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A female reader x roxy with 180. “You know my name?” Please? Perhaps she works somewhere within Kingsmen but isn't known as much as others. Also love your writing! You're very talented 😊

Pairing: fem!Reader x Roxy Morton.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 413
Prompts: “You know my name?”

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  • Roxy: hey rose, ever noticed how you have like, a type?
  • Rose: Elaborate?
  • Roxy: well like, your wifeys all smart n shit, and prim and proper, just like you, and those were the things you kinda liked when ya flirted with your friends
  • Rose: I resent the implications but cannot deny the reality of your statement. You got me. You have a type too though, you know.
  • Roxy: oh ya? lay it on me.
  • Rose: Pale, nerdy, overbite, glasses, dark hair, bad taste in visual media. Just to be brief.
  • Roxy: rose bby thats johns entire family
  • Rose: My point exactly.
  • Roxy: fukc
  • Rose: Did I make a mistake?
  • Roxy: no youre right just wtf. why they gotta be so damn hot?!
  • Rose: Why indeed.

okay here’s for just homestuck on the coraline au (i’m going to make multiple of these so just send in ideas and i’ll make a new one based on that so be like coraline but rose and i’ll change it) 

coraline: jake 

wyborn: roxy

cat: davepeta

mom: jade 

other mother: grimbark jade

dad: alpha dave

other dad: alpha dave

theater ladies: dirk and hal 

bobinski: nepeta

jumping mice: lil sebs,,, so many of them 

little boy ghost: eridan 

long haired girl ghost: aradia 

short haired ghost girl: rose 

i’m open to suggestions