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Castiel does not understand the fascination people tend to have with him.

As a brand new fifth grade teacher, he meets a lot of young and middle-aged moms, many of them single but most of them not–but single or not it doesn’t really make a difference. They still all relentlessly flirt with him.

Or at least that’s what he thinks is happening. He’s still not entirely sure, but the flirting authority in his life believes it to be true. In any case, these moms are very friendly to him.

The thing is, though, Castiel doesn’t care. He doesn’t necessarily mind it either, but he doesn’t really care for their flirtations. It doesn’t make him feel special or “hot” or really anything at all.

The only time the moms make Cas feel heat rise in his cheeks or pride swell in his chest is when they ask if he’s got a sweet wife back at home.

He politely evades the question, but he wishes for nothing more than to answer honestly. To shout it from the rooftops.

But not doing so turns out to be worth it.

He’s having a meeting with several of his students’ parents during the last week of school when suddenly he loses all of their attention (moms and dads both) to a disturbance at the door of his classroom.

“Sorry to interrupt, babe. Can I borrow him for two seconds?” he asks the parents.

Cas rolls his eyes. “Would you please excuse me?” he says to the room, but absolutely no one is looking at him.

He starts walking toward the door and feels a flutter of smugness run through him. Dean obviously just got off work and immediately came over here. The sleeves of his flannel are rolled up to reveal corded forearms, and his jeans are grease- and paint-stained and hugging his hips where he’s got his shirts tucked in. His hair is messy probably from having safety glasses pushed up into it all day, and there’s a speck of sawdust in his prominent stubble, a pencil tucked behind his ear, Klein tool pouch still hanging from his belt. He might as well have a flashing sign over his head that reads SEXY CARPENTER. KNOWS HOW TO USE A TOOL OR TWO.

Not that it’s even necessary at all, but Cas still runs his hand through Dean’s stubble and kisses him right on the lips right there in the doorway.

So he likes showing off. Sue him.

Dean’s got a goofy grin on his face when Cas pulls back, and he clears his throat shyly and darts his eyes around the classroom. “Um, sorry, everyone. Uh, just going to–talk to my husband for a couple minutes,” Dean stutters, and it’s perfect.

Cas takes Dean by the hand and yanks him into the hallway. He can hear the whispers among the parents in his classroom, but he tries not to smile too smugly.

“What was that about?” Dean asks, already knowing the answer.

Cas gets right in his personal space and runs a finger across his belt buckle. “I’ve been waiting all year to show you off.”

“Oh yeah? You think those moms will stop flirting with you and start asking about me?”

“Let’s hope so.”

When Cas comes back into the classroom a few minutes later, his hair’s a little more disheveled than it was before, and his lips are just a tad pinker.

Half of the moms are smiling knowingly at him, and the other half still have their mouths hanging open. A few of the dads just look impressed.

“Sorry for the interruption. Where were we?” Cas asks.

Nobody says anything for a minute, but then one of the more flirtatious mothers pipes up from the back, “That was your husband?

also these incredible sketches of some of my favs dancing bc i was definitely NOT listening to shake it by metro station

i’m gonna go outside and sit in a lawn chair to watch this solar eclipse ‘cause i’m always down to burn out my retinas for free in my own driveway 


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in honor of jesse's birthday these are my fave gifs/pics of him

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  • Ashton: This suit is so hot. Whose idea was this?
  • Michael: This was mine
  • Ashton: It's too hot. I'm feeling so hot.
  • Luke: You look hot

Sweet foods have become really delicious, that’s one of the things that has happened since I’ve stopped smoking. I wonder what’s the unimaginable tasty stuff inside the cream éclair that they sell at Family Mart for 150 Yen?


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