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1D Hiatus: Day 459

* Two of Liam’s pictures for Rollacoaster Magazine are released, Liam posts one of them on Instagram

* Dan Wootton has another EXCLUSIVE for us, this time about Liam finally speaking up about Cheryl’s pregnancy, yet there’s absolutely no mention of Cheryl’s pregnancy in the EXCLUSIVE (hashtag awkward)

* Niall posts a mirror selfie on Snapchat

* Harry arrives in London

* Pictures of Harry at the airport in NYC yesterday are released

* Ed Sheeran confirms he’s collaborated with one of the boys in a recent interview, says it’s not Harry

It’s Mar 16th, 2017.

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee - Chapter 1 - theredqueenofsparta - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/?
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Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Mike Stamford, Greg Lestrade, Victor Trevor
Additional Tags: Femlock, Genderbending, Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Fem!John - Freeform, Fem!Sherlock, they’re indian okay, this is my indian femlock version, i’m writing after a long while, Please Forgive me, Slow Burn Romance, i wrote this instead of working, since they’re indian i’ve shifted the war situation to kashmir, indian lesbians falling in love, i’ve kind of combined mumbai and my home town in this fic, it is both an Army cantonment area and a big bustling city

Indian femlock -
A widowed Shanaya Hardikar runs a sari shop and is both popular and hated for how quick she can figure out what people want and are hiding. One day, Retd Captain Dr Jameela Watwe walks into her shop looking for a proper sari for her medical college’s 10th Anniversary Reunion . Read on to see how they grapple with new feelings and fall in love when they move into the apartment above the shop .

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I’ve been meaning to put this to paper for a while and I finally took it out of my diary and actually typed it out.

Tagging my Indian squad who might be interested @love-in-mind-palace @shervival21st

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anniebonny  asked:

In light of the fact that our girl is back (!!!) what are your black siren headcanons?? And what do you think they might do with her in the future (yes I know it's still early shhh)?

i honest to god don’t have any. i’m shit at headcanons tbh. and i don’t know how they plan this honestly, katie is in the legends finale but supposedly only as a dream sequence or a vision or something but i feel like black siren will have a redemption arc since the only reason she’s in a.r.g.u.s lock up is because oliver wants to keep her close in the hopes of reconnecting with a version of laurel. i honestly have no idea how they plan to fuck this up handle this.

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let’s start the brand new post with something that isn’t as rubbish as i am -cry-

Borderlands AU where Jack is still a Hyperion stooge and Rhys is just starting out. Rhys also had undergone surgery to install his ECHOeye :u

Jack and Rhys©Borderlands
-coughing- art by me

smilewright  asked:

20, what are Isaks most visited websites? (aside from those ones from season 1 *wink wink*) hahahahahaha

Well maybe from s1-s3 he finally learnt how to log out of his porn searches, smh I swear this kid. 

dfhgu,, I don’t know probably google (or a movie quote website) because he’s constantly having to google search movie quotes that Even has said so he can remember for next time and impress him.

send me skam questions pls


isak x even > favourite songs
lantern // the white birch

i watched the lanterns tilt
through days of darkened guilt
i prayed for newborn skies
to lift me up so high


“Liam, we really have to go, mate. Like, right now!” Louis was about to punch him square in the face, he could tell. He knew they were running late, but Louis had to understand he needed that jumper. He made sure to ask their staff to get it cleaned and ready for him do go back home for the break, but it is nowhere to be seen.

“Tommo, I can’t find my new jumper. You know, the red one I bought two weeks ago?” he scratched his nape, looking over his stuff to check if it didn’t appear there unexpectedly.

“Well, we won’t be able to find our plane if we’re late, Payno” Liam could hear Louis’ irritation “so I suggest you forget about it and buy another one, it’s not like you can’t afford it, let’s go.”

Liam closed his suitcase with a sigh. He thought about calling Zayn to make sure he didn’t see it when he was packing earlier, but decided against it. There was a car waiting for them just outside their hotel’s back entrance, and as soon as he got inside, Liam sent a text to Zayn.

heyyyyy, we’re leaving the hotel, r u in your new hotel already? call u when i get home love youuu x oh no wait, did u c my red jumper? xx

Zayn replied a few minutes later with a ‘Yes, this hotel is fantastic, we have to spend some days here, babe. Proper fancy and stuff. Ummm, red jumper? I don’t think so, Li. Love u lots x’ which made Liam slump on his place. That was his new favourite jumper, and he was planning to wear it the day after Louis’ Charity Ball for brunch with Ruth and Nic, life was so unfair sometimes.


Mate, wake up and check Zayn’s outfit from last night, lmao ur gonna be so mad bro

Liam had no clue what Louis was talking about since he already saw those pictures. He felt so attacked by his beautiful boyfriend who clearly didn’t care about his sanity. What he doesn’t get is why would he be mad? Did he do something wrong? They didn’t get him a new girl already, did them? He got so scared of what he was about to see, he didn’t even think straight before he was blinking hard and praying for there not to be a new girl and‒ oh.

“Hi babe, you do realise it’s almost one in the morning, right?” Zayn seemed so happy, he actually felt bad for getting mad him, but no, he lied.

“Ummm, red jumper? I don’t think so, Li” he mocked Zayn’s text with a high-pitched voice.

“Yeah, about that, sorry. I don’t how it got inside my bag?”

“Really, Zayn? Really?” he sighed while lying on his sofa “I told you all about how I was gonna wear it today! You lied, Zayn. I am very disappointed.”

“I am sorry I lied, Li. I’m not sorry I got it, though. It’s really comfy.”

“Why are so mean, Zayn? Why are you like this? I thought you loved me and people who love their boyfriend don’t do stuff like this.” He pouted and even though they were miles away from each other, he knew Zayn was enjoying every single bit of it.

“Babe, everything that’s yours, is mine,” Zayn laughed on the phone, causing Liam to stare pointedly at the roof.

“No Zayn, that’s incorrect. It’s actually what’s mine is yours.”

“Exactly, Liam, what’s yours is mine. I knew you’d understand” fuck, Zayn always managed to make Liam say or do whatever he wants, and Liam somehow is amazed.

“Ughh, I hate you Zaynie” he whispered, realising he was already missing him, causing Zayn to whisper back how he loved Liam. “Skype me when you wake up, yeah, love?”

“I will. Love you, Li. Good night.”

“Love you too, sleep tight.”


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Reasons to watch the English dub:

  • Nathanaël’s voice
  • cat puns
  • Nino unironically used the word “swank” and I don’t even know what that means but it sounds swank so I’m gonna start using it

They don’t say I’m sorry. They go back into the main room and he strips off the rest of his wet, bloody clothes and she strips off hers, and they lie down together. In her bed, not his. Hers is nearer the light.

They lie down together and press in close, and they sleep until late afternoon, until the sun is sinking toward setting. The house is quiet. The world is quiet. He doesn’t dream. If she does, the dreams don’t trouble her.

Safe Up Here With You - dynamicsymmetry