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Jimi Hendrix in his London flat for The Sunday Times, August 1967. Photo by Terence Donovan.

This was a wip, and today I decided to finish it up today.

I have a bad habit of being messy when I sketch. I had to pause from studying so I can get this out of my system. I’m sorry if it looks bad.. v_v

I’m thinkin’ this is something they would both enjoy doing together.. listening to rock n’ roll while cuddling or nuzzling together. 

Anyways, I have to get back to the books..I might take a while to draw another one… but I’ll take advantage when I get the chance. 

Anyhoo, enjoy! and sorry again! 

Miraxus is life. 



“Baby I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton

Frampton (1975)

David Bowie by Francesco Scavullo, 1974

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I'll make a man out of you

I am requesting a smut. Y/n is tall and Carl is like 3 inches shorter. Can you do a smut where y/n take Carl to a special hiding spot and rocks his virgin world and when they return, everyone, especially Rick notices Carl looks different, like more manly?

Warnings : smut, fluff

Carl x reader

I plop down on the couch next to Carl and kiss his cheek. “What up shorty?” Carl smirks, but it soon drops to a frown. “Hey what’s wrong?” “Do you really have to call me that? It makes me feel like a baby.” He rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. Carl and I have been together since the beginning. We’re both two of the few remaining Atlanta camp.

He was taller then me when we were little, but as puberty started I grew slightly latter then him. Not by much but I am taller and that drives him crazy.

“Aren’t you embarrassed? Having a boyfriend shorter then you? God you must look at me like I’m a child. I can’t even kiss you without you having to bend down!” I sigh and cuddle up to him. “I think you’re perfect. Short or tall. Fat or skinny. Two eyes or one.” I say kissing his bandage slightly.

He smiles but shakes his head getting up. “I just feel…immature.” I roll my eye laughing slightly. “It’s not funny (y/n)! Everyone here comes to you first because you’re stronger, taller, and more mature. Everyone sees me as just a little child while I’m supposed to be a man.” I stand up putting my hands on his face and look at him. “Stop it Carl. You know that’s not what people think. They know you’re manly.” “Don’t believe me? Just watch.” Carl says and moves my hands walking away from me.

A few days later some of the group was going on a run and Carl and I had time to ourselves. Or at least that’s what we thought. Sudden banging on the door tears us away from out make out session and open the door to view Glenn.

“We’re short and we need you.” He says simply grasping my arm. “We won’t be long. Sorry to interrupt guys.” Glenn pulls me out of the house and to the car without a word. The last thing I saw was Carl’s frown before he closes the door. That’s it. If they don’t see him as a man then they’re going to.

When we get back sweating, and out of breath I simply drag Carl outside the walls and to my secret hide out. I use to come here a lot when my mom got sick, or when I needed time to think.

“What is this place?” Carl asks as he walks along the walls looking at pinned up pictures, and stacked books. “My place. Remember when I would always disappear for hours at a time?” “Yeah you said you we just didn’t look hard enough for you.” He says looking through the books.

“Well I was here. This is my get away place.” I say sitting on the blankets with several pillows accompanying it.

“Why’d you bring me here then? This is your secret place. Now if you disappear I’ll know exactly where to find you, and that makes the game less fun.” I laugh at his logic and motion him to come to me with a look full of lust.

As he sits down on his knees I smirk at him and grab the collar of his shirt. “I thought we could use some alone time. We barely get that anymore.” “What do you mean? We can make out at the house.” Carl laughs clueless. “Carl. I want you to show me how manly you really are. That includes more then just some childish makeout session.” Realization hit his face and he smiles biting his lip.

Carl softly pressed his lips to mine, bringing a up hand and cupping my cheek. I slowly began to sink back onto the makeshift bed as he hovered over me. He pulled my shirt off as he kissed his way down to my neck, unclasping my bra leaving it on the floor next to my shirt. He might be inexperienced but hey at least he’s not clueless.

He bends his head down to kiss the valley between my breasts, my fingers coming up to weave their way into his hair knocking his hat off. Pulling my shorts and underwear down he looks at my body fully exposed to him now. “Y/N you are so beautiful. So so beautiful.” he groaned softly against your skin.

I try to remove his shirt but he grabs your hands. “No no baby I want to please you. This is all about you right now.” he smiles, leaving a soft kiss on my lips. Carl slowly starts taking off his clothes, throwing them next to mine on the floor. He hovers over me again resting his forehead against mine.

I snake my hand down and line himself at my entrance he gazes into my eyes. “Are you ready baby?” I ask. He gulps and nods his head, a breathy “Yes” leaving his lips. Carl slowly slid himself inside of me stretching me. He begins to roll his hips against mine as I let out a soft moan.

It’s not rough. It’s not fast. It’s not hard. It’s slow and sweet and loving. Carl slowly pushes in and out of me as I tangle my fingers into his hair. He’s pressing light kisses onto my face as I moan quietly into his ear.

“Carl faster, please,” I say breathlessly. Carl begins to pick up his pace, only going a bit faster. I gasp as he began hitting my spot each time he moved inside of me. “Carl I-I’m close.”

“Me too baby just hang in there for me.” Carl began moving faster. I was now shaking and groaning under him not being able to take it any more.

He knew I was close he came down to my ear. “Let go Y/N.” He whispered as he thrusts into me and I released around him.

the sight of me coming undone under him, the look on my face that made him breathless. It sent him over the edge. His thrusts became sloppy and he groaned onto your lips as he kissed me. When he was done he stayed inside me only to give me another sweet kiss before pulling out and collapsing next to you on the blanket.

I curl up next to him slinging my arms around him. “I love you.” I say kissing his uncovered skin. He brushes a few stands of hair off my face and kisses me sweetly. “I love you too (y/n).”

As we make our way back hand in hand Carl is noticeably standing taller, and has a smug look on his face. When we walk into the house we’re met by Rick on the couch sipping a beer. “Where you two been? You missed dinner.” Carl kisses my head. “Go get ready for bed babe. I’ll be there soon.” I nod walking up the steps but only stopping half way when Rick gives Carl a suspicious look.

“What happened to you? You’re acting different.” Rick asks laughing. Carl shrugs his shoulders with a smile. “Maybe I grew into a man.” Ricks pats Carl on the back sliding him a beer. “To my manly son.” Rick toasts clinking their glass bottles together. Told you they would notice him.

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Portrait of Anita Pallenberg and Mick Jagger for Performance directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, 1970. Photo by Andrew Maclear.