this is rly pretty wow


things to cry over in oresama teacher ch 129:

  • yukioka, ayabe and kosaka are now the official dorm heads
  • the student council members are depressed af because of miyabi’s absence
  • hayasaka meets maizono, okubo & yamashita (who went camping together) on his way home during the holidays and brings them home with him
  • takaomi’s grandfather appears again after 92376104791 years (yes that was exaggerative but u get the point) (it’s more of a cameo, but still)
  • the only real delinquents left in the school are all in mafuyu’s grade (so basically the 1st and 2nd years are all normal students)
  • first years idolizing and admiring hayasaka a lot uwu

source:  BL妹子很短