawing all of the attention to Hanna as the victim and trying to help, so will she be revealed as having a twin in the end?
More recently, we found out Charlotte was A in 6x10, we have seen Charlotte (known before as CeCe) looking pretty shady before, we have seen her in the red coat and literally seen her in the black hoodie as A, we have literally seen Hanna in the Red Coat as well showing that Hanna is also someone with a secret.

Ok so they are all of the reasons I have come up with for Hanna and her links to the twins, I found some inspiration from a fan theory about who A was (before we found out it was Charlotte) but they have a lot of good ideas, here’s a link if you want to check it out:

I hope you all enjoyed this and if there’s anything I missed please let me know!

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okay OKAY it was a PROCESS but here goes:

To add a pic to a text post on mobile: 

1. upload the pic you want to use to the Tumblr app and save it as a draft. 

2. open up the text post you want to add the pic to and click on the gear in the upper right hand corner. 

3. switch the mode under EDITOR from “plain text” to “HTML”. 

4. go back to the post and type this HTML code in the caption space:

5. save all of that as a draft so you don’t lose your work. 

6. log into Tumblr via your mobile browser. 

7. somehow find a way to get into your drafts on that shit mobile layout. 

8. copy the picture to your “clipboard” by holding down on the pic and hitting “copy” or whatever 

9. go edit the text post and paste the image url you just copied over [IMAGE URL] (and in between the “quotation marks”) in the HTML code provided. 

10. erase [CAPTION] and add your own (unless you want your caption to be [CAPTION] idk man live your life the way you want) 

11. publish the post 

And in theory that should probably most likely work for you 👍✨

ok so my friend jenna just sent me some information on the virus that’s going around tumblr currently:

Ok listen up (I’m sorry I’m sending you so many messages but I really want your blog to be safe and you to FEEL safe) I’ve been searching the internet for this virus ok
And if you go to someone’s blog and it tells you that you have to be 18+ and you have to log in again so tumblr can make sure you’re 18? ITS ALSO THE VIRUS!so all in all: BEFORE your theme gets "infected” try and find the page where you got your theme, and save it in a word document, because the virus can also be IN your theme, so that you have to:
1) delete the HTML (do not copy+paste it, because it is IN the HTML code)
2) CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! For God in heaven’s sake! Just change it!
3) choose one of tumblr’s original themes
4) now your blog should be virus free - you can now go to the page you saved, and download the theme again and add it on your blog.
ALSO if you go to someone’s blog, and the “18+”-box pops up? Instead of clicking anything, try to write in the URL (example) because then you should actually end up on the blog, and in the ask box, where you can then tell the person that he/she has to DELETE his/her theme, because if someone doesn’t know that it’s a virus, they will get the virus because they are logging in!! “

this is all the information i currently have, but if you have anymore, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD IT!!! i really want you all to stay safe and protected!!