this is rose's fault

Wanted to give you a bit of insight into my gemsonas starting with Sunstone

Sunstone served Pink Diamond until she was shattered, after Pink Diamond Sunstone stayed on Earth as she had no loyalty to the other diamonds, Sunstone isn’t really necessary loyal to a cause but instead a person, she was loyal to Pink Diamond but not to Homeworld (hope that makes sense!) 

After PD was shattered Sunstone decided to stay on earth (Moonstone stayed with her, more into that another time) and as Sunstone and Moonstone spent time together Sunstone became loyal to Moonstone

Sunstone ended up joining the Crystal Gems not because she wanted to (or even liked them) but because Moonstone wanted to and Sunstone’s very loyal to her

Sunstone held a grudge against Rose for shattering her diamond and had a firm belief that the only way for Rose to redeem herself was to help all the gems that had been hurt by her (gems corrupted and shattered by Homeworld, Sunstone saw that as Rose’s fault) 

When Rose began hanging out with Greg Sunstone hated it (she’s not fond of of humans in general except Steven and Connie) not just because she doesn’t like humans much because also because of Pearl, Pearl was attached to Rose and would do anything for her similar to the way Sunstone would do anything for Moonstone and was loyal to only her, due to this Sunstone (through Rain) tried to get rid of Greg by intimidating him, she sympathized with Pearl as neither of them liked Greg

When Rose announced she was having Steven Sunstone saw that as Rose running away from all her problems and dumping them on some human child, Sunstone loathed her for this and left the Crystal Gems (with Moonstone) for almost fourteen years oftening visiting the Palanquin

She sees Steven as someone far better then Rose could ever be, he would never shatter someone and is trying to fix what his Mother left behind

Sunstone is hot headed and confident (except around Moon) almost to the point of arrogance, she tends not to fight for a cause but rather for a person, she doesn’t think before she acts and tends to ‘go with her gut’ which doesn’t always end well, while usually confident she tends to be awkward around Moon, Sunstone is quick to flare up and finds it very hard to forgive 

Despite Sunstone’s personality she’s not very dominate in her fusions (as seen with Rain who is more Moonstone dominate in appearance)

She spends most of her time fused with Moonstone (romantic partner) as Rainbow Moonstone

Her weapon is a lance

Sorry this was so long! Feel free to ask me questions about my gemsonas! I might even draw them answering them ;)

listen i’m not saying i’m waiting with baited breath for chibnall to start running doctor who because he’s far more likely than moffat to bring back the metacrisis doctor and rose for a guest appearance

but i am saying that i’m waiting with baited breath for chibnall to start running doctor who because he’s far more likely than moffat to bring back the metacrisis doctor and rose for a guest appearance

  • me: *approaches mom with handful of books* i need this.
  • mom: you bought 6 other books the other day
  • me: ... i need this.

Summary: To keep the peace, Stiles agrees to be emissary to the Hale pack.

Notes: I saw some posts about emissary bonds, and I just had to write one myself. (On AO3)

Stiles had said, more than once, that it was a bad idea. That they were risking the safety of the pack, taking too much of a chance.

But he’d done it anyway.

He’d gotten himself bonded to Derek of the Hale pack, and it wouldn’t be long before they figured out that he was a fraud. That Stiles had barely had enough magic to complete the mountain ash circle required by the ritual.

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Miraculous Webisode 1
  • Rose: Look at this beautiful notebook I got!
  • Chloe: *standing under a tree on the outskirts of the group in the middle of the day of her own volition* Lol what a fugly notebook.
  • Marinette: Chloe, what are you even doing here?
  • Chloe: Hanging out with my friends.
  • Girls:
  • Chloe: It's not my fault Rose has horrible taste.

And I understand. I understand why people hold hands. I’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying ‘This is mine’. But it’s about maintaining contact. It’s about speaking without words. It’s about I want you with me and don’t go. (insp)


They are so strong

Brisk Brillance

A little something for the parents in the group. This is inspired by my own son who, although he was the best baby ever, became known as the “sex warden” due to his uncanny ability to hear a zipper drop through three rooms and two closed doors. I am also proud to announce that through discipline and editing, I was able to bring this one in at fighting weight: 698 words!!

