this is rockin tho!

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hi!! first off Im not trying to be rude @ all I'm just asking to learn so sorry if anything comes off wrong! I know you identify as a lesbian bc you love women , but you also identify as nb, and I've seen other nb people identify as lesbian and I was confused bc I thought that referred to wlw, unless you can still identify as a woman but. NB?? I'm sorry gender is fake and I'm stupit I was just hoping if you could explain a little . Also I love u

i love you too its ok! i align myself w womanhood even tho i have pretty rockin dysphoria ive always felt most comfy w lesbian as a label. and like idk it’s weird for me n im still in that spot where im thinking a lot about my gender and sexuality but for now i just feel nb lesbian is where im at.

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im 5 foot o BINCH and i shaved all my hair off. rockin thos big ol grampa glasses and overalls with a fall out boy shirt. im a tiny bird boy and i live off validation and attention. i love being pet

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