Category: Parenting
Rated M

It was partly Rose’s fault, to be perfectly honest. She’d been the kind of baby that made new parents feel invincible-like they’d mastered every problem inferior parents were too inept to solve. She’d slept through the night before she was a month old, switched easily between breast and bottle as her mother’s schedule required, cooed constantly, and could entertain herself indefinitely. As a result, Ron and Hermione laughed at the frustrated tales many young parents relayed: tales of fatigued and sexless days.

Then came Hugo. He was by no means an unhappy baby, just one who required constant attention. He slept little, and while awake, was content to remain forever in his mum or dad’s loving arms. On the rare occasion that he could be coaxed into a charmed baby swing or play yard, the tiniest indication that his parents were enjoying a kiss would bring about a meltdown.

So, to say that Ron Weasley was surprised when he arrived home to his lovely, although slightly frazzled, wife pulling him quickly into the kitchen for a heated snog, would be an epic understatement.

“Now that’s my kind of welcome!”

“Shhh! We have to be quiet!”

“We do?”

“Yes…Rose and Hugo are in her room watching a video,” she continued in answer to his doubtfully cocked eyebrow, “He’s obsessed with her today, for some reason…we should take advantage while we can.”

“Sounds brilliant, but we both know that kid can hear your knickers drop through two closed doors and a silencing charm.”

“Precisely why I’m not wearing any.”

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Neptune's Sick ((Seamonkeys))

Neptune Vasilias is sick. The cough he had tried to play off as a simple cold the day before had evolved into a stuffy nose and sore throat, along with a fever to rival Sun’s abnormal body heat. There was no getting out of bed without a dizzy spell and visions of multiplying teammates, and so they had no choice but to quarantine the poor intellectual. He was the definition of misery, but they were kind enough to grant him company–it wouldn’t do to abandon a friend in their time of need.

“How does this feel?” Sun asks him, gently placing the damp washcloth over his sweaty brow. It was one of few times where water brought him relief, and Neptune answers with the smallest of nods. His voice is lost to the sickness, and head pounding with aches. Sun reads his little expressions with a slight frown, the blue-haired male’s condition worrying him. The hot fever has made his tan skin so pale, slick with chills of sweat and often fighting to breathe through fits of coughs. It’s just a fever, he’ll be good as new with some much needed rest, but to witness Neptune struggling like this and helpless to ease his pain–it was difficult for the leader and his large caring heart.

“Are you cold?” He’s shivering beneath the blankets again, body conflicted between being frozen or overheating every minute. Not even Neptune seems sure which it is, curling in on himself from the piercing pain in his chest of another series of coughs. Sun lightly pats his back, catching the fallen cloth with his other hand as he tries to help Neptune through it. Fairing no better after that, he lies back down in defeat and nearly out of breath, appearing all the more miserable as Sun places the cool towel back onto his forehead. He’s much too warm now, and the blond swears he sees tears in the corners of those tormented blue eyes.

“I know, Nep.” He’s perceptive, he knows how much it hurts and how much he wants to get better. Without even thinking, he cups Neptune’s cheek with a hand, wiping the tears away with a thumb. The gesture is comforting, even more so in his feverish state, and the poor soul can’t help but tilt his head into the touch. His eyes are closed as if trying to focus all his dwindled strength into it, to savor the comfort it brings and to commit it to memory.

S–Sun.” The least Neptune can do is mumble his name despite how awful it sounds in his small scratchy voice. To the faunus, however, it’s music to his ears after hours of hacking coughs and whimpers of aching pain.

“Feel better soon, okay?” Sun doesn’t move his hand from Neptune’s cheek, instead leans over to kiss the other. At last there’s a small smile on those pale lips, a glimmer of light from the sun.

Neptune Vasilias is sick, but he’s not miserable, not anymore.